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Bring Your Own Popcorn

Dear Friend and Reader:

It's been a long week and Friday is finally here! Were you thinking about going to the movies tonight? After spending $12 for the movie, then buying popcorn, candy and soda, you could easily empty your wallet before the night's end.
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(And calories!) Maybe you'd like to try something new for yourself instead -- something that is more than entertainment, and that can be shared with loved ones. It's kind of like dinner and a movie for your mind, your heart and your soul.

The 2014 annual readings by Eric Francis, called The Mars Effect, are now available for half-price. If you order now, you can settle in for a snack (or a multi-course meal) of audio and written readings -- some of the best astrology available on the Internet today -- for the wise price of $39.00.

The Mars Effect  gives you written astrology and an audio reading for all 12 signs and rising signs. In the words of one of our listeners, "I can't tell you how much this reading has helped me make sense of myself and my life right now!" Planet Waves
(AND CHEAP!) One Mars Effect purchaser said, "Not only did it resonate completely, it gave me many insights and clues to what's coming and how to handle it." 

You don't need to stop at your Sun sign, though! With this offer, you can have all 12 signs for one low price -- half of what it went for when we introduced it at the beginning of the year. (And it's just as relevant now.) That means you don't have to make separate purchases to read your Sun, Moon and rising signs, or those of your loved ones. It's all right there. One of our readers put it this way:

"The Mars Effect is spot on for me for both my Sun (Scorpio) sign and my rising (Virgo) sign. It even helps to listen to the other water signs like you suggested. The combination of written articles and recordings makes it so much more real for me."

So why not try something new tonight? Order your 2014 Mars Effect readings here and get ready for a truly awesome Friday night. 


Chelsea Bottinelli
Planet Waves Business Manager

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