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Aquarius Solar Midpoint and Half Price Reading by Eric Francis

Dear Aquarius:

We've reached the midpoint in your solar year -- and things are heating up in all of the fixed signs including yours. With Jupiter and the Sun in your opposite sign, plus Saturn, Mars, Ceres and Vesta in Scorpio (squaring your sign), now is a great time for you check in on your astrology for the year and plan your next moves. Eric says that squares are good for motivation and action and we want to motivate you!

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Your favorite astrologer, Eric Francis.
Of course we have just the thing to get you moving and planning for the next six months of your solar year -- it's your 2014 birthday reading by Eric Francis (and right now we're offering it to you for half price: just $14.95).

If you're Aquarius rising, you will also learn a lot from this reading. We've consistently had excellent response from rising sign clients on Eric's readings. You can look up your rising sign for free at If it happens not to be Aquarius, here is a selection of other readings for your Sun or rising sign.

You won't find another audio reading on the Internet that comes so close to a personal reading for a fraction of the cost. Eric speaks directly to you in plain language, in studio-quality audio -- it's like he's sitting right in the room with you. And he talks about what matters most to you: your relationships; career and creativity; spiritual healing; and the ability to move through challenges and embrace opportunities.

Your reading is divided into three sections -- two astrology segments of about half an hour each, and a section of astrology afterthoughts and a tarot reading. The reading is accessible and playable on any kind of computer or mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.). 

So go ahead! Order your reading for half price now and you'll have instant access to motivating, energetic and uplifting astrology recorded by your favorite astrologer.

Thanks for supporting Planet Waves!


Chelsea Bottinelli

PS -- If you're looking for a comprehensive reading that includes your Moon and rising sign too, there is still time to pre-order all twelve signs of the Good as Gold midyear readings for only $49.95. In Good as Gold, Eric will explore the relationship between self-esteem, creativity and money -- an awesome set of readings to jump-start your professional life.

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