Astrology as the Quest for Vision

Dear Friend and Reader:

Looking at the world right now is like trying to keep your eyes open in the midst of a sandstorm. You might need goggles, you might need a mask, you would need to find your way to a place of shelter. There’s not a lot of time to consider what you want to do.

Vision Quest.

How do you plan your own life when the future of the world seems to be so imperiled?

How is it possible to find any peace, when we’re confronted by so much turmoil? How is it possible to have faith, in the midst of so much chaos and darkness?

How is it possible to look ahead, when there is so much we need to respond to, to make right, to repair?

And in the midst of all this, there’s the question of the future.

That one idea: the future. Really, it means whatever of life is ahead, however many days or years. That elusive, precious concept, which means everything. I think everyone who believes they have a future is doing their best to create the one that they want.

I am busy writing your 2016 astrology readings right now — something I’ve done faithfully every year since 1999. For a number of reasons, I’m able to go more slowly this year, to be more reflective and to prioritize your written reading; your audio reading will follow.

The theme I’ve set for this year’s annual is Vision Quest. One of the most potent tools for growth and awareness, a vision quest is any intentional journey where you don’t know the outcome. You can embark on such a quest uncertain what you’re looking for.

In the process of writing, I’ve noticed something — that doing astrology is the quest for a vision. Just at the moment when I’m about to start writing, I look at the charts that I’ve cast, and studied, and contemplated, and I ask myself what I see.

What does this look like? What do these aspects describe? What picture is emerging? Then I patiently explain what I see. I describe it using examples, metaphors and often, the astrology itself. It’s a miracle how this happens — perhaps a miracle of consciousness, of inner vision, or of my commitment to bring in relevant ideas for you.

My intention is to describe the environment that surrounds you, and the one that’s within you. That is the miracle of astrology, and I think its very best use: as a visioning tool.

This year, your written readings will be available by New Year’s Eve. Then, each sign will also get an audio presentation, and a rune reading or artifact reading. I will offer you a sense that your own potential is real, and help clear away some of the fog or sand, so that you may have a vision for your life.

Learn more about Vision Quest here, or pre-order all 12 signs here. You will want all 12 — they tell a story, and they each describe different facets of your chart (Sun, Moon and rising sign and those of your loved ones). By the way — purchasers of all 12 signs receive with their readings the full Vision Quest musical compilation. And as soon as you order, you’ll receive access to a 45 minute recording session from last weekend.

I’ll be in touch again soon.

With love,

PS, please read Jeanne Englert’s piece on dreaming as vision questing. You will love it.

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