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Mercury in Libra: Diplomacy, or Balance

Mercury entered Libra Tuesday at 1:38 am EDT (05:38 UTC), the ultimate image of a diplomatic approach to a question or issue. Mercury will be retracing the steps where Mars tacked back and forth between December 2013 and July 2014.

This suggests that a new perspective on many of the seeming conflicts that emerged during the Mars retrograde, and presents an opportunity to gain some clarity on what may have transpired during those months. It's possible, even likely, that there remain some lingering issues from those days, and as Mercury makes its way across Libra between now and Sept 27, you will get access to them in a way that has not been possible so far.

Mercury calls for clarity of mind, and of words. For clarity (and simplicity) it's best to stick to what is true -- there is such a thing. Mercury in Libra calls for a balanced point of view, taking many factors into account. This necessity is emphasized by the aspects that Mercury will make over the next four weeks, for example to Juno, Pluto and Uranus. You will need to choose your words carefully, and approach the questions of your life consciously weighing the various sides of any issue -- especially when you reach a point of urgency or what seems like a communication crisis.

As Mercury approaches the eminent asteroid Pallas Athene, you decide that the thing to do is to wiggle, please and white lie your way to a convenient place. You can get caught in people pleasing (especially with men) or competition (especially with women). However, given the whole setup, this strategy is unlikely to work for long.

One bit of good news -- these aspects will make truth-telling not only more compelling but also, in some cases, inevitable. Because Juno is in the picture, truth-telling to one's significant other, so necessary and so often avoided, is essential to the cosmic plan.

As this happens, the Moon is approaching its opposition to the Sun, which is the Pisces Full Moon on Sept. 8. This is a magnificent Full Moon, directly involves Chiron -- The Moon will be conjunct Chiron and the Sun will be opposite Chiron. Juno is harmonized with the aspect pattern, suggesting that getting your 'withholds' out of the way early will be fruitful. Although Chiron is a well-established entity in astrology, we have what I call a proving moment -- a moment when we may see some new properties of Chiron emerge. I will have more to say about that in Thursday's edition for our subscribers.

I would point out one other feature of the sky right now -- there is a grand fire trine in full force. The pattern consists of a cluster in Aries (Uranus, the South Node and Eris), Jupiter in Leo and Pholus (plus many other points) in Sagittarius. We have some sustained fire energy that will get a huge boost from Mars ingressing Sagittarius on Sept. 13, where it will remain until Oct. 26, making many aspects along the way.

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