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Kingston, NY, Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Audio Edition: Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today's bonus edition of Planet Waves will be a live webcast tonight, Tuesday, at 10 pm ET on Blog Talk Radio. To get to the program, click that link and navigate to the "listen" area.

Eric Francis
We will cover the triple conjunction of Chirion, Jupiter and Neptune that is happening now, sorting out this momentous alignment.

The conjunction is the culmination of astrology dating well before 1998, and arrives with a wave of awakening that, Chiron styled, can be experienced as crisis, progress, change or a sense of the miraculous in the air. This is a once-in-a-lifetime conjunction lasting about one year that is reaching its first peak in these very weeks.

You can listen to the program even if you're in your car or will be away from the computer by calling into the program. That number is (347) 202-0840, which will also get you onto the air if you would like to add a comment or question.

See you at 10 pm ET!

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis
PS, In a little while we will be sending a web edition bonus, one of our readers' favorite articles from 2008.

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