Bundle One — Classes with Eric Francis


Learning Astrology with Eric Francis: Three Lessons is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up with the foundation topics Eric has covered with students.


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These include:

— Introduction to Reading a Natal Chart (originally taught May 31, 2014): This class covers a few core ancient astrology rules, provides you with two essential tools, then moves on to modern interpretation techniques using two example charts. There is also a special section discussing how Chiron works in a natal chart.

— Become Your Own Astrologer, Part 1 (originally taught March 21, 2015): This class introduces you to some of the best power tools you can have on your astrological work bench: the ephemeris, the blank wheel, the horary chart, the Table of Essential Dignities, the Thema Mundi and, best of all, the astrological interview.

— Be Your Own Astrologer, Part 2 (originally taught May 2, 2015): Class number three explains how to identify and work with the main chart basics: the Sun, the Moon and the Rising sign. Eric addresses such questions as: How do the Moon and Sun feel? How do you tune into your rising sign? Along the way you’ll learn some basics about houses and signs.

This bundle is a real value package; you won’t find this truly affordable learning opportunity anywhere else.

**Bonus: Now contains the Retrogrades, Reincarnation and Re-Membering class information.

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Introduction to Reading a Natal Chart, Become Your Own Astrologer, Part 1, Be Your Own Astrologer, Part 2, Retrogrades, Reincarnation and Remembering, Full Bundle


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