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The redwood root sculpture is a miniature from this body of work, by Jim Dowd. The roots were pulled from the ground and thrown into the Pacific Ocean, where they soaked in salt water for a century. Over the past 40 years, Jim has trucked them on flatbeds to the Hudson Valley, where they are on display along Clove Road in High Falls. Photo by Eric Francis.



Vision Quest chart for Pisces.

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  1. Ula Katsoulis says:

    Truly, what you are describing is the coming out process of a shaman, a visionary leader who walks with a lantern, showing the way out of the present chaos. Owning and embodying the role of a true ethical leader who gets shit done, and whose ancestors look down upon with guidance and encouragement. The gift of awakened mastery is a real responsibility . Thank you for your insights!

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