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The Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Aries

Dear Friend and Reader:
Do you know and love an Aries? Do you have Aries rising or an Aries Sun yourself? If so, this season is one they (or you) will want to tune into closely -- and we have just the guide for the occasion: Eric's 2014 Aries Birthday Reading. For only $29.95, you can give an awesome gift that is certain to make a difference in the life of your favorite Aries.

Planet Waves
Have you ever listened to one of Eric's birthday readings? We've opened access to the 2013 Aries birthday reading so you can see just how meaningful Eric's readings are. 

We've already gotten some great feedback on this reading, including one listener who wrote:

"Thank you for this awesome reading. I so identify with pretty much all of it and it's nice to know I am in sync and resonance with the fire and water involved. Thank you for your work and dedication."

With your ruling planet, Mars, retrograding through your opposite sign through May (and, in fact, occupying Libra through July), some disorientation in your relationships is to be expected; the trick will be handling it in a way that's mindful.  

The 2014 Aries Birthday Reading covers how to navigate relationships through this stretch, plus aspects of the tremendous change Uranus will continue to initiate for a few more years. 

Even if you're cruising along just fine with those closest to you, the intensity of the coming astrology is an excellent reason to do a systems check now. The 'big stuff' does not end for Aries after April, thanks to an autumn eclipse on the Aries-Libra axis and ol' Uranus. The next 12 months look like quite a journey for anyone with a strong Aries signature.

And as one Planet Waves customer wrote in, "It is not easy to find the depth and insight you offer for people who are consciously embracing their journey."

The Aries Birthday Reading includes: 

- An hour-long astrology reading in audio format, with option to download the mp3 files 

- An audio tarot reading with pictures of the spread

- Extended sign description for Aries 

- Access to last year's reading so you can review and check Eric's accuracy

Customers have called the tarot reading, done with the stunning Voyager Tarot deck, "extremely accurate" and "absolutely mind blowing and beautiful."  

So what are you waiting for? Last week we experienced the Aries New Moon -- the perfect cosmic ‘start button' -- and the Sun is heading for the heart of Aries. Don't you know a ram just itching to forge ahead into their year with this gift?

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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