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Introducing our City in the Sky -- the New Planet Waves

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

This week, Planet Waves will be unveiling a new website that will include my horoscopes and articles, plus the many writers you read on the Planet Waves blog. Sometime in the next day or so, the Planet Waves domains will redirect to the new site.

This is without question the biggest and most positive structural change we've made in more than 12 years of doing business on the Internet. You will need to register for this new site, and depending on what features you want, upgrade to your preferred level of service.

Planet Waves
Photo by Jeff Bisti.
The launch is connected to Wednesday's Libra New Moon, which is right in the Planet Waves ascendant. So it's a real moment of rebirth, and we would love to have you there.

My goal as a writer and editor is to provide you with the best possible astrology in a time of global transition and, for many, personal crisis. My goal as a publisher is to make dependable, high-quality astrology affordable to you. I have always believed that the greatest healing and opportunity can be found in times of instability and uncertainty. My intent as an astrologer is to help you make that real.

Beyond Fate and Prediction

I don't use prediction -- I help you design the life that you want. I don't foster hope. Rather, I help you find your faith in yourself -- and over the years, I have carefully recruited other writers who do the same.

We have worked hard to search out and cultivate other writers who share my approach to healing, the esoteric arts, spirituality and divination -- writers who steer away from a predictive, fated or dead-end approach. Rather, our writers write in a way that opens up your options and empowers you to make healthy choices, to tap into your inherent creativity and your ability to heal and grow.

In addition to our brilliant slate of blog writers you've come to know and love, ‘what we do' includes my horoscopes and readings, which help you find your place in the world. I describe your astrology in a way that reveals your strengths and offers you the courage to do your best; to do what you came here to do.

Creating a new website for Planet Waves will make all of our work easy to find and use, and provide a dependable point of access.

The new site will include all of our writing, plus my audio readings, and many other services -- all under one sturdy roof. The new website includes Planet Waves FM, my birthday readings and the annual readings. There are now two weekly horoscopes by me -- Planet Waves Weekly and the new Sex By Sign, focused on your relationships with an erotic flavor.

Planet Waves
Photo by Danielle Voirin.
As you know, Planet Waves is commercial free and does not receive corporate sponsorship. We are 100% supported by our readers and customers. Today I am inviting you to take advantage of what we do at a special introductory rate.

Registering for the new site, you have three options.   

The first is our All-Access Pass. This gives you access to everything we do -- including all of my birthday and rising sign readings, the 2015 annual edition, and everything described under the next option, the Core Community Membership.

This is designed to give you all the astrology you want, when you need it. For the cost that most astrologers charge for an hour reading, you will have a solid year of wisdom, nourishment, timing information and updates.

The All-Access Pass includes products that, at retail, would go for $1500. Today I have an introductory offer -- a full year for $295, or $89 quarterly recurring. All Access includes any new products that come out in 2015, plus Core Community services that I'm about to describe!

Core Community is a Real Community!

Core Community membership is our enhanced subscription. It features Tuesday and Thursday mailings that include my weekly and monthly horoscopes (there are two monthly horoscopes) plus web-only access to the new weekly called Sex By Sign.

In addition, you will receive Daily Astrology each morning and optional daily SMS messages, and you'll be invited to Core Community meetings (live conference calls on specific astrological or spiritual subjects). 

As a Core Community member, you will have access to the work of Len Wallick, Judith Gayle, Sarah Taylor, Amanda Painter, Carlos Cedillo, Amanda Moreno and other excellent writers.

For $99 you can upgrade to Core Community membership. The advertised cost of this is $199. But we want to put this within reach, make it easy and get you on board at the beginning. Note, this early opt-in price goes up to $129 on Monday.

Planet Waves
Photo by Danielle Voirin.
If you prefer recurring monthly billing, you may upgrade to Core Community for $12.95 a month. Here is the upgrade page for recurring billing. The advertised price of this is $19.95 a month.

The best thing about Core Community are the conference calls we offer. We have figured out how to put all the evolving people together in the same room, to meet, to converse, and to hear one another -- monthly teleconferences that are incredibly gratifying to participate in and listen to.

Then there is an Introductory Membership. This includes the Inner Space monthly horoscope, Monday's Daily Astrology and other selected features. 

With an introductory membership, you will get email notifications of specially priced offers. An Introductory membership is a no-cost, renewable 90-day subscription. You may sign up for that here.

You may visit the new site and explore here.  

As always, we are sensitive to the needs of those who are on disability, Social Security or fixed incomes. If you need to make any special arrangements or upgrade by phone, or if you have any questions, please call Chelsea at (877) 453-8265 or (206) 567-4455. 

Thank you again for being part of our astrology adventure. It's great to be here with you, and a privilege to be your astrologer.


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