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Dear Friend and Reader:

I've finished the Aries reading, and thought I would share a few short notes. Sometimes I go into the reading with a loose plan, and then something new comes through. That happened tonight.

I began with a discussion of the "inner life," which has pretty much been eviscerated from our contemporary existence -- turned inside out by being inundated with electronic media. This shows up for Aries as Uranus having been in your birth sign for seven years, along with the many events involving Uranus (seven passes of the Uranus-Pluto square, three of Uranus conjunct Eris, and others).

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Yet while this was going on, Chiron was present in your 12th house, providing a point of inner orientation, which was indispensable. Chiron in Pisces offers direct spiritual access; and for you, a tap into the inner light.

Now Chiron, fresh with all that energy, is going to infuse itself into Aries, and bring this soul growth up and out into the conscious level of your personality awareness. Soon after this happens, Uranus leaves your sign and enters Taurus, which will ground you in your body, cool off that Uranian energy, and give you a break from the relentless pressure you've been under.

The other angle of your chart that's unusually active is your career house, Capricorn -- where, last night, Mars and Saturn were still in a conjunction. Based on this and other factors, I describe the unusual openings that will be available to you, allowing you to both challenge existing norms and authority, and to work with these things to further your own ends.

The reading is about 80 minutes in two parts. I have not added music yet; I will do that soon. I felt it was more important to get it into your hands.

You may get instant access here. For more options, please go to this link. You can also purchase by phone by calling us at (845) 481-5616.

It's been excellent to do this work for you.

With love,
PS -- Here is access to last year's audio reading, and last year's written reading from The Book of Your Life.

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