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There is no pilot. You are not alone. Standby. This is the time. And this is the record of the time. This is the time. And this is the record of the time.

-- Laurie Anderson
June 5, 2007
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Dr. Ward B. Stone, the New York State wildlife pathologist, in his office in Delmar, New York. In addition to running the state's central office that handles health issues in wildlife, Ward is also a contact point for scientists around the world on issues such as rabies, West Nile virus and avian influenza. Working somewhat outside of his job description, he often serves as the court of last resort for citizens who can find no other way to establish the truth on a crucial environmental issue affecting their community. As such, Ward is often considered a pariah who in his 40-year career with the state has challenged state officials many times and whose job is constantly threatened. As a scientist, he is a pioneer of the PCB issue, having in the early 1970s first documented that electrical transformers dangling from utility poles were spreading the extremely toxic, persistent chemicals into the environment. Ward has assisted with the SUNY New Paltz PCB and dioxin contamination issue and is assisting once again. Photo from June 2007 by Eric Francis. Prior cover: Golden eagle.