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Astrology Revealed! Membership With Reading, and a Book

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

While I was doing your INTELLIGENCE readings, I spent some time every day explaining my approach to astrology, in what I thought would be an essay.

Before long, I was writing a book -- and that is now ready as a 50-page published work, explaining my basic methods for reading charts. It's called Astrology Revealed. Here is the table of contents.

Planet Waves
Astrology Revealed by Eric Francis.
A Journalistic Approach to Astrology

My approach to learning astrology was journalistic. I burst into the astrological profession at age 30 after an 11-year career as an investigative reporter (I started young). I had the skill of gathering and condensing information, and putting it into writing -- that is, writing that people can actually understand.

I interviewed and even studied with the great astrologers of our day: Debbi Kempton-Smith; Robert Hand; Jonathan Cainer; Robert Schmidt; Barbara Hand Clow; Melanie Reinhart; Louis Acker; and many others -- and learned a lot from all of them.

Then I put it to work as an astrologer. And from the beginning, I wrote horoscope columns -- in the U.K., where they really care about astrology.

Until now, I've never explained how I do astrology in a systematic way. I’ve given many examples but not the underlying ideas that will get you to the point where you can draw meaning from your chart.

Astrology Revealed summarizes all of my basic methods in a succinct, easy to follow, plain-English guide. I describe my philosophy of astrology, and of life. Astrology Revealed includes information about how to work with other astrology books, a book list, and excellent resources in an online area.

Signed First Edition Manuscript!

If you subscribe to Planet Waves, or renew early, you can get a first edition of Astrology Revealed -- either as a PDF, printed, or printed and signed. This book is a first, and you can have the very original edition, before we develop it into an international bestseller. This is the seed moment, ever-important in astrology.

Subscriptions now come with an astrology set -- your own charts, cast by one of our astrologers, presented in a binder (complete with a Planet Waves pen). You will have your natal and progressed charts in a beautiful, colorful format -- much nicer than what you can print off the internet.

We also want to make my readings available to you -- whether my birthday readings or the new Chart Keys reading, where I look at your chart and sum it up in 15 minutes of the most exciting astrology you've ever heard. These readings were a popular item last year, and in this round, we are limiting to 50 total that I commit to. Once I do those, we will open up a new round. Astrology Revealed is not available as a separate item or as an e-book; at this time, it's a gift to our subscribers, who make possible everything that we do.

Astrology Sets Come with Product Support

Best of all, you can call and ask questions about your chart. We will help you understand basic chart features and how to use your astrology set, and help you get your footing. While the other leading astrology sites are doing their or shopping mall imitation, we remain a cosy little boutique operation.

Planet Waves
Advanced Astrology Set includes numerous versions of your chart, many resources from my own notebooks, a custom Chiron journal and a Chart Keys reading -- and Astrology Revealed.
Yes -- an advanced astrology student will be available to guide you and help you find your way through your chart.

You will love these subscriptions! Plus you'll get two horoscopes a week (mine, and Amy Elliott's), my monthly horoscope, and essays by me and Amanda Painter.

We are the leaders in our field when it comes to offering a humane approach to astrology, and to making sense of the difficult-to-stomach news events of our day.

Here are your options, for new subscribers, early renewal, or upgrade and extension:

Core Community Membership with Astrology Set, new "Astrology Revealed" PDF, $144, bi-annual payment available. This includes all editions, full website access, and discounts to other services. Current members may renew early or upgrade.

Core Community Membership with Astrology Set, new "Astrology Revealed" PDF, and Most Recent Birthday Reading (now called Astrology Studio), $222, bi-annual payment available. Includes all services in above listing. This includes all editions, full website access, and discounts to other services. Current members may renew early or upgrade.

Backstage Pass with Astrology Set, new "Astrology Revealed" Manuscript, $444, quarterly payment available. Backstage Pass includes all Birthday Readings (now called Astrology Studio), and spring and autumn readings. This includes all editions, full website access, and discounts to other services. Current members may renew early or upgrade.

Galaxy Pass with Advanced Astrology Set, new "Astrology Revealed" Manuscript, Chart Keys Reading and Chiron Journaling Dates by Eric, a Creative Numerology reading by our trusted colleague Christine DeLorey, Consulting Credit, $1111, quarterly payment available. Call with questions -- (845) 481-5616.

Astrology sets will take about two weeks to deliver. Chart key readings will be available in March, once the INTELLIGENCE annual readings are done.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS -- We have other types of subscriptions available, including various monthly formats. You may write to us, or leave a message at (845) 481-5616 and someone will get back to you soon. We will work with your budget; many options are available.

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