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You Are Held by Existence: Your 2015 Astrology

Dear Friend and Reader:

Belonging means being part of something larger than yourself, and also confident in yourself. To truly belong means being held by existence -- a feeling that we would all like more of.

Abraham Maslow, a pioneer of humanistic psychology, considered belonging to be such a significant need that he compared it with food and shelter. Yet often a dry roof and food on the table seem easy compared to getting some assurance that you belong where you are.

Planet Waves
I know that life demands constant adaptation that can make this seem more challenging every day -- in your work, in relationships, or in our society that’s changing so fast nobody can keep up. Then of course there are your deeper goals, the ones that seem more difficult to reach.

Astrology can help -- and as you know, it does so dependably.

If astrology speaks to anything, it’s the theme of aligning with who you are, at this moment, and navigating your way through life. This is the theme I’m taking up with Cosmophilia, your 2015 annual readings from Planet Waves.

My message: You belong here.

I will map out the fast-moving, exciting astrology of 2015 and offer solid ideas about where you stand right now, and what your most beneficial options are.

Looking into the future, I will offer ideas for how to plot your course forward, avoid obstacles and take advantage of hidden opportunities. My focus is always on a creative approach to relationships, sustaining yourself and doing meaningful work that helps you grow.

My annual readings are an Internet tradition. I offer readings for all 12 Sun signs and rising signs, in both written and audio formats, combining the best of my work as a consulting astrologer and horoscope writer. You’ll get  thorough, easy-to-follow readings for an affordable price. My extended readings are so good that people come back to them month after month, and even refer to them in future years.

I will cover, in both detail and in human language, some of the unique events of 2015. These include:

The Uranus-Pluto square, what I call the 2012-era aspect, begins to separate. This event takes off some of the insane pressure we’ve been under but still allows for innovation and self-creation.

Planet Waves
Photo by Jeff Bisti.
• Saturn enters Sagittarius, which will inspire you to get the job done, focusing power and energy to help you reach your most cherished goals.

• Chiron in Pisces makes a series of conjunctions to an important new discovery called Borasisi. This emphasizes the power of faith in yourself and believing in your dreams.

• Jupiter makes the first of three squares to Saturn, which is all about connecting with your motivation and using time wisely.

All 12 readings work together as one complete picture of your life and of the sky. I encourage you to listen to your Sun sign, your rising sign, and those of significant others and children. Plus I will guide you to investigate certain signs for their relevance in your work, creativity, relationships and health.

Right now you may pre-order access to all 12 readings for $77 -- just $6.50 per sign. This includes both written and audio formats, as well as magnificent art, original music and additional articles that will help you sort out your goals and your priorities. The readings are playable and downloadable on any device, and your access never expires. With our pricing structure, the fee for all 12 signs and rising signs will increase in $20 increments as we near publication, so get the best price now.

For the past 16 years I have been doing Planet Waves annual readings, and they get better and more beautiful each time. This year I am inspired by one of my favorite themes, a topic I’ve worked with clients on for 20 years. I mean it when I say it.

You belong here.


PS -- You can pre-order Cosmophilia as a gift, and it makes an awesome one. It's a lasting gift that someone will appreciate, benefit from and remember all year long. Note, the annual is not done by Christmas, it's done in early January, which their gift email will state clearly.

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