Think of mathematics on one side and music on the other. They are related in many ways, but are distinct entities here on the cosmic physical plane.

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Painting by Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966).
The Essential Message of Pisces

Dear Friend and Reader:

Over the weekend, the Sun changed signs from Aquarius to Pisces. I've said before that the real 'opposite' signs are the ones next to one another. With this move, the Sun has left the energy field of fixed and focused mental patterns, and entered the environment of flexibility, feeling and flow.

Think of mathematics on one side and music on the other. They are related in many ways, but are distinct entities here on the cosmic physical plane.

Planet Waves
Photo by Eric Francis.
Pisces is here to draw you into your inner life, even as the world appears to be in a state of benighted mayhem.

You may not be able to change the world, but you can change the world in you. In truth that is a tremendous gift to yourself and to your personal community. You make the world a better place when you grow and evolve.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. I think of it as the river's delta -- the Delta of Venus, you might say (indeed, Venus is exalted in Pisces). The well of inspiration, Pisces is better when we draw on its water more abundantly; as the Quran informs its students, flowing water is healthier water.

The Quran is a kind of aquatic theology. Consider the idea that God "sends down water (rain) from the sky, and with it We bring forth vegetation of all kinds, and out of it We bring forth green stalks, from which We bring forth thick clustered grain. And out of the date-palm and its spathe come forth clusters of dates hanging low and near, and gardens of grapes, olives and pomegranates, each similar (in kind) yet different (in variety and taste). Look at their fruits when they begin to bear, and the ripeness thereof. Verily! In these things there are signs for people who believe."

I love this simple respect for nature and for life. You might say that this nourishing spiritual aspect of water is what Pisces describes. All those fruits the prophet is describing are also the fruits of your mind and soul. Now is the time to drink in that water.

At the moment, the Sun is conjunct Nessus and the South Node. This is a reminder that healing is healing from the past. Often, even what seems to be immediately present is the result of the past. The combination of Sun, South Node, and an eclipse coming later in the week describe a process of letting go.

Planet Waves
Sunrise over the Baltic Sea. Photo by Elbfoto.
On this plane of reality, much if not most pain is caused by holding onto past struggles. There's that phenomenon of people being in love with their problems. This need not be. Be committed to healing and love the process.

Many astrologers consider Pisces to be the sign associated with Jesus. All of the original iconography of the church involved fish. Only later was the cross incorporated and the "ichthus," that fish-shaped thing you see on bumpers, preserved as the secret sign of the Christ. I was in an email discussion a moment ago with a refugee from the Evangelical movement, who found her own way because she needed to be the artist she became. She noted that even her childhood friends are starting to wake up. "No one gets to sit out this round of evolution it seems -- many are softening and beginning to resonate to Christ's higher message rather than fear."

Remember that Pisces is a feminine sign. In this context, we are talking about the Goddess or the indwelling spirit of god, a feminine entity that some call Shekhinah.

She is part of you, and one with everything.

The Book of Your Life: 2017 Annual Edition
Just What You Need for These Eclipses
"I ordered my Sun sign and my Moon/ascendant (same sign). I was blown away by how accurate and useful the information was. I'm on my third read and it's turning out to be one of my most accurate astrology readings to date. If you're on the fence about buying a reading, trust me, it's high-quality information and outweighs three lattes, two beers, and a month of Netflix."
-- Stefani Quane
Dear Friend and Reader:

What is expert, nuanced, empowering astrological guidance worth to you in these bizarre, challenging, potential-filled times we're living through?

Planet Waves
You certainly don't have to give up your lattes, beer or Netflix to get it -- though you might find The Book of Your Life, the 2017 annual edition from Planet Waves, so engrossing that you don't even think about those things for days.

True, the written readings in the annual edition are a little different from the audio (and video) presentations you've enjoyed in Eric's Spring Readings or Midyear Readings. But they're just as effective; and this year, you can download them as printable PDFs.

As always, Eric has poured his heart and soul into them, fully aware of how this wild world might be affecting you. And as you'd expect, Eric uses astrology to find the meeting place between you and the world, and you and yourself.

"I don't think I have read anything so achingly beautiful in my whole life as this Virgo reading. I say this not out of drama, but rather out of the way it reads contextually in this particular moment, inviting me into the deep territory of full expression. Masterpiece! Equally terrifying and great fun! Much GRATITUDE. Big LOVE. XO"
-- Rev. Jody Lotito Levine

You can order individual signs of The Book of Your Life here. Or go all-in, and order all 12 signs here for the most comprehensive experience, and take full advantage of this 'eclipse zone' we're in right now.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter
Planet Waves


Your Monthly Horoscopes -- and our Publishing Schedule Notes

Your extended monthly horoscopes for February were published Thursday, Jan. 26. We published your extended monthly horoscope for January on Thursday, Dec. 22. We published your Moonshine horoscope for the Capricorn New Moon on Thursday, Dec. 29. Your Moonshine horoscope for the Cancer Full Moon published Thursday, Jan. 12. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope on the first Friday after the Sun has entered a new sign.


Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 20, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino
Aries (March 20-April 19) -- It's time for cleaning closets. This is the perfect time of year, and the perfect time in your solar chart. I do mean the psychic and spiritual kinds of closets, but there's no better way to get that started than picking a messy storage area in your home or apartment and digging it out. You'll have a potent, palpable metaphor for how it feels to open up territory you avoided, and to go in and set things in order. Make decisions about what you want to keep, what you want to discard and what you want to pass forward. Start with something simple, like a desk drawer. Then move on to something more ambitious, like the refrigerator or your pantry. Think of everything you let go of as an offering. Sing your favorite mantra, or invent a little song including the words, "I am making space for better things in my life." While you're doing this, pay attention to what comes up for you emotionally. Slow down and feel what you're doing. Notice your dreams. That's where most psychic closet-cleaning actually takes place.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) -- Even if you're not one of those Taureans who is drawn to the performing arts, you're aware of your public image. You know that how you present yourself influences how others see you, and you strive to do that impeccably. Get ready for an inversion of that idea. Notice the moments when you seem to slip up and are your unvarnished self, and it works out beautifully. Rather than paying attention to how you seem to appear to others, pay attention to how others actually respond to you: that's the mystical stuff of social relationships that so often goes unobserved. Notice who looks at you and sees into you: there is a distinct feeling when someone peers past the surface and touches you on the watery level; you will feel that momentary burst of heat and daring. You can afford to throw all pretense to the wind, and show people your friendly face and true spirit.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) -- Career breaks almost always come in unusual or unexpected ways. You can post your resume on Monster and search Craigslist all you want, though the moment of contact is most often an unscripted, spontaneous connection. You might encounter someone in an elevator or walk up to a person who looks interesting while you're waiting in line to pay for your sandwich. It's necessary to preserve a touch of formality, and to speak to others consistently with a blend of warmth and respect. Then make a habit of going off-script. Ask people what they do and what's interesting about it. If someone's wearing an interesting tie or scarf, mention it sincerely. Twenty years of soaking in the internet has done strange things to people and to society. One of the most helpful is that it's made the human realm -- that of eye contact, casual conversation and polite gestures like holding doors or picking up dropped items for people -- a frontier of human potential.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) -- Imagine you move to a beautiful condominium by the sea, though the day you arrive, a fog rolls in and obscures the horizon. Now imagine that you've lived with this cloudy view for years and then one day the clouds part and the blue sky appears before your eyes. You can see out to the curve of the Earth, and notice how the sky changes every day and even every hour. You see ships and airplanes coming and going. Your view of the outer horizon corresponds to your inner perspective: suddenly you feel like you've got a future, and you can even glimpse at what is possible. The fog is indeed clearing and your view of your life is getting clearer with each passing day. Learning is discovering that something is possible. The way to find out is to take one of your newly discovered ideas about what you want, and bring it into physical reality.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) -- Your beliefs about your relationships largely determine what you are. By beliefs I mean your ideas about what you owe people and what they owe you. Often this works for you, and your sense of service and ingratiation to others provides a focus for your life. You do, however, need to check in periodically and make sure that your current approach is taking in all the known facts. You need to make sure there's some form of balance that's appropriate to who you are now. Most of all, you need to review your recent life and make sure you're being honest with the people around you, and that you've answered all of your questions about the veracity of others. Over the next week or so, questions are likely to arise, and those questions deserve answering. Those answers may be perfectly satisfactory, and you will feel better for having them. If they are anything but copacetic, it's time for a patient, careful and most of all honest conversation.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- Your relationship life is complex at the moment -- more so than it needs to be. Your life would be simpler were you committed to letting go of who and what is not working for you. It's not a tragedy to move on from situations that you know, from extended experience, are not working. Neither is it any loss to let go of new situations that show signs of going off kilter. With any of these moves, though, it's necessary to stop and ask yourself how exactly you got into such a situation again. Then you must make the requisite adjustments and decisions, and pay careful attention to who you let into your life, and notice how things go in the beginning: the first few meetings, the first time they come into your home, the first time you come into their home. Your astrology suggests you're vulnerable to illusions, but the helpful response is to broaden your mind rather than to narrow it. Look for what is actually there, rather than what you want to see.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- You should have no shortage of suitors or social opportunities at the moment, though how you feel about this is another question. In general it's good to be welcoming of other humans who take an interest in you, though many people resent this, or take it the wrong way. It's also true that people can be insensitive or needlessly assertive in their approach; you prefer some finesse, though obviously this is rare enough to find. At the moment, however, you seem to be ready to keep your own company and minimize your involvements with others. If you get this signal from yourself, I suggest you follow it. You might need to learn to say things like, "I don't want to go out; I want to stay in tonight," or, "I'm leaving my plans open all weekend and not committing to anything." Trust me: this is not only socially acceptable, it's absolutely essential that we learn to speak to one another this way, so that we can have space for ourselves when we need it -- with no guilt.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- Are relationships demanding more work than is necessary? I would say so. They also tend to become stagnant pretty quickly, which is not necessary. Part of the problem involves the inherent dishonesty of the dating process. First, it begins with the concept that this next person (whom you may have met three days ago) is your one-and-only-for-life. That has to go. Then, this thing called dating is like a job interview where you put forth all your strengths and hide your weaknesses. I have a suggestion for you, outlined boldly in your solar chart. It's time to be real about sex, particularly with relationship partners and prospective ones. I suggest you be real about what you want (including your fantasies), what you've done and who you are. Yes, you will repel some people -- which is exactly what you want. Fewer people will find you 'acceptable', which is precisely what you must do in order to find the ones you really, truly belong with.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- Shadow implies light. One cannot exist without the other. At the moment, if you're experiencing some darkness, you may be blocking your own light. In consciousness, that means fear and insecurity. You might have a sense that your safety is in some way threatened. Mainly, it's threatened by your own apprehension about the future: remember that the primary thing consciousness experiences is itself. Therefore, you would be wise to understand that dynamic. And then you can go toward the light. This will take many forms other than the kind you might need sunglasses for. Your light is found in your motivation, in your inspiration, in your desire to serve and, most of all, in your curiosity. God does not appear as a thunderclap from the heavens. Rather, your inner voice speaks in your own spiritual language -- and will never frighten you. Your true inner voice will lead you out of the darkness and into the light: so listen carefully.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) -- Even under the best conditions, you must work to focus your mind. You speak to yourself in a language that other people don't understand, and you use internal logic that may not make sense to others. It's easy for you to get lost in your thoughts and in your imagination; and lately, you seem to be in a bit of psychic overload. This could be influencing anything from your overall state of organization, to your ability to form your thoughts into words that others can follow. One thing that would help you do this is to choose the order in which you want to do things, or say things. Aligning your thoughts with linear time will help, since most of what you have going on in your mind is a non-linearity. Use logic, and make sure you follow through into language, describing why something is meaningful and what that meaning is. Take on the burden of clear communication. You are the one who must make your ideas make sense -- if you want to be understood.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Where financial matters are concerned, you must use your intuition, and then check your facts before you act on it. Or, you may compile all the facts you need, apply logic, and then finally check against your intuition. Neither intuition nor facts are sufficient on their own; using both and crosschecking one against the other is the way to cultivate the best information. You tend to over-emphasize intuition despite your passion for the mental sphere. I suggest you place the emphasis back on logic and fact-checking and really hang in with that, especially where money is at stake.

Aquarius and Pisces Birthdays: Eclipse Companions
"When there's an eclipse on the horizon, every event or development becomes a step on the way into its vortex."
-- Eric Francis Coppolino on Feb. 13
Dear Friend and Reader:

We lately experienced a lunar eclipse in the relationship house for Aquarius; in a few days, we'll get a solar eclipse in Pisces. We're in The Eclipse Zone.

If you have your Sun, ascendant or even Moon in one of these two signs, how are you stepping into the vortex? Or to put it another way: where are you putting your attention and focus, and what are you noticing as you make those choices?

In every audio birthday reading, Eric draws a clear connection between your present moment and environment, and long-term patterns that stretch into the past and into the future -- and which influence your options. So much potential is available to you every minute of every day. Yet with so much distraction and cultural chaos, it's essential to have someone help you clarify what matters most -- and what you can do about it.

If you're a Pisces (or would like to give a gift to one), you can pre-order the 2017 Pisces Birthday Reading for the discounted pre-order price of $19.97.

This reading will include two audio segments of astrology (at least 30 minutes each), plus a tarot reading (either audio or video) and extended written description of your sign. You may download the audio portions and listen as many times as you like as the year progresses.

"I ordered my Sun sign and my Moon/ascendant (same sign). I was blown away by how accurate and useful the information was. I'm on my third reading and it's turning out to be one of my most accurate astrology readings to date. If you're on the fence about buying a reading, trust me, it's high-quality information and outweighs three lattes, two beers, and a month of Netflix."
-- Stefani Quane

Planet Waves
If you're an Aquarius, good news: Your two audio astrology portions are available for instant access. (The tarot segment will publish a little later, and we'll let you know when that's ready.) You can still order the Aquarius Reading here for a discounted price; the price will increase again when Eric finishes the tarot portion.

As Eric wrote last week, "we're in the pattern-clearing / pattern-setting zone of the cycle. Think of this as a time to clarify and refine your intentions, to which you commit by taking action."

Are you ready to take some action?

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

P.S. You can listen to samples of the Aquarius Reading here and here -- recorded as the lunar eclipse warmed up.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- If a door opens, go through that door. First, imagine that everyone and everything you encounter is a potential passageway to the future, into another life, into some new phase of your existence. If a door seems to close, be grateful that one phase of your life has ended and another has begun. Embrace the opportunity for change, which is the precursor to progress. This is a form of freedom that involves an active, co-creative relationship with the world you live in, rather than one in which you are constantly subject to forces beyond your control. At this moment you are being summoned to step up to full participation in your life. You are doing this in a time when it's arguable that all hope is lost, when existence is nothing but chaotic and when greed seems to be ruling the day. Even if that is true, don't let that stop you from doing what you want to do, and need to do.
Planet Waves
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