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LANET WAVES IS CO-CREATED by a worldwide network of writers, artists and supporters. We are based in the Seattle area. Planet Waves also offers premium subscription services, media products, private consultations by Eric Francis and a wealth of free content on astrology, politics, ecological issues, relationships and sexuality. The most frequently updated page is the homepage.

The monthly horoscope is updated right after the Sun changes signs around the 22nd of each month.

Planet Waves has no strict organizational structure, since methods of building the site have changed a number of times over the years and this has been a learn-as-you-go enterprise. Five years of materials are posted on three primary domains; this is not designed to confuse you. If you find something interesting, remember where you found it. Google visits the site a lot, and is a good resource if you include the words "Planet Waves" in your search. An assortment of archives and collections of articles are located in numerous spots, and an old index page points to some of them.

To access the past two years of writing by many authors (between July 2001 and October 2003), you may scan over the former What's New page.

If you are interested in Chiron, check this link.

Some newer artices are kept here. The homepage of Planet Waves Weekly is updated each Thursday night with the Eric Francis horoscope, birthday report and news for the week, for subscribers, who also receive all materials by email. Most of Eric's essays dating back to January 2003 are located on the Weekly's site's subscriber area (and cannot be searched in public search engines). To learn lots more about that service, check here.

A long and rambling site overview and history, with an interview, is here. Editors curious about Eric Francis or inquiring about commissioning his work may email this address. Eric is also available for speaking engagements and for special events.

Company contact information and our privacy policy is here. Our toll-free number inside the US is (877) 453-8265. International callers, please call (206) 463-STAR.

We strongly suggest that the best place for vistors and guests to bookmark as an entry point to the site, and visit regularly (updates are sometimes daily), is For company contact information, please use this link. We are located in Pacific time, which is three hours earlier than New York and eight hours earlier than London. We are happy to respond to emails requesting the locations of different articles you may have encountered recently, or in the past.

Welcome, and please make yourself curious.

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