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Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today I have your monthly readings for you. These are 12 short essays, applicable to your sign and rising sign. If you’re a Moon person, you may relate to your Moon sign. I consider it ethical to read for a partner, as long as you don’t hold them to anything.

I’ll have some notes on the astrology in a moment. First, your readings. These are available on an all-12 signs page, and our individual sign pages that take you back to the beginning of the year. If you want to review monthly columns for 2022, you may do so at the lower sign panel on this page; just scroll down. The horoscope is a subscriber service, so you will need to be logged in to read it. From there, you will find a link allowing you to freely share it with others.

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As for some notes on the astrology.

Planet Waves

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Astrology: Mental Portal to the Intuitive Realms

The divisions between mind, feeling and what is considered ‘spiritual’ are usually arbitrary; there are no firm boundaries and the ideas are not subject to proof. However, it’s possible to approach something cognitively, or by body sensation, or by some other form of inner guidance. Everyone experiences this a little differently.

If you experience a dream, it does not necessarily help to assign meaning to all the symbols and figure it out with “logic.” Dreams all have their own internal logic, and how you feel when you wake up is one of your best clues as to what is going on.

What makes astrology unusual is that it’s possible to take a reasoned approach to the realm of what cannot be put into words. The language of astrology provides symbols for things that elude language and mental constructs. It’s the relationship between the map and the ground.

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Looking at the Territory from Above

The logic of how roads are laid out is more easily seen from above than it is from on the ground. We have all heard that “the map is not the territory.” But it can change your view of the land; the overview can be very helpful, especially for revealing your options and your possibilities.

Astrology also provides a new way to look at time. Each planet has a different cycle, and so looking at a chart is a key into multiple time dimensions or cycles. The places where those cycles meet are called aspects; considering the aspects comprises most of what we call a reading.

The use of the 12-sign format gives me the ability to personalize or localize the message. Studying the chart by sign, you get the advantage of using rulerships and other essential dignities.

But the real question is, can you relate? Sometimes the reading peels off of the page; sometimes it makes sense at the end of the month, or a year later.

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June: Emphasis on the Fixed Signs

The current emphasis is on the fixed signs, in particular Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius.

In Taurus, Jupiter has joined the North Node, Mercury, Vesta and Uranus. We’ve been living through quite a bit of cardinal (initiative) and mutable (unstable, variable) placements in recent years. The Taurus emphasis will feel good, providing some stability and awareness of new resources.

Mars is now in Leo. Upon changing signs, both Mars and Jupiter formed a T-square to Pluto in Aquarius. (This is three planets arranged in an exact T.) Venus arrives in Leo on June 5. It will be there  for much of the year; Venus retrograde July 22 through Sept. 2.

Events in Taurus and Leo both emphasize actual material resources, rather than all of the financial hocus-pocus we are accustomed to as substituting for an economy. We’ve come a long way since trading bushels of grain for chickens.

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Pluto, Working its Way into Aquarius

Pluto will be working the line between Aquarius and Capricorn for another year and a half. This will slow down the onset of effects of Pluto in Aquarius somewhat, but that is temporary, and largely describes what is noticeable rather than what is really happening.

Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn on June 11, where it will remain until Jan. 20. The transition from Capricorn to Aquarius describes the transformation of the world from physical to digital consciousness. This has been going on for a century (what we are going through today started at the dawn of the radio era).

However, we are going beyond one tipping point after the next. I live in a small rural city and I want to know why the street light behind me has facial recognition cameras. “Digital” means control over the people. It’s easy to “have a nice day” and play this off as if it’s not happening.

It’s easy to cry conspiracy theory. And it’s easy to see that creepy looking camera staring down at the street.

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The Trend of the Past 40 Months

There are a lot of ways to describe the crisis that was initiated in January 2020. However, we might agree that a great deal was vacuumed onto the internet very quickly. Most of it was partly there; then that accelerated, and suddenly Harvard was reduced to Netflix and the church potluck became a thing you did on your phone. I am aware this started a long time ago, but there was a massive acceleration starting in January 2020: orders of magnitude, not incremental change.

However, the trend toward making things digital is much more personal than how we order food. It’s about the invasion of your private space, and turning the concept of a person inside-out. By private space, I mean your home, but really, I mean your inner sanctuary. Your actual self. The you nobody knows.

That is the thing being assaulted by digital in all of its forms, including what is popularly known as “artificial intelligence.”

Your natural intelligence is integral to your humanity. If you manage to preserve your inner essence, it won’t be an accident. Through the use of astrology, my intent is to help you stay connected to who you are.

Much of what people are driven by in digital consciousness is not their inner awareness but rather what they think others think about them. This is the ultimate sham. We have been well trained to think that it’s meaningful, and this in turn is the basis of the social credit system that is rapidly emerging.

The illusion of popularity or acceptability is not worth compromising your character for, in any way. Your integrity is all you’ve got. Nobody belongs in a position to con you out of being true to yourself. Please don’t help them in any way.

With love,


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