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"I'm proud (yet humbled too, if that makes sense) to be a member of the Planet Waves community. You can not pay enough anywhere for the quality -- and quantity! -- of astrological journalism found at Planet Waves. I devour everything; because of it the world and my own universe makes more sense. I’ve been a student of astrology for more than four decades, yet every day I learn something new and important on PW.” -- Lesley Doetsch Phillips

“Peace & much love, Eric! Thanks for all you do, it’s definitely worth my $15 a month by faaaaaaar!”
-- Michael Mayes

"Thank you for your wonderful work all these years. You words of inspiration carry me through many moments of my life. Please never underestimate what you do -- it is truly a gift to all your subscribers.”
-- Michele Mirto Valenzuela

• Weekly 12-sign horoscope every Monday morning
• Full Planet Waves Thursday bulletin
• Your Monthly 12-sign forecast
• Sunday and Tuesday night mailing of Eric's Planet Waves FM broadcast
• Daily, weekly and monthly guidance for your relationship questions, career and financial choices, emotional healing, spiritual growth, sexuality, creativity, and more!
• Empowering, intuitive, sex-positive and holistic
• Costs a fraction of one-on-one counseling and life-coaching
• Online access to Eric’s horoscope archive and The Oracle divination tool
• Early notice on pre-order discounts on all audio readings
• Early notice on discounts for live online classes with Eric
• Full website access to all published content
• An online community of support for all your questions, goals, challenges and triumphs
This is more than just horoscopes -- though you'll get plenty of those, too, and they'll be some of the most profound, helpful, illuminating and practical horoscopes you've ever read; this is more like life-coaching that's relevant to your actual life, at a fraction of the cost. Planet Waves memberships are designed to help you integrate what you're seeing and hearing in the world around you with your own growth and awareness. Inspired by some of the most holistic therapy traditions, the Core Community membership takes astrological-counseling best practices, infuses it with a fresh perspective, and applies it to your life -- relationships, sex, career, family, creativity, emotional and spiritual healing -- on a regular basis.

If you've been feeling lost, overwhelmed, in pain, stuck, confused -- or just itching to get going and needing to focus your direction, intention and energy -- you'll immediately appreciate what this membership has to offer. In addition to weekly and monthly horoscopes via email delivery, you'll receive: Eric's full Thursday bulletin, Monday Astrology Diary, emailed announcement of his Tuesday Planet Waves FM broadcast, full access to current and archived website content, use of The Oracle divination tool, discounts on Eric's live and recorded classes and more.

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