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Your 2015 Midyear Reading: Sliding Scale Offer Starts at $1

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

Recently I created the 2015 midyear reading -- called The Art of Living. Six months of concentrated work, following many years of developing the ideas, has condensed the best of my teachings that take you into the real potential of what you can do with astrology.

Planet Waves
Eric Francis.
Find out for yourself -- listen to the reading here, just by clicking through. This will work on any device.

For the first time, we're trying something new -- choose your own price. You can access the reading here, and listen to any or all of the signs. Then, if it works for you, if you like it, if it helps you, purchase the product.

You can pay from $1 to $555. Here are your options:

 $1 | $22 | $33 | $55 | $88 | $555

The Art of Living (also called Astrology for Artists) is a practical workshop that teaches you how to use astrology to live more adventurously, more creatively, more like the person you want to be. It includes 12 readings by sign, and two introductions that convey key ideas.

This is our summer fundraiser, by the way. It's how we provide you with everything you love at Planet Waves, including our professionally edited daily magazine, Planet Waves FM and a dependable support staff to take care of you. It's summertime and we're running short of our budget -- so you're helping us out just as you help yourself.

Here is what our customers have said about this reading:
I think this project is going to touch many people in ways you can't imagine.
-- Kathi Linehan

These readings cascade truth every few minutes, truth that is felt in the body, on a cellular level. It's obvious that a lot of thought went into the readings. Yet their fluidity and how they resonated with me personally took no time to sink in.
-- Michael Mayes
One customer listened to all the readings four times.
I am incredibly grateful for Eric's deep and unyielding level of consciousness to bring about such beautiful, inspiring and educational service to humanity. There was so much to grasp and understand in that reading that I've now listened to it four times.
-- Jeeyon Roslie
Learn what astrology can do for you. Just listen to your sign, and if you learn something, if your life is improved, pay us what you think it's worth. And please send your feedback -- we would love to know what you think.

Thanks kindly.

With love,

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