The Sagittarius New Moon

Tonight is the Sagittarius New Moon, exact at 7:22 pm EST. This is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon in the last sign of this season, a mutable fire sign. Among the significant planets and points involved in this New Moon is the Great Attractor — one of the two most potent deep-space points in the sky, located thousands of light years beyond our galaxy.

Simplified version of the Sag New Moon chart featuring planets in direct aspect to the Sun and Moon. Clockwise from right: Ceres in Libra, Pallas in Virgo, Uranus in Aries and Chiron in Pisces. View full chart here, and glyph key here.
Simplified version of the Sagittarius New Moon chart featuring planets in direct aspect to the Sun and Moon. Clockwise from right: Ceres in Libra (sextile), Pallas in Virgo, Uranus in Aries (trine) and Chiron in Pisces. View full chart here, and glyph key here.

The GA and the Galactic Core (the other powerful deep-space point) give Sagittarius most of its flavor: emphasis on the spiritual, on the exotic, on the unknown and on long-distance travel and, for individuals, the sensation of needing a lot of space around them.

The sensation of planets in range of the Great Attractor is polarization. Viewpoints can seem to differ wildly; both can seem right, or are arguably right. People with planets conjunct to or making other strong aspects to the GA can have a polarizing effect on others. (That might be you if you were born in mid Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, or have one of those signs rising.)

Others can have unusually strong feelings about these people and not understand why (and I do mean unusually strong). They may seem to walk around with a storm of controversy surrounding them — which often can be meaningless and serve no practical purpose. Therefore, if you find yourself in controversies any time from now into midweek, I suggest you not feed them. Just stand back and trust that you cannot be harmed by the opinions of others.

The Sagittarius New Moon has two points aspecting it that may clarify the issue. It is square Pallas in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces. Both of these minor planets are about focusing the mind. They are doing this from different points of view.

Pallas in Virgo is calling for focus on the most precise details (supported by Mars in Virgo). These Virgo placements are asking for careful planning and making sure that your data is correct. Use power tools with full consciousness; make sure you know what you’re doing.

Chiron in Pisces is a reminder to distill the ‘big picture’ into a meaningful presentation — one way to look at that is spiritual ideas focused into a practical approach to life. The information comes not from the data (as in Virgo) but from a cosmic source, something a bit beyond the world, though for that to work, there must be action points.

Then the data side of the equation and the cosmic side of the equation need to be integrated. That may be tricky with the Great Attractor pointing out all the seeming differences, though the differences will be less meaningful (or more useful) as time goes on.

Speaking of Mars in Virgo, today it squares the other major deep-space point, the Galactic Core. The GC is so far away, and our galaxy so big compared to the scale of things we can measure with our immediate senses, this translates to an interesting variety of tension.

One version might be a sense of frustration with the inability to make something (including yourself, your desires or beliefs, or some kind of ‘universal truth’) fit precisely how you’d like it. Or it could feel like frustration with yourself for wanting to in the first place. Will you take action to resolve the tension by trying harder, or by deliberately stepping back from it all? The GC urges a ‘big picture’ view in contrast to the potential hyper-focus of Mars in Virgo.

Another factor in today’s astrology is Mercury (in late Scorpio, but on its way to ingressing Sagittarius Wednesday) square centaur planet Nessus in Aquarius. Mercury is about thought, the mental mode and consideration — ‘the idea’. Nessus involves (broadly) karma, consequences and accountability.

So we have ‘the idea’ clashing with ‘the consequences’. The message: pause and consider the consequences of whatever you’re doing, whether it’s sex, getting behind the wheel ‘buzzed’, engaging in revenge… whatever. You are accountable for what you know — and what you do. Make sure you keep the dots between the two connected.

With Amanda Painter

3 thoughts on “The Sagittarius New Moon”

  1. Dear me, one must go Up, it seems, to avoid getting caught in controversy this week; rise above the fray of differing views. Immediately comes to mind Makemake (Birdman), Icarus and Phaethon who all took to flying. Icarus and Phaethon felt confined or trapped by worldly existence and Makemake was worshipped by isolated islanders wanting to connect with something greater (something from a great distance away where birds come from). Are we being encouraged to fly away from our present (confining) existence to seek peace and fulfillment at this New Moon in Sagittarius?

    Transiting Icarus at 19+ Capricorn (earthbound) opposes Jupiter at 19+ Cancer (bound through feeling) retrograde and with Jupiter ruling Sagittarius this aspect could help focus (Pallas opposite Chiron) the differing mind views through seeing the big picture from above.

    Transiting Phaethon at 27+ Aquarius is sextile the Galactic Core (and conjunct the U.S. Moon which symbolizes the “People”). Here the desire to escape to a greater understanding (Sagittarius) could be dangerous if using power tools! Do it consciously (Apollo the Sun [consciousness] god was Phaethon’s dad).

    Transiting Makemake at 0+ Libra encounters the Super Galactic Center (super powerful magnetic black hole) here which might be suggesting that relationship is the way to satisfy a desire to Know It All (Jupiter-Sagittarius!). We are warned though that this course of action has its pitfalls if only emotional satisfaction is the goal.

    Transiting Sphinx (riddles and secrets) is conjunct transiting Pallas-Athene (wise one) in Virgo as they oppose Chiron (cosmic source) in Pisces, therefore patience while unraveling mysteries will be required as well as perseverance and focus. Transiting Uranus (breakthroughs and freedom) in Aries is quincunx (requires adjustment) Sphinx and Pallas, acting as a carrot on a stick if flexibility is incorporated as part of the unraveling procedure. Which reminds me that transiting Mercury (flexibility) is square trans. Nessus (who is also conjunct the U.S. Moon).

    Well, you know, Nessus was a ferryman who enabled those who were ready to cross to the other side. Perhaps this means that some of us (U.S. Moon conjunct trans. Nessus and Phaethon) are poised to move “higher” in consciousness if we can only remember to integrate the cosmic with the data (and riddles!) and to connect the dots, huh?

    Thanks Eric, that was great fun!

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