Mercury, Neptune and the Full Moon Equinox

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This week is the equinox: when the Sun enters Aries and spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere. That takes place Wednesday, March 20 at 5:58 pm EDT). Moments after the Sun enters Aries is the Libra Full Moon, making this an unusual equinox with quite a lot of momentum carrying both the energy and resulting events [I offer a detailed discussion of the Full Moon and other aspects in tonight’s Planet Waves FM.]

Young leaves in a forest in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo by Ales Kladnik.

In the hours and days immediately after the Full Moon, the Earth/Sun axis will align with many planets and points in the early cardinal signs, most notably Chiron (healing crisis) and Salacia (the need for sexual maturity) in early Aries; Pholus (rapid release) and Quaoar (family matters) in early Capricorn; and Hebe (related to codependency) in early Cancer.

This looks like a big adventure, involving intensity and subject matters I suspect many may not be prepared for. If you’re tracking any of the developing events in early Aries and Capricorn (covered extensively in the Intelligence reference readings for those signs), you know this aspect structure contains significant energy and tension that’s looking for a place to go. This pattern will be activated to the max by the Full Moon.

On one side of the equation is Chiron and Salacia in Aries; on the other is Pholus and Quaoar in Capricorn — in a close-to-perfect square, powered up by the Full Moon. Squares are looking for a place to discharge energy. Most of where it’s going is the internet, where a vast population is roaming around without their bodies, as if inhabiting some low-level bardo.

Then there’s a conjunction I have not mentioned recently, but which is in the mix — that of Makemake and Logos in early Libra. These are two slow-movers orbiting our Sun a bit further out than Pluto, which were last conjunct in 1848-49*. One question this conjunction raises is: do words mean anything? Does logic matter anymore?

Detail of Mercury stationing direct, visible at the very top of the chart — with Mercury and Neptune bearing the number 16 next to them, indicating a conjunction (which lasts for weeks).

In Libra, this can translate to: what is our reference point for our sense of balance and proportion?

What exactly is the guardrail or safety net when someone is triggered (which seems to happen a lot these days)? There are times when, with rare exceptions, the internet seems like a vast expression of rage. That kind of emotional intensity cannot be processed online, though many think it can. It’s only magnified. And that just churns up more karma.

In the physical world, experiences are more tangible, and face to face, people can be held more accountable. Still, even 3D is taking on the properties of a video game (like the one where a “pilot” has to disable automatic controls before the script crashes the jet liner full of passengers; or the live-streaming of a mass shooting).

Just focusing on Sun-Chiron, we are looking at a get-real influence, which can be a shock of something awakening body consciousness and original identity. That is the primary direction of travel, despite what else is going on in the background.

Mercury Stations Direct Conjunct Neptune

To make things even more interesting, while these Sun transits happen, we’re experiencing one of the most unusual Mercury station direct events I’ve ever seen. It’s right in league with the most famous one of our lifetimes, which occurred as polls closed during the infamous election of 2000.

It’s a good thing there’s not an election going on right now, though there is plenty in the public sphere to keep an eye on, such as our current remake of All the President’s Men.

Daily ephemeris focusing on Mercury and Neptune, spanning from March 15 through April 9. The numbers indicate degree and minute; you can see the conjunction form as Mercury stations to direct motion. That is visible when the “Rx” stops appearing next to the position listed.

Neptune is in mid-Pisces, making a long transit across this sign. Mercury in Pisces is retrograding toward Neptune. So we’re now experiencing a very long conjunction of the two planets. Take a look at the ephemeris on the right and follow the numbers to get a sense of how this develops over the course of a few weeks. The chart gives a picture of the exact moment when Mercury stations direct (Mercury and Neptune both have a 16 next to them, indicating a conjunction).

So what have we got going on here? Well, first, you will need to be following Mercury retrograde regulations to the tee — no unnecessary commitments, no major purchases, and an ongoing process of verification and authentication. Pay attention. Avoid using any substance that alters your mind when out of the house, and be careful when you’re at home too.

This pattern is so unusual that it’s calling attention to something around us in the world — something that is not yet fully visible but may be coming across intuitively or through the subtle senses. It’s as if a deeper truth is being negotiated.

Many days, the world seems as if we live with an endless conjunction of Mercury and Neptune, which is watering down awareness, and blurring the line between truth and fantasy. Or maybe it’s pointing to the notion that in our era all of reality is imaginary.

This is fun to consider as an exercise of fiction, though we still live in the physical world, of heavy objects, momentum, decisions and consequences.

By all means, use your imagination. Tune in to the sublime realms. Consider the possibilities. Imagine the future that you want. And don’t be lulled to half-sleep by the many narcotics of our time.

The truth matters to you even it if does not seem to matter to others. And contrary to the current vogue, there is such a thing. It’s not all just a matter of opinion. So choose carefully where you orient your mind.

With love,

Monday Morning Horoscope #168 for March 18, 2019 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aries (March 20-April 19) — There’s something you don’t know, and you need to figure out what it is. The chances are, you’re looking right at it. There are a number of reasons that the situation might disguise itself or fade into the background where you may not notice it. For example, the implications of making a discovery might include something that you don’t want to know about or deal with, or the potential for such. However, that’s not really an option. By the time the Sun reaches your sign on the 20th, a veil will come up and you’ll see everything you were ‘missing’ previously. Before you get there, you might want to map out the territory, based on what you know or what you think might be true, founded on some evidence or data. Once the Sun enters your sign, events are likely to feel compressed and like there is no room for you to think or make rational decisions. Soon after, Mercury begins to go direct, and that will add to any confusion. So focus your mind and do your homework early.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You have some bold ideas, though it would be wise of you to present them as ordinary ones. Rather than hype innovation, demonstrate that you have a grasp on the fundamentals. Show you understand where any partners, colleagues or collaborators are coming from, and do not run ahead of them. It’s your job to learn and speak their language, not the other way around. This is an important adaptation with Uranus in your sign, and it will be helpful to you and others if you honor it. You may think you know more than you know; you may think an idea is better than it is. One measure of your knowledge is your ability to explain yourself to someone with little to none, and not skip relevant steps. One measure of assessing the quality of an idea is whether it solves practical problems, even just one. The “practicality test” will be your best friend. And especially during the forthcoming Mercury station, try to avoid solving problems that don’t exist.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — We’re still over a week away from Mercury stationing direct, though this is one you’re going to need to plan for. Mercury, a planet that (in the microcosm of astrology) signifies you, will be conjunct Neptune for 10 days, from late March into early April. I suggest that you take special precautions beginning now, particularly as you guide your professional activities. This is the time to apply all the most basic rules of Mercury retrograde, in a similar way that competent air or sea pilots follow stringent guidelines. Those include avoiding making any new commitments, signing contracts or making major purchases. There could be tempting opportunities. People may make offers or promises that seem enticing or too good to be true. You might be inclined to do the same. Under this astrology, it’s a near certainty that your plans will work out differently from what you intended, so making as few plans as possible will be helpful. But don’t just get blown around by the wind; pick a destination or modest goal and keep your focus.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — This week, the Sun moves into Aries (well, the Earth moves, but the Sun looks like it does). For you, that means visibility, and it means aspiration. However, to these ends (if you’re interested), I suggest you do less rather than more. Your astrology has considerable momentum, and the thing you need to do is keep your rudder in the water, and pay attention to conditions in the environment. There are times to take an offensive posture, meaning to go for it, and times to take a defensive posture, which means to be responsive. Now is the time to slow down and observe. You have most of the information you need to navigate through these waters, and being born under a water sign will help. What you need to get accustomed to is the principle of magnification: that the combination of the Sun, Chiron and other factors joining forces in Aries raises your profile considerably. Remember that, even if you think you’re laying low. It would be wise to make an extra investment in whatever you consider the spiritual aspects of your life through this time.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Two things are going on at the moment. One is that the Sun is about to enter your fellow fire sign Aries, and make a whole bunch of aspects to planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. While that is happening, Mercury will be making the most unusual station direct that I’ve ever seen, forming an approximately two-week conjunction to Neptune. All of this cautions against thinking you know anything much for certain. You are about to learn a lot; some will be from seemingly inner sources, and some will be from seemingly outer sources. Yet as it turns out, all knowledge and learning ultimately comes from within you, and that is the place to focus. Here’s one image I suggest you remember, as the Sun seems to make a lot of aspects: the Sun is in the center, and everything in our solar system is moving around it. This places you in a central position, and if you remember that, you will have considerable influence over your affairs. Keep your perspective, listen to the music, and watch everyone dance around you. Remember to tap your feet.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Remember that you’re in new territory on a number of different fronts. Be aware of the extent to which you strive to find yourself in others, through intimate relationships. If you can be aware of that, you can move through the territory of intimacy without getting lost in the other. However, since your ruling planet Mercury makes a two-week conjunction to Neptune (the potential for confusion galore), in your house of relationships, you will need to pay attention. You would be wise to get alcohol entirely out of your intimate life, if it has a role. Under this influence, you will be a different person on a single glass of wine. This could distort your perceptions, intensify your emotional reactions, or get you to say things you don’t mean. Other substances could have a similar effect, and the insidious part is you might not notice until you’re already being carried by the current. I suggest you be real with yourself that your relationships are about you. My mantra for that is, “It’s not about him/her/them, it’s about me.”

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — This could be one of those times when everything suddenly comes out in the wash, catches up with you or seems to come unraveled. You can avoid that by staying ahead of your truth, by which I mean backing off from that oh-so-modern kind of denial that seems necessary at our time in history. It’s usually the first two minutes of a sensitive topic that are difficult to talk about, if you don’t count the days, weeks, months or years leading up to them. Chiron and other factors in your opposite sign Aries make it inevitable that your most intimate relationships are reorienting. That suggests strongly that you need a point of orientation within yourself. You remember what this is: the many times you’ve come back to yourself, back to your inner sanctuary (which has always proven to be easier between relationships rather than during them). I suggest that you focus your inner orientation on two qualities: one, how you feel every day, and two, what you make every day. Notice how you feel; notice what you make; note the connections.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You seem to be taking the long way around “figuring something out” when really, the whole matter is one of desire. What do you want? What does someone else close to you want? Who wants whom? How do you know? Imagine that’s the whole issue right there, spelled out. Who wants what? If you can admit that, you have some power. If you don’t, you have none. You want other people to be upfront about this as well, so encourage them. Use your influence to get everyone around you to make affirmative statements of their desire. I know that in some quarters and in some sub-cultures this might be like throwing a bomb, however, political correctness never saved a life. The person to focus on the most assertively is yourself: detect and evaporate any trace of denial you find in yourself. Forget trying to impress anyone with your purity; the notion that you are pure is laughable, and it’s not what you want to be. You want to be a blood-sweat-and-tears human.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You can take a cautious approach, or a creative approach. Taking a creative approach usually means trying something you have not done before, which will carry you into some new and unfamiliar experiences. In theory, this is what you want, though it would seem you’re hesitating in some way. It’s likely to involve what you believe a relationship partner would think about you if you exceeded your own expectations, or even chose to shake up your personal world. However, this has nothing special to do with a partner; rather, it’s your own inner trip, dressed in the garb of a relationship. Said another way, what you’re really needing to address are your own ideas, which will come in the form of ideas that you think other people have about you. This is a little like a mode of dream analysis, where you recognize every facet of the dream (including inanimate objects) as an aspect of your voice. What you think people think is what you’re thinking.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — The primary exercise of your life in these years is about developing clarity of thought. You have this in one sense of the word: you tend to think you know when something is true. Yet this is different from clarity, which is the ability to see a question or situation from several different viewpoints, and then identifying the specific distinctions. Be mindful if you find yourself certain that something is true — whatever it might be, whether deeply personal, something about the world, or an idea you’re developing. Learning how to be circumspect takes training and practice. It requires the cultivation of thought habits. For example, once you’ve identified a problem and solved it, start over and do that a second time, using a different approach. The positively urgent thing I suggest you do in the coming few weeks is make sure you leave detailed notes in the margin. Leave your arithmetic where you can see it, so that you can observe how you came to any given conclusion or certainty.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — This week, Venus in your sign forms a square to Mars in Taurus. This aspect presents a question: what do you want to express? Have you got something you need to get out of your system, to say, to do, or otherwise communicate? First, though, check inwardly for any motive involving anger, jealousy, guilt or fear. If you detect that’s what’s driving you, address that first. Address partly means understand, and mostly means finding an outlet for your energy that’s healthy and that won’t hurt anyone. If you’re inspired by some other impulse — love, creativity, curiosity, or friendly lust, to name a few — get some of that going. In our world, it’s usually more acceptable to stick to the rage/frustration side of the spectrum. All that pretty stuff on the love/creativity side of things tends to be fragile, not just in ‘the world’ but in consciousness. I know you have a lot on your mind, and you’re doing a good job keeping a positive attitude. Make sure you do some of what you’re really into.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — One of the most unusual Mercury-goes-direct moments I’ve ever seen is now in progress, and is taking place in your sign. You’re probably aware Neptune is gradually making its way across Pisces — a gas giant that at times orbits more slowly than Pluto. Now Mercury, the fastest of all the planets, is moving retrograde into a conjunction with Neptune, and then stations direct on March 28. (I’ve detailed this in the article above.) The result is that a planet associated with your sign, and sometimes with you, will be in a long conjunction with the planet (Mercury) that rules your opposite sign, Virgo. This represents a point of contact — a dialog, a meeting, a revelation that unfolds slowly. It represents a transformation for you and possibly for a relationship, though you will need to pay attention. That means two things: making sure you and people close to you understand one another; and that you keep track of your money. You are in ‘don’t sign/don’t buy’ territory to the max.

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