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This Week on Planet Waves FM
Our Virgo Sun and The Tragically Hip

Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight's edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here], we pay tribute to The Tragically Hip, whose presumed final concert was watched by 11 million Canadians on Saturday night. The streets of towns and cities were deserted, the Olympics were abandoned and eyes and ears focused on Kingston, Ontario, where the band ended its tour.

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Gordon Edgar "Gord" Downie, lead singer of The Tragically Hip. Photo: Inside Toronto.
Though barely known in the United States, The Tragically Hip are a national treasure of Canada. Earlier this year, the band announced that Gord Downie, the lead vocalist, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that is almost always fatal.

He had surgery and chemotherapy and when he was well enough, the band traveled across the country for what most believe will be its last tour.

Tonight I also have lots and lots about Virgo. I start with the current astrology, describing the current Mars-Saturn conjunction, and the Mars-Neptune square happening later in the week, and what this translates to in thought and action.

The astrology we're under is calling for response with integrated intelligence. Mars-Saturn-Neptune brings the Saturn-Neptune square out of the background and into the fore.

Additionally, planets are collecting in Virgo as we approach two eclipses: one in Virgo and one along the Pisces-Virgo axis.

I read an extensive passage from Alice A. Bailey's chapter on Virgo in Esoteric Astrology, which regards Virgo as the oldest concept in astrology and the most important sign of the zodiac.

I end the program with a reading from Philip Rothson's book Tantra: The Indian Cult of Ecstasy, continuing my discussion of women as teachers and initiators.

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With goddess love,

PS -- If you'd like to learn more about the Hip, here are three useful articles: from VICE magazine, the New Yorker and Canadian publication Maclean's.

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BALANCE Now Published
Incredible and perfect. Thank you Eric; how many times I've said it -- I don't know how you do it but it's just beautiful! -- Dorothy Rodriguez
Dear Friend and Reader:

We've now published all 12 signs of BALANCE, your 2016 Midyear Reading by Eric. The videos -- at least 30 minutes per sign -- cover forthcoming astrology into 2017 and beyond, including Jupiter in Libra (ingressing Sept. 9), Chiron square Pholus and more.

Planet Waves
The readings are designed as a moment of respite, and to genuinely reflect on your own life -- with the added gift of astrology helping you tune in to the moment, and your inner environment. In these tumultuous times, this is something you may feel you need more than anything.

The current juncture is also, however, one containing some fine possibilities: you now have the potential to open your eyes to uncharted ideas, simply by waking up, paying attention and accessing your inner resources.

Eric and the BALANCE readings are here to help you do just that.

Those of you who have experienced a Planet Waves reading in the past know that Eric always goes light on the technicalities in these readings. He offers them as a friendly, empathetic yet practical guide to your relevant astrology.

As always, thanks so much for your presence and your work. Your readings have been spot on for me and I have followed you for a long, long time. -- Mary Hart

Before we increase the price on Thursday, we're offering you a final opportunity to get the full set of readings for just $57. I strongly recommend that you do this. Everyone has each sign somewhere in their chart; and Eric's 12-sign presentations are intended to offer you the whole picture.

In particular, BALANCE is a great opportunity for you to explore how you interact with the sign on the other side of your personal wheel. Opposite signs have an intricately close relationship in astrology, and much can be learned from studying them -- especially regarding partnerships of all kinds. To that end, the full reading is presented with opposing pairs of signs together.

Take hold of your moment of BALANCE today -- secure all 12 signs at a great bargain, or choose your individual signs here.

With best wishes,
Planet Waves
Amy Elliott
Planet Waves Client Services

PS -- we now have a slideshow of the 12 charts, presented in their opposing sign pairs, and a video preview available to watch. You can also see a summary of the astrology referred to in BALANCE at this link. Feel free to check them out before ordering your readings.

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The Plutonion at Eleusis. Photo by Carole Raddato.
Hi, Virgo! Your 2016-17 Audio-Video Reading by Eric is now available for pre-order. This astonishingly accurate presentation will contain important details on the big group of planets now gathering in your sign, Mercury's next retrograde, Jupiter moving on to Libra and lots more. Pre-order this top-quality reading today for the bargain price of $19.97.

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This Week on Planet Waves

Note: After publishing BALANCE, Eric took some much-needed rest at the weekend and did not record a new Planet Waves TV episode. However, we do invite you to check out the BALANCE preview video here (featuring brief clips of all 12 sign readings, and a couple of cameos by Jonah Kelly Francis). Planet Waves TV will return on Sunday.

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The Great Reveal

In this edition, Eric looks at the commencement of the latest eclipse season -- which started off with a grazing-the-edge penumbral lunar eclipse Thursday morning. Coupling this with Mercury in shadow, the next few weeks are liable to be somewhat wilder than usual. Hang on to your Pokemon.

Planet Waves
Pulling Back the Veil

Amy Jacobs is back! Two weeks after taking part in the UpToUS caravan to the Democratic National Convention, she returns with the benefit of distance and perspective. This first post in a two-part series contains her eloquent and thoughtful analysis from both a human and a political point of view.

Planet Waves
Small, Practical, Persistent Steps Get a Boost

As Amanda Painter outlines, the current astrology is a scenario with a lot of moving parts. Many of those parts continue to be in contact with one another, and factor into upcoming significant events that will come in and out of emphasis, and therefore in and out of your consciousness.

Planet Waves
Becoming Conscious of Ourselves

Amanda Moreno further investigates Leo-Aquarius shadow material. From the "Entitlement Disorder" displayed by people in everyday situations, to the collective "tantrum" thrown when civilization discovered heliocentrism, she considers personal versus collective context and gateways to self-examination.

Planet Waves
The Games

Fe Bongolan reflects on the 2016 Rio Olympics and its aftermath. All in all, humans still need to have celebrations of human spirit and achievement, and not just as a distraction. If only there was another way that the Olympics could happen without leaving such a brutish footprint on another country's fragile society.

Planet Waves

Tomorrow's conjunction from Mars to Saturn in Sagittarius could well be your opportunity to start a new journey with a single life-affirming step. As Len Wallick suggests, the key to making more of this astrology than old stories might have allowed to be possible may be one simple step: to get involved.

Planet Waves
Loose Ends and Clear Beginnings

This week kicked off almost immediately with the Sun's ingress into Virgo on Monday. Amy Elliott hopes this may feel like a refreshing change -- a sense of things settling somewhat and falling into place, or at least a neater arrangement. Yet you may also be experiencing the need to tidy up some loose ends.

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