Chiron and the Healing Journey


Collection of written materials on Chiron based in part on master Melanie Reinhart’s work; Learn how to select transits, eye the chart, interview the client and apply information


With the blessings of my friend and colleague, Chiron master Melanie Reinhart, we are offering this class based in part on her work, and what I learned developing her ideas. We will provide a collection of my written materials on Chiron. Highly recommended are Melanie’s books Chiron and the Healing Journey, and my personal favorite, To the Edge and Beyond. Review of my prior Chiron classes is strongly recommended. Live class takes place Sunday, August 1. If you cannot make it, watch later on high-res video.

Following one’s lifetime Chiron transits has a way of opening up the natal chart like few other methods. In this class, which originated at the Omega Institute, we will learn how to select transits, eye the chart, and interview the client, and learn what to do with the information.


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