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Vision Quest chart for Sagittarius.

2 Responses to Sagittarius audio, runes, chart

  1. Rob Moore says:

    Hi Eric –

    Thank you for your dedication to these audio segments. I’ve spent my free moments today listening to my sun sign Sagg, my rising and moon Pisces, and Aquarius where I have Saturn in the last degree and is the sun sign of significant others. No longer am I amazed that what you convey is spot on… it’s just the way things are. I do, though, feel compelled to relate the maddening way much of what you indicate for Sagg is manifesting for me.

    Among the difficult situations going on over 5+ years now is a living situation which is a maze I haven’t been able to find my way out of. Furthermore, the possible outlets seem to be constantly diminishing and the walls rising ever higher.

    When Pluto entered Cap, my income source moved to China. I took that as a cue to leave a career I hated and carve a fulfilling vocational life. Even though it meant moving from a 2 bedroom place to renting a room in a house.

    The house is basically a turnstile that never ceases except for my prison like unit. The one constant, though, is the influx of drug abusers. And if they aren’t on drugs coming in, they are by the time they go out. Only me and the girl above me are detached from this drug scene.

    Since rental prices in L.A. have shot though the roof, barring some miracle I have to relocate. I dedicated much energy to moving to an improved situation prior to Saturn entering my sign and since the ingress as well. The tale of my recent thwarted efforts to make a move north are in this article on my site:

    What you outline as happening with Chaos is indeed chaos to ridiculous proportions for me and just plain undeserved: An aggro young actor guy has moved into the room behind me. He incessantly and aggressively delivers lines from scripts and sings (badly) at the top of his lungs. — But that’s not the kicker —

    He has taken to parking himself directly outside my window smoking and shouting lines for hours at a time. I first approached the landlords. As they want me to leave so they can raise the rent threefold, no response. Aggro and defensive as this guy is, I have approached him — respectfully — and explained that I understand his creative process but it needs to happen in a locale not directly under someone’s window.

    That was instantly ignored and has remained so. Clearly a guy with no interest in mutual respect, my choice is a turf war, to move, or lay down and let it be okay for someone to basically yell in my ear all day.

    Just as Mercury was gaining direct motion, I finally found a workable rental situation about 40 minutes away from me. Private guest house, cheap rent in exchange for some gardening help. Well, I’m pretty sure Hansel and Gretel were tenants at one time. Long story short, this was a life sucking death trap. The property owner was my controlling mother wrapped up in my impossible late grandmother just ready to smother the life outta me.

    To your point, Eric, it became clear that living in a chaotic yet creative environment in the middle of Hollywood is STILL preferable to a suffocating soul death by grandma.

    In my article here on Vision Quest as well as last year’s, I have described my deciphering of messages indicating that I am literally where all my answers reside (a la your Pisces reading). That manifesting power has indeed become apparent in recent times. Well, as daunting as it is, I’m pretty sure Saturn now wants me to solve this loud actor dilemma — another human with free will — from my insides out.

    Much like Planet 9, I have noticed inexplicable zones of mutual peace between me and the actor. It’s like all of a sudden, peace descends. It for sure has to do with a kind of surrender on my part. My aim is to see if I can stop, lay down my resistance to what’s happening, breathe it in, join with the texture of the vibes and see what happens. Hopefully I can discover the inner conditions that transform these rather complex outer ones.

    Far wordier than I prefer, Eric, but this has been a difficult mystery to pin down. Your insights have offered me great help. Can’t help but think maybe others are experiencing something similar out there.

    In gratitude –
    Rob Moore

  2. Felicia says:

    I have Sag rising. I’ve never done a rune reading or had one done before and I really enjoyed this one.

    “Standstill. But use the delay productively.” is pretty much where I am right now. Thanks, Eric.

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