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Awareness by Charlie Lemay, a triptych comprising Waking From the Dream / Dreaming of Being Awake / Projecting the Dream.

Awareness by Charlie Lemay, a triptych comprising three segments: Waking From the Dream / Dreaming of Being Awake / Projecting the Dream.

Hello — and welcome to the Featured Articles for Vision Quest. We’ll be continuously publishing new articles by various writers in this space over the next few weeks, so please check back regularly to read what’s new.


150+Order Alexandra Marx New Year 2011-2012 | Fiona Robertson
Catapulted from Europe to Cairo, Fiona Roberts goes trekking in the Sinai desert for Christmas. Alone with a guide named Abdullah, she comes face-to-face with dueling inner narratives, with the frenetic desert night, with inner stillness, and with a spiritual process echoing “the agonising beauty of childbirth.”
150+dancing_man_Steve Engle Mystery Loves Company | by Steve Guettermann
Recounting his years of participating in sweat lodges, Sun Dances, ceremonies and hanbleceya with Lakota spiritual leader Jim Miller, Steve Guettermann finds that the lessons come from reflection rather than revelation. And what matters most is how the impact of the lessons builds over time as one takes appropriate action.
150+jerusalem_Stacy_Bergener Loving All That Arises | Donna Boyle
Eric’s Capricorn reading for December 2014 promised a “great month.” By some standards, the weeks that followed for Donna Boyle might be seen as anything but; for Donna, however, the events that unfolded held profound lessons, with love in every message. She simply had to go deep within to hear it.
150+Contact_Rob Moore Seeking to Understand the Voice That Insisted I Seek No More | Rob Moore
Looking for insights into auras, chakras and years of illness and baffling perceptions during meditation, Rob Moore attends a retreat with a powerful clairvoyant healer. Despite the healer’s seeming left-brained approach to it all, a profound phenomenon leads Rob to finally listen to himself without apology.
150+The Deep_Stacy_Bergener On Love and Understanding | Kelley Rico
On a blinding and difficult dawn, a question came to Kelley Rico from the ethers: “What do you really want?” Her answer has led her on a journey through abandoning and then reclaiming her intuition, healing her body, and accepting that discovering one’s purpose takes effort and trust, yet is carried by love.
150+Menhirs | The Talkers_Jeanne Treadway Whispers and Sighs | Jeanne Treadway
Jeanne Treadway thought she’d easily follow a trail to Mexico and Spain to track her matrilineal tribe. After two years of dead ends, a chance reference in a novel sends her on a quest to a Celtic French island, catalyzed from sedated depression to a foreign land, the breathing ocean and feeling whole.
150+Divided Self Steve Engle Circles, Vigils and Growing Corn | David Whitaker
Five days fasting, alone in the Chama Wilderness in New Mexico with only water, David Whitaker opens to us a present-tense experience of his Vision Quest. Aware of his ego’s desire to own the experience, he calls on mantra, prayer, song, chant and dance until the universe eventually facilitates the opening of his heart.
150+Kali Yuga_Charlie_Lemay_Rebirth_of_Venus Orgasmic Vision Quest | Carla Sanders
Crying for a vision for the Crone stage of her life, Carla Sanders hears the words “Cone of Power” one night in bed. A vision follows of a circle of women, wombs lit up — and more. Joining her inner fire with the women in the vision, she rouses her lover to serve the goddess, her orgasm fueling sexual healing for the planet.
150+Working with the Elements Alexandra Marx As the Eagle Cries, Sharon’s Journey Home | Carol A. Freeman
After two months spent in heart-wrenching limbo, her daughter Sharon in a coma, Carol Freeman and her husband travel to New Mexico to take part in Lakota ceremonies conducted by Chief Phil Crazy Bull — culminating in a solo Vision Quest, and a vision with an answer.
150+As above so below_Stacy_Bergener Reflections On The Quest | Judith Gayle
Longtime Planet Waves columnist Judith Gayle writes, “We ARE love, we ARE vision; but, playing the density game, we project that outside of ourselves so we can have an experience of it.” She sees her entire life as a vision quest, complete with alchemical moments, a learning curve and non-attachment to what seems ‘real’.
150+Intuition Deconstruction_Charlie_Lemay Initiation, Surrender. Tarot. An homage. | Sarah Taylor
Planet Waves tarot columnist Sarah Taylor pays homage to the “tangible mystery” that has shaped her life irrevocably through a series of initiations. Sometimes these quests have come with clear instructions, other times they have asked for her blind faith. Yet underneath it all is a beautiful rhythm.
150+Twin II Alexandra Marx Vision Quest: 30 Years Going | By Jennifer Hillman
At the age of 13, Jennifer Hillman had a dream that lasted a month, like a TV mini-series. Years later, she realized the vision was unfolding in real life; her childhood imaginary friend turned out to be a real person; and the vision’s young woman was herself, learning many difficult lessons. But the vision is not over yet.
150+Gnosis_Charlie_Lemay What did you do when you knew? | Amanda Moreno
Amanda Moreno considers the function of vision quests as individual rites of passage, within the context of collective rites of passage — such as acknowledging the planet’s environmental status. From this emerges the question, “What did you do when you realized how many tipping points we had hit, and that drastic measures needed to happen?”
150+earth under full moon_Stacy_Bergener A Missing Tail Feather, My Vision Quest for the White Bison Sanctuary | Kari Noren-Hoshal
Reading Black Elk Speaks and a near-death experience set Kari Noren-Hoshal on a path of spiritual seeking and animal conservation. When she discovers an eagle feather while meditating on a mountain, she takes heart that finding land for a permanent sanctuary for the sacred White Bison herd is within reach.
150+Wind, Water Alexandra Marx My Yearlong Vision Quest in the Cascade Mountains | Cynthia Hart-Button
Told by her dying father that she will one day care for the White Buffalo, Cynthia Hart-Button embarks on a yearlong solo Vision Quest to prove her worthiness for such a demanding mission. With the Sacred World Peace Alliance, she cares for and has found sanctuary for the herd she met in 2001.
150+Ancestor_Jenkins A Spirit Journey | Mary Jo Lund
Upon finding a stirring painting of a Native American man in a rummage sale in Newport, Oregon, Mary Jo Lund dives into the mystery of who the painter was, in an effort to return the artwork to the subject’s tribe. Steered in the direction of abstract expressionist Paul Jenkins, who destroyed his early work, the mystery only deepens.
150+landscape in grey & brown_Stacy_Bergener Creating Space for Nature: A Wilderness Solo | Suzanne Duarte
Suzanne Duarte, finding that the intensity of city-based environmental activism was wearing her down, commits to a solo NatureQuest to reclaim space within herself and realign with nature. With vivid dreams and the visiting hummingbirds as her guides, she finds what can sustain her.
150+Red Shiva Steve Engle_detail ReVision Quest | Kim Blake
Having jumped off the corporate hamster wheel, Kim Blake offers a brief poem from her process of re-visioning and artistic recovery.

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