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Sneak Peek: Excerpts from the Art of Becoming Annual Readings

Dear Friend and Reader:

If you've been wondering what sort of insights you can expect from the Art of Becoming annual readings -- which Eric is working diligently on -- here's a brief taste from the first four signs of the zodiac (so far, seven signs are ready, with an 8th almost done). These are the first four signs we'll be releasing to the public on Saturday:

From Aries:
"There can be radical swings of fortune under Uranus in the 2nd house, and the potential to both gain or lose a great deal. You will need to work this energy to your advantage one way or another. If you know this potential is there, you have a greater chance of making it work for you. One key to doing this is to understand any risk that you take as best you can."
From Taurus:
"With Uranus in Taurus, you're being handed a wildcard on any changes you want to make. Once you align your energy and your intentions, and loosen up a little, you can evolve into pretty much any form you want. Consider this a seven-year 'progress fest'; though focus on the first three years of that, which is suitable for medium-range and some long-range goals."
"I ordered my Sun sign and my Moon/ascendant (same sign). I was blown away by how accurate and useful the information was. I'm on my third reading and it's turning out to be one of my most accurate astrology readings to date. If you're on the fence about buying a reading, trust me, it's high-quality information and outweighs three lattes, two beers, and a month of Netflix."
-- Stefani Quane, responding to last year's annual edition
From Gemini:
"One crucial element of Saturn in the 8th is solidifying commitment. This may be daunting at first, until you figure out that this is a source of the stability that you seek. One thing Saturn will help with is providing a sense of your own strength and presence in relationships. Pluto, which has been in your 8th for about nine years, has given you a sense of the power that others seem to have over you. Saturn will balance this out, and smooth out some of the politics of your relationships."
From Cancer:
"This is an opportunity for reconstruction or rebuilding, though of an approach more suited to the times that we're in. You need stability, though nowadays that means real flexibility. Saturn's presence is also about clearing out the debris of your previous demolition and deconstruction efforts. This includes moving on from people who don't belong in your life -- and that is based on knowing who they are. Said simply, Saturn in Capricorn is your chance to apply all that you've learned from Pluto and Chiron in Capricorn (Chiron was there 2001-2005)."
Each of those excerpts contains fewer than 100 words -- taken from a chapter-length reading. Not only do they look well beyond 2018, these stories of your year to come cost only a fraction of a personal consultation with Eric, despite their uncanny depth and accuracy.

Take note: we'll be raising the prices for these readings very soon -- before they publish: single signs will go up to $44.44 for the first and then $33.33 for each additional sign; all 12 will cost $122. Our repeat clients know these readings are worth this much and more; they also know it pays to pre-order the readings at the lowest prices.

You can still pre-order individual signs here. Or pre-order all 12 signs to read the stories of your loved ones as you head into a year of big astrological changes.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

P.S. If you have any questions or need to discuss your options, please email us at -- or call (845) 481-5616.

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