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In this week's Planet Waves TV [play video here], Eric describes the transition we've made from a grand water trine to a grand fire trine. This week, Mercury (in Leo) and the Moon make aspects to planets in Aries and Sagittarius -- a significant shift away from the murky watery energy of recent weeks and months.

Leo: Sunshine for the Heart, and Creative Kicks

Dear Friend and Reader:

The Sun is now decidedly in Leo. It seems a minute ago the year was new-minted; and yet now we're cruising straight for Lammas (the Pagan midsummer festival, in early August), and enough has happened to make the past eight months seem like 16 years.

Planet Waves
Photo by Eric.
Mars is also starting to gather speed once more, and is moving away from the quincunx with Uranus-Eris, which might hopefully bring a slight ease of recent tensions.

That should be assisted by a grand fire trine, also involving Uranus-Eris (the other parties being Pholus in Sagittarius and Mercury -- with Venus hot on its heels -- in Leo).

Then on Monday the Sun will itself form a trine aspect to Saturn, on its way to entering that same formation.

That's a lot of fire energy being expressed through harmonious, or easy, contacts; to name a few possible effects, this can fuel an inventive, playful or pioneering spirit. It's resonant with the time of year -- think barbecues and parties on a warm day, or relaxing on the beach.

We could all use a breather right now, and this week's astrology has one or two pointers.

Firstly, you may benefit somewhat from treating yourself with the same sort of kindness you'd offer to someone who had recently been through a difficult experience. For example, cultivate the company of people in whose society you feel happier. And notice what you're eating, because (speaking from many years of experience) nothing gives you mood swings quite like a sugar rush.

Above all, pay attention to your feelings and instincts; work patiently with them, and get to know their true origin. Remember also that shame and guilt are tools of societal oppression, and treat them accordingly should they appear.

Then, if you feel irritation or worry begin to build, take deliberate steps to find a safe and effective outlet. If this outlet is creative, all the better -- because this astrological setup is ideal for any project of that sort. If, as the saying goes, you have a novel in you, by all means dust off your pen and get scribblin'.

With best wishes,
Planet Waves
Amy Elliott
Planet Waves Client Services

Balance: Everyone Needs a Mental Vacation

In a few days I'm about to begin the process of doing 12 presentations, one for each of the Sun and rising signs, that covers the rest of 2016. One of the main events of late 2016 is that Jupiter enters Libra, so I'm calling this reading BALANCE.

Planet Waves
We are under the most dramatic astrology I've ever seen that says wake up and pay attention. Yet without paying attention to yourself and how you feel, you won't have much to work with. Life is so out of balance, you may be wondering if you'll ever get yourself on level ground again.

These readings are designed as a moment of respite; and a moment to genuinely reflect on your own life -- with the added gift of astrology helping you tune in to the moment, and your inner environment.

This is the gift of astrology: to provide a way into your inner realm, no matter what may be distracting you outside yourself; or no matter what may be on your mind from the past.

We live in tumultuous times, but also exceedingly rich ones, for those who can see the potential.

I am here to help you recognize the possibilities that a time of exceedingly fast change opens up, and help you find the inner resources to make the most of our moment.

Another main aspect that I'll be covering is the Saturn-Neptune square, about which I have not said enough. This event peaks in late August with Mars passing through the territory; Mars will make a simultaneous conjunction to Saturn and square to Neptune.

This can be incendiary; it can also be introspective, igniting a new level of awakening.

For Chiron fans, I will look in particular at Chiron in Pisces square Pholus in Sagittarius. This puts the first two centaurs together with the Galactic Core, offering a unique kind of healing opportunity. Chiron in Pisces is our saving grace right now. And it has a special message about balance for us -- in particular about integrating containment and release.

Planet Waves
My friend and teacher, Chiron.
I go light on the technicalities in these readings, and emphasize the human factors. They are a morph of a guided meditation and motivational speaking. As you know, my astrology is emotionally centered and also practical.

My intention is to offer you ideas for getting in touch with yourself: ideas you may have already thought of but forgotten in the chaos and distraction of life, or ideas that may be new.

I will build on themes introduced in previous readings, though taking them right into our strange, wild moment.

I strongly suggest accessing all 12 signs, so that you get multiple perspectives (Sun, Moon, rising sign, and those of relationship partners).

I'm planning to have these done by the second week of August. We will use our graduated price program, where the earliest purchasers get the best deal. The introductory price of $47 for all 12 will be valid through July 27, when we'll raise it to $57. The final price will be $77 once the readings publish -- and they will be well worth every penny of that.

Thank you for taking advantage of the work that I do, and for doing your best to be spiritually aware and living in these very challenging times to be alive.


Monday Morning Horoscope for July 25, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino
Aries (March 20-April 19) -- This will develop as one of the most creative and exciting times of the year, if you can stay focused in the moment. You seem to have some concern about the future, which might translate to not quite feeling what is possible. Yet you don't need to have faith in the future; you need to trust yourself in this moment. Your astrology says that the most beautiful possibilities exist right now, and if you immerse yourself in living, the future will take care of itself. By that I mean you will cultivate the plan that you need to go forward. You don't have to justify your fun with any excuse, like it's somehow productive. Sincerely indulged, creativity will get you far. It will help if you set modest goals, like devoting yourself to a task or activity that you've wanted to do, so you have something to aim for. Accomplishing anything creative will feel good, and encourage you to do more.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) -- The quiet confidence of Taurus has some of its roots in the placement of Leo in your solar chart, on your home and security angle. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are now hanging out there, which is eminently helpful. Part of what makes you a solid person is having a base of operations and some sense of grounding. Anyone born under your sign who masters this one thing will be much stronger than they would otherwise. While this doesn't make you immune to fear or worry, keeping your feet on the ground and taking care of yourself reminds you that life provides you with what you need. The better you take care of yourself, and the more you invest in your home base, the better this will work. You would also be well served staying in close contact with those people you consider your extended family. If you need something, one of them has it.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) -- It's worth one more mention that quality writing, once the purview of high school students, has become an art form as rare as ballet. The ability to read, once the foundation of all knowledge, has been replaced in most people by the ability to keep up with the latest rumors. Yet you have reading skills that are better than most of the people you know; and better still, reading and writing for you are a dependable form of fun. With that said, these things also make you a more valuable collaborator. Put another way, these skills are actually worth something, by which I mean they have a significant monetary value. Remember that. And do not take your skills for granted: refine them all the time. Read three books on a subject where you might ordinarily read just one. Carefully proofread everything you send, and be one of the people who set the example of honoring language.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) -- While the world at times obsesses over what is in truth a global debt crisis, it would seem that the true deficit is self-worth. Rare aspects now have you in a position to truly feel and understand that you belong in the world. You possess a kind of spiritual capital that is now bearing dividends. These are coming in many forms, but the most vital one is faith in your abilities. The thing to do with that faith is whatever you think needs to be done, or that you want to do. Choose projects or ventures that truly matter to you, and that align with your values, and you're likely to get a positive result. While you're at it, invest in others you believe in any way you can. That might be sharing your knowledge or contacts, financial support or basic encouragement. You got where you are through hard work; that's a given for everyone. Now you can make someone's path a little easier.

Planet Waves
Eric, this year you outdid yourself, if that is all possible. You literally just put my life, feeling, thoughts, even questions in layman terms. My last hour has been a bunch of 'aha' moments.
-- Tracy Nicastro

Eric will soon record the 2016-17 Leo Birthday Reading. This exciting presentation in audio and video will help you to make the most of your solar year, whether you intend to soar in a blaze of glory or just to bask in the sunshine.

Mars will shortly enter your house of creativity and fun; soon, Jupiter will arrive at your house of communication and travel.

Eric will shed light on how you could make these and other astrological happenings work beautifully for you. There will be two audio segments of at least 30 minutes each; plus a video Tarot reading with the lovely Voyager deck by James Wanless.

Seize your moment and pre-order this reading today, whether as a gift to yourself or for the special Leo in your life.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) -- Energy is now pumped in all three of the fire signs. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are in your sign, which is picking up on (and feeding) the energy of all the other fire signs. What that describes is the drive to do beautiful things. Yet there is a wider theme: self-awareness. The world is going through some extreme growing pains right now. Much of this is being driven by a struggle to awaken that's being ignited by the grand fire trine in the sky (that's when all three fire signs have planets in them). For you, this is an invitation to stay awake and present in your life. Do what matters to you. Hang out with people you care about. Try going out without your phone for a whole evening and engaging only with people in the physical world. Most of all, let yourself feel passion. The way consciousness is today, actual passion will feel a little dangerous, as if you care so much, or feel so good, that you're about to burst into flames.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- Jupiter remains in your sign for the next two months, which is about stretching your emotional capacities. By that I mean your ability to feel, and to receive the feelings of others. You might stretch in the direction of being more compromising with the people you care about the most. Jupiter describes you getting out of your head and being more grounded in your senses. Other aspects reveal that you're going through a concentrated phase of letting go of old tendencies, all the ones that don't serve you. As you do that, it will become obvious that you both need, and have something to offer, those who are around you. Through this process you will be doing the challenging groundwork of improving your self-esteem. The environment is right, particularly if you choose as exemplars people who have done just what you're trying to do. They are willing to help, if you're willing to receive their generosity.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- You're a natural born charmer, though you're verging on devastating at the moment. It's a good thing that you're generous and have an aversion to being the center of attention. Use those traits well and many doors will open for you. In any event, you can proceed with complete confidence in any social situation, and be an illumination source for those around you. Most people are far less comfortable in social situations than you are. That's why so much alcohol is used as a social lubricant. It's a poor substitute for confidence, too, because it makes people sloppy and clouds their judgment. Yet one person in the room who feels good about themselves, and at ease with who they are, can relax the entire place. That would be you at the moment. Be the person who introduces people around, and who smooths over that bit when people don't remember someone's name. Along the way, I reckon you'll have no shortage of candidates for dates.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- Astrologers around the world still have their eyes focused on Mars in your sign, which was recently retrograde, and involved in many potent aspects. The latest news is that you have finally gone beyond a series of high-friction encounters and confrontations that have taken up much of your time the past month or so. Speaking of the past, you would be wise to go beyond it. It's way too easy for you to live there, seemingly perpetually. Greater things are calling you, if only you would take a break from obsessing over your own psychology or analyzing your motives. What, exactly, are you concerned about? What evidence do you have, by which I mean actual evidence, that you want anything but the best for other people? If you owe anyone an apology, offer it humbly, forgive yourself, and move on. There are mighty aspects in your chart that are summoning you to fulfill your true destiny. Get to it.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- Your chart looks like some kind of creative explosion is happening, which may pertain to dance, music, painting or sex. It's true that Saturn is in your sign, which can be a depressive or heavy influence, though as my mentor Joe is fond of saying, the opposite of depression is expression. In that spirit, I suggest you express yourself, however you want to. If you face any challenge such as fear of what other people might think (possible even for a Sagittarius), a conservative streak or discomfort with being spontaneous, just get over yourself. You don't need to be as regulated as you are. You can, instead, lose yourself in the joy of creation or collaboration, the beauty of sharing passion, and most of all, the freedom to change. Take those last four words and write them in lipstick on your bathroom mirror, on your phone case in sharpie, or in reverse lettering on your forehead.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) -- If you've been struggling to establish your social position, you can ease off and let your momentum do the work. Nobody doubts where you're coming from. You need to feel your place in society, and most of all to know who your friends are. Yet there is one other thing, which is being real about your sexuality. It's not enough not to be a prude. It's not enough to be OK with who you are. The gem, the true achievement, the gift, of this year's Mars retrograde for you is learning to be shameless, transparent and positive about turning on others, and being turned on by them. While this takes some bravery, less is required than you may think, and there are rewards that you have not yet been introduced to. This is likely to be a many-year process of claiming yourself back. Yet the initial throwing-off of the shackles of doubt and embracing honest desire and pleasure as a way of life are the first, boldest and most immediately rewarding steps.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- This year has come with a training program in leadership for you. It's arrived in various ways, though the most prominent has been self-leadership. You may not think of it that way: you might be remembering various shades of conflict and a few long stretches of utterly exhausting challenges. You've made changes you didn't really want to make but knew were the right thing to do; so you did them, and ended up in a better space and time. The way you've done that, and continue to do that, is by feeling solid in who you are, and bold about your mission. You cannot fake this, and what you've been experiencing is precisely that process of engaging your reality. That can involve confrontations; you might have to nudge some people aside to get something even pretty simple done; you might annoy some people. All of these sources of friction serve to make you stronger in who you are. Take a step back and feel your strength.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- There's an interesting scenario in your relationships -- maybe you've noticed it. You're in a beautiful position to love people as equals, yet at the same time you end up in the role of mentor or teacher. Perhaps a therapist might not agree that this is possible, much less a good idea, though it's the role of any true mentor to see the people learning from them not only as equals, but as people who have more potential than they do. That gesture, of seeing the possibilities, has a way of leveling things out. So too does the fact that in any true gesture of teaching, the teacher learns as much as the student. So, be happy that knowledge is being exchanged and created in your relationships. Be willing to teach those you care about what you know. Thoughts increase by being given away, so make them creative and loving thoughts and we'll all benefit.

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