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Introduction to Tarot and Divination with Eric Francis: Class Recording

This class was held on Saturday, March 5, 2016. Eric has been reading tarot professionally since 1989, and has taught many classes and seminars.

The class involved three basic concepts. First, what is divination? Tarot is a subset of a larger method, which is about asking and receiving an answer.

Second, we learned how to read a card visually.
Third, we learned how to read the cards in context of one another, which is the key to getting the whole message.

For $37, you get immediate access to the Tarot class resources page, which contains the following:
- The full three-hour recording of the class
- Links to the image pages we used during the class
- A fun pre-recorded interview with Sarah Taylor about how to work with clients
- Additional information from Eric on Tarot decks

Price: $97.00

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