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Vision Quest chart for Libra.

3 Responses to Libra audio, runes, chart

  1. Carolyn k Cornish says:

    Not surprising but still gratifying, the Runes Eric has “pulled” and the ones that stuck to my fingers are more than similar. So is the interpretation.

    Thank you,


  2. Voejoworking says:

    I’m loving everything about this reading, from the music to the message. Heavily mired in intensive, introspective, teeth aching, jaw breaking, bone turning work. On the eve of returning to actual work after a long period of absence. The only thing I can focus on is never again disconnecting from how I am feeling, a long lineage of workaholism that ends here. No more. I have no idea what this year holds yet this has given me hope that all thus work will at least bring change and movement. Bless you for The time and having the patience to dance with the minutiae of it all, it helps more than I can ever put into words xxx

  3. Jean says:

    Excellent insight into the 6th house material and a new dynamic to manage. Always being described as hyper-sensitive this is elevating it all to a new level with niggly health issues that are arising with the each Mercury retrograde (natal in the 12th). Wasp stings covering both hands (perfect symbolism there…ground wasps hidden from view, winged insects) ER, shots and the discomfort of working with swollen itchy hands, this Mercury rx another minor health irritation.

    Side note: Ironic and pleasant to be the entity sending this type of message rather than consistently receiving them :).

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