Vision Quest: A Study in Beauty

“Thank you for your most valuable service to us. I’ve been one of the many grateful beneficiaries of your enormous investment into insightful, compassionate Planet Waves work since 2009. There is an intuitive ‘rightness’ to your work that I hear and respect.”
— Keira McArthur

Dear Friends:

If you have followed Planet Waves for a long time, you will know what distinguishes a reading by Eric Francis from other astrology: exquisite quality, rare insights, and a decided sense of generous empathy and understanding.

A heaven in a wild flower? Image: maf04 / Creative Commons.

This year, I have enjoyed the privilege of assisting Eric with background work for Vision Quest, the 2016 Planet Waves annual.

I’ve been able to see first-hand the written readings — the results of months of research, coupled with many years of experience — and can assure you they are spectacular.

This mine of accumulated wisdom is just the start. If you purchase Vision Quest, this includes not only the written horoscopes but also audio segments; rune and artifact readings (a Planet Waves first); featured articles; galleries of artwork; and a soundtrack to the whole publication in the form of fresh, original music from Eric and his collaborators.

To get the most out of this incredible project, I recommend you pre-order all 12 signs now for just $77. The written readings are due to publish Thursday, so please take advantage of this low-price offer while it lasts. It’s an amazing value, equivalent to less than $6.50 per sign — a big saving on purchasing the signs individually.

Wishing you an exceptional and beautiful New Year.

With love,
Planet Waves
Amy Elliott
Planet Waves Client Services

PS — We encourage you to purchase all 12 signs because these readings work for your Sun, Moon and rising signs, and because you can share the edition with your loved ones. And because there is no more effective way to understand astrology and how to work with it.

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