Planet Waves FM Special Edition on Lunar Eclipse

Photos by Anthony Ayiomamitis.
Photos by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

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In tonight’s special edition of Planet Waves FM, I welcome the total lunar eclipse in Libra. I start with the Mercury-Uranus-Pluto aspect, then look closely at the two sides of the eclipse, Aries and Libra. You get detailed information about how all eclipses work, and especially this one. For additional resources, please see the full post. If you are using an iOS device, please use this link. We’ve just published the Spring Reading! Order all twelve signs for for $59.95.

1 thought on “Planet Waves FM Special Edition on Lunar Eclipse”

  1. Thanks Eric. Great insights and heartfelt words! I thought I was scott free on this eclipse energy last night when it came out unexpectedly just before I went to bed. In the form of an over reactive button pushing email that really, was completely unnecessary, sent me into a spin of “how do I respond creatively to this while honouring and empowering myself?”. I took a stand as a response by asking a few short questions. Anyway, all of today I was trying to remain centered so as not to allow myself to be swept up in getting approval just that I could feel better. But in the midst of today, what came through was similar to the Oracle picked today. That I was experiencing a very rapid upgrade in vibration. What was brought to the forefront were old parts of myself falling away like burnt cinders, and all the emotional impressions and responses were yelling for attention. Guilt, manipulation, etc were all asking for my “usual” response. Like a vacuum being ripped open. And all that I need to do is be completely still and calm, and let the/my energy clean itself/myself out. I’ve already done the work – this is simply the result. Just relax and let fall away what has no defining vibrational relevance. It’s an upgrade into a higher way of being present.
    Just my thoughts!

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