Vision Quest: A Study in Beauty

“Thank you for your most valuable service to us. I’ve been one of the many grateful beneficiaries of your enormous investment into insightful, compassionate Planet Waves work since 2009. There is an intuitive ‘rightness’ to your work that I hear and respect.”
— Keira McArthur

Dear Friends:

If you have followed Planet Waves for a long time, you will know what distinguishes a reading by Eric Francis from other astrology: exquisite quality, rare insights, and a decided sense of generous empathy and understanding.

A heaven in a wild flower? Image: maf04 / Creative Commons.

This year, I have enjoyed the privilege of assisting Eric with background work for Vision Quest, the 2016 Planet Waves annual.

I’ve been able to see first-hand the written readings — the results of months of research, coupled with many years of experience — and can assure you they are spectacular.

This mine of accumulated wisdom is just the start. If you purchase Vision Quest, this includes not only the written horoscopes but also audio segments; rune and artifact readings (a Planet Waves first); featured articles; galleries of artwork; and a soundtrack to the whole publication in the form of fresh, original music from Eric and his collaborators.

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Vision Quest: A World of Mystery and Truth

“Very comprehensive, in a way that no other astrologers come even close to.”— Douglas Lantz

Dear Friend and Reader:

Sample of a rune reading. This was the first divination system I learned — then came tarot.

Vision Quest is your 2016 annual reading from Planet Waves. For the first time ever, I am planning to have your written readings delivered before New Year’s Eve. If you want to order, you can go directly to this link.

I will then do the audio portions in January, which will be delivered right after Mercury goes direct. If you sign on before publication, you get the pre-order price of $77 for all 12 written and recorded readings. Purchasing all 12 signs includes a rich collection of music being composed specifically for the project.

You may also pre-order individual signs here.

Many people who purchase one then go on to get many others (for their rising sign, Moon sign and the signs of their significant others) so it’s really easier to get all 12 at the best possible price. One purchase is good for the whole household, however you define that.

What You Get With Each Reading

Readings cover the Sun signs and rising signs, and many people say their Moon sign as well. If you don’t know your other signs, we will look them up for you. These readings address many areas of living but are intended to focus on several key messages or themes, with practical guidance and analysis.

You will get a different take on what many other astrologers have to say about the same aspects.

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