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September Monthly Horoscope
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Moonshine Horoscope, Schedule Tune-Up -- and Uranus-Pluto

Dear Friend and Reader:

This week we have the Moonshine horoscope for you, written by upstart horoscope writer Genevieve Hathaway, filed from Australia. By the way, Genevieve's contribution to last week's edition -- her reportage from the neighborhood of the Egyptian embassy in Cairo -- went uncredited (see second paragraph). We know the street where the embassy is located is blocked by troops and tanks because very recently, she lived three blocks away.

Planet Waves
Campaign promises. Photo by Eric Francis.
While I'm on the topic of monthly horoscopes, I had promised the Planet Waves Monthly horoscope for Friday. However, the Sun will still be in Virgo, and I don't recall ever mailing the monthly horoscope with the Sun in the old sign. It's our tradition to mail with the Sun in the new sign and the new story, which can be a little awkward with the Sun changing signs on a Saturday.

I'm just about done with the October monthly, which I'll send to you on Friday, Sept. 28. That will come with the October overview.

Therefore, for this coming Friday, I'm planning a special horoscope that covers the equinox, the Sun's ingress into Libra, and an event that happens tomorrow -- the second of seven Uranus-Pluto squares. Heck, that should be an exciting horoscope.

If you're not familiar with the term "Uranus-Pluto square," this is what I've been calling the 2012 aspect. It's really a series of events between mid-2012 and early 2015 that define the era in which we are living, and the theme is revolutionary change. We've been seeing this spread across the Middle East and North Africa. (For readers new to the concept, check out The Top Five Events of 2012, and see the 7th item on the list.)

We've been feeling it in our own lives, though many have manifested it mainly as the pressure to change, in an environment where change often seems impossible.

I will have more to say about that on Friday.


Planet Waves

September Moonshine Horoscope by Genevieve Hathaway | Eric's Zodiac Sign Descriptions

Note: These horoscopes are based on your Moon sign. To look that up, enter your birth data into I suggest you also read your Sun and rising signs. -- efc

Aries (March 20-April 19)
Aries (March 20-April 19) -- You've been moving through a period of discovery, a quest for emotional freedom, regarding your needs in relation to yourself and others. During the past three years, you made much headway reassessing your partnerships and how you related to the concept of relationship, even if you could not always see the progress. At times, you had to drop down through your internal layers to attain the answers and solutions you sought. Re-orientating your relational perceptions and needs meant less energy spent at that time on enacting changes to the structure of partnerships. But, this work, even when accompanied by the sensation of delay, was important to where you've grown to in the present. As you prepare for another outer-planet shift, Saturn entering Scorpio, use the next month to evaluate where you've been and what you learned. Ease back on the pace of your life, freeing up space and time to reflect. Ideas and insights will solidify into your consciousness from within your emotional body. There is something here about outgrowing the relational assumptions of prior generations. And now: what is the plan, the vision? -- by Genevieve Hathaway

Hello Aries -- Eric has written a new description for your sign that you have access to from this link (no password needed).

Taurus (April 19- May 20)
Taurus (April 19-May 20) -- Your emotional energy reserves are a precious resource. When your energy tank is full you feel more balanced and able to accomplish your highest goals. You've spent the last few years learning what drains you and what brings you the sensation of having plenty of vitality to work with. You can think of vitality like a fire, finite in the sense that without fuel it will go out. But, a continuously stoked fire can burn for eternity. Recently, you've learned much in the way of useful information regarding how to continuously add fuel to your own inner source of energy. Knowledge is only useful though when acted upon. I suggest you sit down with a sheet of paper and a pen (not your iPhone), jotting down what drains you and what fills you with vitality. Note what has brought you excitement, the kind of excitement where you feel like you could work for three straight days. Use this information as a starting point when you feel particularly lacking in enthusiasm about people or projects. These changes to the structure of your environment will move you to a place with a stronger energy well to tap. -- by Genevieve Hathaway
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Gemini (May 20- June 21)
Gemini (May 20-June 21) -- Through late September and into early October, you are revisiting the territory you covered in early June, bringing both a review and also an opportunity to fine-tune the changes you've begun. What has been on offer is a new manner in relating to yourself. Thought of another way, your concept of being you, the emotional patterns and feelings that govern how you experience situations, is restructuring. New information arose over the past few months that will assist you in making further progress in understanding the patterns and feeling processes you wish to keep, and those you intend to let go. If the boundaries between the old and new instinctual patterns becomes hard to see, I suggest you look for markers of fear, anxiety or guilt. These indicate emotional habits and structures that are not serving you, and are stopping you from settling into living from a place of authenticity. At times, carving out these old responses may mean going all the way back to your childhood; fear, anxiety and guilt are indicators of something that was given to you, rather than an emotional habit that is genuinely you. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Cancer (June 21- July 22)
Cancer (June 21-July 22) -- The concept of identity crisis implies that a trouble or danger is present; that something is wrong with the individual. This idea denies a real, healthy process of growth and does not inform the actual process by which one's identity undergoes change. I propose that you build into your self-assessment method a mental warning light surrounding any ideas that involve something being "wrong with you." This feeling indicates someone else's agenda is involved. Growth does not involve a danger, emergency or failure on your part; rather than involving any kind of crisis it comes with a breakthrough. The process lets you heal and move to a state that is closer to your authentic self. Over the past few years you've undergone quite a bit of growth -- moving beyond old internal paradigms. Your wants and needs shifted, at times changing what you valued. Continue following where this development leads, even if it involves some large restructuring in your external world to reflect your new desires. Working from a place of authenticity will ultimately bring the best results for both you and the people around you. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)
Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) -- This month a work project you've been investing time and creative energy in for a while will gain traction and accelerate, moving past a seeming block that has frustrated you and your partners.  Your visibility, personae of leadership, and communication skills will aid the project in moving beyond this apparent hurdle. Trust your instinct to be the front-man, the face of the project. You have the skills and strength to guide the undertaking in the direction it needs to go. The solutions you are currently working with may appear improbable to others, but you see the open side window whereas they keep rushing headlong into the locked front door. Your creative ideas are forming from deep within, tapping into some of your deepest wells of inventiveness. They may not be what others expect, however, so I suggest you stick with your proposals, even if there is initial resistance from business partners. Your emotional connection and devotion to your ideas will aid important individuals in ultimately having faith in your unique solutions. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Planet Waves

Hello Virgo and Virgo rising readers. I've just finished your 2012-2013 birthday reading. Check this link to listen to your hour-long astrology reading plus Tarot.

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- Through September, your internal world seems to have taken on a particularly complicated feel. You are currently sorting through many competing yet interconnected emotions. I suggest you take the time to follow the strands of this web to where they lead. This process will take you deep into your past to issues that started in childhood. Something is coming up that you learned from your parents, particularly surrounding your father's personal beliefs and his relationship to his own emotions. This idea you are working through has informed a lot of how you feel about who you are and how you treat emotions. Any feeling of shame or guilt that arises is not a comment on you, rather part of the conditioning you received as a small child. To navigate through these emotional blocks, start from a place of accepting your imperfections and honoring your vulnerability. Acknowledge these attributes as having worth and being an acceptable part of you. Doing so will help you connect to a deep, solid sense of self-value. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Libra (Sep. 22 - Oct. 23)
Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- For the past three years Saturn has moved through your Moon sign, accompanied at times by a feeling of being a stranger in your own skin. The familiarity that is inherent in the concept of being 'you' may not have always felt solid during this time as emotional patterns and needs you were living with clashed with newly realized authentic aspects of yourself. Re-invention of your internal framework involved changing patterns, many of which you learned as a child. The ground you covered involved how you maintained honoring your needs, in a relationship, while also honoring your partner's needs. This starts with taking care of yourself first and foremost, then works itself out from there to the other people involved. When you're emotionally nurtured and your needs acknowledged, you then have plenty of reserves to care for others. Over the next few weeks, continue to get comfortable with the new ideas and perspectives you are integrating into what it means to be you, the responses you naturally go to in relational situations. Review how your instinctive reactions now differ from a few years back; where you have grown to will not seem that odd of a place, rather an extension of who you've always been at the deepest, most genuine level. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)
Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- Mars' current trek through your Moon sign is making your emotional state particularly edgy and intense. Your internal landscape at the moment feels like you're living with a double
dose of you. Great in theory; for who wouldn't want two of themselves? But in practice one is plenty intense, two explosive. Projecting a calm exterior is your usual state, but that is a thin veil, with strong, hot emotions churning underneath. Many volcanos pull off this trick, too -- they appear from a distance to be quiet pinnacles of nature; peer into their craters and you find magma boiling up. Watch your levels of frustration over the next few weeks, and use extra patience when dealing with people. Unnecessary friction could arise, if you don't keep your currently volatile emotions in check. Those around you can feel the heat you emit, even during your most pleasantly placid moments. I suggest you find a place for this intense feeling and passion to go in a constructive manner. Pour yourself into hot sex, creating art, working on a project and physical exercise. All will serve to release your internal pressure -- and you will create some truly inspired work. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)
Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- What does it mean to be a practical risk-taker? How well do you judge when to take a risk and when to act conservatively? I suggest you take the time over the next few weeks to reflect on these questions. Currently, your instinct for risk taking is particularly strategic and adept. Reflecting on how you assess a situation involving a risk or uncertainty will help you note how much skill you actually have in making these types of decisions. As opportunities arise that involve plenty of uncertainty, rely more on your own judgment and system for determining the best course of action, and less on the opinion of others. Some of the risks you are poised to take appear unpredictable from the outside. As a result, individuals may view the decisions you make as rash. This is an incorrect assessment; you know exactly what you are doing and are in a good position to take the leap, even if it seems as wide as the Grand Canyon. Look for the feeling of something you must do; a very focused and driven vision will help you navigate through your different options. For a while, you may have to go it alone with an idea; though there is a lot more support around you than it initially appears, and very soon it will manifest. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) -- During the past few years, you've experienced emotional highs and lows regarding your career path. Many big changes arrived, and the current landscape of the work you do may look quite different from how it did in the early to mid-2000s. At times these changes felt almost personal. I suggest you quickly abandon this perspective, rather viewing career as a learning process and less a fixed entity. Take the longer view, noting how the seeming setbacks and tangible advances directed your career onto a new path. Not all endings are bad; many clear the way for you to move in a new direction. Something you have been holding onto fell away; instead of a loss it actually freed up your creativity which was held stagnate. This new inventiveness is driving new desired changes you wish to make surrounding your larger career goals. Over the next few weeks, wrap up the loose ends of projects that do not further this new career aim. End those business relationships on a productive note, while also freeing up time and energy to invest in the projects that support your new work vision. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)
Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Over the past three years, you underwent a shift in your personal philosophy, experimenting with, and developing, ideas that more accurately suit your most authentic needs. During this exploration of your belief system, you incorporated different forms of spirituality and philosophies. You were not so much trying on hats to see which best fit, rather seeing which pieces of these higher subjects matched what you've observed in the world and synced with your values. Spend the next month reflecting on this perspective change, noting how far you've grown and the overarching personal themes that were restructured. Much of what you changed involved the concept of how to live a balanced life, which translates to an emotionally healthy existence. You've learned that balance isn't about two scales being equal, but more often about doing what is best for you. Making decisions from that concept of balance will result in everyone involved benefiting. To support and help others, you must start from a place of fully owning what is best for you. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- Pisceans are often described as more interested in living in a 'dream world' than 'reality'. Other individuals' version of reality is often a bit bland, and your 'dream world' is actually a vast resource of creativity. Currently, this imaginative element, which runs through every fabric of your emotional being, is particularly abundant, providing plenty of ideas and inspiration for your projects. I suggest you carve out time over the next few weeks to be around that which provides the most inspiration. Photograph, paint, draw, write, make music -- spend plenty of time feeding that creative vein into the tangible form and pick a subject that fills you with a sensation of meaning and contribution. Not only will something physically beautiful be created, but this immersion in the production of art will also emotionally nurture you. A regenerative cycle, feeding your emotional body will thus inspire more creativity in your projects and give you plenty of energy to invest in them. -- by Genevieve Hathaway

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