Scorpio Ingresses of the Sun

Dear Friend and Reader:

The Sun enters the fixed sign Scorpio at 1:19:41 pm EDT on Wednesday, Oct. 23. If you’re into the dark and alluring aspects of life, Scorpio time can stir up deep feelings. Earlier nightfall, Halloween, Days of the Dead, the season of the final harvest all evoke a sense of transition and the passage of time made palpable.

‘The Lost Sea’, the largest underground lake in the U.S. Originally discovered by a 13-year-old boy, it’s in Sweetwater, TN.

As for its astrological properties: what is a fixed water sign? Water flows; it takes the shape of its container. It can soak through anything. There’s no such thing as “waterproof.”

How can it be a fixed factor? For examples of fixed water, ice comes to mind; so too does fossilized seawater, such as exists in great amounts beneath Michigan.

Then there are the Rift Lakes in Africa, which are contained, inland lakes with the pH of seawater. Can you think of any other examples?

One property of our time is that much of the water we count on to be fixed, in Antarctica and around the North Pole, is melting. As it does so, it releases to the atmosphere millions of tons of methane, and floods the oceans with fresh water, with many different effects on climate.

Regarding its spiritual properties, we look to Scorpio for passion, pathos, sexual feelings; ideas of death and transformation and jealousy come to mind. Scorpios tend to be perceived as a little edgy, for their ability to go where most people will not. Are Scorpios more sexual than other signs? It’s possible, though there is something distinctive in the mix of physical sexuality, emotional eroticism, and the death-surrender-transformation nexus associated with this sign.

The Sun Joins Other Planets

The inner planets Mercury and Venus stay close to the Sun. Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the Sun; Venus is always within 45 degrees from the Sun. When the Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday, it will join both Venus and Mercury, as well as one of the original four asteroids, (2) Pallas, discovered in 1802. She is a big one, taking up 7% of the total mass of the inner asteroid belt (Ceres accounts for about a third of the total mass).

Reed Flute’s motionless lake in Guilin, Guangxi, China, is lit up by the colourful limestone cave. Photo by Dennis Jarvis.

Pallas is associated with rationality, reason, law and politics. It grants emotional detachment and has a distinctly nonsexual feeling. (Athena, associated with this point, was born from her father’s head, in full armor. It was a sexless conception and birth, and this goddess manifestation was ready for action.)

The Mercury-Pallas conjunction illustrates the potential to speak about deep subject matter in an objective way. The topics that Scorpio represents generally spook humans so fast, the conversation usually lasts three minutes, maximum. This is a time to share personal secrets: anything that you’ve been wanting to get out but could not, for whatever reason.

However, Pallas advises that you not weaponize your personal truth. This would be easy; for example, to play the game “Now I’ve Got You, You Son of a Bitch” (of Games People Play fame). Skip that part and let the basic truth of your reality have the power that it has. You don’t need to push the truth; let it speak gently, for itself.

Mercury Retrograde and Conjunctions to Pallas

Mercury is about to be retrograde (Oct. 31 through Nov. 20). During the retrograde and the preseason (which we’re currently in), Mercury will make three conjunctions to Pallas: Oct. 21 (in Scorpio), Nov. 2 (in Scorpio) and Dec. 21 (in Sagittarius).

In the public realm, this is about political revelations — and it’s interesting that this whole process will take place during the first presidential impeachment of the century, and the second ever in modern American history (Nixon does not count; he was never actually put on trial, though we learned a lot).

Endless Caverns, near New Market, Virginia; photo by Susana Raab.

The stations of Mercury, on their own, have a way of flushing out the truth. I’ve noticed that this happens around the time of the stations, whether retrograde or direct; and during the interior conjunction of the Mercury and the Sun, which takes place on Nov. 11.

As we are seeing (which I suggested recently), once this gets moving, more and more information is going to pour out of the process. This may reach a point of comical absurdity, with Mercury dancing around Pallas, in Scorpio of all places, for much of the proceedings.

The retrograde is likely to disrupt or complicate plans to have the Articles of Impeachment ready by Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28) but it is possible, and thankfully, they will be submitted after the retrograde ends.

With love,

Daily Birthday Readings from Planet Waves

Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019 (The Day of Vogue)

Some rather beautiful astrology today is likely to help you focus your efforts on what means the very most to you. You may find it easier than usual to integrate the various facets of your life and align them with your main purpose. In addition, your creative powers are likely to be at their height, enabling you to experience the world at its most vivid. Soak it all in, and let the everyday wonders that surround you gently enrich and open up your perspective.

Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 (The Day of Singularity)

It’s natural to have periods in your life when you need to slow down, as well as those during which you work harder and achieve more. You might want to be a 24/7 efficiency machine, though it’ll help you to remember that you’re made of organic flesh. Make room in your life for the ebbs and flows. There will be time enough to get plenty done; and taking pauses to listen to the beat of the world, and really live, can stoke your imagination like virtually nothing else.

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019 (The Day of Allure)

Self-actualization is not merely doing something meaningful or useful. It’s about following your calling, which is likely in some way to be different from the expectations formed on you, both as you grew up and today. People do this a lot, and have a hard time letting go; but that’s not your problem. As an adult, you can decide your own path. This sometimes requires unlearning early programming, though if you look within yourself for long enough, you can feel the pull of your soul.

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019 (The Day of Conflicting Karma)

Whatever your aims in life, one thing that really helps is to surround yourself with people who not only support you, but also help you grow. You get to choose your friends, and likewise to choose where you give your time and energy. Just now, you need your social milieu to be a bullshit-free zone, as far as possible. Ideally, the company you keep will also challenge and stimulate you on a frequent basis. This will help you get your brain thinking, and give you an ongoing sense of being awake.

Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019 (The Day of Sensational Detail)

You’re likely to be in especially close contact with your imaginative gifts this year. That could prove an excellent opportunity in particular for shifting certain beliefs or habits if they’ve become somewhat fixed. Most of us have something like this, onto which we might cling because it shields a part of our identity, or feels safe. Yet an open mind tends eventually to prove more liberating and helpful. A little experimentation should be enough to produce interesting results.

Friday, Oct. 25, 2019 (The Day of Substantive Form)

New options and new concepts are available to you, and will make themselves known as the year progresses. The most important service you can offer yourself is to be open to receiving them. At first you may be in some doubt; using language like ‘should’ and ‘ought’ is a signal. If you catch yourself doing this, stop and reconsider. Make sure you’re not telling yourself a story about who you or loved ones think you ought to be; instead, start with what you really feel and want.

Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019 (The Day of Organizational Cohesion)

You may find yourself drawn to explore your inward consciousness; your dreams, your deeper feelings, your secrets. Keep a dream diary; notice if you experience unusual emotions during sleep, or particularly vivid imagery. At some point there will probably be a significant revelation, on the theme of your essential being, or a concept you hold dear. If you’re open to this potential and hold space for it without judging, you could transform your relationship to yourself.

Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019 (The Day of Impulse)

A New Moon closely opposite Uranus is pretty much the astrological signature for a clean slate. If you’ve felt somewhat hemmed in or locked into a routine, this year will serve to remind you that you’re the one ultimately in control of your life. If you have major changes to make, the window of opportunity is imminent. Just be sure to tie up as many loose ends as you can. In particular, keep promises and atone generously for any errors. Then you’ll be ready when the moment comes.

— By Amy Elliott

Monday Morning Horoscope #199 for Oct. 21, 2019 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Where are you and how did you get here? Your ancestors made you, and the way they did that is by doing the thing society generally either pretends does not exist, refuses to talk about, or assumes is a criminal act. You will need a better definition of your sexuality if you’re going to make peace with your existence. Mercury, Venus and Pallas Athene in Scorpio, soon to be joined by the Sun, are providing you with both an expanded palette of colors and willing participants in a discussion that will help you move your life forward. Part of the taboo and the controversy involves the presumption of possession and the “naturalness” of jealousy where conjugal relationships are concerned. This is the thing concealed, the bone of contention. Extracting oneself from the notion of possessing or of being possessed involves taking responsibility for one’s existence and one’s choices, which is a little like expecting people to walk off a cliff. But it’s not all that bad.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Suddenly there is quite a bit happening in the relationship angle of your life. It would seem that people (plural) are showing up on your radar, in your inbox or walking down the street. I suggest you engage them in conversations and see what they have to say. You are under no obligation to make/buy anyone dinner, undress, get married or go to the ball. You may, however, have to start the conversation, and this will be to your own benefit: you have only to gain by learning where people are coming from. This in turn will help you figure out where you are coming from. I suggest you be on the lookout for one theme: daddy pleasing. Whether this is coming from you, toward you, or between third parties, pay attention. This notion, which is a covert branch of politics, represents the visible part of a much deeper set of issues. If we understood this one thing, we would understand so much — it’s worth unraveling. It’s worth thinking every thought for yourself.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You may experience the need to detach from your feelings about a work- or health-related matter. The issue may be in the place where the two topics meet. Yet before you add some distance between you and your emotions, the question is, what are you actually feeling? This is likely to translate to: what do you have to say? Along that line of analysis, you may have the “how I really feel” version, and the one you’re planning to put into the press release. Both deserve some scrutiny; the press release version will be interesting because you will learn something from what you filter out and why. Are you concerned about offending someone? What exactly would the offense be? Is there actually an issue, or is this just more politics, or concern about politics? It’s true that in professional environments you must measure your words, though it’s still worth considering the metrics and your motive behind them. Who are you protecting?

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — The Sun is about to join Mercury, Venus and Pallas in one of the most exciting angles of your solar chart — Scorpio, the playground/art studio/dominatrix dungeon of the zodiac. While the physical aspects of sex are often taken for granted, it is the intellectual ones where the greatest controversy and some of the deepest pleasures exist. Communicating about your desire feels dangerous. That’s how you’ll know you’re really doing it. Get yourself into that zone where you wonder if you can really say the thing you’re about to say, and then go for it. What you may discover is that those willing to speak honestly about the wrinkles of their being are relatively few. The reason is that this tends to make people nervous and self-conscious and out of their element. Regardless, this is your element at the moment, and you’re likely to find a friend who will want to get in on the fun. You, however, are the one poised for the truly deep experience.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Even if you feel like you’re at the end of your tether in these stressful days, slow down and use your time well. There is a sense of urgency in the world right now, and it’s reaching into your life in a personal way. There is pressure to change, and you’re feeling it at full strength. This may be disorienting, as if you don’t know what changes to make, or what to do to get right. Therefore I suggest that you keep your priorities simple and focused on two things: the short- to medium-term future; and resolving lingering issues from the past. Of the two, unpacking past material, sorting it out and letting it go would be a good use of your efforts between now and the Grand Conjunction of Jan. 12, 2020. Some of these matters may be family-related. Some will be related to work. The two are connected. Take yourself through a series of steps that will get you to a better, more interesting place where your work is concerned. It’s waiting for you, though you have to get there.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Make your words matter. That would be a radical goal in our times of demolition of language, civility and personal honor, where so many people feel free to say anything, whether they mean it or not. You’re not new to this territory; you have a deep connection to language and its use, whether written or spoken. Now is the time to renew your training in impeccability. Focus your thoughts and speak the truth, and only the truth. There is no room for compromise; the fact that the world is currently a free-for-all is irrelevant. This is a deeply personal matter, which means it’s about you, not anyone else. This is not about whether anyone believes you, or tells you the truth. Your baseline is your ability to be honest with yourself, and then to make adjustments where you feel you’re falling short of that. Being real does not usually win popularity contests, even if you don’t say what’s on your mind. Even being self-aware can make others nervous; so be it.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — The Sun leaves your sign this week. Mars will remain with you, and will be provocative. By that I mean you will be provocative: potentially seen as being more assertive, aggressive or disagreeable than you are. Of course, it may be true you’re irritated about something; if so, track that issue and see if you can unravel it. Meanwhile, the one thing you will want to avoid over the next week or so is going blow for blow in any kind of argument or controversy. Use your diplomatic skills on the outside, and your therapy skills on the inside. You’re unlikely to be annoyed or angry for the reason you think. Typically, negative reactions involve a series of masks or seemingly opaque layers, and you will need to peel these back. Once you have an understanding of what’s actually on your mind or irritating you, you will feel better, and you’ll be able to address it directly.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — The Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Pallas in your birth sign or rising sign this week. This will offer you a jolt of energy that you can use well, in this time when you’re doing so much sorting of your mind and indeed of every facet of your existence. There is a simple message, though: you can afford to be warmer. By that I mean more loving and demonstrative of your feelings; and more tolerant of others and their seeming failings. Saturn and Scorpio-oriented Pluto are pushing your mind in some intense ways, with one potential result being more cut-and-dried opinions and judgments. If this is happening, it’s the thing to back away from, and instead embrace a viewpoint that allows for gradients of opinion. Right now it seems like every quantum and wave of communication is pushing people into taking sides, and refusing to see any other point of view. I suggest a strategy of getting a feeling for every perspective, and being gentle with all of them.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — We’re about to be in Scorpio season, the introspective time of year, before your birthday. Looking at your chart offers an interesting map: Mercury, Venus and the Sun will be in the ‘hidden zone’ of your chart, while Mars will remain in the most public angle of your chart, which is Libra. This is the picture of an inner reality and an outer one that will be more or less in harmony or in contrast to one another. It will make an interesting study in what you say and do not say, under various circumstances. The important thing is that you know where you’re really coming from, and why you might choose to reveal something to someone (or to the whole world) or not. There’s likely to be something going on within each choice, some key to how you feel you will be perceived. Much of the tension you’re experiencing involves some attribute of your public image. This could be a factor of today’s rather fraught political and social environment. Beware of any pressure to change; it may be coming from others, or from within.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Your family is your whole lineage, not just the people whose names you know, and whose faces you see in the photo album. Your family is all of your ancestors all the way back, and many parallel tracks of evolution. As time goes on and the generations unfold, the material of the past can become increasingly dense. With Saturn approaching its conjunction to Pluto (exact Jan. 12), you may feel like you’re working with all of your energy to move something, or to change something, and it may feel dense and intractable. That something is likely to include the collective baggage of your ancestors. You don’t need to look much further than the available data from your parents and grandparents to see what is happening. Yet you could look right at it and not learn anything unless you take a more objective point of view and see them for who they are rather than who you think they are, or were told they are. They have their problems, most of which are not yours, unless you sign on.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The Sun’s ingress into Scorpio this week will help you focus and feel more grounded. Much of what you’re unraveling these days, and the pressure you are experiencing, is associated with family-related matters. However, at times, this takes on an abstract quality. What the Sun’s presence in Scorpio will offer is a connection to tangible reality, particularly the way you exert your will and your authority in your professional life. On one level, you’re being called upon to take charge. On another level, there is plenty of room for errors, whether factual, of timing, or of judgment. In the 10th house, where it’s placed in your chart, Scorpio can manifest as a mean streak or an authority complex of some kind. It will be up to you to do the “therapy work” and make the connections from your family material to the ways the world around you has gathered in a kind of family constellation. Take your time, and take what people say under advisement. Resist the temptation to override your intuition with supposed intellect.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Like fish in an aquarium, Pisces can live and even thrive in a confined space. Yet the Sun joining several planets in your 9th house of the wider world will call you out of your current environment and have you seeking adventure. Do your best to give yourself some of that while the Sun is making this transit. Shift your routines, go places you’ve never been, work out of the house or out of the office, and try to take at least one weekend away from home. The 9th is also about your ideas and your beliefs, which you are in the process of shifting. Let this be an active process of exploring rather than a passive one, where discoveries float into your mind. That will happen, though the forthcoming Mercury retrograde is encouraging you to go against the tides and currents of both your own ideas and those of the world around you. That means actively asking questions and seeking the truth. Don’t worry about finding it. Seeking would be plenty.

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