Sun-Chiron in Pisces, square the Great Attractor

The Sun is nearly midway through creative, emotionally rich and intuitively open Pisces. Today, however, this symbol of our consciousness encounters Chiron, an astrological body that might provoke second-guessing of your creativity, or a fear that your abilities might be limited or ‘broken’ in that realm — and stepping out against or beyond that sense could feel like a very charged action.

The Sun and Chiron conjunct in Pisces, eight degrees past Neptune. Asteroid Juno ingressed Aries yesterday, where the Moon is traveling through today (suggesting you watch your temper and impulsiveness in reaction to the Sun and Chiron square the Great Attractor, not shown in Sagittarius).
The Sun and Chiron conjunct in Pisces, eight degrees past Neptune. Asteroid Juno ingressed Aries yesterday, where the Moon is traveling through today (suggesting you watch your temper and impulsive emotional reactions.).

The thing to remember, as with most fears, is that the sense or idea of such a thing is no proof of its validity. Far more likely it’s something you can treat like an indicator light on the dashboard of your car: it’s a reason to open the hood to see what’s really going on, and then deal with it. With Sun-Chiron (exact at 8:26 pm EST), one part of your psyche to check out is anything heavily influenced by your father and the dynamics of your relationship to him.

Was your father himself limited in ways you fear you might be? Was something about your relationship to him injured — and have you internalized that?

Sun-Chiron can also represent that sense of injury getting energized in a way that allows one to overcome whatever liability it represents, gathering power around it and turning it into an asset. This describes a healing process. (For more in-depth coverage of Sun conjunct Chiron in Pisces and these themes, see Planet Waves’ 2012 coverage here and here.)

This year, with Chiron near the middle of Pisces, the conjunction it’s taking from the Sun today is also square the Great Attractor. The GA is a deep-space point pulling our entire galaxy (and more) toward its location in the direction of mid-Sagittarius.

Squares feel like inner tension urging you to take some kind of action to resolve it. But what kind of situation might Sun-Chiron square the Great Attractor describe for you? Here are some key GA themes to ponder, suggested by Eric:

— Situations/aspects that feature the GA often involve people and situations far beyond what is normally perceived.

— The GA tends to polarize situations, but those situations/people cannot really hurt you. In this case, someone might be onto the ‘maverick’ quality of Chiron, which would mean stepping out and having an opinion, but public opinion of them matters little.

— The GA in an aspect pattern is compelling; it can add charisma and some star quality (‘you cannot get near me’) to a person who has it prominent in their natal chart.

Is there something about stepping out beyond your father’s limitations that feels like it will polarize those around you? Are you feeling the influence of someone not in your immediate environment (and perhaps feeling that influence on subtler-than-normal channels)?

No matter how much your creativity might feel like it’s gone into hiding this week, try seeing what happens if you allow your conscious awareness to look under the hood, and step out anyway.

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12 thoughts on “Sun-Chiron in Pisces, square the Great Attractor

  1. Thank you so much for the advice DivaCarla, I definitely want to include some Maine habits into my winter driving. Traffic was lighter than usual, and most people were driving slowly, which was a pleasant surprise in Maryland and DC (where many people drive too fast…I even wonder if posted speed limits for bad weather need to be put in place alongside the regular speed limits instead of having drivers make incorrect guesses).
    I have made an effort to brake less than usual. When I turned, I focused more on steering than the gas pedal and the brake, and driving at 15 mph felt pretty good, including on hilly roads. Most of the roads were pretty clear by the afternoon (so in that case, I went up to 20-25 mph), but a few still had some snow, and there was some black ice along with some refreeze (and that’s where I drove at 15 mph).
    I’ve made it home safely with my sister, Planet Waves pals! 🙂

  2. Salamander, Maine Amanda has the right advice for snow, and I’ll add my Midcoast Maine preferences. If traffic allows, I avoid coming to a complete stop in snowy condition. I’ll creep up to a red light in anticipation of it changing to green so I can gently accelerate through without having the inertia of full stop/start. It’s my way of driving like a granny in Maine. Leave loads of space between you and the cars in front. I used to have a Subaru All wheel drive, and now that i have only front wheel drive, I am even more cautious. Check in when you are home. We’ll all be waiting up for you ;o)

  3. Yes, my car has automatic transmission, and I am aware of the lower gears, but I’m never quite sure when to use them. Thank you for the advice, Amanda. I feel more relaxed about tonight, and I do plan on driving very slowly (10-15 mph or 5 mph, whichever one is better according to conditions). I’ll mainly be going through neighborhood roads, and one or two city roads.

  4. Wow. Thanks Amanda! I have so much going on in my chart and didn’t even notice this! My Sun in 6th is 14 Gemini opposite GA in 12th. So my natal Chiron 28 Cap in 1st is squared by Mars Rx in Libra and T Chiron in Pisces squares my Sun. Saturn is squaring my Pluto Moon in Leo conjunct in 8. And so much more! Amazing. Whoa and Giddy-up! At the same time!

  5. and thank *you*, be, for making the Putin connection. i had not caught that, but it makes perfect sense!

  6. Thanks Amanda and Eric, the GA connection might have been overlooked without your heads up. This “the maverick quality of Chiron”, “public opinion of them matters little” and “star quality (you cannot get near me)” is so perfect a fit for V. Putin whose Sun at 13 Libra 55 sextiles the GA at 14 Sagittarius 02. Anytime we can attach events, situations to these galactic mega energy points helps to clarify their message and boy, this one explains a lot!!!

    Much obliged to you for passing it on.

  7. salamander: is your car an automatic? if so, are you familiar with its low gear (the gear below “drive”)? it’s essential to stopping and starting when driving in snow and icy slush, but you have to be going slow enough to shift into it (not while accelerating; and i think under 10 mph or so). so you have to give yourself enough time and space to anticipate shifting into and out of it, and be very gentle on the brake and the gas. and then if you start going more than 10 or 15 mph, you have to remember to shift back into drive.

    and if that just sounds confusing or stressful to you to try for the first time, ignore it! just drive slow like a granny. no shame in that when it gets you and your sister home safely. 🙂 good luck! and breathe…

  8. I think I am a bit nervous about my driving capabilities in icy/snowy conditions considering how treacherous travel has been since yesterday. I don’t have to go to work today, but my sister does have late-night classes tonight. I will have to face my fears tonight when picking up my sister from her college classes. If I can know how to brake and turn more carefully in such road conditions tonight, I’ll feel like I have accomplished something significant. I think I’ll do fine, but I think I know why I feel a bit nervous.
    In some ways, I feel like my abilities are being tested (such as cleaning my Honda Civic after a snowstorm, shoveling, and lifting objects properly), to see if I can do as well as my dad or even better, while he’s away on vacation for a few weeks.

  9. Amanda: Thank you for encouraging us to look under the hood and into the potential creative energy that a good look and secure posession can avail for us.

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