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"Wow, you have just blown me away. So precise with what l am going through (Libra Sun and Libra Moon) and you haven’t even looked at my chart! Well done, Eric.” -- Judy Newland, after reading one of Eric’s weekly horoscopes

"Your work has moved me. It has helped me to begin to understand what I have been through during this lifetime, and what I have come here to do. Planet Waves is like a place I always knew existed but could never find. Until now.” -- Anna B.

"I am grateful that you laced the horoscope with subtleties filled with love and balance as the proper foundation for leading my own life! Always spot-on in your horoscopes, Eric. I sense a high energy of urgency everywhere and to read your interpretations of the cosmos as it relates to me, once again, awakens my spirit. Thank you!” -- Planet Waves member “Pisces Sun"

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• Empowering, intuitive, sex-positive and holistic
• Guidance on the level of one-on-one counseling and life-coaching -- at a fraction of the cost
Just can't get enough of your Eric Francis horoscopes? This all-new, no-frills Planet Waves membership gives you the best of the best, at an affordable price: Eric's life-changing Monday Morning horoscope each week, plus Sunday night's Planet Waves FM announcement, and the full Planet Waves Thursday evening bulletin -- which also includes a fresh horoscope. That's your monthly and 7-day forecasts, delivered via email straight to your inbox: inspiration and practical life-coaching that will help you solve your biggest problems and pursue your most-cherished goals -- worth every minute and every penny.

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