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Vision Quest chart for Scorpio.

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  1. Joyce Smart says:

    Wow … well, although I have indeed found myself (surprisingly) writing prolifically from ‘deep source’ this past while, words fail me when I try to express my amazement at and gratitude for your incredible talent.As everyone else tells you, you are describing my life (and helping me through).
    The Scorpio novel needs to be written and read? Easier said than done when you’re most at home behind the scenes but with this strong encouragement from the universe, okay here goes I’ll jump in and take that. With thumping heart (at risk of the realization of childhood warnings! though really I know you’ll ‘get it’), here’s the private result of what my driving compulsion has been of late – to find a way to generate awareness of the desperate need for degrowth:
    Compose a dream of quietude, of nature’s way, of empathy and care.
    So, tranquil, steadfast expectation fortifies the chord for this most vital of rebirths.
    Nearing the day. Yet delicate and embryonic.
    And visualising maturation, we will thrive in honouring our basic primal needs.
    No worshipping of winner’s ethic,
    or precious ones may lose their opportunity for nurturing foundation.
    All children once we cannot fail to understand or underrate
    the value of the native base and family’s glad attention,
    and how it is that few distractions substitute our dream of home.
    Emerging with ancestral grace when we have grown
    on our providers living out the vow to see us right,
    we meet the world amid their prayer the world is one it’s prudent now to face.

    The hope is that re-gathering commence;
    that broadening minds foresee the bleak trajectory of silent stealth,
    and move to thwart a devastating wholesale subjugation;
    compose a history of salutary scaling down,
    where hands can meet and tenderly unite to play in reverential tones
    an intimate polyphony.
    The hope too that the tempo will decrease.
    That headlong trends evade magnetic darkness, through resonant thought;
    capitulation, from the warped maleficent refrain surrounding.
    A quiet, artless shift in consciousness
    that forms the bridge that carries all to where all should be –
    in lives of their own choosing, sovereign and classless.

    And so for every homeland. Each nation hearing in the same maternal sphere,
    idyllic, elemental song.
    The family is tuning to an instinct, and bonds in choral rhapsody;
    a rousing send-off for nefarious cabals.
    Alliance will grow strong,
    through this great modulation much sweeter on the ear
    engendering a pandemic sagacity
    where modest scale is key to earthly harmony, and living sweet and long.

    Anonymous, Fife
    February 2015

    Thank you for all that you do Eric and team.

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