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Moonshine Horoscopes for May

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today we have the Moonshine horoscope by Genevieve Hathaway, who has filed her column From Cairo, Egypt.

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Moonshine horoscope is based on your Moon sign, which is a good thing to know if you find astrology helpful. It will open up a new dimension of your astrological consciousness (and there are many more after that).

If you're curious what that is, I suggest you go to, get a free membership and enter your birth data. This will tell you what sign your Moon is in. Or you can go to and enter the data there (converting to Greenwich time) and check without having to get a membership.

Editing these horoscopes yesterday, I found them useful for my Moon as well as my Sun and rising signs.

Meanwhile, the Moon emerges as one of the dominant factors in the sky later this month, as we have an eclipse of the Sun on May 20 (the day the Sun ingresses Gemini) and then an eclipse of the Moon two weeks later on June 4. We are following this in Daily Astrology & Adventure and will have more detailed coverage in your subscriber editions over the next few weeks.

Please share your responses to Genevieve's horoscopes.

Eric Francis

Planet Waves
Moonshine Horoscopes for May 2012 by Genevieve Hathaway | Eric's Zodiac Sign Descriptions

Aries (March 20-April 19)
Aries Moon. This month, I suggest you consider a new approach to the concept of anger. Part of what it means to be human is experiencing this emotion, and there are more and less constructive ways to do this. The sensation of anger is often defined as a feeling of tension and hostility caused by anxiety from a perceived threat to one's self, possessions, rights, or values. ‘Perceived' is the key word for you to focus on. There is no actual tangible threat that drives the feelings you're currently navigating. Without a physical threat, action is not required in response to the intense, conflicted or hostile emotions that might be welling up inside you. Rather, these feelings of displeasure are signifiers of unresolved pain working itself to the surface. What you're experiencing is meant to be felt rather than acted upon. As you let the anger burn off, notice what is left behind -- clear, quiet space of mind and awareness of your emotional center. Operating from this place allows you to act from a position of no agenda other than authenticity. You will have a clear ‘yes' and ‘no'; this will go a long way in helping you shape your life. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Taurus (April 19- May 20)
Taurus Moon. You're currently living as if between two doorways. One you've just passed through; it had the distinct sensation of a disruption, but in fact was an expansion of consciousness. You became more sensitive and tuned in to the multifacted nature of existence. Another way to think of this concept is flexibility. Seeing the many options that can lead to the same desired outcome, and recognizing that a different outcome than envisioned can still move you in the correct direction. The second door, the door you are nearing, brings you in contact with the confidence that comes with successfully handling a variety of unexpected situations. Between these two doors, where you are currently hanging out this month, is a space of learning. Practice how to move with a number of rapidly changing situations you are facing. I suggest you view them less as an annoyance and more as a chance to experiment with your personal resources and your ability to apply them to achieve what in your mind is a positive, creative outcome. -- by Genevieve Hathaway
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Gemini (May 20- June 21)
Gemini Moon. As May unfolds, take time to unclutter your environment -- both home and work space. Your subconscious is a pretty full place at the moment; plenty of that material is seeping into your conscious mind. Mercury, your sign's ruler, is also hanging out there in your Moon's 12th house, just beyond your conscious reach. All of this adds up to a feeling of difficulty orienting on your clarity. You're good at working with this little issue of the world not always making sense, while you hold your own thought processes to a more systematic form. An organized environment will give you the sensation of structure and linear flow that your mental space may be lacking. What feels like a mixed-up mental environment will take shape into cohesive ideas. Notice as more images and ideas sieve through the permeable membrane between your unconscious and conscious self, coalescing into something that makes sense. Each piece of information that comes through will have two sets of data, one mental and one emotional. Take time to slip into these feelings; you will learn much information. Ultimately, this process is helping you integrate your two sides -- the intellectual and the emotional. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Cancer (June 21- July 22)
Cancer Moon. Imagine how different the world would be if art, creativity, love and acceptance of diversity were valued over money, material resources and competition. Really -- take a moment and imagine. We live in a world where might thinks it makes right, where it's considered appropriate to hoard wealth. This is a form of mass deception, and those who partake in the lie don't seem to be any happier for it. You are innately keyed in to how dysfunctional these ideas are, and the damage they do to most people's self-esteem and experience of happiness. A world where we cared for one another would mesh better with your core values. As your personal identity meets the larger identity of your community, instead of melding into that established identity, stand apart from it. You're an exemplar of a new set of ideals and aspirations centered around love, caring and acceptance. A sharp contrast will occur between the love and acceptance you embody and the lack of it you're noticing in many around you. Yet those who have been searching for what you offer will gravitate to you. As this happens, gently weave your world into a community. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)
Leo Moon. In less than two weeks, the Sun and Moon meet in an eclipse in the area of your chart that covers your greatest hopes and dreams. Some of these surround your career aspirations, and your desire for what you want to accomplish on the planet. This event arrives with the experience of feeling like you're actually living your calling rather than thinking about it. This calling takes the form of doing the work that resonates with your highest values and authentic self. Your emotional self is fully invested in the work that you do. As the feeling develops follow it and see where it leads. Take note of what you learn regarding the current work that you do. Let go of any sense of obligation to do work that is not your highest calling. Those you work with have an agenda, and before taking their advice as regards to your career, be clear about their motives. Once you decide on your course of action, gradually make adjustments in your daily routines, bringing them closer and closer to your goals. The feeling of meaning that comes with being in alignment with your soul's calling is not only a place you get to live for just this month, it's a place you can live permanently. The first step is to bring the intention. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Spring Checkpoint: Individual Signs Now Available

We will soon figure out that it's actually 2012. The recent retrogrades of Mars and Mercury seemed to create a delay, but really this winter and early spring has been a phase of gestation. Over the next four weeks, the energy starts to pick up pace dramatically, and we will discover where we are and that something unusual, and beautiful, is happening. Even as we approach the truly beautiful potential of the astrology that's developing, many people are struggling with their day-to-day lives. There are more questions than answers; the economic and political situations seem hopeless; the pace of existence is going so fast that there seems to be nowhere to get in a little meaning, or seek some peace of mind.

Planet Waves
Here is where astrology can help. Astrology looks at the longer cycles, and the deeper themes -- and can help you see your life in context of the present moment, no matter how chaotic it may be. Context means a sense of where you fit in that will help you see your potential and make better choices.

For years, I've been helping my clients prepare for making the most of the astrology of the 2012 era. Based on this experience, and many years of study, I've prepared a set of readings for all 12 signs (and rising signs, and Moon signs) that guides you through this astrology, step by step. I cover the most challenging and energized developments of this spring, which includes eclipses, Venus retrograde, the Venus transit of the Sun, and then a few days after the Sun ingresses Cancer, the Uranus-Pluto square.

Each sign gets a half-hour discussion. These came through loud and clear, with strength and meaning. I spent a week designing and recording them, and I am grateful to be able to offer them to you as a tool to help you guide your decisions, as you seek deeper meaning along your journey.

Spring 2012 is a kind of checkpoint along the way to wherever you are going. But really it's a calling into the adventure of existence, a bold invitation to go beyond your past limits and explore something truly new about yourself.

Signs are now available individually for an amazingly low price, cheaper than the paper shopping bag costs at Jimmy Choo -- order your reading here. The report is getting rave reviews from people who are currently working with it, including these words from a customer named Donna: "OMG -- thank you thank you thank you -- just spent this morning listening to my [Spring Report] info, and am so blown away by the accuracy (and relief!) in this experience. Thanks so very much for your part in supporting this work and for showing up in the way that you do!". Here is the link to order.

Please drop us a note if you have any questions.

Eric Francis

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)
Virgo Moon. Would you be willing to spend a whole day living and seeing the world from a radically different perspective? What would you gain from seeing the world through another viewpoint? Would it change your approach to life and your relationship to yourself? These questions take on new meaning this month as you get that chance to slip into not just one new outlook on the world, but many. Think of it like shopping for a new hat, only each hat changes how you perceive yourself, and everyone else. With each hat you try on, a different response resonates in your emotional body. Some hats elicit a thrill, others make you feel confident, others more relaxed, while still other hats come with no emotional connection. One or two stoke up new kinds of anxiety. As you try this diversity of perspectives, observe how you feel from inside that point of view. The sensations you experience will provide important clues on its alignment with your authentic self. Notice when you feel good about yourself -- accumulate a number of these and soon you'll be able to construct a new personal philosophy that centers around a strong sense of self-worth. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Libra (Sep. 22 - Oct. 23)
Libra Moon. In the past, you've been able to find a sense of security from your relationships with others. However, several recent experiences of seeming chaos in your close partnerships have begun to erode your ability to orient yourself exclusively on them. I suggest you see this as less of a problem in your partnerships and more of a shifting structure in your personal identity. As you change, what is an appropriate relationship changes. We know this, yet when we try to shift this, or when we have no choice, there still can be a feeling of daring. It is indeed brave to go beyond the idea that a relationship makes you complete, though at the moment you have little choice in the matter. This sensation is a clue you're on the right track. As you re-orient on yourself and your deepest, most basic inner needs, you reconnect with your most important relationship -- the one with yourself. Experiment with taking care of you, first and foremost. Notice once you do, you have that much more you to share with others. This will help you form or affirm bonds that are more fruitful than the structures that are falling away. There will be moments where what is left behind feels like a void, but in fact is a holding of space for people who can relate to who you truly are. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)
Scorpio Moon. Your partnerships may feel like a precarious balancing act right now, as you seem to walk along a narrow emotional ledge. Or that is one way to describe the feeling -- there are others. Try on this feeling as being on the brink of a breakthrough. Such a space can have the feeling of no turning back, and in truth you would do well to keep your focus and intention on where you are moving to rather than where you have been. Something that you survived in the past is coming up for healing. And it raises the question of what living an optimistic life looks like for you. Part of that is looking for the best in people instead of preparing for the worst, which manifests as jealousy and control. As you get clear about healing this material and releasing old habits, you will experience your relationships differently. There will be an expansion in your emotional connections, and this in turn will harmonize your emotional body, and those around you, to how good it feels to be real. One point of beginning is asking authentic questions -- both of yourself and of people you care for. Then hold the space open for authentic answers. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)
Sagittarius Moon. You are entering a period of rapid changes, which will both shake you up and spur your sense of adventure. A number of important partnerships will be evolving quickly. Fortunately, you're developing a new viewpoint about all relationships. This new viewpoint has been building for a while; the place you are entering now is one of actualization. Reevaluate what is and is not working for you in your current situations. Be clear with yourself about both. There's no need to be accusatory, or hopeful, or to push anything -- merely know and feel and allow. Realizing what no longer works for you opens up space for you to experiment with new forms of relating. Based on the astrology, it's clear that this process happens fast. You turn a corner and suddenly re-orient. After a point of re-orientation your relationship structure will flow with the change. For you there's an almost instantaneous integration, yet those around you may not get a handle on the new you so quickly. Proceed thoughtfully when introducing your new ideas to your close partnerships. You may have to discuss these ideas a couple of times from a few different perspectives. Trust that a number of your closest relationships can make this re-orientation with you. In those situations, all that's required is your holding space for the other person to adjust to where you both wish to go. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)
Capricorn Moon. The past holds many valuable lessons, but more often than not it trips us up by shaping our behavior based on previous situations that do not hold true in the present. This is where growth comes in: it leads us down a path where past outcomes do not apply, and where the skills and lessons of the past have actual value. You are currently working through separating your patterns that keep drawing you back to a past-based view and building new patterns based on receptivity to a different present. This is happening in layers, and in phases. Thinking your way out of the past won't fully re-orient you on a new present because the root lies in your emotional well-being, or said another way, how it feels for you to be in your body. Letting go of old grievances and wounds is a choice you can make with increasing commitment as this process moves forward, and this will help you break the outdated patterns in which you've been living. There may be a sense of risk in releasing this old pain, and a feeling of security in sticking with what you know, even if it is pain and hurt. Instead of slipping into that old pattern, acknowledge both where you want to move to and how far you have come. Intention will get you further than you may think possible. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)
Aquarius Moon. Existence is comprised of seemingly competing ideas co-existing quite well. For you this is an easy concept to embody because you naturally don't accept the either/or argument, and you can, if you want, hold open many possibilities at once. Your intuition points you at the multiplicity inherent in the universe, which in turn puts you in touch with your greater potential. You don't accept other people's perceived limitations on what is possible; they can have that job. This is the way the world naturally is for you, yet for many around you it is viewed as unrealistic. If that's bugging you, get over it fast. What is real and possible for you is about to expand even further, and your most important resource will be your ability to perceive outcomes that are outside what anyone has ever considered. As each day passes, you're connecting more deeply and more vividly with these new potentials. As you do, they become more tangible and accessible. You will know that you're following your intuition by the feeling of rightness in your body. Not that you are ‘right' and someone else is wrong, but a sense that you are aligned with what is so, and that you have a sense of value about the decision you are making. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
Pisces Moon. For the past few months, you've been working through a deep process of healing that is now entering a period of completion. The ideas addressed involved your father's psychological and emotional bearing and how it negatively impacted you. He had apparent issues -- perhaps depression, or alcoholism, or the sense of being a failure (as a man). But what was underneath these feelings? That's what you're discovering and gradually resolving. These concepts involved pain and anger caused by impatience and dismissal running through your paternal line. Acknowledging this material's existence -- and figuring out that it has no bearing on your value and worth -- has opened parts of yourself that you shut down long ago to survive emotionally during your youth. As a small child, you may not even have realized you were closing off parts of yourself. Take your time reacquainting yourself with these inner regions. This may come with the sensation of disorientation as your emotional landscape shifts to incorporate these newly uncovered aspects, which have always been part of you. Slip back into them gently and claim them as your own. Let that sense of impatience and frustration gradually melt off and evaporate, leaving no residue. The stability and sense of belonging in your own skin that come as a result are the kind that's built to last. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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