The 2016 Edition of Planet Waves : Project Credits


Astrologer – Eric Francis Coppolino
Additional Astrology Writing & Research – Amy Elliott
Designer and Concept Artist – Lizanne E. Webb
Music Composed & Performed by Eric Francis, Daniel Grimsland and Daniel Sternstein
Web Developer – Anatoly Ryzhenko
Articles Editor – Amanda Painter
Copy Editor – Jessica Keet
Philosopher (and Furniture Guru) – Andrew McLuhan
Holding Down the Office Fort – Lauren Gdovin, Whitney Beecroft
Shoring Up the Weekly Horoscopes – Len Wallick
Additional Software Development – Nick Gagne of Artifex

Charts for this project were cast using Astrolabe Software (Solar Fire), Time Cycles Research (Io Series), by Tracy Delaney and the True Node ephemeris by Jon Dunn.

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