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Dr. Fauci will take over the National Institute for Particle Physics

BREAKING — Dr. Fauci to head National Institute of Particle Physics | added December 30

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Dr. Antony Fauci will be taking over the National Institute of Particle Physics (NIPP) on Jan. 1, after being named to this position by Pres. Biden last week. He ends his decades-long term as head of the National Institute for Allergies and Infections Diseases (NIAID) on Dec. 31.

In this role, he will be the nation’s top particle physicist, and taking over at age 82, he will be the oldest person to be named to the position. His appointment was approved overwhelmingly by the Senate in a 99-3 vote earlier this week. Though he lacks educational credentials and publishing credits in the highly competitive field of quantum mechanics, he said, “That’s never stopped me before,” speaking to reporters Tuesday at his first press conference.

“I’ve always said, if I could do it all over again, I would be a physicist. Well, now I get to, since 82 is the new 30.” Quantum mechanics is a probability theory of existence. Fauci had a minus one to the 38th power chance of getting the job, and he prevailed.

Granted Emergency Degree from Stanford

Dr. Fauci was granted an emergency doctorate in physics by Stanford University three weeks ago, “So at least he would have a little something,” according to a spokesman for the university. He was also granted an honorary master’s degree in finance and a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies by Salsbury University in Maryland.

Daniel Giamario, shamanic astrologer, in the Philippines.

PWFM:: Daniel Giamario, shamanic astrologer; Christine Massey | added December 30

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Dear Friend and Listener:

The new program is ready.

Tonight to wrap up the year, I have two outstanding guests: Daniel Giamario, astrologer and astrology teacher from the previous world; and Christine Massey, whose letters to government agencies have resulted in hundreds of admissions that the virus does not exist, and that the spike protein does not exist.

Daniel Giamario is author of The Shamanic Astrology Handbook, and The Origins of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. You may find those here. Most of our discussion is on Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius. Saturn is heading out; Pluto hs heading in (for the next 20 years). This is real astrology worth knowing about. Here is his website: The Turning of the Ages Mystery School.

I’ve posted my conversation with Daniel early — it’s available now.

Chirstine Massey, known to some as “that lady in Canada” (which is 100% true), has been submitting Freedom of Information Law requests to governments all over the world since 2020, asking them the same basic question: have you got any of this stuff you say is so bad? They all say the same thing: No, we don’t. She catches us up on her efforts in a new interview.

U.S. considers testing Chinese airline passengers’ urine for ‘covid’ | added December 30

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The United States this week also expanded its voluntary genomic sequencing program at airports, adding Seattle and Los Angeles to the program. That brings the total number of airports gathering information from positive tests to seven.

But experts said that may not provide a meaningful sample size. A better solution would be testing wastewater from airlines, which would offer a clearer picture of how the virus is mutating, given China’s lack of data transparency, said Dr Eric Topol, a genomics expert and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, California.

Getting wastewater off planes from China “would be a very good tactic,” Topol said, adding that it’s important that the United States upgrade its surveillance tactics “because of China being so unwilling to share its genomic data.” China has said criticism of its covid statistics is groundless, and downplayed the risk of new variants, saying it expects mutations to be more infectious but less severe. Still, doubts over official Chinese data have prompted many places, including the United States, Italy and Japan, to impose new testing rules on Chinese visitors as Beijing lifted travel controls.

Scientists guess on severity of China’s ‘covid’ outbreak due to lack of government transparency | added December 30

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As covid barrels through China, scientists around the world are searching for clues about an outbreak with sprawling consequences — for the health of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, the global economy and the future of the pandemic.

But in the absence of credible information from the Chinese government, it is a big scientific guessing game to determine the size and severity of the surge in the world’s most populous country. In Hong Kong, one team of researchers pored over passenger data from five Beijing subway lines to determine the potential spread. In Seattle, a group of modelers tried in vain to reverse-engineer an unverified government leak detailing case numbers from Chinese health officials. In Britain, scientists are coming up with their own efficacy estimates of Chinese vaccines.

Any personal anecdote or social media report from China — scarce medicines, overrun hospitals, overflowing crematories — is possible fodder for researchers’ models. They are all attempting to understand the same things: How quickly is the virus spreading in the country? How many people are dying? Could China be the source of a new and dangerous variant? As scientists sift through varied sources of shaky information, they are bracing for potentially catastrophic outcomes.

China’s high ‘covid’ cases linked to white lung syndrome | added December 30

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An unprecedented surge of the coronavirus has hit China, with a reported estimate of up to 250 million people being infected in the first three weeks of December. The estimate was provided by an insider officer from the nation’s top health authorities, initially reported by Bloomberg News and Financial Times.

One feature of this China wave is that an unusual number of patients have manifested with white lung syndrome. On social networks, many Chinese people have shared X-rays of their lungs. In a CT or X-ray scan, air sacs in the lungs called alveoli usually appear as dark regions on the image. However, when inflammation and infection occur, the alveoli become filled with exudative or inflammatory cells, blocking the passage of the rays and resulting in white areas appearing on the scan.

This China wave has three distinct features: unprecedented speed, an unprecedentedly high number of infected people, and unprecedented severity. What Could Be Causing the Recent Spike in China? Multiple aspects seem to have coalesced to contribute to the current spike in cases in China, such as weakened immunity, preexisting medical conditions, a variety of environmental toxins, the winter season, and the potential reactivation of old covid strains.

Recent global outbreaks of measles linked to ‘covid’ lockdowns | added December 30

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Next year, the thing to keep an eye on in global health is measles – not just the progress of the virus itself, but the disease as a marker of how badly lockdowns and other fallout from the covid pandemic have set things back. There have been recent outbreaks in countries as diverse as Ethiopia, India, Tajikistan and Poland. Last year, 22 countries experienced large outbreaks, with an estimated nine million cases and 128,000 deaths worldwide.

Countless children will have suffered terrible neurological damage as a result, which will permanently blight their lives. Measles is, of course, entirely preventable. But vaccination coverage has steadily declined across the world since the beginning of the covid pandemic because of disruptions to healthcare, leaving us in our present situation. It is not the only childhood vaccine that millions have missed, but because of the speed at which measles spreads it will be the first we notice next year.

In the areas hit, healthcare will have been found wanting and other preventable disease outbreaks will likely follow. ‘The paradox of the pandemic is that while vaccines against covid were developed in record time and deployed in the largest vaccination campaign in history, routine immunisation programmes were badly disrupted, and millions of children missed out on life-saving vaccinations,’ WHO director-general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said.

Traveling nurses during ‘covid’ pandemic now face diminished paychecks | added December 30

Editor’s Note: As New York State assembly votes “aye” to wage increases for senate and assembly members, New Yorkers struggle with high inflation. This is not the time for pay raises in NYS assembly. — mmd

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In early 2022, Jordyn Bashford thought things were as good as they could be for a nurse amid the covid pandemic. A few months earlier, she had signed an agreement with a travel nurse agency called Aya Healthcare and left Canada to work at a hospital in Vancouver, Washington.

Before the end of her first shift at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, she said she realized other travel nurses there were earning even more than she was and asked for more money. Aya quickly amended her agreement and raised her hourly pay from $57 to $96. In January, her rate increased again to $105 as part of a new agreement. She thought that the high pay — and a generous living stipend of nearly $1,300 per month — meant she and her fiancé could finally make plans to buy a house.

But two months later, when her assignment was renewed, Aya slashed her hourly pay back down to $56, and then cut it still more to $43.80 — less than her initial rate. “I do know that travel nursing is fluid, and you can lose your job at any time, but I wasn’t expecting [my hourly pay] to fall 50%,” Bashford said. The boom in travel nursing during covid exposed a practice that has existed since the industry’s birth 50 years ago, according to experts.

Fear as a weapon for hegemony | added December 30

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If events since March 2020 have shown us anything, it is that fear is a powerful weapon for securing hegemony. Any government can manipulate fear about certain things while conveniently ignoring real dangers that a population faces.

Author and researcher Robert J Burrowes says:

…if we were seriously concerned about our world, the gravest and longest-standing health crisis on the planet is the one that starves to death 100,000 people each day. No panic about that, of course.”

No panic because the controlling interests of the global food system have long profited from a ‘stuffed and starved’ strategy that ensures people unnecessarily go hungry when corporate profit rather than need dictates policies. US social commentator Walter Lippmann once said that ‘responsible men’ make decisions and must be protected from the ‘bewildered herd’ – the public. He added that the public should be subdued, obedient and distracted from what is really happening. Screaming patriotic slogans and fearing for their lives, they should be admiring with awe leaders who save them from destruction.

Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy New Year. — Melissa

U.S. to require Chinese airline passengers to provide proof of negative ‘covid’ test before entering country | added Dec. 29

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The Biden administration will require airline passengers traveling from China to test negative for covid before entering the U.S. as concern grows that widespread transmission of the virus in the world’s most populous country could result in new variants.

All airline passengers 2 years and older originating from China, Hong Kong or Macau will be required to get tested for covid-19 no more than two days before their flight to the U.S. and show a negative result to the airline upon departure, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Wednesday. The requirements, which apply regardless of nationality and vaccination status, start Jan. 5. Travelers can get a PCR test or a rapid self test that is administered and monitored by a telehealth service.

The rapid test must be authorized by the Food and Drug Administration or the relevant national authority. Airline passengers flying through Incheon International Airport in South Korea as well as Toronto Pearson and Vancouver International Airports in Canada will also need to test negative for covid before heading to the U.S. if they were in China 10 days beforehand. These three airports cover the overwhelming majority of travelers whose trips originated in China but have connecting flights to the U.S., according to the CDC.

Italy mandates ‘covid’ testing for all incoming Chinese airline travelers to protect citizens with mass surveillance and identification of ‘variants’ | added December 29

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Italy has ordered mandatory coronavirus tests for all travelers arriving from China, the health minister announced on Wednesday. Orazio Schillaci said the tests — including antigen swabs and virus sequencing — were essential to ensure the surveillance and identification of any covid-19 variants and protect the Italian population.

The health minister has already been following the results of swabs carried out on passengers arriving at Malpensa airport from China since December 24, the health ministry said, and recommended the sequencing of all variants.

Out of 212 swabs carried out at Malpensa airport on travelers arriving directly from China on two flights on Boxing Day, 97 were positive for covid-19, reports La Stampa. Those who tested positive were isolated, with contact tracing initiated. Schillaci’s announcement on Wednesday comes in the wake of China’s lifting of its zero-covid policies, which included months-long lockdowns. The country’s U-turn on the strict measures is already leading to its biggest outbreak of covid-19 infections since the pandemic’s start, with medical staff struggling to cope.

Top Twitter lawyer suggests censoring Trump’s ‘covid’ tweet urging Americans not to let ‘covid’ “dominate” their lives | added December 29

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James Baker, the former top FBI lawyer who left to become Twitter’s deputy general counsel, was shot down by the company’s then-watchdog Yoel Roth when Baker suggested an exhortation from then-President Donald Trump urging Americans not to let covid-19 “dominate” their lives should be censored.

As Trump, now 76, prepared to leave Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. on Oct. 5, 2020, after undergoing three days of treatment for the virus, he tweeted to his 86 million followers: “I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! “Don’t be afraid of covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!” the 45th president added.

That afternoon, Baker dashed off an email to Roth and another senior Twitter legal executive, Stacia Cardille, asking them: “Why isn’t this POTUS tweet a violation of our covid-19 policy (especially the ‘Don’t be afraid of covid’ statement)?” Roth explained that the tweet was “a broad, optimistic statement” that “doesn’t incite people to do something harmful, nor does it recommend against taking precautions or following mask directives (or other guidelines).

Canadian pharmacists will soon be able to prescribe treatments for 13 common conditions | added December 29

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As of Jan. 1 pharmacists in Ontario will be allowed to prescribe treatments for 13 common conditions, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all be ready to do it. The province’s ministry of health issued a reminder of the previously announced expansion of pharmacists‘ roles on Wednesday, noting the service will be free with a health card.

Ontario pharmacists will be allowed to assess patients and prescribe medication as needed for pink eye, acid reflux, cold sores, skin irritation, menstrual cramps, hemorrhoids, impetigo, insect bites, hives, hay fever and sprains. They will also be able to treat uncomplicated urinary tract infections and prescribe antibiotics after tick bites to prevent Lyme disease.

“All Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw pharmacies in Ontario will offer the service as of January 1,” Jeff Leger, president of Shoppers Drug Mart, said in an email on Wednesday. Rexall Pharmacy Group and McKesson Canada, which was speaking for Guardian, I.D.A., Remedy’sRx and The Medicine Shoppe pharmacies, said in the health ministry’s news release on Wednesday that their pharmacists will participate in the expansion.

Dr. Bruce Dooley on the Federation of State Medical Board corruption | added December 29

Watch the video at Tessa Lena Substack

This story is about a very brave American doctor in New Zealand, Dr. Bruce Dooley, whom I had the great joy of interviewing a couple of months ago. It is also about an extremely corrupt and mob-like organization, the Federation of State Medical Boards.

What is the Federation of State Medical Boards?

I have previously written about the Federation of State Medical Boards, please see the articles below for in-depth information about the organization itself and its long-standing faithful service to its pharmaceutical masters.

Wanted bus shows up in Washington, DC | added December 29

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Bus is looking for:

– Fauci
– Bill Gates
– Rothschild
– Klaus Schwab
– Big Pharma

‘Covid’ causes nasal cell damage, according to new research studies | added December 29

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Researchers now know why some people recover their loss of smell after covid-19 and some do not. A new study, published Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine, shows that for some people, their body’s immune response becomes dysregulated, even after the virus can no longer be detected by laboratory tests. Specifically, covid-19 can cause a prolonged and damaging inflammatory assault on nerve cells in the nose that are responsible for the sense of smell.

The study was small, with samples from 24 people split into three groups: people with post-covid prolonged loss of smell, people with a normal sense of smell after recovering from the virus, and people who never had covid and who had a normal sense of smell.

“The findings are striking,” researcher Bradley Goldstein, MD, PhD, an associate professor at Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina, said in a news release. “It’s almost resembling a sort of autoimmune-like process in the nose.” Persistent loss of smell after covid-19 can last years. The good news is that even patients most affected by the virus appeared to maintain the cell types needed to repair the sense of smell, the study found.

Ongoing NY battle for medical freedom | added December 29

Watch the video on CHDTV

‘Every parent should be out there in the streets with us’ says guest Rosangel Perez in this empowering ‘Good Morning CHD’ conversation with Kozi’s wellness and host Michael Kane. They update viewers on New York legislation and legislators as well as share methods of medical freedom advocacy.

Rep. Jamie Raskin diagnosed with cancer, Jeremiah Green has stage 4 cancer, Willie Nelson’s “life-threatening health scare” | added December 29

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Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) announced Wednesday that he has been diagnosed with cancer, but reassured constituents and supporters that despite the serious nature of the disease, it may still be “curable.” “After several days of tests, I have been diagnosed with diffuse large B cell lymphoma, which is a serious but curable form of cancer,” Raskin wrote.

“I am about to embark on a course of chemo-immunotherapy on an outpatient basis at Med Star Georgetown University Hospital and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Prognosis for most people in my situation is excellent after four months of treatment.” He added that he plans to work during his treatment. Raskin has been a leading voice on the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and served as impeachment manager during former President Donald Trump’s second trial in 2021.

Modest Mouse drummer Jeremiah Green has been diagnosed with stage four cancer, his mother has shared in a post on Facebook. Green is one of the co-founding members of the band, forming the group in 1993 with frontman Isaac Brock and bassist Eric Judy. The drummer’s mother, Carol Namatame, shared a post on Facebook yesterday (December 25), asking for people to “please send healing vibes for my son […] who is battling stage 4 cancer”. “He is so strong and so brave and hanging in there!” She added.

Dr. Peter McCullough warns ‘covid’ shot genetic code could pass to child | added December 29

Watch on Twitter

“The Genetic Code for the C19 Shots Could Be Passed Down from Parent to Child” – Dr Peter McCullough.

Autopsies of unvaccinated patients reveal ‘covid’ in the brain | added December 28

Editor’s Note: Again, the study implies the virus was found in the brain without having been isolated and proven to be what is being called ‘covid’. The article even admits the results were a fabricated culture that uses Vero cells to replicate virus, i.e. in monkey kidney cells. These patients were said to be 44 people who died in the first year of the pandemic with numerous co-morbidities. “We never found the virus,” Nath told MedPage Today. “We found the viral protein, but no RNA.” — mmd

Read more at Medpage Today

Early this year, leading researchers discussed what we knew — and didn’t know — about covid-19 and the brain. Since then, new findings have emerged about SARS-CoV-2 and the nervous system, including the results of an autopsy study that showed the presence of the virus throughout the body and brain.

How can a respiratory pathogen like SARS-CoV-2 cause the nervous system to go haywire? That’s the question researchers posed in January, and it’s still being asked nearly a year later. Neurologic complications of covid are diverse and can be long-lasting, noted Avindra Nath, MD, of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, at the time. “They are largely immune-mediated, the brain endothelial cells being a major target,” he told MedPage Today.

Research throughout the year supported this view. In July, an autopsy study of nine covid patients showed vascular damage with serum proteins leaking into the brain parenchyma, accompanied by widespread endothelial cell activation. Consistent with other studies, SARS-CoV-2 virus was not detected in the brain. But in December, an autopsy report of 44 people who died with covid-19 in the first year of the pandemic showed that SARS-CoV-2 virus had spread throughout the body — including the brain — and persisted in tissue for months.

U.S. considers ‘covid’ restrictions on Chinese arrivals due to lack of transparency surrounding ‘virus’ | added December 28

Read more at BBC News

The US is considering imposing new covid restrictions on Chinese arrivals, after Beijing announced it would reopen its borders next month. American officials say this is due to a lack of transparency surrounding the virus in China, as cases surge.

Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan – worried at importing covid cases – have already outlined tighter measures for Chinese travellers, including negative tests. Beijing has said covid rules should be brought in on a “scientific” basis. India is also stepping up measures for Chinese arrivals, but this was announced before Beijing said it would relax its strict border policy. Passport applications for Chinese citizens wishing to travel internationally will resume from 8 January, the country’s immigration authorities have said. Travel sites have reported a spike in traffic, leaving some countries fearful over the potential spread of covid.

“There are mounting concerns in the international community on the ongoing covid-19 surges in China and the lack of transparent data, including viral genomic sequence data,” US officials said in a statement quoted by news agencies. Wang Wenbin, China’s foreign minister spokesperson, subsequently accused Western countries and media of “hyping up” and “distorting China’s covid policy adjustments”. He said China believed all countries’ covid responses should be “science-based and proportionate”, and should “not affect normal people-to-people exchange”.

Uncovering the ‘covid’ fraud, part six | added December 28

Read more at Antiviral Substack by Mike Stone

The end of March 2020 definitely had plenty of interesting developments. Despite the push to enforce lockdowns, quarantines, social-distancing, masking, etc. based on the premise that there was a deadly “virus” running rampant around the world, a curious thing happened.

For those willing to look, major cracks were appearing within the foundation which countered the main narrative. Statistical modeling that had predicted massive deaths were shown to be overblown and completely inaccurate. Much of the statistics were inflated by increased fraudulent PCR testing which resulted in increased fraudulent cases that were incorrectly assumed to be indicative of “viral” spread, even though the majority of the positive cases had no symptoms of disease whatsoever.

The dreaded mortality rate that was claimed to be high plummeted to within the same range as a typical severe flu. The numbers showed that those who were “infected” had a greater than 99% chance of survival if they were under the age of 70. In the UK, the disease was downgraded from a high consequence infectious disease as it was considered to result in low mortality. In every which way, the narrative was falling apart.

Justin Trudeau to testify in court over conflicting accounts of pebbles thrown during 2021 campaign | added December 28

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been reportedly served with a subpoena to testify in court in relation to a protest in which pebbles were thrown at him during his 2021 campaign tour in London, Ontario.

London police had charged the 25-year-old suspect, Shane Marshall, with one count of assault with a weapon for reportedly throwing gravel at Trudeau on Sept. 6, 2021. Marshall, who was president of the People’s Party of Canada’s Elgin Middlesex London riding, was relieved of his position after the alleged incident. Defence lawyer Phillip Millar told CBC News that it’s “unbelievably rare” that in a criminal case such as this one, the person who has been allegedly assaulted wasn’t already called on to testify.

“In every prosecution of this type, the complainant or victim would be a witness and testify as to what happened,” he said in an interview with CBC News. “For the assault to be established in law, the person on the receiving end of it has to know it’s happening.” Video footage showed that as Trudeau was boarding his campaign bus, some small pieces of gravel appeared to come flying his way from behind, where a large crowd was gathering in protest, with some yelling insults.

Tennis star Novak Djokovic back in Australia a year after being deported over refusal of ‘covid’ shot | added December 28

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Nearly a year after getting deported over his covid-19 vaccine status, Novak Djokovic is back in Australia in pursuit of a record-extending 10th grand slam title at Australian Open. Tennis Australia confirmed Wednesday that Djokovic landed in Adelaide the previous night to compete in the 2023 Adelaide International, which begins on Sunday, and the Australian Open which begins early next month.

“Novak is welcome in Australia,” Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley said at a news conference Tuesday. “I think as we speak he has landed in Adelaide, and he’s going to be the player to beat (at the Australian Open) again.” Upon landing in Melbourne early last year, Djokovic’s visa was canceled by border officials who said he did not qualify for a medical exemption from Australia’s rules for unvaccinated visitors.

He was previously exempted from the tournament’s vaccine rules because he had covid within the previous six months. He later won an appeal to stay for the tournament, but Australia’s immigration minister then revoked his visa. Three federal court judges ruled in favor of the immigration minister’s right to cancel Djokovic’s visa, and he was deported.

Hong Kong ends mandatory ‘covid’ shots and passports but keeps mask mandates in place | added December 28

Read more at The Straits Times

HONG KONG – Hong Kong will end some of its last major covid-19 rules, scrapping limits on public gatherings and no longer requiring proof of vaccination for entry to some venues, in a sweeping overhaul of policies aimed at reviving its reputation as a global financial centre.

There will be no cap on public gatherings, and the city’s vaccine pass will also be scrapped, starting from Thursday, Chief Executive John Lee said on Wednesday. The city will also no longer require arrivals to undertake PCR tests, though they will be recommended to do rapid tests for five days, and close contacts of covid-positive people will not need to quarantine, he said. The changes are based on a high immunity level in the city, sufficient medicine, experience of handling covid-19 among healthcare workers, an improved emergency response system and better awareness among residents, Mr Lee said.

“The city has reached a relatively high vaccination rate which builds an anti-epidemic barrier,” Mr Lee said. “Hong Kong has a sufficient amount of medicine to fight covid-19, and healthcare workers have gained rich experience in facing the pandemic.” “The above mentioned changes are strongly pushing Hong Kong to recover,” he added. While the changes mean Hong Kong has done away with almost all of its major pandemic curbs – a mask mandate and daily rapid tests for schools remain – the incremental pace of loosening stands in stark contrast with the abrupt U-turn on covid zero in mainland China.

Billy Joel forced to cancel last show of 2022 due to ‘viral infection’ | added December 28

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[Dec. 19, 2022] Bad news for Billy Joel fans. The iconic musician has postponed his show in Madison Square Garden after he contracted a viral infection. The show, his final concert at the New York venue this year, was initially set to take place on Monday night.

On Saturday, a spokesperson for the “Piano Man” singer shared a statement revealing the show would be moved to June 2. The rep also said the 73-year-old was “under strict doctor’s orders for vocal rest due to a viral infection.” “We understand the inconvenience this causes everyone who purchased tickets and we apologize for this unexpected circumstance,” the statement added.

On Sunday morning, Billy Joel posted his own statement via Twitter, writing that he was “hoping to be closer to full recovery by now,” but wrote that “sadly, that hasn’t happened.” Additionally, concertgoers won’t have to worry about exchanging their tickets to attend the new show, as their original tickets will be honored at the June concert. However, it’s important to note that the date could change if it conflicts with a playoff game.

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro reveals his continuing fight with long ‘covid’ | added December 28

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[Dec. 18, 2022] Jane’s Addiction will continue work on their upcoming album despite the absence of guitarist Dave Navarro, frontman Perry Farrell confirmed. The band just completed their first tour with original bassist Eric Avery since 2010, but just before it started Navarro revealed his continuing fight with long covid meant he couldn’t join them.

He was replaced by longtime Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, with Josh Klinghoffer and Daniel Ash assisting at some shows. “At first, there was a lot of weight on my shoulders,” Farrell told Alt Press in a new interview.

“This was our return tour right after covid, and we didn’t have Dave. Jane’s is a unique band, and you can’t just grab any guitar player and they’ll pick it up. That’s Dave Navarro we’re talking about – those are big shoes to fill.” But he added: “I had one of the best tours of my life. I just love at the end of the show seeing how many happy people there were. We got to them, and that’s the best feeling in the world.”

The year of the gaslighter | added December 28

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Well, it has been quite a year, 2022. I’m officially dubbing it “The Year of the Gaslighter.” I was going to dub it “The Year of the Mother of All Mindfucking Global-Capitalist Gaslighters,” but that seemed like a mouthful, so I’m opting for brevity.

Seriously, if there were an Olympics of Gaslighting, GloboCap (i.e., the global corporatocracy) would take the gold in every event. At this point, the majority of the global masses have been successfully gaslighted into a semi-conscious, quasi-cyclothymic state in which they oscillate, on a moment-by-moment basis, between robotic obedience and impotent rage. Those who are not still walking around in their masks and prophylactic face shields and injecting themselves with experimental “vaccines” for reasons they no longer even pretend to be able to articulate without gibbering like imbeciles are genuflecting at the feet of an oligarch huckster who they believe has come to deliver them from Wokeness.

If you were GloboCap, and in the process of imposing your new official ideology on the entire planet in a kind of global Gleichschaltung op, and otherwise establishing your “New Normal Reich,” and you needed the masses confused and compliant, you couldn’t ask for much more from your Gaslighting Division! The gaslighting got underway in January, when the corporate media, health authorities, and other major organs of the New Normal Reich started suddenly “discovering” that the official covid narrative was “inaccurate,” or, you know, a bunch of lies.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” — proverbs

‘Covid’ era highlight interviews | added December 27

Editor’s Note: At the 6 minute mark, Eric Coppolino speaks about the digital seduction of covid. — mmd

Watch the video on Dr. Sam Bailey

Sometimes it is hard to believe that the covid narrative has been running for 3 years now! So much has happened over that time and one of the silver linings to all the insanity has been connecting with some of the most inspiring and freethinking individuals in the world.

One of my subscribers suggested that I produce a video with snippets from some of my interviews over this time. Even regular followers have missed the occasional interview, so here is my first interview highlights reel.

Fired unvaxed NYC workers still fighting in court for jobs after denied religious exemptions | added December 27

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For ten years, George Garvey had a routine. He’d set his alarm for 4:30 a.m., jump in the shower, grab his coffee and be out on the streets of New York City collecting trash at 6 a.m. Nowadays, he gets up, makes breakfast for his teenagers before school, finds things to do around the house or the yard, and then sits down to work on his lawsuit.

Garvey was one of 16 New York City sanitation workers fired for refusing to get a covid vaccine, and one of thousands nationwide who chose losing their jobs over getting the shots. It’s a group that also includes teachers, coaches, pilots, health care workers and others. As covid has evolved into a less deadly disease, many employers have loosened or even dropped their vaccine mandates. But for some workers fired over the rules, the battle against their employers continues in court.

New York City has had some of the strictest and broadest vaccine mandates in the country. By the end of 2021, the city was enforcing rules for both public and private sector workers. Still, Garvey didn’t believe he’d be out of a job — especially a job like his. “We don’t deal with the public at all. We don’t respond to 9-1-1 calls. We don’t even go on people’s property,” he says. “Even when it began, I kept thinking to myself, ‘There’s no way they’re really going to fire us.'”

Twitter files show social media platform pressured to censor ‘covid’ information by government | added December 27

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According to the latest release of the Twitter Files, the platform suppressed information about the coronavirus. After pressure from the federal government, a scientist’s criticism of the vaccine was blocked. Republicans vow to investigate the relations between Twitter and the federal government.

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo | added December 27

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You have all heard of Rudolph and Frosty made of snow but have you heard of Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo?

Five ways sequined holiday decorations add to micro plastic pollution | added December 27

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1 Sequins fall off. “I don’t know if you’ve ever worn anything with sequins, but I have, and those things are constantly falling off, especially if the clothes are from a fast-fashion or discount retailer,” says Jane Patton, campaigns manager for plastics and petrochemicals with the Centre for International Environmental Law. “They come off when you hug someone, or get in and out of the car, or even just as you walk or dance. They also come off in the wash.”

The problem is the same as with glitter. Both are generally made of plastic with a metallic reflective coating. Once they go down the drain they will remain in the environment for centuries, possibly fragmenting into smaller pieces over time. “Because sequins are synthetic and made out of a material that almost certainly contains toxic chemicals, wherever they end up – air, water, soil – is potentially dangerous,” says Jane Patton.

“Microplastics are a pervasive, monumental problem. Because they’re so small and move so easily, they’re impossible to just clean up or contain.” Researchers revealed this year that microplastics had even been found in fresh Antarctic snow. Biodegradable sequins have been invented but are not yet mass-produced.

Germany argues over keeping ‘covid’ mandates after top virologist states “pandemic is over” | added December 27

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BERLIN — Germany’s governing coalition is arguing over whether remaining covid-19 restrictions should be dropped after one of the country’s top virologists was quoted as saying that the pandemic is over. Germany has scrapped the bulk of restrictions imposed at the height of the pandemic but, unlike other European countries, still requires mask-wearing on long-distance trains and buses. Masks are also mandatory in doctors’ practices, while masks and negative tests are still required to enter hospitals and nursing homes.

Rules for local transport are a matter for Germany’s 16 state governments, and some have dropped mask mandates. Some also have scrapped rules requiring infected people to isolate at home. Comments by Christian Drosten, a professor of virology at Berlin’s Charite hospital, to the daily Tagesspiegel’s Tuesday edition prompted a renewed argument over whether the remaining rules are justified.

“We are experiencing the first endemic wave with SARS-COV 2 this winter; my assessment is that, with this, the pandemic is over,” he was quoted as saying. He added that the only reservation about that would be a major new mutation, “but I don’t expect that anymore at the moment either.” Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said Drosten has been one of the most cautious scientists during the pandemic, and that “as a political consequence, we should end the last corona protection measures.”

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul starts construction on electric-run travel system, Smart Path Connect | added December 27

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[Dec. 9, 2022] Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the start of construction on Smart Path Connect, a critically important transmission project led by the New York Power Authority and National Grid NY to rebuild and strengthen approximately one hundred miles of transmission in the North Country and the Mohawk Valley.

The transmission line upgrades are necessary to meet the clean energy requirements of the State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. Project representatives, including New York Power Authority Interim President and CEO Justin E. Driscoll, and National Grid New York Chief Operating Officer for Electric Brian Gemmell, joined President and CEO of the New York Independent System Operator Rich Dewey to mark the project’s construction kick-off today and briefed the local community on the project along with state and local leaders at the New York Power Authority’s Hawkins Point Visitors Center in Massena, New York.

“The expansion and modernization of New York’s transmission system is critical to increasing resiliency and advancing New York’s ambitious clean energy goals,” Governor Hochul said. “New York is leading the way in making bold energy infrastructure investments that will create jobs, boost local economies and advance New York’s nation-leading efforts to build a carbon-free energy system by 2040.” The Smart Path Connect project will help unbottle existing renewable resources in the region and yield significant production cost savings, emissions reductions, and decreases in transmission congestion.

The ‘new normal’ Christmas edition: masking and heart attacks | added December 27

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1. MASKS 2: THE MASKENING. They’re baaaaccckkk, the absurdly named “tripledemic” has brought out the experts to warn us of three circulating diseases – covid, flu and RSV. Or, as this situation would have been known throughout all of human history prior to 2020 “flu season”. Naturally, all those who persisted with masks because it made them feel special are currently over the moon, soon to be joined by those who stopped wearing them as soon as they were in the minority, but secretly miss plastering their virtue all over their faces.

It’s been a while since we had to talk about masks, so here’s a reminder, for those who may have forgotten: Masks do not work. They are bad for you, bad for your children and bad for the planet. And the powers that be forcing you to wear one of them is purely an exercise in control.


In a bumper year for hastily-explained heart attacks, not even Christmas is escaping blame. The “experts” are back, warning that 10pm on Christmas Day is the worst time for heart attacks all year, and the week between Christmas and New Year is the worst heart attack week all year. Either that or taking antioxidant supplements or going to the gym…or seeing Avatar 2.

China to end ‘covid’ quarantine mandate for abroad passengers | added December 27

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BEIJING (AP) — China will drop a covid-19 quarantine requirement for passengers arriving from abroad starting Jan. 8, the National Health Commission announced Monday in the latest easing of the country’s once-strict virus-control measures.

Currently, arriving passengers must quarantine for five days at a hotel, followed by three days at home. That is down from as much as three weeks in the past. The scrapping of the quarantine requirement is a major step toward fully reopening travel with the rest of the world, which the government severely curtailed in a bid to keep the virus out.

The restrictions have prevented most Chinese from traveling abroad, limited face-to-face diplomatic exchanges and sharply reduced the number of foreigners in China for work and study. China’s health commission said that steps would be taken to make it easier for some foreigners to enter the country, though it didn’t include tourists. It did indicate that Chinese would be gradually allowed to travel abroad for tourism again, an important source of revenue for hotels and related businesses in many countries.

Boston officials consider reinstating mask mandates amid ‘covid’ surge in hospitals and schools | added December 27

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As covid-19 cases rise in Boston, school and city officials are considering bringing back a mask mandate. What do they hope a mask mandate would do? Avoid repeating last year’s staffing issues and student absenteeism because of a similar covid-19 surge. In a letter sent to families, officials asked for everyone to to take precautions, and said that they could implement the masking policy for a couple of weeks after students and staff return to school.

Flu and RSV cases may be slowing down, but covid-19 infections have been steadily rising — up 7% according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with covid-19-related deaths up by 15%. Some health experts say that what they’re seeing is unprecedented.

“I have been in and around emergency room departments for well over 30 years and have not seen anything along these lines before,” Dr. David Clark of Jersey Shore University Medical Center in New Jersey told NBC News.”The big unknown for us at this point is what kind of [covid-19] season are we going to have,” said another health expert. “Obviously we had two very difficult winters in the past two years. Now I think we have to brace for that.”

China stops publishing ‘covid’ data amid an alleged outbreak | added December 26

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China has stopped publishing daily covid-19 data, adding to concerns that the country’s leadership may be concealing negative information about the pandemic following the easing of restrictions. China’s National Health Commission said in a statement that it would no longer publish the data daily beginning Sunday and that “from now on, the Chinese CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) will release relevant covid information for reference and research.”

The NHC did not say why the change had been made and did not indicate how often the CDC would release data. China is experiencing a surge in new cases since restrictions were eased. In China’s eastern Zhejiang province alone, the provincial government said it was experiencing about 1 million new daily cases. Meanwhile, Bloomberg and the Financial Times reported on a leaked estimate by top Chinese health officials that as many as 250 million people may have been infected in the first 20 days of December.

Despite the surge in cases, China has suspended most public testing booths, meaning there is no accurate public measure of the scale of infections across the country. Last week, Chinese health officials also defended the country’s high threshold for determining whether a person died from covid-19. Currently, China excludes anyone infected with covid who died but who also had preexisting health conditions, and in the four days leading up to the health commission’s decision to end publishing data, China reported zero covid deaths.

Tech company advertises babies grown in artificial wombs as micro plastics cause infertility | added December 26

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If nuclear weapons falling from the sky don’t get you then the microplastics will. As a new study reveals the astonishing level of microplastic particles falling from the sky, research also shows the devastating impacts this is having on our ability to reproduce. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to buy a baby grown in a lab soon.

Fake Virtue with Alan Watts | added December 26

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This festive season I thought I’d share my admiration for the ‘philosophical entertainer’ who helped bring about a cultural awakening in the mid-twentieth century: Alan Watts. For those that don’t know, Alan Watts (1915 – 1973) was a British philosopher, writer and public speaker, who speaks profoundly, eloquently and concisely in a grandfatherly tone, focussing on exploring and adequately explaining Eastern philosophies, such as Zen and Buddhism, to a Western audience. He published many books in his lifetime, including ‘The Way of Zen’ and ‘The Wisdom of Insecurity’.

He is a vaguely fantastical figure, with his mischievous grin and pointy beard. A glint in his eye as though he has some decisive answer to life’s great mysteries. Although he never claims to have any answers. He merely takes you on a journey, exploring curiosities and conundrums of the human condition. You may find some meaning in the journey, you may not. But he is terribly engaging. And certainly worth listening to.

The self-conscious brain, like the self-conscious heart, is a disorder, and manifests itself in the acute feeling of separation between “I” and my experience. The brain can only assume its proper behaviour when consciousness is doing what it is designed for: not writhing and whirling to get out of present experience, but being effortlessly aware of it.”
— Alan W. Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity.

The death of the “citizen legislature”; New York Democrats vote for a 30 percent pay raise at a time of unprecedented inflation | added December 26

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It is the dawn of a new age here in New York. Sadly, it is a new, dark age, where the Empire State, formerly governed by We the People who were represented in our State legislature by our fellow citizens, has now become an Empire ruled by an elitist class of self-appointed, career politicians who have proven themselves to be not just money-hungry but power-hungry to boot.

On Monday December 19, 2022, the party that has a super-majority in both the NYS Senate and Assembly (ie. the Democrats), put forth a bill that would raise their PART-TIME salaries by an incredible 30%, from $110,000/year to a whopping $142,000/year. That is a $32,000 pay raise in one felt swoop. Mind you, the Democrats also gave themselves a pay raise just 4 years ago, in 2018, when they increased their salaries from $79,500/year up to $110,000/year (again, about a 30% pay raise).

(Before any of my Democrat readers get annoyed that I am “blaming” the Democrats for this greed and despicable display of disrespect for hard-working New York tax payers, I will point out that if it had been the Republicans that were in the super-majority and had pulled this farce, I would absolutely be calling them out right now instead. Unfortunately, it’s the Democrats doing it, so there is no other way to skin this cat. There are 213 members of the NYS legislature [ie. the combined total of all State Assemblymen and State Senators]. Of those, roughly 1/3 are Republican. NOT ONE Republican voted for this bill, and many spoke out against it on the Chamber floors. So yes, sadly, this is 100%, purely on the heads of the Democrat legislators).

Turning the tide in 2023 with financial and medical freedom | added December 26

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Joined by Corey’s Digs, the ‘Financial Rebellion’ team provides a year-end special episode for viewers, recapping interviews, sharing news updates and looking forward to 2023. Find out their perspective on Elon Musk, QR codes, heart attacks and more.

‘Covid’, a mass formation or atrocity? | added December 26

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[Nov. 29, 2022] With the declaration of the pandemic that changed the world in March 2020, an army of thought police descended upon populations worldwide. Overnight, the public face of science was transformed from a civil and civilian endeavor into a matter of law and order. In place of what had formerly emanated from research communities came edicts from government officials, bolstered by celebrity bureaucrats, enforced by censorship, smearing, and coercion, and backed up by riot squads (e.g. here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

In the process, science as previously known, a careful product of time, hypothesis-testing, collective critique, and pertinent subject matter expertise, gave way to The Science™, a kaleidoscopic, ever-changing and capricious set of pseudo-medical justifications for government overreach and violations of citizens’ rights, riding on rolling waves of public messaging and manufactured fear, in keeping with a totalitarian model.

From the earliest days, there were those who could see these developments as dangerous, and those who could not. There were those who saw that the sharp turn away from democracy, due process, and human rights had nothing to do with empirical science whatsoever. And those who did not. The former have been mystified by the latter, and increasingly so as time has passed. Why can’t they see what’s going on?

Beloved baby chimp ‘dies suddenly’ after zoo inoculates with ‘covid’ shot | added December 26

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I’m genuinely sorry to deliver this news if you had not yet read it elsewhere. I was on the phone with Mark Crispin Miller when the shattering news came through, that the five week old baby chimp Kucheza was found dead in his grieving mother’s arms at a Kansas Zoo. I’d shared the video with you all before Thanksgiving of Kucheza’s mother Mahale finding her baby under a bright blue blanket and being so overjoyed, the heartwarming clip went viral all over the world.

Is There A Pattern Of Zoo Animals Dying Suddenly Recently? First, I asked Mark if he thought I should report on this, and he said “yes.” I was thinking it was simply too traumatic, and it’s Christmas tomorrow. Mark pointed out this is a war-front, and one that he and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had worked on. “Bobby really wanted to include the animals’ stories in the died suddenly project,” Mark said.

We began to talk about “vaccines” and zoo animals, and it turned out Mark had documented the many, many deaths of post-covid vaccinated Zoo animals as well as race horses. He forwarded me this email, (copied and pasted) that he sent to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on August 19, enumerating zoo animal deaths as part of a “died suddenly” research project.

Germany provides means to quantify the human cost of experimental ‘covid’ shots | added December 26

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[Dec. 13, 2022] Most sane people believe that the burden of proving safety should lie on the party conducting a questionable action, rather than their victim. For example, if a criminal shot someone, the prosecution would not be required to prove that the victim’s sudden death after the gunshot wound was not just a spontaneous coincidence, a result of extreme stress from the situation, or due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has been able to establish a special type of privilege within the legal system which has made it very difficult to demonstrate that vaccines (along with many other pharmaceuticals) can ever be at fault for anything. Because of this, we recently had a flood of experimental vaccines mandated upon the population, which were never tested for safety (despite many serious concerns with their design), whose (likely fraudulent) clinical trial data was never made accessible to the public.

We then had, as far as I know, the most aggressive propaganda campaign in history, and I watched the majority of my colleagues lose the ability to recognize any problems related to the vaccines. Instead, they developed an almost surreal religious devotion to the coming salvation of the vaccines becoming available. Once the vaccines entered the market, a variety of red flags began going off indicating that these vaccines were killing people, and rather than address these concerns, the government—in concert with the media—chose to deny any of this was occurring.

‘Omicron’ variant continues to mutate and become more ‘immune-evasive’, according to WHO | added December 26

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As covid-19 approaches its fourth year, omicron continues to mutate and become more immune-evasive, health officials say. In December, the World Health Organization said variants descending from omicron show more capacity to escape our immune system. “Omicron, the latest variant of concern, is the most transmissible variant we have seen so far, including all the sub-variants that are in circulation,” Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s technical lead for covid-19, said on Dec. 21.

Whether that’s enough to drive new waves of infections depends on conditions such as the size and timing of previous omicron waves, the regional immune landscape and covid-19 vaccination coverage, the United Nations public health agency said. In Canada, differences in population-level immunity and global trends suggest covid-19 cases could increase in the New Year, health officials said last week.

But what does mutation mean, what doesn’t it mean and why does immune evasiveness matter? Here are some answers based on what we know at this stage in the pandemic. A mutation is a change in the genetic code of the covid-19 virus. Some mutations have no effect. Others lead to changes in proteins, which can be helpful to the virus by making it more transmissible — the ability to pass from one person to another. Or the mutation could be harmful to the virus if your immune system gains an advantage over the pathogen.

To state the obvious… inoculation for children right out the womb and McDonald’s food is not the best for raising healthy children

“The Clearing Space With Her.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves FM is ready — happy holidays

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Good morning and happy holidays. This mailing is from Planet Waves FM – Chiron Return (not the astrology company). Chirion Return is a nonprofit organization, and we are here to serve. ALL programs and services on the Planet Waves FM website are offered at no cost and do not require login.

Thank you to those who support our journalistic efforts with your subscriptions to this Substack feed and your generous donations, and to the many volunteers who contribute brain power. We have had our best year yet, thanks to serveral major donors coming through the past couple of months. With love, — efc

President Biden signs $858 billion dollar National Defense Authorization Act, eliminating U.S. military’s ‘covid’ vaccine mandate for service members | added December 24

Editor’s Note: “No one, no one can ever know what someone else is going through, what is really going on in their life, what they are struggling with, what they are trying to overcome,” said Biden in his Christmas address to the nation. — mmd

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President Joe Biden on Friday signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law, a massive defense spending bill with provisions that will give service members a pay raise, fund support for Ukraine and Taiwan and rescind the US military’s covid-19 vaccine mandate. In a statement following the signing of the NDAA, Biden said the act “provides vital benefits and enhances access to justice for military personnel and their families, and includes critical authorities to support our country’s national defense, foreign affairs, and homeland security.”

The Senate voted last week to pass the massive NDAA with bipartisan support. It follows the House’s bipartisan approval of the legislation the week prior. spending in line with the Pentagon’s priorities. But it does not appropriate the funding itself. The legislation, which authorizes $817 billion specifically for the Department of Defense, will provide $45 billion more than Biden’s budget request earlier this year.

The increase for fiscal year 2023 is intended to address the effects of inflation and accelerate the implementation of the national defense strategy, according to the Senate Armed Services Committee. It authorizes $12.6 billion for the inflation impact on purchases, $3.8 billion for the impact on military construction projects and $2.5 billion for the impact on fuel purchases, according to a bill summary from the committee.

University of California professors urge reversal of ‘covid’ booster mandates | added December 24

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University of California (UC) professors are urging the university system to reverse its covid-19 booster mandates for students and staff. 11 UC professors sent a Nov. 23 letter calling on administrators to drop the mandate, which requires up-to-date vaccination status for all faculty and students. The professors have allegedly not yet received a response from UC administrators.

William Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at UC Santa Barbara, spoke to Campus Reform about why he helped write the letter as well as why he feels UC universities have not responded. Robinson was motivated to hold the university accountable for this mandate in part because “informed consent is a matter of law and ethics that establishes that no one can be coerced into a medical procedure, especially with regard to an experimental drug.”

“The CDC has ‘recommended’ and not mandated the new booster. The University’s decision to mandate boosters at this time is therefore not in accordance with CDC guidelines,” the letter argues. Robinson also believes UC might have refused to respond due to a conflict of interest. “UC President Michael Drake, for instance, sits on the board of Amgen, a biotechnology pharmaceutical company that is developing covid drugs,” Robinson pointed out to Campus Reform.

Am I your best friend? | added December 24

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Honesty is the best policy. Happy Holidays.

India to make ‘covid’ negative test mandatory for travelers arriving from countries with high cases | added Dec. 24

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NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India is planning to make a covid-19 negative test report mandatory for passengers arriving from countries with a high number of cases, the country’s health minister said during an interview with broadcaster NewsX on Friday.

“In the next one week, selected countries will be identified where the caseload is higher today,” minister Mansukh Mandaviya said. “People from there who come to India will have to upload their (covid-19) RT-PCR reports and only then come.” The passengers will have to upload their reports on a government website and undergo thermal screening upon landing, Mandaviya said.

India, which has reported the second highest number of confirmed covid cases in the world till date, will start randomly testing 2% of international passengers arriving at its airports for covid-19, Mandaviya told the parliament on Thursday. Earlier this week, the country’s government asked the Indian states to look out for any new variants of the virus and urged people to wear masks in crowded areas, citing an increase in covid-19 cases in China and other parts of the globe.

Regular exercise reduces ‘covid’ hospitalizations, according to research | added December 24

Editor’s Note: Research shows that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts  and beer do not protect against covid despite officials handing them out for free if you got inoculated. — mmd

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A regular exercise routine may significantly lower the chances of being hospitalized or even dying from covid-19, recently published research shows. The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, examined the anonymized records of patients of Kaiser Permanente. The research examined a sample size of 194,191 adults who had a positive covid-19 test between January 2020 and May 2021 and were asked to self-report their exercise patterns at least three times in the two years before contracting the virus.

The always inactive group was defined as getting 10 minutes of exercise a week or less; mostly inactive meant between 10 and 60 minutes per week; some activity ranged between 60 and 150 minutes a week; consistently active translated into a median of 150 minutes or more per week and always active equaled more than 150 minutes per week on all self-assessments.

“The benefits of reducing physical inactivity should lead to its recommendation as an additional pandemic control strategy for all, regardless of demographics or chronic disease status,” the study’s researchers said. About 2% of patients were vaccinated before a covid-19 infection.

Canadian government tells kids they will be on naughty list if they don’t get ‘covid’ shots and wear masks | added Dec. 24

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It’s the end of 2022 and the world is still witnessing new heights of covid absurdity and fear-mongering authoritarianism coming from government figures. Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam has issued a new public health announcement for the Christmas holidays, which comes in the form of a 2-minute interview with “Mrs. Clause” from the “North Pole”. In it, children are warned that they could be on Santa’s “naughty list” if they don’t get the covid-19 vaccine and mask up.

Adults too are told that they won’t make the “nice list” if they don’t have their boosters. “I always tell Santa to make a list and check it twice,” Mrs. Claus says, and goes through the “list” by telling children to “stay up to date on your vaccinations” as well as “wear a mask… and make sure it’s nice and snug.”

Dr. Tam follows by telling families that if they gather for the holidays, “open a door, or a window” to let fresh air in. All of this might actually be a step up for Canada when compared to the first couple years of the pandemic, given that across major cities there were strict curfews severely hindering freedom of movement, and not even relatives could visit family members after dark on fear of being ticketed by police.

Chinese Communist Party elites are dying in recent ‘covid’ outbreak , according to report | added December 24

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Deaths among Chinese Communist Party elites are rising in China, with a recent outbreak of covid-19 killing dozens of prominent scholars and officials. China says its medical supplies are sufficient. But reports tell another story.

TikTok’s parent company admitted some employees accessed the user data of two journalists, without consent. Meanwhile, some American universities join about 20 states in banning TikTok.

This year, the Drug Enforcement Administration seized enough illegal fentanyl on American soil to kill the entire population of the United States. Chinese telecom giant Huawei is pulling in more money from patents than it pays out, for the second straight year.

Pele’s cancer worsens; Denver Broncos’ Ronnie Hillman has “bad liver cancer”; OSU offensive lineman Avery Henry has bone cancer | added December 24

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WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware is in the hospital (“medical issues”); SF Giants’ Carlos Correa postpones introductory press conference (“medical concern”); UConn’s Geno Auriemma “unable to coach”. Ohio State is requiring every student, faculty and staff member to be vaccinated against covid-19 with an FDA approved vaccine. The university will also accept a vaccine that has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA or Emergency Use Listing (EUL) by the World Health Organization (WHO) to fulfill this requirement.

Pele, 82, is being treated in the general ward but “requires greater care related to renal and cardiac dysfunctions,” said the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. Considered by many to be the greatest footballer of all time, Pele was hospitalized in Sao Paulo on November 29 for what his medical team called a re-evaluation of his chemotherapy treatments, which he has been receiving since having surgery to remove a colon tumor in September 2021.

The San Francisco Giants and star shortstop Carlos Correa agreed to a massive 13-year, $350 million deal earlier this month, but an update on Tuesday may put this deal on hold for the moment. According to The Associate Press, two people with “direct knowledge of the situation” revealed that the San Francisco Giants have postponed an introductory press conference on Tuesday of their signing of Correa after a medical concern emerged during his physical.

Chinese health officials estimate 250 million people may have caught ‘covid’ in first days of December | added December 24

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Almost 250 million people in China may have caught covid-19 in the first 20 days of December, according to an internal estimate from the nation’s top health officials, Bloomberg News and the Financial Times reported Friday. If correct, the estimate – which CNN cannot independently confirm – would account for roughly 18% of China’s 1.4 billion people and represent the largest covid-19 outbreak to date globally.

The figures cited were presented during an internal meeting of China’s National Health Commission (NHC) on Wednesday, according to both outlets – which cited sources familiar with the matter or involved in the discussions. The NHC summary of Wednesday’s meeting said it delved into the treatment of patients affected by the new outbreak. On Friday, a copy of what was purportedly the NHC meeting notes was circulated on Chinese social media and seen by CNN; the authenticity of the document has not been verified and the NHC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Both the Financial Times and Bloomberg laid out in great detail the discussions by authorities over how to handle the outbreak. Among the estimates cited in both reports, was the revelation that on Tuesday alone, 37 million people were newly infected with covid-19 across China. That stood in dramatic contrast to the official number of 3,049 new infections reported that day.

Failing mask mandates: People hesitant to wear masks despite reports of rising ‘covid’, flu and RSV cases | added December 23

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WASHINGTON — Coronavirus infection rates rose steadily through the first half of November across Los Angeles County, then began to climb sharply around the long Thanksgiving weekend. As a result, on Dec. 1, the county’s public health director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, made an announcement that some had been hoping for and others had been dreading: An indoor mask mandate could be coming back for the county’s 10 million residents.

“L.A. County will follow the CDC guidance for communities designated at the ‘high community level,’ including universal indoor masking,” Ferrer said, referencing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose guidelines local and state officials tend to use when making decisions about masking. To be sure, plenty of people continue to mask.

But like other public health officials across the country, Ferrer chose not to impose a mandate, leaving masking as a matter of personal choice. The reluctance to impose new mandates has frustrated some public health experts, who believe that anti-mask rhetoric has made even many Democrats fearful of a measure that could stop the spread of the coronavirus, as well as of other diseases. And with hundreds of people still dying from covid-19 each day, they argue, not making masks mandatory in crowded spaces only puts people at risk.

Florida Supreme Court approves grand jury request to investigate ‘covid’ shots | added December 23

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TALLAHASSEE (AP) — The Florida Supreme Court will convene a grand jury at Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ request to investigate any wrongdoing with respect to the covid-19 vaccines, the court announced Thursday. The Republican governor, who is often mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2024, earlier this month called for the investigation. He suggested it would be in part aimed to jog loose more information from pharmaceutical companies about the vaccines and potential side effects.

Vaccine studies funded by pharmaceutical companies that developed covid-19 vaccines have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, and government panels reviewed data on the safety and effectiveness of the shots before approving them for use.

DeSantis’ request argues that pharmaceutical companies had a financial interest in creating a climate in which people believed that getting a coronavirus vaccine would ensure they couldn’t spread the virus to others. Statewide grand juries, usually comprised of 18 people, can investigate criminal activity and issue indictments but also examine systemic problems in Florida and make recommendations. Recent panels have tackled immigration issues and school safety.

Texas federal judge grants religious exemptions for six U.S. Army soldiers and four West Point cadets | added December 23

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A Texas federal judge has granted relief for six U.S. Army soldiers and four U.S. Military Academy West Point cadets who were denied requests for religious accommodation from receiving the mandated covid-19 vaccine. Judge James Wesley Hendrix on Wednesday ordered the preliminary injunction that prohibits the U.S. Army from taking any disciplinary, punitive, or separation measures against the service members in the case.

On Oct. 3, the plaintiffs filed the lawsuit accusing the Army of violating their rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the First Amendment. The plaintiffs were denied accommodations for their “sincerely held religious beliefs” that prevented them from receiving the covid-19 vaccine, according to court documents. Hendrix pointed out that Congress recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2023 and that, if signed into law, it would “rescind the mandate that members of the Armed Forces be vaccinated against covid-19.”

Despite these developments, the Army has refused to commit to halting separation proceeding against the plaintiffs by way of any agreement that this court can enforce. And there is no real indication that separations will cease,” Hendrix wrote in his decision. “To the contrary, the Army recently delivered one West Point cadet recoupment documents that detail his obligation to reimburse the Army for over $150,000 in education costs upon disenrollment.”

Dr. Nancy Tarlow discusses the science behind natural immunity | added December 23

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Nancy Tarlow, D.C. returns to ‘Doctors & Scientists’ for another critical conversation. This time, she and Brian Hooker, Ph.D. discuss the science behind natural immunity, sharing helpful information about microbiota, lymphoid systems and more. They speak to the relationship between vaccination, chronic conditions and virus mutation as well as provide simple solutions for a compromised, weakened immune system.

Expensive anti-viral drug Molnupiravir shows decreased recovery time for ‘covid’ vaxed patients, according to trial data | added December 23

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An antiviral drug tested by more than 25,000 vaccinated covid patients has been found to reduce recovery time from the disease. Molnupiravir was given to people twice a day, for five days at home, while they had the omicron variant of covid. Those chosen were at a higher risk of death or hospitalisation from covid due to age or underlying health conditions.

Despite aiding recovery, the drug did not decrease death rates or hospital admissions. Participants taking the antiviral drug while having covid were compared with those receiving standard care who also had the infection. The trial was conducted to see whether it backed up previous studies on molnupiravir, which had suggested it was effective at reducing hospital admissions among patients with mild-to-moderate covid.

However, those trials were conducted on unvaccinated patients, before the emergence of the omicron wave. Research in this latest study showed the treatment reduced recovery time by around four days and also reduced the viral load – the level of infection. The findings suggest this drug would not be suitable for the entire population but in extreme circumstances could reduce pressure on the NHS. Molnupiravir, which is made by Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD), is very expensive- a seven-day course costs around £577.

Democrats pass law giving themselves pay raise as New Yorkers struggle to pay for food, gas and heat | added December 23

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In the middle of Hanukkah and just a couple days before Christmas, when New Yorkers are busy celebrating and preparing for the holiday, the “powers that be” in Albany are sneakily holding a special vote this Thursday, December 22, 2022.

The bill, if passed by the Legislators, will: give themselves an unbelievable raise of $32,000 a year (which is a whopping 30% increase), whereby increasing their salaries from $110,000/year to $142,000/year in one felt swoop, for this part-time job of being a Legislator; and prohibit the legislators from having another meaningful job (which many now do), whereby forcing them to become “career politicians”…

In other words, by not being allowed to have another job besides being a legislator, they will now have to rely on their part-time legislator job to pay their bills. This will result in them becoming more loyal and beholden to their “party” (and less beholden to the taxpayers), as the threat of their party not supporting them when they run again will become a true threat (since they will have no other job to fall back on if they are not re-elected again). It will also likely result in continuous pay raises each year, as the majority will try to justify it since it will be their only job!

Editor’s Note: High inflation is making it very hard for people to pay their bills. And yet, a dark secret of the “green revolution” supports child labor in the mining of cobalt in the Congo that no one wants to talk about. Shiny new EV cars, for instance, come at a cost. Siddharth Kara is an author and expert on modern-day slavery, human trafficking, and child labor who is publishing, “Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives.” — mmd

Research and development of digital vaccine passports included in 2023 National Defense bill | added December 23

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The corrupt DC uniparty has conspired against voters who elected a Republican majority in the House to put a stop to wasteful spending driving inflation, by pushing for a massive omnibus bill as the Christmas holiday deadline looms. In a setup for the vote on the omnibus bill, on December 15, 2022, Congress passed a one-week Continuing Resolution along with the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023 (NDAA), which is the defense budget for next year. The NDAA is headed to Biden’s desk for signature.

Members on both sides of the isle have praised their efforts on the passage of the NDAA, which includes repealing the covid injection mandate for service members. While revoking the covid jab mandate for military members is a victory garnering much of the focus, other aspects of the $858 billion dollar defense bill have gone completely unnoticed. The devil is always in the details.

Tucked inside this massive defense bill is the creation of a “National research and development strategy for distributed ledger technology” to build the framework for a digital enslavement system nationwide. Though this agenda has been explicitly laid out by the Biden regime over the course of 2022, it has been years in the making as outlined in the Corey’s Digs report entitled ‘The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports’ Part 3 and Part 4.

Arise, AstraZeneca — UK celebrates Big Pharma company despite ‘covid’ shot causing blood clots and death around the world | added December 23

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In the UK today, it seems, being knighted means you’re someone the UK state wishes to protect from prosecution for crimes against the British people. We don’t need to point to Sir Tony Blair, Klaus Schwab KBE, or even to Sir Jimmy Saville to corroborate this theory.

Last week, Pascal Soriot, the French-born Australian and Chief Executive Officer of the British-Swiss pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca plc., whose ‘vaccine’ for covid-19 has produced reports of 875,000 adverse drug reactions in the UK public, including 1,334 deaths, was knighted ‘for services to UK sciences and leadership in the global response to the covid-19 pandemic’.

Other British nationals made knights or dames for their part in the UK ‘vaccination’ programme include Sir Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group that in April 2020 entered into a partnership with AstraZeneca to develop its viral-vector ‘vaccine’; Dame Sarah Gilbert, the Oxford Project Leader; Sir Adrian Hill, Sir Peter Horby and Sir Martin Landray, who were also responsible for conducting the development and trials of the Oxford ‘vaccine’; and Sir Aziz Sheikh, who was responsible for demonstrating the effectiveness of both the Oxford/AstraZeneca and BioNTech/Pfizer injections.

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the U.S., December 12-19 | added December 23

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The devastating news was released on Tuesday that beloved General Hospital star Sonya Eddy passed away Monday, December 19, 2022, at the age of 55. She was a commanding presence on the ABC soap and will be greatly missed. Academy Award-winning film star Octavia Spencer released a statement on Instagram saying, “My friend [Sonya Eddy] passed away last night. The world lost another creative angel.

Her legions of [General Hospital] fans will miss her.” “I am heartbroken about the loss of the incredible Sonya Eddy,” Frank Valentini, executive producer, said in a statement. “I truly loved her not only as an actress, but as a friend. The lights in the hub of the nurses’ station will now be a little dimmer, but her spirit and light will live on in both the show and our set. On behalf of the entire GH cast and crew, we send our deepest sympathy to her family, friends, and fans. She will be very missed.”

Eddy made her GH debut in March 2006 as Epiphany Johnson, who succeeded Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames) as head nurse of General Hospital. Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) appropriately nicknamed Epiphany “The Formidable One.” She was indeed that both on-screen and off. Epiphany made sure General Hospital ran smoothly. She was tough on her nurses because she wanted the best for and from them. Epiphany could be counted on to keep a level head during a medical crisis.

India begins randomly testing international travelers at its airports for ‘covid’ | added December 22

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NEW DELHI (AP) — India has begun randomly testing international passengers arriving at its airports for covid-19, the country’s health minister said Thursday, citing an increase in cases in neighboring China. Mansukh Mandaviya announced the new rule in Parliament, where he also urged state governments to increase surveillance for any new coronavirus variants and send samples of all positive cases to genome sequencing laboratories.

Mandaviya also asked the public to wear masks and maintain social distancing, even though there are no official mandates for either. India relaxed its mask-wearing rules earlier this year after coronavirus cases began dropping sharply. It has reported the most covid-19 cases in the world since the pandemic began, but confirmed infections have fallen sharply in the past few months. According to health ministry data, India currently has about 3,400 active coronavirus cases.

Cases have surged in neighboring China since it relaxed its harsh restrictions earlier this month following rare public protests. Mandaviya said the Indian government has no plans yet to halt flights from countries where new cases have been reported. The increase in cases in China has also prompted Indian health experts to issue advisories for the public to wear face masks and receive vaccine booster doses.

‘Covid’ and drug overdoses fuel second year of increased mortality, according to CDC | added December 22

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Accelerating deaths from covid-19 and drug overdoses fueled a second straight year of worsening life expectancy, down to the shortest it has been since 1996, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.

The estimates, published in a new report now analyzing the “final data” on American death certificates tracked by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, make official a steep decline first reported by the agency based on “preliminary data” back in August. The final estimates differ only slightly from the provisional ones released earlier this year. At the time of the August report, federal authorities had already received data on more than 99% of death certificates for 2021.

Americans born in 2021 are expected to live 76.4 years, the report’s authors now estimate. That is down from a peak of 78.8 years in 2019. Death rates worsened for every age group. Adjusted for age, the death rate climbed by 5.3% from 2020 to 2021. That is smaller than the 16.8% increase from 2019 to 2020, for the first year of the covid-19 pandemic.

China faces biggest ‘covid’ outbreak yet in wake of lifting ‘zero-covid policy’ restrictions | added December 22

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Since the relaxation of its “zero covid” restrictions earlier this month in the wake of unprecedented nationwide protests, China is facing its largest outbreak of the pandemic. At the same time, mass testing has been dropped as Chinese authorities changed their criteria in counting cases and covid-19 deaths, rendering elusive a clear picture of the state of coronavirus in China.

No longer including asymptomatic cases in their count, cases have been dropping officially in China, with only 2,966 symptomatic infections Wednesday. Cases peaked at some 40,000 daily cases earlier this month, but less than 10 official covid deaths were reported since the beginning of December. The congested streets, however, around the busy funeral homes in Beijing don’t seem to match the official toll.

The funeral home had run out of freezers to store the bodies, another worker surnamed Li told ABC News’ partners at TVBS News. “New remains would be cremated right away,” Li said. “And if there are too many they have to be put on the floor to wait.” Chinese health authorities in recent days clarified that they will now follow a strict criteria in classifying a case as a covid-19 related death.

FDA approves first ever laboratory-made monoclonal antibody treatment for hospitalized ‘covid’ patients | added December 22

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has, for the first time, approved a monoclonal antibody to treat covid-19 in hospitalized patients. Healthcare company Roche’s Actemra (tocilizumab) intravenous (IV) was approved by the FDA to treat severe covid-19 in adults, the company announced on Wednesday.

Specifically, the drug is approved in cases where the patient is hospitalized and is receiving systemic corticosteroids, as well as requiring supplemental oxygen, non-invasive or invasive mechanical ventilation, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. It is the first FDA-approved monoclonal antibody to treat covid-19, the company stated.

Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-created proteins that mimic natural antibodies the body produces to fight off harmful pathogens, such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes covid-19. Actemra does not directly target SARS-CoV-2 but addresses the inflammation that occurs from covid-19 infection. The monoclonal antibody reduces inflammation by blocking the interleukin-6 receptor. The drug is recommended to be administered as a single 60-minute IV infusion.

Del Bigtree meets with pathologist to see effects of ‘covid’ shots on blood

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole reveals the effects of ‘covid’ shots on blood | added December 22

Editor’s Note: At the 17 minute mark, Dr. Cole mentions ‘covid’ as the “clotting disease” where the spike protein of the alleged virus causes clotting. Dr. Cole states the genetic sequence of the vaccines further induces those clots. This was stated despite the ‘covid’ virus never having been isolated and proven to cause blood clots. What we are told is ‘covid’ has instead been generated in silico (in a computer) with other variables. — mmd

Watch the video on Highwire with Del Bigtree | added December 22

Dr. Cole is a board-certified dermatopathologist who has been outspoken on the covid vaccine rollout and safety profile. Del BigTree from The Highwire visited Dr Cole at his lab to learn first hand what ingredients are in the covid-19 vaccine and the real damage they cause.

‘Covid’ is making sepsis, the deadly overreaction of the immune system even worse | added December 22

Editor’s note: We are seeing reported in headlines often how  ‘covid’ links to other diseases that have been around since way before the pandemic. Sepsis is said to be an overreaction of the immune system, so once again there is a smoke and mirrors effect obscuring what is actually making people sick. The body does not attack itself, it goes after infections. Encouraging more people to get inoculated with drugs doesn’t seem like the best option especially considering the number of children who face liver failure. —  mmd

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Sepsis, a deadly overreaction of the immune system to infection, has befuddled clinicians and researchers for decades. Covid-19 made things worse. The early signs and symptoms of sepsis mimic those of both covid-19 and influenza: fever, chills, dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, and more. This overlap delays accurate diagnosis which, in the case of sepsis, can mean the difference between life and death.

Sepsis kills approximately 350,000 Americans a year, and as many as 11 million people globally. The U.S. spends an estimated $62 billion annually on sepsis treatment, making it the most expensive in-hospital therapeutic cost, and represents the most costly in-patient condition covered by Medicare. Early diagnosis is key to reducing the substantial burden of this condition.

By the time sepsis has been definitively diagnosed using traditional standard techniques, which can take between 24 to 72 hours, multisystem organ failure may have begun. Survivors of mild sepsis are at increased risk of developing future infections, while as many as 40% of those with severe sepsis and septic shock die. Every one-hour delay in administering targeted antibiotics, antifungals, or antivirals after emergency department triage or the onset of organ dysfunction or shock increases the odds of a poor outcome by 3% to 7%. Identifying the source of the infection that is putting the immune system into overdrive is a key step in treatment.

Biden administration decision to increase spending on Vaccine Injury Compensation Program raises questions on ‘covid’ shot safety | added December 22

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The U.S. Senate may be poised to pass a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill with bipartisan support this week and avoid a government shutdown but one section of the legislation may draw the attention of those skeptical about covid-19 vaccines.

The spending bill provides for more than $15 million for administrative expenses for the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Trust Fund, which provides funding for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. That program is designed to “compensate vaccine-related injury or death petitions for covered vaccines administered on or after October 1, 1988,” according to the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA).

Republican Representative Dan Bishop pointed to that section of the omnibus spending bill as part of a series of tweets on Tuesday that offered a critique of the government funding plan. “Last year’s administrative expenses for the vax injury trust fund were $13.2 million— now it’s $15.2 million,” Bishop said. “That’s a 15% increase. Anticipating a 15% increase in vaccine injuries?” “It also authorizes ‘sums as may be necessary’ for vaccine injury/death claims,” he added.

Canada pays $2.7 million dollars to 50 claimants of serious ‘covid’ shot injuries | added December 22

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According to new statistics, Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program has approved or paid out more than $2.7 million to claimants since the program opened in 2021. So far, 50 claims of a serious and permanent injury connected to a vaccine authorized by Health Canada have been approved.

Between June 2021 and Dec 1, 2022, the program received 1,299 claims, 209 of which were determined to be inadmissible because they either didn’t meet the eligibility criteria or had incomplete information. Of the remaining claims, 221 have been fully assessed by the program’s medical review board, while 48 are pending medical review board assessment and 662 claims are in the process of collecting medical records, which is usually the longest step in the assessment process, according to the Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP).

The VISP previously released statistics in the summer, but this is the first time they have disclosed the total amount of financial support paid to claimants thus far. The program, which was first announced in December 2020, officially started accepting claims in June 2021. To be eligible for compensation, you must have suffered a serious and permanent injury connected to a vaccine authorized by Health Canada that was administered in Canada after December 8, 2020.

New Jersey school district receives pushback over reinstated mask mandate | added December 22

Editor’s Note: Let’s hope the disposable ones are banned considering how bad they are for the environment. We have an environment within us that also requires proper air flow in order to maintain homeostasis and thrive. — mmd

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A New Jersey school district was blasted for reinstating its mask mandate starting Wednesday due to rising covid-19 cases. Passaic Public Schools Superintendent Sandra Montanez-Diodonet sent out a letter to parents and staff on Tuesday stating that masks are required effective Wednesday for “all employees, Pre-K through grade 12 students, and visitors are required to wear face coverings in all district facilities, school grounds, and buses.”

“Please be advised that as per our Board Policy No. 5141.10, during periods of High Activity Level as published in the NJDOH Covid-19 Activity Level Report, mask-wearing is required,” read the letter, which was shared by what appears to be the school district’s Twitter account. The letter came after state health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Passaic being among 10 counties that reached “high” community levels of covid-19 in New Jersey.

Furthermore, the state reported 2,207 covid-19 cases and 28 confirmed deaths on Tuesday, the highest number of fatalities reported in a single day since Feb. 16. Passaic Public Schools, one of New Jersey’s largest school districts, presides over approximately 14,000 students and 17 schools, including Passaic High School. The statewide mask mandate was lifted by Gov. Phil Murphy in March. Murphy had recently told a local news outlet that he does not “foresee any mandates in New Jersey unless something drastically changes.”

Fischer shares more inclusive words to be used in school

Stanford University leaked call on inclusivity | added Dec. 22

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Let’s be respectful of everyone always as best we can, that includes what experimental medical procedure they decide to undergo.

Deborah Rose Lusignan, a/k/a Sane Progressive

‘Sane Progressive’ — What happened to Debbie Luisgnan? PWFM special edition

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What happened to Deborah Rose Lusignan, known to her many followers as Sane Progressive or Unite4Truth?

Her many incarnations included a popular YouTube channel that investigated and tracked the facts and circumstances surrounding mass tragedy events (including mass shootings). Then after becoming the target of physical and verbal intimidation, she closed up shop and did not resurface again until March 2021 under the handle “Nurse Rose,” operating a popular “covid” truth website.

She disappeared again in January 2022. Then she was reported to have died on Dec. 9. What happened? This special presentation is included in the Dec. 16, 2022 edition of Planet Waves FM. Additional charts and information, and the full program, are there.

Chiron Return – Planet Waves FM is a longtime affiliate of Pacifica Radio Network. We are listener-supported community public radio.

Food giant Cargill subjects cows to mandatory masking that traps methane burps | added December 21

Editor’s Note: Masking cows to trap methane burps, are we getting how ridiculous this is yet? At least this time it’s an admitted experiment — cruel nonetheless. This reminds me of artist Barbara Daniels who reversed the roles of animals acting as humans. The dark perspective shows the violent ways people treat animals, like caged, insignificant sentient beings. One may ask how humans expect to be treated differently? — mmd

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Cows expel significant quantities of methane, an odorless greenhouse gas, which is more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Achieving significant reductions in methane emissions would have a rapid effect on slowing down climate change, per the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

A single dairy cow can produce up to 130 gallons of methane per day. And their burps account for 95% of a cow’s methane emissions. There are approximately one billion cattle worldwide. Cows and other farm animals produce about 14% of human-induced climate emissions. In the past, solutions to the cattle industry’s methane problem have involved changing cows’ diets.

Scientists proposed the mass production of a puffy, pink seaweed to combat climate change, Insider reported in 2019. But Zelp’s solution allows cows to digest typical food, with the mask working to detect, capture, and oxidize the methane in the cow’s burps. A sensor at the tip of the masks detects when a cow exhales and the percentage of methane expelled, WIRED reported. The mask sets the oxidation mechanism into action when methane levels are too high.

Police in Jerusalem expand ‘covid’ technology for mass surveillance | added December 21

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Jerusalem (AP) — Majd Ramlawi was serving coffee in Jerusalem’s Old City when a chilling text message appeared on his phone. “You have been spotted as having participated in acts of violence in the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” it read in Arabic. “We will hold you accountable.”

Ramlawi, then 19, was among hundreds of people who civil rights attorneys estimate got the text last year, at the height of one of the most turbulent recent periods in the Holy Land. Many, including Ramlawi, say they only lived or worked in the neighborhood, and had nothing to do with the unrest. What he didn’t know was that the feared internal security agency, the Shin Bet, was using mass surveillance technology mobilized for coronavirus contact tracing, against Israeli residents and citizens for purposes entirely unrelated to covid-19.

In the pandemic’s bewildering early days, millions worldwide believed government officials who said they needed confidential data for new tech tools that could help stop coronavirus’ spread. In return, governments got a firehose of individuals’ private health details, photographs that captured their facial measurements and their home addresses. Now, from Beijing to Jerusalem to Hyderabad, India, and Perth, Australia, The Associated Press has found that authorities used these technologies and data to halt travel for activists and ordinary people, harass marginalized communities and link people’s health information to other surveillance and law enforcement tools.

Duke University denies 14 year-old a life-saving kidney transplant due to vaccination status | added December 21

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When Lee and Chrissy’s daughter, Yulia, was denied a life-saving kidney transplant as a result of her vaccination status, the family stayed strong and spoke out. What has kept them from losing hope? What holds their family together in these dark times? And what do they expect will be the outcome of this dire situation? Tune in to ‘The People’s Testaments’ to hear feedback from the Hicks family.

Study finds ‘updated covid booster jabs’ only 30 percent effective | added December 21

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The new covid-19 vaccine boosters barely provide any protection against infection, according to a new study. The boosters, from Pfizer and Moderna, were just 30 percent effective in preventing infection, researchers with the Cleveland Clinic found. The effectiveness falls below the 50 percent effectiveness required by the World Health Organization and originally recommended by the FDA. U.S. regulators have since stopped requiring any clinical efficacy at all.

The researchers analyzed data from clinic employees since Sept. 12, shortly after the boosters were authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of covid-19. Out of the nearly 52,000 workers, about 10,800 received one of the bivalents. Researchers pinpointed the time to covid-19, or time to a positive test, and compared the boosted population to those who were vaccinated but did not receive a bivalent as well as the unvaccinated.

Researchers ultimately estimated the effectiveness at 30 percent, even though the BA.4/BA.5 subvariants were in circulation during the study period. The new boosters contain components of the original Wuhan virus strain and a sublineage of the BA.4/BA.5 subvariants. Laboratory testing indicates the boosters perform worse against newer variants, including the dominant BQ.1 and BQ1.1 strains.

Funny how one man claims he is ‘the science’… 

Mayor Eric Adams masks up to encourage New Yorkers to protect against ‘covid’, flu and RSV | added December 21

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Mayor Eric Adams put his face mask on again on Tuesday and encouraged New Yorkers to do the same. Mr. Adams held a news conference at City Hall to urge residents to take precautions in the face of a winter surge of covid-19 cases and other illnesses. “With the holiday season in full swing and cases of covid-19, flu and R.S.V. rising, we are asking New Yorkers to protect themselves and their loved ones once again,” Mr. Adams said.

It was the mayor’s first covid briefing in months, and he does not typically wear a mask in public. City health officials issued an advisory earlier this month strongly recommending that people wear masks in both public indoor settings and crowded outdoor environments, but many New Yorkers who are weary of pandemic restrictions have not complied.

City health officials again encouraged New Yorkers on Tuesday to get vaccinated and boosted, noting that more than 80 percent of people who are dying from the coronavirus are unvaccinated. They also recommended that people get tested before gathering for the holidays. Mr. Adams, a Democrat who is nearing the end of his first year in office, received his second booster shot on camera in September. He has been eager to move on from the pandemic and its economic devastation of the city, and has resisted bringing back mask mandates.

Texas Senate committee calls for ban on all mask and ‘covid’ shot mandates | added December 21

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AUSTIN — A Texas Senate committee wants the state to ban mask and covid-19 vaccine mandates, a sign pandemic policy may become a flashpoint in the upcoming legislative session. The Republican-led Senate Health and Human Services Committee included the coronavirus recommendations in a newly released 37-page report.

While a majority of committee members endorsed the document, including two doctors who are both Republicans, three senators called the policy ideas shortsighted and refused to sign on. The division on the committee highlights ongoing tension over public health measures sparked during the pandemic. While not a piece of legislation, the document signals the priorities of the Senate committee, which vets all bills dealing with health and human services.

It remains to be seen whether the GOP-dominated Legislature will welcome the recommendations, which face pushback from public health experts. State leaders have not named pandemic policy a priority ahead of the session, which begins Jan. 10. More than 90,000 Texans have died from covid-19, though fatalities have fallen off sharply since the beginning of the year, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

WHO warns ‘covid’ infection surge in China may halt the declaration of an end to global pandemic | added December 21

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It may be too early to declare the global end of the covid-19 pandemic emergency because of a potentially devastating wave to come in China, according to several leading scientists and advisers to the World Health Organization. Their views represent a shift since China began to dismantle its zero-covid policy last week after a spike in infections and unprecedented public protests.

Projections have suggested the world’s second-largest economy could face more than a million deaths in 2023 after the abrupt change in course. China’s zero-covid approach kept infections and deaths comparatively low among the population of 1.4 billion, but a relaxation in rules has changed the global picture, experts said. “The question is whether you can call it post-pandemic when such a significant part of the world is actually just entering its second wave,” said Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, who sits on a WHO committee tasked with advising on the status of the Covid emergency.

“It’s clear that we are in a very different phase [of the pandemic], but in my mind, that pending wave in China is a wild card.” As recently as September, the WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, had said “the end is in sight” for the pandemic. Last week, he told reporters in Geneva that he was “hopeful” of an end to the emergency some time in 2023. Most countries removed covid restrictions as threats of dangerous new variants of the virus or a resurgence of infections receded in the second half of 2022.

Popular Chinese singer Jane Zhang admits on social media she deliberately infected herself with ‘covid’ | added December 21

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Popular Chinese singer and songwriter Jane Zhang has been facing massive backlash on social media after she revealed that she deliberately infected herself with the coronavirus. Her shocking revelation comes at a time when China is facing a massive surge in coronavirus cases, driven by the BF.7 omicron variant.

The singer admitted on social media that she deliberately infected herself with the coronavirus by seeing friends who had tested positive. Taking to Weibo, she said that she had visited the homes of ‘sheep’ – a term for virus carriers in mainland China, according to a South China Morning Post. The reason? The singer wanted to contract the virus in preparation for an upcoming New Year’s Eve concert.

Ms. Zhang explained that she wanted to catch the virus so that she would not be at risk of infection during the concert, which is held at the end of December. “I was concerned that my condition during the New Year’s Eve performance would be affected, so I met a group of people who have tested positive since I currently have time to recover from the virus,” she wrote. The 38-year-old singer added that she went to sleep after she began to have symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and body aches. Zhang explained that her symptoms were similar to that of a covid patient but only lasted one day

FDA study links Pfizer’s ‘covid’ shot to blood clotting in elderly | added December 20

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Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine has been linked to blood clotting in older individuals, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA researchers, crunching data from a database of elderly persons in the United States, found that pulmonary embolism — blood clotting in the lungs — met the initial threshold for a statistical signal and continued meeting the criteria after a more in-depth evaluation.

Three other outcomes of interest — a lack of oxygen to the heart, a blood platelet disorder called immune thrombocytopenia and another type of clotting called intravascular coagulation — initially raised red flags, researchers said. More in-depth evaluations, such as comparisons with populations who received influenza vaccines, showed those three as no longer meeting the statistical threshold for a signal.

Researchers looked at data covering 17.4 million elderly Americans who received a total of 34.6 million vaccine doses between Dec. 10, 2020, and Jan. 16, 2022. The study was published by the journal Vaccine on Dec. 1. The FDA said it was not taking any action on the results because they do not prove the vaccines cause any of the four outcomes, and because the findings “are still under investigation and require more robust study.”

U.S. judge approves $10 million dollar settlement for health care workers fired over ‘covid’ vax status | added December 20

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A U.S. judge approved a multimillion-dollar settlement on Dec. 19 for workers who were fired by an Illinois health care system for refusing to get a covid-19 vaccine. About 500 workers who were terminated or, after seeing their exemption requests denied, got a covid-19 vaccine, will receive compensation as part of the $10.3 million settlement, a preliminary version of which was first announced in July.

U.S. District Judge John Kness, a Trump appointee overseeing the lawsuit brought by the workers, issued verbal approval for the settlement during a hearing, lawyers for Liberty Counsel and NorthShore University Healthsystem said. Kness plans to release a written judgment in the next week. In a brief statement emailed to The Epoch Times after Kness’s approval, NorthShore wrote, “We are pleased with the Court’s approval of a supportive resolution to this matter and continue to prioritize the health and safety of our patients and team members.”

Harry Mihet, vice president of legal affairs for Liberty Counsel, said in a statement that the group was “pleased to finally get the court’s final approval of this classwide settlement for these health care workers who were unlawfully discriminated against and denied religious exemptions from the covid shot mandate.” “This case should set a precedent for other employers who have violated the law by denying religious exemptions for their employees,” he said.

Crematoriums across China struggle with influx of dead bodies amid ‘covid’ outbreak | added December 20

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Crematoriums in cities across China are straining to deal with an influx of bodies amid a widening covid-19 outbreak, according to media reports, as authorities scrambled to install hospital beds and build fever-screening clinics.

Crematoriums in the cities of Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou told the AFP news agency on Tuesday that they were much busier than normal, with one of the facilities reporting running out of space for bodies. But the news agency said it was not possible to establish if the increase in deaths was related to covid-19 with staff declining to answer questions.

Despite the strain on the crematoriums, the National Health Commission reported five covid-19 deaths on Tuesday, following two on Monday, all of which were in the capital, Beijing, and were the first fatalities reported in weeks. In total, China has reported just 5,242 covid-19 deaths since the pandemic emerged in the central city of Wuhan in late 2019 – a very low toll by global standards.

Strep A “superbug”? | added December 20

Watch the video on Dr. Sam Bailey

We are seeing a spate of news stories talking about so-called “superbugs” which are claimed to be invasive and deadly to humans. Some are said to be resistant to antibiotics amid speculation that these drugs may be in short supply. Let’s have a look into the actual science surrounding Group A Strep hype! Does Group A Strep pose any threat to you or your family? Do you ever need to take antibiotics, or is there something else going on?

U.S. appeals court rules White House can not legally mandate federal contractors to get ‘covid’ injection | added December 20

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WASHINGTON / CIUDAD JUAREZ / LOS ANGELES / MOSCOW – A US appeals court on Monday said the White House could not require federal contractors to ensure that their workers are vaccinated against covid-19 as a condition of government contracts. The US government has contracts with thousands of companies, and courts have said the issue could affect up to 20% of US workers.

A panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to uphold a lower court decision that blocked President Joe Biden’s September 2021 contractor vaccine executive order in those states after Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi brought suit to seek invalidation of the mandate. The court said Biden wanted it “to ratify an exercise of proprietary authority that would permit him to unilaterally impose a healthcare decision on one-fifth of all employees in the United States. We decline to do so.”

The majority opinion written by Judge Kurt Engelhardt said a broad interpretation of the law could give Biden “nearly unlimited authority to introduce requirements into federal contracts.” Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court on Monday said covid-era restrictions at the US-Mexico border that have prevented hundreds of thousands of migrants from seeking asylum should be kept in place for now, siding with Republicans who brought a legal challenge.

Chinese governments urge people with mild ‘covid’ symptoms to return to work | added December 20

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BEIJING (AP) — Several local governments in China encouraged people with mild cases of covid-19 to go to work this week, another sign of the difficulty the country faces as its rollback of virus-containment measures sets off a wave of infections — and a growing number of deaths.

Health authorities reported Tuesday that five people died in the latest 24-hour period, all in Beijing, fueling concern that the toll could rise sharply after the lifting of most “zero-covid” restrictions. The official toll likely understates the actual number, and it’s unclear how the unleashing of the virus will play out in China and whether the health care system can handle a surge in cases nationwide.

The city of Guiyang in southern Guizhou province proposed that infected people with little or no symptoms go to work in a range of sectors, including government offices, state-owned companies, medical, health and emergency workers and those in express delivery and supermarkets. That’s a sea change from just a few weeks ago, when China’s policy was to isolate anyone infected at a hospital or government-run facility.

Global vaccination rates at unprecedented low as more people reluctant to get jabbed | added December 20

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Vaccines offer a potent armour against infectious diseases that once carried a heavy toll of mortality and morbidity, particularly among children. Gaps were already forming in that armour in the years before the covid-19 pandemic. But amid stagnating vaccination rates, the pandemic acted like a shotgun, punching many more holes in humanity’s defences against preventable diseases such as measles.

The risks of allowing these infections to flourish are clear. Zimbabwe is currently working to contain a huge measles outbreak that claimed the lives of more than 750 children between April and October. And poliovirus has recently re-emerged in the United States after decades of successful elimination, prompting a state of emergency in New York.

The drop in vaccination rates is partly a direct consequence of the pandemic itself, which caused severe interruptions in public-health services and diverted resources. But it isn’t simply a crisis of access to vaccines. The failures and inequities in the global public-health response, coupled with politicization of the pandemic, have also undermined confidence in the institutions and people that coordinate and conduct immunization efforts.

Former Top Australian doctor reveals she suffered serious adverse reactions and ongoing injuries from ‘covid’ injections | added December 20

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Former Australian federal MP Dr. Kerryn Phelps has revealed she and her wife both suffered serious and ongoing injures from covid vaccines, while suggesting the true rate of adverse events is far higher than acknowledged due to under-reporting and “threats” from medical regulators. has the story.

In an explosive submission to Parliament’s long covid inquiry, the former Australian Medical Association (AMA) president has broken her silence about the “devastating” experience — emerging as the most prominent public health figure in the country to speak up about the taboo subject. “This is an issue that I have witnessed first-hand with my wife who suffered a severe neurological reaction to her first Pfizer vaccine within minutes, including burning face and gums, paraesethesiae, and numb hands and feet, while under observation by myself, another doctor and a registered nurse at the time of immunisation,” the 65-year-old said.

“I continue to observe the devastating effects a year-and-a-half later with the addition of fatigue and additional neurological symptoms including nerve pains, altered sense of smell, visual disturbance and musculoskeletal inflammation. The diagnosis and causation has been confirmed by several specialists who have told me that they have seen ‘a lot’ of patients in a similar situation.” Dr. Phelps married former primary school teacher Jackie Stricker-Phelps in 1998.

Biden bonds with Dore | added December 20

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Joe Biden is riding high after the twin successes of defeating the rail workers and passing the Respect for Marriage Act. And celebrating the latter was such a great time that Vice President Harris went a bit overboard and got falling down drunk. But there’s no time to rest on his laurels because next Biden needs to figure out how he’ll be embarrassing himself at the upcoming Africa summit.

Part I: China becomes world’s first “Technate”, technocratic society | added December 20

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[Nov. 25, 2022] We are being rapidly transitioned into a new system of centralised, authoritarian global governance. This system is designed to be a technocracy and it is truly totalitarian. Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens.

It is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression. It does not permit individual freedom. Traditional social institutions and organizations are discouraged and suppressed, making people more willing to be merged into a single unified movement. Totalitarian states typically pursue a special goal to the exclusion of all others, with all resources directed toward its attainment, regardless of the cost.

That “special” goal is sustainable development and no cost, either financial or humanitarian, is too great to tackle the alleged “climate crisis.” In reality, climate change is simply the excuse for sustainable development and it is through the global policy commitment to “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) that technocracy is being installed.

China announces two ‘covid’ deaths in Beijing as virus continues to surge | added December 19

Editor’s Note: Let’s put death toll numbers in perspective. In December 2021, newly released Pfizer document exposed FDA cover-up of vaccine related deaths in early 2021. The report showed 1,223 deaths and over 158,893 adverse reactions.  Let’s check priorities: in 2021 over 71,000 people died in the U.S. alone from fentanyl.mmd

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BEIJING (AP) — Chinese health authorities on Monday announced two additional covid-19 deaths, both in the capital Beijing, that were the first reported in weeks and come during an expected surge of illnesses after the nation eased its strict “zero-covid” approach.

China had not reported a death from covid-19 since Dec. 4, even though unofficial reports of a new wave of cases are widespread. With the latest reported deaths, the National Health Commission raised China’s total to 5,237 deaths from covid-19 in the past three years, out of 380,453 cases of illness — numbers that are much lower than in other major countries but also based on statistics and information-gathering methods that have come into question.

Chinese health authorities count only those who died directly from covid-19, excluding people whose underlying conditions such as diabetes and heart disease were worsened by the virus. In many other countries, guidelines stipulate that any death where the coronavirus is a factor or contributor is counted as a covid-19-related death. The announcement comes amid testimony from family members and people who work in the funeral business who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution saying deaths tied to covid-19 were increasing.

Police in China detain at least four people protesting against ‘covid’ restrictions, according to family members and activists | added December 19

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TAIPEI, Taiwan—Police in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou have detained at least four people for more than a week after they attended protests against covid-19 restrictions in late November, according to activists, family members, and friends of the detained.

While many who attended protests in cities across China last month were released after being held for 24 hours—the legal limit on detention before police must file charges—the four Guangzhou residents as of Wednesday have been held for a week and a half. The detentions came a week after a burst of nationwide protests in the last weekend in November where people demanded freedom from China’s strict pandemic restrictions across several cities in a rare display of direct defiance against the central government.

Protesters took to the streets despite great personal risk, knowing that surveillance cameras were pervasive and their social media would be tracked by police. Now, what the protesters feared—that police would arrest them after the initial wave of action had passed—is happening in Guangzhou. Among the detained is 25-year-old Yang Zijing, who was at home with a roommate when police burst in on Dec. 4, said Yang’s mother, Gao Xiusheng.

The current state of Australia after ‘covid’ mandates with Meryl Dorey | added December 19

Editor’s Note: Not too long ago, Australia was bringing their citizens to ‘covid’ detention centers after testing positive. This is what happened to Hayley Hodgson although it turns out the test was false. — mmd

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Meryl Dorey joins ‘The Solution’ as this week’s guest, sharing updates on Australia’s mandates, vaccination campaigns, virus cases and other related topics.

Former Long Island biology teacher pleads guilty to lesser charges for injecting teen with J&J ‘covid’ shot | added Dec. 19

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MINEOLA, N.Y. — A plea deal was made Friday in a covid-19 vaccine case on Long Island that drew national attention. Biology teacher Laura Parker Russo, who injected a 17-year-old friend of her son with a purported Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine last New Year’s Eve, left court without comment after moving to resolve her felony case by pleading guilty to lesser charges.

“I think they should have kept it as a misdemeanor. I don’t think what she did was a walk in the park,” said Lisa Doyle, the teenager’s mother. Doyle reiterated what she first told CBS2 last May — that there should be greater repercussions for the highly educated Sea Cliff mother, who was a teacher at Herricks High School. “I’m glad that the judge realized that he needed to be tougher on her than the DA was,” Doyle said.

The judge threw out the initial agreement and tacked on 100 hours of community service and therapy twice a week for a year when Russo pled guilty to attempted unauthorized practice of medicine and disorderly conduct in order to receive a conditional discharge and no prison time. “As long as she’s successful in what the judge laid out that she has to do, she will have a non-criminal disposition. She will be getting a violation at the end,” Russo’s defense attorney, Gerard McCloskey, said.

Thai princess hospitalized for heart condition after collapse | added December 19

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[Dec. 15, 2022] Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha has been hospitalized in Bangkok, Thailand’s Royal Palace said on Thursday. Princess Bajrakitiyabha is the eldest daughter of Thai King Vajiralongkorn and is 44 years old. She collapsed from a heart condition on Wednesday evening while attending an event for dogs organized by the military, the palace said.

She was first treated at a local hospital, then flown to a hospital by helicopter in the capital Bangkok after her condition stabilized to a “certain level,” the palace added. What to know about the royal line of succession. Princess Bajrakitiyabha is eligible for the throne under a 1924 Palace Law of Succession, since she is one of the King’s three children with a formal title.

While the palace succession law stipulates that the heir to the throne should be male, an amendment to the constitution in 1974 allowed for a daughter of the royal line to ascend the throne if a successor has not been named. Though King Vajiralongkorn is yet to formally designate an heir since becoming king in 2016, Princess Bajrakitiyabha is widely seen as the most plausible heir apparent to the throne due to her prestigious roles in her father’s inner circle.

Uncle Vin shares some holiday tips | added December 19

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It’s not always bad… Happy Monday.

“People are gathering as they should,” says White House ‘covid’ response coordinator while encouraging updated booster jabs and tests | added December 19

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Americans should still gather to celebrate the holidays, despite a rise in respiratory illness and low rates of uptake for the latest covid-19 vaccine, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Ashish Jha said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We’re at a point where it’s safe to gather, but you still have things to do,” Jha said — insisting, as officials in the Biden administration have before, that the proper tools exist to manage the virus. “If you don’t do those things, obviously things can get much worse.” Those measures include testing, treatment and taking the updated booster; people who haven’t gotten a covid-19 shot in the last six months should get the newest booster, Jha said.

The doctor didn’t list masking as part of the current strategy against the virus, though host Martha Raddatz mentioned it as a mitigation measure. Jha reiterated that during the holidays, “people are gathering, as they should.” The White House official said he was “not totally surprised” by a recent uptick of covid-19 cases, given the surges over the past two winters. He also acknowledged low rates of people receiving the most recent booster shot — about 14 percent of eligible Americans, as of last week.

‘Covid’ model predicts over 1 million deaths in China in 2023 after lifting restrictions | added December 19

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China’s abrupt lifting of stringent covid-19 restrictions could result in an explosion of cases and over a million deaths through 2023, according to new projections from the U.S.-based Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

According to the group’s projections, cases in China would peak around April 1, when deaths would reach 322,000. About a third of China’s population will have been infected by then, IHME Director Christopher Murray said. China’s national health authority has not reported any official covid deaths since the lifting of covid restrictions. The last official deaths were reported on Dec. 3.

Total pandemic fatalities stand at 5,235. China lifted some of the world’s toughest covid restrictions in December after unprecedented public protests and is now experiencing a spike in infections, with fears covid could sweep across its 1.4 billion population during next month’s Lunar New Year holiday. “Nobody thought they would stick to zero-covid as long as they did,” Murray said on Friday when the IHME projections were released online.

Part 5: Uncovering the ‘covid’ fraud | added December 19

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My intention was to get all the way through to the 24th of March but there were just too many relevant and enlightening stories to share over the course of the five days that are packed into this post. Unfortunately, I had to draw the line somewhere otherwise this would be an even more obnoxiously long read than it is currently. I also do a horrible job of self-editing and thus I have a hard time disregarding any post as non-essential.

Alas, this 5-day period is jam-packed with content! We get an investigative story trying to solve the mystery of why elderly people with severe underlying health conditions pass away over their younger and healthier counterparts. We see a few celebrity pieces this month with one from a father-son duo pushing the fear-based social distancing narrative while the other is from the host of a popular Discovery show weighing in on the safety overreach.

We receive our first look at repurposed drugs as treatment with the intentional floating of hydroxychloroquine. There is also a trip back to 1976 to examine the parallels between “covid-19” and the Swine flu. We continue to see the incremental ramping up of lockdowns and social distancing, especially with French President Macron threatening fines against the population if valid reasons were not presented for being outdoors amongst the living. Fortunately, there were also many stories of people pushing back against the tyranny and living their lives normally as should have been done by everyone.

Top surgeon begs New Zealanders to drive safely over holidays to alleviate overwhelmed hospitals | added December 19

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With the latest covid-19 wave continuing to worsen, a top surgeon is begging New Zealanders to drive safely these holidays – because our emergency departments are already bursting at the seams. It’s the first summer since 2019/2020 with the borders open – a boon for tourism, but more people on the road means more risks.”There’s going to be a lot of trouble around the country,” Li Hsee, consultant trauma and acute care Surgeon at Auckland City Hospital, told Checkpoint on Monday.

“Our worry is that there is going to be an increase in the number of road traffic crashes over the summertime. Our borders are open, there’s going to be more tourists around and people may not be familiar with our road code. “The message out there is really to take care this summer, over the holiday period, to prevent road fatalities and severe injuries.” The Tourism Export Council has previously said it expected about 2 million overseas visitors to New Zealand this summer, after two years of the border being tightly shut and covid-19 restrictions largely gone, despite the current wave.

Hsee, who is also chair of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ Trauma Subcommittee, said the likely increase in accidents over summer will put pressure on hospitals which are “full pretty much, all the time” already. There are currently 581 people in hospital with covid-19, nearly six times as many as there were at the start of October. About 6000 new cases are being reported each day, which some experts have said is likely to be well below the real number of infections.

Jim Morrison the poet

Planet Waves FM:: Jim Morrison revisited

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Dear Friend and Reader/Listener:

Tonight on Planet Waves FM, which should post well ahead of its scheduled 10 pm time, I plan to discuss the Sun’s alignment to the Galactic Core; revisit the ideas of Jim Morrison, including his ideas about journalism and the media generally (and his astrology). Jim’s charts are below.

I also have an interview with vaccine injury attorney Renee Gentry. She fills us in on the sad state of the federal government’s official vaccine injury court, as well as what is happening with claims to the government’s program to compensate people harmed by covid mitigation measures — which has done exactly nothing for the past three years. She suggests how this might be remedied.

We are also following the loss of Deborah Rose Lusignan, also known as Sane Progressive, who died in Massachusetts on Dec. 9 at age 51. She was an independent journalist who indirectly had a profound influence on my own reporting, and who was one of the most popular presenters in the early days of YouTube. She had a massive worldwide following — until she took most of her materials down in 2018. I will catch you up on the results of our investigation so far.

Thank you for supporting Chiron Return, the 501(c)(3) organization that sponsors Planet Waves FM and many of our other reporting endeavors. Proceeds from your paid subscriptions to this Substack go directly to Chiron Return to cover our basic costs. Thank you for helping with that.

‘Covid’ poll shows at least 50 percent of U.S. adults are not getting bivalent ‘covid’ booster jabs | added December 18

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About half of the U.S. adult population say they don’t need the latest covid-19 booster while just under a quarter have already taken the jab, according to a recent poll. The findings come despite a Biden administration push to vaccinate during the holiday season.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Covid-19 Monitor poll, only 22 percent of adults have gotten the new bivalent booster since it first became available in September. Another 16 percent claim that they plan to get it “as soon as possible.” These numbers vary slightly from those that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out on Dec. 8, which showed that only 16.3 percent of eligible adults have received the updated booster.

The CDC classifies as “fully vaccinated” those individuals who completed the covid-19 monovalent series of the original SARS-CoV-2 strain; the classification does not require a booster. “Fully vaccinated, however, is not the same as having the best protection,” the agency cautions. “People are best protected when they stay up to date with covid-19 vaccinations, which includes getting a booster when eligible.”

The weaponization of the WHO with James Corbett and Meryl Nass | added December 18

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Solve the intentionally confusing puzzle about what the WHO’s 2023 plans are regarding the “zero draft” for a new and potentially legally binding pandemic treaty, International Health Regulation amendments, recent Intergovernmental Negotiating Body Meetings and more. Learn all about the corrupt public health organization “with teeth” with guest James Corbett and Meryl Nass, M.D on ‘Good Morning CHD.’

CDC alleges new bivalent boosters offer more protection against hospitalization than original | added December 18

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New bivalent covid booster shots are more effective at reducing risk of hospitalization than boosters of the original vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in two new studies Friday.

The CDC recommended a bivalent booster in September to better protect against the omicron variant. The new booster targets a component of the omicron variant and a component of the original virus strain to offer both broad and omicron-specific protection. Two small studies from Columbia University and Harvard University in October suggested the new shots did not produce better antibody response against the omicron BA.5 variant than boosters of the original vaccines.

But the CDC came out with two studies Friday detailing the bivalent vaccine’s effectiveness against covid-related emergency department visits and hospitalizations and effectiveness against hospitalization specifically among older people. The first study was conducted from Sept. 13 to Nov. 18 in seven health systems when the omicron BA.5 variant, one of the targets of the bivalent shots, was the most dominant variant.

When is enough, enough? 

Buffalo Bills player Cole Beasley back in the game after apology over ‘covid’ jab refusal | added December 18

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Many Buffalo Bills fans welcomed wide receiver Cole Beasley back to upstate New York after he announced he was coming out of retirement and expressed regret for how he handled criticism over his decision to not get the covid-19 vaccine. Beasley’s vaccine stance garnered controversy among football fans, particularly on social media. And oftentimes he would engage with and push back on his critics.

At a press conference following his first practice back with the team on Tuesday, Beasley admitted that wasn’t the best approach he could have taken as a professional. “As we know, the last two years were difficult on everybody,” Beasley said. “There were a lot of things that I wish I could have done differently. I just wanted to right a lot of wrongs around here and be with teammates and just get back to football. So we talked about a few of those things and got it sorted out.”

Beasley shared that the dustup really hit home when his son told him he was uninvited to a friend’s birthday party. “There were some times last year where I would get some stuff from people and it would be a little frustrating just because, before, it wasn’t like that. So it was a change,” Beasley said. “There was a time last year, and it really killed me. There was a kid that came up to him and told him that he couldn’t come to his birthday party because his mom didn’t like me. He had no idea what was going on.”

California public health officials urge people to get vaccinated as flu cases and hospitalizations surge | added December 18

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Flu activity and hospitalizations are soaring to levels not seen since before the covid-19 pandemic, spurring public health officials and emergency room doctors to issue public pleas this week to Californians to get vaccinated.

That’s a major change from the last two years, when stay-home orders and mask mandates suppressed transmission of the flu so low in the Sacramento region that UC Davis Medical Center didn’t admit one patient with the disease in the 2020-21 influenza season. “We’ve benefited the past two years from all the masking and distancing that we’ve had,” said Dr. Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Health.

“There’s normally between 100 and 200 US pediatric deaths every influenza season. In 2020-21, there was one pediatric death in the U.S.” It wasn’t just children who benefited, though, according to death certificates reviewed by the California Department of Health. The agency reported that flu deaths among seniors ages 65-plus plummeted by 73% in the 2021-22 flu season when compared with 2018-2019, the last flu season before the covid-19 pandemic. There were 355 flu deaths in California that year, more than three times the 96 reported last season.

Rage Against The Machine’s bass player has cancer, Nick Zinner’s ongoing health issues and Captain Lee Rosbach leaves “Below Deck” over nerve damage issues | added December 18

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Rage Against The Machine’s bassist Tim Commerford has revealed he had his prostate removed following a cancer diagnosis ahead of the legendary rock band’s reunion tour last summer. In an interview with Spin published Monday, the 54-year-old said he underwent surgery just two months before the tour. “My doctors said I wasn’t going to be ready,” he told the magazine. “That was brutal. I would be on stage looking at my amp in tears.

Then you just kind of turn around and suck it up.” Calling his health battle “some pretty serious shit,” Commerford explained that only those closest to him—including his bandmates—had previously been aware of his diagnosis. He said he’d chosen to speak out and spread awareness after guitarist Andy Taylor announced his stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis in a letter read aloud by his Duran Duran bandmate at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony last month.

“I hope there’s one person who reads this and is like, ‘Fuck, I need to get checked out’ when they find out about it,” Commerford said. Today has reported that indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs have cancelled their upcoming appearances on Saturday Night Live and at KROQ’s Acoustic Christmas due to Nick Zinner’s ongoing health issues. Last month Zinner had pneumonia and the band confirmed on their social media channels that he still needs more time to recover before returning to the stage.

SCOTUS ruling over Biden’s unconstitutional student loan forgiveness mirrors “quarantine camp” lawsuits | added Dec. 18

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The Separation of Powers doctrine is the cornerstone of our great nation. It is the bedrock upon which our free society is sustained. Without it, we fall prey to gross government overreach, at best… and tyranny, at worst. It is the people who suffer when there is a breach of separation of powers.

This is why our founding fathers wrote our Constitution in this way – such that, if it is upheld, then there would never be tyranny here in these United States of America. It’s not that our founding fathers had foresight that the government would spiral out of control; it’s more that they had just come from tyranny, and had fought a long, bloody war against England to win their independence.

They wanted to prevent such tyranny from ever occurring here on our shores ever again, and so they designed our government based on a system of checks and balances, where there would be three, co-equal branches of government, each with their own special, enumerated powers (ie separation of powers doctrine). As long as separation of powers is upheld, the people will remain in charge, and the nation can prosper under the will of its citizens. If you take nothing from this article, take at least this… the Constitution wasn’t written to keep the people in check – it was written to keep the government in check!

The dehumanizing effects of “kick em while they’re down” with mandates and fear | added December 18

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Remember the ugly prank taping a sheet of paper on a nerd’s back (or on the back of some other vulnerable innocent) that said KICK ME? Maybe you are from a generation where teenagers didn’t do such things. I never liked the idea because I was of the type that would get such a sign pinned on my back (I never actually did, thank god, but I wouldn’t put it past those bastards to do such a thing). This poor sap would walk down the hall at school accompanied by a barrage of laughter and snickers.

A few brazen jerks would actually kick him; with the victim unawares of his attraction to abuse until he figured out he had a sign pinned to his back. I saw some lone masked dude walking down the street the other day, and as he passed me I was compelled to kick him in the butt. Now I am on the other side of that boot—a bully, angry, for whatever psychological reason, with a guy wearing the “kick me” sign, not on his back, but on his face.

It has come to that. At least for me. At first the masks were frightening, then they were a means showing the mask-less as the “evil and selfish ones,” and as a result of that label, ostracized. Now, to me at least, they are a mark of stupidity, mindlessness, and yes, selfishness as well. People should be smarter than this. It is interesting how the tide has turned; those still wearing the masks are the science deniers now, not us.

“Kick me,” the mask screams out, “I am a dolt.”

Senate passes military policy bill that lifts ‘covid’ vax mandate for service members | added December 16

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The Senate passed a massive military policy bill Thursday that would direct the Defense Department to lift a covid vaccination mandate for service members and authorize $858 billion in defense spending. The National Defense Authorization Act, the annual bill that authorizes Pentagon spending and policies, cleared the Senate in an 83-11 vote. Five Republicans and six Democrats opposed the measure.

It passed the House in a 350-80 vote last week. The legislation now heads to President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature. The bipartisan bill would authorize funding for Taiwan and Ukraine and a 4.6% pay increase for troops. It also would do away with the military vaccination mandate, a Republican priority. Democratic leaders allowed the new covid language to ensure timely passage of the bill.

A GOP-backed amendment that pushed for scrapping the vaccination mandate immediately instead of waiting several weeks failed to meet the 60-vote threshold needed for adoption in the Senate. A separate amendment, offered by Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., sought to overhaul the process to authorize energy and infrastructure projects, known as permitting reform, in the authorization bill. It also fell short of the 60-vote threshold.

An unprecedented amount of modern American families are resisting school vaccine mandates after ‘covid’ pandemic | added December 16

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For generations of most American families, getting children vaccinated was just something to check off on the list of back-to-school chores. But after the ferocious battles over covid shots of the past two years, simmering resistance to general school vaccine mandates has grown significantly. Now, 35 percent of parents oppose requirements that children receive routine immunizations in order to attend school, according to a new survey released Friday by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

All of the states and the District of Columbia mandate that children receive vaccinations against measles, mumps, rubella and other highly contagious, deadly childhood diseases. (Most permit a few limited exemptions.)

Throughout the pandemic, the Kaiser foundation, a nonpartisan health care research organization, has been issuing monthly reports on changing attitudes toward covid vaccines. The surveys have showed a growing political divide over the issue, and the latest study indicates that division now extends to routine childhood vaccinations. Forty-four percent of adults who either identify as Republicans or lean that way said in the latest survey that parents should have the right to opt out of school vaccine mandates, up from 20 percent in a prepandemic poll conducted in 2019 by the Pew Research Center.

Fauci says he “doesn’t have a clue” what DeSantis plans to find in ‘covid’ vax crime investigation | added December 16

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Outgoing White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci said Wednesday that he “doesn’t have a clue” what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hopes to accomplish by calling for a state grand jury investigation into alleged “crimes” related to covid-19 vaccines.

“I don’t have a clue … what he’s asking for. I mean, we have a vaccine that, unequivocally, is highly effective and safe and has saved literally millions of lives,” Fauci, who is also the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), told CNN’s Kate Bolduc. DeSantis on Tuesday announced his office had petitioned for a grand jury investigation into alleged “crimes and wrongdoing” against Floridians “related to the development, promotion and distribution” of the covid-19 vaccines.

The governor also shared plans to establish Public Health Integrity Committee due to distrust of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), saying “anything they put out, you just assume, at this point, that it’s not worth the paper that it’s printed on.” Fauci on CNN cited recently released research by the Commonwealth Fund, which found that covid-19 vaccines from biotech companies Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson collectively saved over 3.2 million American lives and averted more than 18.5 million hospitalizations in two years of the pandemic.

WHO says China’s ‘covid’ case explosion not a result of lifting ‘zero-covid policy’ restrictions | added December 16

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China is facing its biggest public health challenge since the start of the coronavirus pandemic more than three years ago. Nine days after the government abruptly abandoned its draconian “zero-covid” policy, halting mandatory mass-testing and forcible quarantines, covid-19 is once again spreading like wildfire across the vast country.

On Friday, local media outlets within China’s tightly controlled press reported some of the first fatalities blamed on covid since the restrictions were lifted. Two former Chinese state media journalists died in Beijing, on December 8 and 15, according to the outlets. Both were men in their 70s. Official government agencies have not yet confirmed the deaths were due to covid — no coronavirus fatalities have been officially reported since the controversial zero-covid policy was lifted.

But the World Health Organization says the strict policy of the last three years had stopped working anyway.”The explosion of cases in China is not due to the lifting of covid restrictions,” said the WHO’s head of emergency programs, Dr. Mike Ryan. “The explosion of cases in China had started long before any easing of the zero-covid policy.” If so, no one had told the Chinese public.

Classified JFK assassination files released after nearly 60 years | added December 16

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President Joe Biden on Thursday released a cache of once-classified documents expected to shed light on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy nearly 60 years ago. “This has been a commitment of the president,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. “President Biden believes all information related to President Kennedy’s assassination should be released to the greatest extent possible, consistent with national security.”

Jean-Pierre said 97% of the Kennedy collection is available to the public following the release of 12,879 documents Thursday by the National Archives and 1,491 documents a year ago today. An additional 515 documents have been withheld by the archives in full and 2,545 documents partially withheld.

Biden has ordered the acting archivist, Debra Steidel Wall, to conduct a six-month review “of a subset of the remaining redacted records” to ensure they are also disclosed “to the greatest extent possible,” Jean-Pierre said. For decades, conspiracy theories have swirled around Kennedy’s untimely death; the forthcoming files could provide some clarity. Here’s what we know.

Emails show EcoHealth President Peter Daszak played key role in shutting down ‘covid’ lab leak theory | added December 16

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[Dec. 8, 2022] EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak, who worked closely with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, helped steer the media and scientific community away from questions about whether covid-19 could have originated in a lab, emails released under the North Carolina Public Records Act show.

Emails between Daszak and University of North Carolina virologist Ralph Baric, another collaborator of the laboratory at the pandemic’s epicenter, offer new behind-the-scenes insights into Daszak’s influence. Baric’s experiments with the Wuhan lab included gain-of-function experiments to make viruses more transmissible or virulent.

The White House was dissuaded from investigating the possibility of a lab origin of covid-19 in part by discussions that included both Daszak and Baric, according to a March 2020 email written by Daszak. And in a separate May 2020 email, Daszak told Baric that he used talking points intended to discourage reporters from asking questions about potential gain-of-function work on coronaviruses.

Daszak has been a vocal proponent of a natural origin of covid-19. EcoHealth Alliance has worked closely with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and received millions in government funding to discover and study animal viruses. Though the public does not have a complete picture of the pre-pandemic work underway, none of the viruses published by EcoHealth Alliance or the Wuhan Institute of Virology could have directly sparked the covid-19 pandemic.

Editor’s Note: In response to the recent reinstatement of indoor mask mandates at SUNY University: Mandating masks has contributed to the rise of water pollution with microplastics in the ocean. How does this effect our health considering we are made primarily of water? Well, according to this National Geographic article, microplastics negatively effect liver and reproduction systems. Sounds like a pandemic of unnecessary pollution. — mmd

Canadian federal government mandates employees work in office two to three days per week | added December 16

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The federal government is mandating its employees to work in their offices two to three days per week by March 31, with limited exceptions to the hybrid model—a move that is applauded by some officials while meeting opposition from at least one public service union. President of the Treasury Board Mona Fortier said Canadians were forced to work remotely during the covid-19 pandemic, when most public servants worked almost exclusively from federal offices and worksites.

As public health restrictions are lifted, the federal government is now shifting workplace to a “hybrid by design” schedule. “We need consistency in how hybrid work is applied across the federal government. That’s why today we announced that the federal public service is adopting a common hybrid model of employees working onsite at least two to three days each week, or 40 to 60 percent of their regular schedule,” Fortier said at a press conference on Dec. 15.

To allow departments to transition to the common hybrid model, a phased introduction will begin Jan. 16, 2023, with full implementation by March 31, 2023, according to a government press release issued Dec. 15. Fortier noted that this directive does not mean a return to the traditional five-day in-person work routine prior to the covid-19 pandemic. “This will support our core purpose: serving Canadians. And we’re not going back to the way things used to be. We’re reimagining our workplace and we’re going to continue to improve our approach so that we can best serve Canadians,” she said.

In memory of those who ‘died suddenly’ in U.S. from Dec. 5-12 | added December 16

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Grant Wahl, one of the most well-known soccer writers in the United States, died early Saturday while covering the World Cup match between Argentina and the Netherlands in Qatar. He was 48. US media seated near him said Wahl fell back in his seat in the press box at Lusail Iconic Stadium during extra time and reporters adjacent to him called for assistance.

Emergency services workers responded very quickly, the reporters said, and they were later were told that Wahl had died. “He received immediate emergency medical treatment on site, which continued as he was transferred by ambulance to Hamad General Hospital,” the World Cup organizing committee said in a statement, which did not list a cause of death. “We are in touch with the US Embassy and relevant local authorities to ensure the process of repatriating the body is in accordance with the family’s wishes.”

Wahl was covering his eighth World Cup. He wrote Monday on his website that he had visited a medical clinic in Qatar. “My body finally broke down on me. Three weeks of little sleep, high stress and lots of work can do that to you,” Wahl wrote. “What had been a cold over the last 10 days turned into something more severe on the night of the USA-Netherlands game, and I could feel my upper chest take on a new level of pressure and discomfort.

Non-respiratory related deaths up 10 percent since mass 2021 ‘covid’ inoculation | added December 16

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Deaths from non-respiratory causes are projected to be a massive 10% higher than expected in 2022. Non-respiratory mortality typically varies little from year to year, changing by a maximum of just 1.3% in each of the six years from 2015 to 2020. However 2021 has registered a 3.72% increase and 2022 is projected to show a catastrophic 10.0% increase. Because it is usually so stable, non-respiratory mortality is a useful way of showing that the ongoing excess mortality currently being experienced in the U.K. is unprecedented and unrelated to normal seasonal variation. It also shows that it has been happening ever since covid vaccinations began in earnest in early 2021.

Respiratory disease (which is largely seasonal) is the largest component of variability in mortality statistics during the normal course of events. This means we can be justified in grouping all other mortality events together and terming them ‘core mortality’, regarding them as perhaps a better marker of the nation’s overall health. This is especially useful for the purposes of analysing the pandemic years, because covid has replaced other respiratory diseases to some extent in the mortality statistics.

Looking at the pre-covid data from 2015 -2019 it is possible to subtract the data for all respiratory disease (ICD code 10 J00-99), and arrive at a figure for non-respiratory mortality (NRM) for each week of the year. An average for the five pre-covid years can then be calculated and compared with each individual year. Note we use the pre-covid average as a baseline to avoid the unusual mortality of the pandemic years.

Twenty-seven year old Jack Last with his son before receiving AstraZeneca shot and suffering blood clot

Twenty-seven year old man died from blood clot and brain bleed after receiving AstraZeneca ‘covid’ shot, family says he should still be alive | added December 15

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A man who died from a blood clot after taking the AstraZeneca covid jab “had a chance of survival”, an inquest heard. Jack Last, 27, from Stowmarket, was given the coronavirus vaccine on 30 March 2021 and a week later was admitted to hospital after experiencing headaches and sickness. A scan on 10 April revealed a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) and he died 10 days later. Suffolk Coroner’s Court heard he was initially diagnosed with a migraine.

West Suffolk Hospital consultant, Dr William Petchey, told the hearing in Ipswich that Mr Last had been otherwise fit and well and that his headaches had seemed to have come to a “spontaneous resolution”, which was “in keeping with migraine”. He said he did not think CVST was likely because the headache “doesn’t spontaneously resolve” and it was normally worse lying down, while Mr Last said his was better lying down.

Dr Petchey said, however, he was concerned about vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (VITT), a new, rare condition that had been identified after covid vaccination. He said he requested a CT venogram scan, but the out-of-hours radiographer did not have the “technical expertise” to perform the scan. A scan the next morning, however, diagnosed CVST. Mr Last was given anticoagulation to thin the clot, but he developed a bleed on the brain. He was transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for further treatment but later died.

Dr. Fauci becomes head of National Institute of Particle Physics

BREAKING: Dr. Fauci to head National Institute of Particle Physics | added December 15

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Dr. Antony Fauci will be taking over the National Institute of Particle Physics (NIPP) on Jan. 1, after being named to this position by Pres. Biden last week. He ends his decades-long term as head of the National Institute for Allergies and Infections Diseases (NIAID) on Dec. 31.

In this role, he will be the nation’s top particle physicist, and taking over at age 82, he will be the oldest person to be named to the position. His appointment was approved overwhelmingly by the Senate in a 99-3 vote earlier this week.

Though he lacks educational credentials and publishing credits in the highly competitive field of quantum mechanics, he said, “That’s never stopped me before,” speaking to reporters Tuesday at his first press conference.

“I’ve always said, if I could do it all over again, I would be a physicist. Well, now I get to, since 82 is the new 30.” Quantum mechanics is a probability theory of existence. Fauci had a minus one to the 38th power chance of getting the job, and he prevailed.

Granted Emergency Degree from Stanford

Dr. Fauci was granted an emergency doctorate in physics by Stanford University three weeks ago, “So at least he would have a little something,” according to a spokesman for the university.He was also granted an honorary master’s degree in finance and a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies by Salsbury University in Maryland.

As a physician with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Fauci has served the American public health sector in various capacities for more than fifty years and has acted as an advisor to every U.S. president since Gerald R. Ford.

Terrain theory of disease and the need for a paradigm shift | added December 15

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When I initially began to question the fraud of virology, a big influence on my ability to push away the germ theory indoctrination that I had been subjected to for the majority of my life was learning that there was in fact an alternate theory for how disease manifests. This theory is known as the terrain theory of disease. It was developed as an explanation for how one aquires a state of dis-ease initially by French physiologist Claude Bernard (1813–1878) and was expanded upon greatly by French scientist Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908).

This theory was in direct contrast to the germ theory of disease as proposed by French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) as it stated that disease was not caused by invading pathogens from outside of the body. Instead, the dis-ease process began from within due to the status of the internal environment of the body. If there occurs an imbalance within the internal environment and the body becomes too toxic, which could be brought about by a combination of many factors such as what we eat, drink, think, feel, etc., this would materialize in symptoms of dis-ease as the body intitiates a detoxification process in an attempt to restore balance.

I do not remember how I initially came across this theory early on in my journey but I knew that it resonated with me greatly. While one does not need an alternative theory in order to critique the prevalent one, terrain theory provided me with a strong foundation to help myself and others to compare and contrast the differences in the ideologies of dis-ease. Terrain theory incorporates common sense and logic in order to explain that it is what we ultimately do to our own bodies that results in the initiation of a cleansing process; one that has been mistaken as being detrimental and in need of being shut down.

SUNY Purchase reinstates indoor mask mandates due to rising ‘covid’, flu, RSV cases | added December 15

Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, masking healthy people all day indoors can be detrimental to cognitive development and performance. CNN medical analyst even admitted back in August that masking stunted her toddler’s language development. Recently, University of Queensland published a study showing how masked chess players became distracted and showed decreased performance. — mmd

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One of the State University of New York’s top liberal arts colleges announced Tuesday it was reinstating its indoor mask mandate for thousands, citing high covid-19 transmission levels that have prompted a flurry of renewed advisories across much of America in recent weeks.

SUNY Purchase said it believed it was the lone Westchester County college to reinstate the mask rule amid rising covid cases. The announcement included a current case total of 165 for the county, though New Yorkers know that number is likely well underestimated. College President Milagros Pena said a mandate right now appears to be necessary, “so that we can end the semester healthy and well, be able to send the students home to their families also healthy and well.”

Final exams are expected to wrap up this week — and while some students are worried about passing their classes, school officials are concerned students are passing covid around too much. Students are required to wear the masks in indoor public places, but not when they’re in their dorms. The developments come as a growing number of people and places weigh renewed viral precautions as covid, flu and now RSV combine for a tridemic threat this holiday season.

Biden administration makes at-home rapid ‘covid’ tests free for the winter | added December 15

Editor’s Note: And let’s hope yet another recall doesn’t happen on these at-home tests months from now. — mmd

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The Biden administration is making rapid covid tests available for free again this winter through a limited round of ordering. Households can now order a total of four rapid covid tests for free at Orders will start shipping next week, just days before families gather for the Christmas holiday, and deliveries will continue in the following weeks, according to the White House.

The Biden administration shut down the free at-home covid test program in September because Congress did not pass additional funding to replenish the U.S. stockpile. The White House decided to shift existing money to buy more tests and relaunch the popular program as covid cases started increasing again, a senior administration official told reporters during a call Wednesday evening.

“We feel confident that we are going to have enough tests to get through this next round, four per household, in the coming weeks,” the official said. The relaunch of the free at-home test program is part of the Biden administration’s preparedness plan for covid this winter. Covid infections are increasing again as hospital emergency departments are already battling a surge of patients sick with the flu and respiratory syncytial virus.

Exposed: Leading figure in British Heart Foundation suppresses evidence of ‘covid’ shot-induced heart damage | added December 15

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A leading figure in the British Heart Foundation is suppressing evidence that the covid vaccines cause heart damage, MP Andrew Bridgen has said. Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Bridgen, the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, said: It has also been brought to my attention by a whistleblower from a very reliable source that one of these institutions is covering up clear data that reveals that the mRNA vaccine increases inflammation of the heart arteries.

It is covering this up for fear that it may lose funding from the pharmaceutical industry. The lead of that cardiology research department has a prominent leadership role with the British Heart Foundation, and I am disappointed to say that he has sent out non-disclosure agreements to his research team to ensure that this important data never sees the light of day. Three months ago, one of the most eminent and trusted cardiologists, a man with an international reputation, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, published peer-reviewed research that concluded that there should be a complete cessation of the administration of the covid mRNA vaccines for everyone because of clear and robust data of significant harms and little ongoing benefit.

He described the roll-out of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine as “perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science, attack on democracy, damage to population health, and erosion of trust in medicine that we will witness in our lifetime”. Interestingly, there has so far not been a single rebuttal of Dr. Malhotra’s findings in the scientific literature, despite their widespread circulation and the fact that they made international news.

WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conduct another pandemic tabletop exercise | added December 15

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This week, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) president, and Polly Tommey, CHD.TV programming manager, covered the latest headlines on covid-19, Big Pharma and other issues, including news that U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) led a roundtable discussion to shed light on the current state of knowledge surrounding the vaccine and the path forward. The story doctors and scientists told of corruption and mismanagement of the covid-19 pandemic is a turning point for humanity.

Polly and Mary also discussed that Dr. Andrew Huff, an epidemiologist who worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, says the virus was genetically engineered through China’s gain-of-function experiments. “This should be the headline at every mainstream news outlet,” said Polly.

Plus, millions trust the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate Big Food and Big Pharma without realizing that Bill Gates and other members of the private sector are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Also on tap this week: The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted another pandemic tabletop exercise in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23.

People who are not ‘covid’ jabbed more likely to crash their car, according to The American Journal of Medicine | added Dec. 15

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If you passed on getting the covid vaccine, you might be a lot more likely to get into a car crash. Or at least those are the findings of a new study published this month in The American Journal of Medicine. During the summer of 2021, Canadian researchers examined the encrypted government-held records of more than 11 million adults, 16% of whom hadn’t received the covid vaccine.

They found that the unvaccinated people were 72% more likely to be involved in a severe traffic crash—in which at least one person was transported to the hospital—than those who were vaccinated. That’s similar to the increased risk of car crashes for people with sleep apnea, though only about half that of people who abuse alcohol, researchers found. The excess risk of car crash posed by unvaccinated drivers “exceeds the safety gains from modern automobile engineering advances and also imposes risks on other road users,” the authors wrote.

Of course, skipping a covid vaccine does not mean that someone will get into a car crash. Instead, the authors theorize that people who resist public health recommendations might also “neglect basic road safety guidelines.” Why would they ignore the rules of the road? Distrust of the government, a belief in freedom, misconceptions of daily risks, “faith in natural protection,” “antipathy toward regulation,” poverty, misinformation, a lack of resources, and personal beliefs are potential reasons proposed by the authors.

GOP report alleges “indications” ‘covid’ is tied to China’s biological weapons research program | added December 15

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Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee are alleging in a newly released report that there are “indications” that covid-19 could be tied to China’s biological weapons research program and “spilled over” to the general human population during an incident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The information was released in a minority staff report by members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Wednesday night.

“Contrary to the implication of the [Intelligence Community’s] declassified report, based on our investigation involving a variety of public and non-public information, we conclude that there are indications that SARS-CoV-2 may have been tied to China’s biological weapons research program and spilled over to the human population during a lab-related incident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” a summary of the report states.

“The IC failed to adequately address this information in its classified Updated Assessment. When we attempted to raise the issues with the IC, it failed to respond.” In a declassified assessment on the origins of covid-19 by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in October 2021, the report states that SARS-CoV-2 was “probably not a biological weapon,” adding, “We remain skeptical of allegations that SARS-CoV-2 was a biological weapon because they are supported by scientifically invalid claims.”

‘Covid’ jabs averted 3 million deaths in U.S. while saving $1 trillion dollars in additional medical costs, according to Commonwealth Fund study | added December 15

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This Wednesday will mark two years since nurse Sandra Lindsay became the first person in the U.S. to receive a covid-19 vaccine outside of a clinical trial. A study released Tuesday by the Commonwealth Fund shows that in those two years, the covid vaccines have averted over 3 million deaths in the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 1 million Americans have died from Covid-19 since the onset of the pandemic. But the study results show the toll would have been even worse had the U.S. had relied upon so-called natural immunity acquired through infection as the only immunological defense against the virus. Without vaccines, the country would have experienced four times as many deaths, 1.5 times more infections, and 3.8 times more hospitalizations in the time since December of 2020.

The vaccines also saved the U.S. $1 trillion in additional medical costs. The study’s key message is that vaccines are “worth our money as taxpayers,” said Isaac Chun-Hai Fung, an associate professor of epidemiology at Georgia Southern University, who was not involved in the study. “We pay for the vaccination campaign and it works. It saves us money and it saves lives.”

Former BlackRock managing director, Edward Dowd publishes new must-read book: “‘Cause Unknown’: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022” | added December 14

Editor’s Note: Mark Crispin Miller has been keeping a meticulous record of these ‘sudden death’ reports around the world. — mmd

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Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and Skyhorse Publishing today released “‘Cause Unknown’: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” by former BlackRock Managing Director Edward Dowd, a book that explores the rise in sudden fatalities among young, healthy people beginning in 2021.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD chairman and chief litigation counsel, wrote the foreword to the book, and Gavin de Becker, chairman and founder of Gavin de Becker & Associates, wrote the afterword. In “‘Cause Unknown,’” Dowd reports on statistics that show a spike in deaths in the U.S. in 2020 — but a smaller spike than one might expect during a pandemic.

According to Dowd, some of those deaths can be attributed to covid-19 and to initial treatment strategies that were ineffective. But it was the 2021 data — released by OneAmerica Financial Partners, the umbrella corporation for several life insurance companies — that most surprised Dowd and others. OneAmerica’s CEO publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, deaths among people of working age (18-64) occurred at a rate that was 40% higher than before the pandemic.

FDA announces recall of EUA ‘covid’ tests from July and August due to false negative results | added December 14

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday announced a covid-19 test manufacturer is issuing a recall due to false test results. The covid-19 tests were made by Detect Inc. and were sent to customers between July 26 and Aug. 26 of this year, according to the recall notice. It impacts about 11,000 tests, which were given an FDA emergency use authorization, made by the firm.

“There is an increased chance that the tests from the lot numbers listed below may give false negative results,” the announcement said. “Detect has conducted a thorough investigation to identify this issue and has made the decision to conduct a voluntary recall for these lots.” Detect Inc. said it has not received any reports of false negative results related to the impacted lots and said the recall is being done “out of an abundance of caution,” stressing that the “reliability of positive test results is not affected.”

“Detect is notifying all customers and distributors affected by the recall. Anyone in possession of any unused tests from the affected lots should dispose of the tests,” the notice said. “The outer packaging is recyclable while all the test components can be discarded as regular trash. Detect Hubs are not affected by the recall and do not need to be discarded.”

CDC reports ‘long covid’ has claimed at least 3,500 U.S. lives, an underestimate of actual toll | added December 14

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Long covid has been linked to at least 3,544 deaths in the United States so far, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which places a spotlight on the lingering impact covid-19 can have on people who manage to survive an infection.

The report by CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is based on an analysis of death certificates issued across the country between January 2020 and June 2022 that mention long covid or other related terms like Post-Acute Sequelae of Covid-19 (PASC), post-covid syndrome or long haul covid as one of the causes. The CDC defines long covid or PASC as “long-term symptoms experienced after a person has recovered from acute infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes covid-19.”

Long covid accounted for only 0.3% of all deaths reported across the country during the assessment period. The study, however, warns the number likely underestimates the actual toll as the understanding of the long-term effects of covid-19 is still evolving. People above the age of 75 make up 56.9% of the total long covid death toll with people above the age of 65 making up 78.4% of the number.

CDC advises indoor masking in wake of “tripledemic” case spike | added December 14

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Masks are back, and, this time, they’re not just for covid-19. A “tripledemic” of the coronavirus, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus, known as R.S.V., sweeping through the United States has prompted several cities and counties, including New York City and Los Angeles County, to encourage people to wear a mask in indoor public spaces once again.

Nationwide, covid-19 case rates and hospitalizations have spiked by 56 percent and 24 percent, respectively, over the past two weeks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there have already been 13 million illnesses and 7,300 deaths from flu this season, and those numbers are expected to rise in the coming months. (Over the past decade, annual flu deaths have ranged from 12,000 to 52,000 people, with the peak in January and February.)

And while R.S.V. finally appears to be on the decline, infection rates are still high across much of the country. The C.D.C. officially advises wearing a mask on a county-by-county basis depending on community covid-19 levels, which take into account virus-related hospital admissions, bed capacity and case rates.

DeSantis calls on grand jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing” of ‘covid’ shots | added December 14

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SARASOTA, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday he plans to petition the state’s Supreme Court to convene a grand jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing” related to covid-19 vaccines. DeSantis made the announcement following a roundtable with Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo and a panel of scientists and physicians who expressed skepticism about the vaccines, the companies that manufacture them, and CDC recommendations saying everyone who’s eligible should receive the shots.

DeSantis, who is often mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2024, gave no specifics on what wrongdoing the panel would investigate, but suggested it would search for evidence to bolster claims about harmful side effects.

“We’ll be able to get the data whether they want to give it or not,” DeSantis said. “In Florida, it is illegal to mislead and misrepresent, especially when you are talking about the efficacy of a drug.” Vaccine studies funded by pharmaceutical companies that developed covid-19 vaccines have been published in peer-reviewed journals like the New England Journal of Medicine, and government panels reviewed data on the safety and effectiveness of the shots before approving them for use.

‘Covid’ cases explode in Beijing after China eases ‘zero-covid policy’ restrictions | added December 14

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One community worker told CNN that 21 of the 24 workers on her Beijing neighborhood committee office, tasked with coordinating residential matters and activities, had fallen ill in recent days.

“As our superiors are mostly infected, there’s not much work being given to us,” said the employee, Sylvia Sun. “(The usual) events, lectures, performances, parent-child activities will definitely not be held.” Beijing, which prior to the new rules was already experiencing a small-scale outbreak, is now on the front lines of a new reality for China: not since the early days of the pandemic in Wuhan have Chinese cities dealt with an outbreak without hefty control measures in place.

But for a place that until earlier this month assiduously tracked every case, there is now no clear data on the extent of the virus’ spread. China’s new covid rules significantly rolled back the testing requirements that once dominated daily life, and residents have instead shifted to using antigen tests at home, when available, leaving official numbers unreliable.

American universities: Yale, Harvard, Notre Dame, Tufts and Fordham require students receive ‘covid’ booster jabs, sparking outrage | added December 14

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Colleges and universities across the country are mandating students to receive an updated covid-19 booster shot, but some are calling the requirement “out of line” and unnecessary.

Students at Yale University, University of Notre Dame, Tufts University, Harvard University and Fordham College are all being required to obtain an updated covid-19 bivalent booster vaccine, with some putting attendance on the line as punishment for not getting the extra shot. Fordham University in New York City required students to be fully up to date with their vaccinations as well as the “updated bivalent booster” by Nov. 1, 2022.

At Tufts University, faculty, students and staff are being required to obtain a covid-19 bivalent booster by Jan. 23, 2023. “Currently, only around 50% of our university population has received the bivalent booster. The closer we get to 100%, the healthier our community will be,” a Nov. 30 announcement from Tufts University read. Yale University is requiring students to get “an updated, bivalent covid-19 vaccine booster by the start of the spring semester,” while faculty and staff are “strongly encouraged” to get the updated vaccine booster.

U.S. government to pay Pfizer nearly $2 billion dollars for additional doses of ‘covid’ anti-viral treatment, Paxlovid | added December 14

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The U.S. government agreed to pay Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) nearly $2 billion for an additional 3.7 million courses of its covid-19 antiviral treatment Paxlovid, the company said on Tuesday. The new purchase supplements the 20 million courses previously bought by the United States and delivery is planned by early 2023, Pfizer said in a statement.

The Biden administration previously agreed to pay around $10.6 billion – roughly $530 per treatment course – for the first 20 million courses ordered. The government is paying around the same amount per course under the new contract. Pfizer, which also sells a covid-19 vaccine it developed with German partner BioNTech SE (22UAy.DE), is expected to top $100 billion in revenue this year, more than half of which is expected to come from its covid business.

Before the new contract, analysts had forecast Paxlovid sales would top $22 billion in 2022 and be close to $12 billion next year, according to Refinitiv data. The U.S. drugmaker said last year that it could produce up to 120 million courses of Paxlovid this year. As of Nov. 30, Pfizer had shipped almost 37 million courses of Paxlovid to 52 countries around the world, it said in a statement.

Fauci: Americans have “mandate fatigue,” considering low rates of people willing to get jabbed again | added December 14

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Nearly 3 years into the pandemic, many Americans have “mandate fatigue,” says the nation’s top infectious disease expert. In an interview with a local Fox television affiliate in New York City on Friday, Anthony Fauci, MD, said “people want to be done with covid” and they “don’t like to be told what to do.”

“We’ve all been exhausted over the last 3 years,” Fauci said. He pointed to remarkably low rates of people getting the latest booster against covid-19 as an example of how little people are willing to do to protect themselves and their families. Nationwide, 13.5% of people age 5 and older have gotten the updated booster, CDC data show. The state with the highest updated booster rate is Vermont at 28%. The lowest uptake rate is in Mississippi, at 5%. Fauci added that mandate fatigue is “understandable.”

“I mean, obviously you would like people to use good judgment to protect themselves and their family in that community without necessarily having to mandate anything because you know, there is a fatigue about being mandated,” he said. “People don’t like to be told what to do. Yeah. But you really want to very strongly encourage people that when you’re having a rather strong uptick in infections, which is followed by an uptick in hospitalizations, you want to make sure you do something to mitigate against that.”

Jordan Peterson in college | added December 14

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How prudent Mr. Peterson, but let’s keep it real. Happy Wednesday.

Baileys and Cowan respond to Kevin McKernan on PCR testing | added December 13

Watch the video on Dr. Sam Bailey

Recently, the CSO of Medicinal Genomics, Kevin McKernan spoke to the Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International group. He was challenged by journalist, Eric Coppolino, about the lack of evidence for SARS-CoV-2 and pathogenic viruses. McKernan made various claims that we believed needed to be addressed.

Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Mark Bailey join me to demystify the virological and biotechnological nonsense.

Hong Kong drops contact tracing and keeps mandatory PCR testing upon arrival | added December 13

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Hong Kong has announced it will scrap some remaining restrictions on travelers and end contact tracing, after Beijing shifted away from its hardline zero-covid stance. Health Secretary Lo Chung-mau told a news conference Tuesday that travelers arriving in the city would no longer be issued an “amber code” barring them from entering restaurants and bars during their first three days.

He also confirmed the end of a requirement to scan a government health app to enter public venues, but said a vaccine pass would still be needed to enter venues including restaurants. “We have to consider measures that will help to revive our economic and social activities, Lo said, adding that the changes would take effect from Wednesday. Travel from Hong Kong to Macao and mainland China will also be eased to “keep in line with mainland China’s policy,” Lo said.

International travelers are still required to undergo a PCR test on arrival in Hong Kong and on the second day of their visit, plus five days of rapid antigen tests. Those testing positive must isolate. Masks also remain compulsory in all public venues, including outdoors. Speaking earlier Tuesday, Hong Kong leader John Lee said one reason for easing restrictions was that the infection risk to the local community posed by imported cases was now lower.

Nature Cardiovascular Research Journal finds ‘covid’ shots linked to debilitating heart condition, POTS | added Dec. 13

Editor’s Note: Despite admitting how dangerous mRNA ‘covid’ shots have been shown to be so far for some people, the article still leans towards encouraging people to get the jabs. Rarely do we see mainstream media publishing studies that link ‘covid’ shots to heart complications, although lately more studies are surfacing on the side effects. Dr. Daniel Dudenkov may want to try convincing Rob Forbes to get more booster jabs. Forbes suffered serious adverse reactions to the Pfizer ‘covid’ shot and said, “I should be dead.” mmd

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Research published Monday has confirmed a link between a covid infection and a debilitating heart condition called POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, that has been diagnosed in some patients with long Covid.

The findings, published in the journal Nature Cardiovascular Research, are in line with earlier reports from physicians that covid may trigger POTS, a disorder of the autonomic nervous system often characterized by a rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, fainting and lightheadedness. Physicians often fail to recognize the condition, experts say, because it can be confused with a myriad of other health problems, including anxiety and dehydration. Many patients spend years trying to get properly diagnosed.

One of the earlier discoveries with long covid was that it could be associated with POTS and this new research builds on that, said lead study author Dr. Alan Kwan, a cardiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. POTS was also linked, to a lesser degree, to covid vaccination with an mRNA vaccine, according to the new study.

China warns people not to eat canned peaches as a ‘covid’ remedy | added December 13

Editor’s Note: Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory downtown. Actually, peaches are nature’s candy, come from a tree and are loaded with vitamin C. Believe it or not, vitamin C is still important. — mmd

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As a newly reopened China scrambles to calm a medicine-buying frenzy, the country has found itself trying to curb the hoarding of another good: canned peaches. Chinese shoppers, incorrectly believing that peaches can help treat the coronavirus, are buying up so much of the canned fruit that online sales platforms have run out of stock, The South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

State media is rushing to draw the line between comfort food and medical treatment. “Canned yellow peaches are not really a special medicine for fever and cough. It is more like a sweet ‘placebo’ like the cake you eat or the milk tea you drink when you are stressed,” Gao Xiaoling, a hospital deputy director in Shaanxi, told People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s main publication.

“The conclusion that ‘canned yellow peaches can cure diseases,’ drawn from good childhood memories, has no practical value in curing diseases,” Beijing Youth Daily, a paper run by the Communist Youth League of China, wrote on Monday. “It can only be regarded as a kind of joke or poetic expression.” Beijing Youth Daily also chided readers about the rising online search interest in canned peaches.

Man suffers heart damage after Pfizer ‘covid’ shot says “I should be dead” | added December 13

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Robyn “Rob” Forbes had achieved one of the major goals in his life. In late 2019, he was able to transition to being a small business owner who could spend time with his two daughters and enjoy hockey, mountain biking and other activities. Forbes’ fulfilling life came to a halt, however, shortly after March 4, 2021, when he received his first dose of the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine.

Within days, Forbes began experiencing a succession of severe adverse events, ultimately resulting in him getting cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), a procedure that involves implanting a device in the chest to help correct serious heart rhythm problems. In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Forbes described the vaccine-induced symptoms he experienced and the “anguish, pain and heartache” that followed and continue to impact his life. Forbes provided The Defender with extensive documentation to verify his claims.

‘Immense social pressure’ led him to get vaccine. Forbes, 41, lives in Alaska where he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, skiing, fishing and playing hockey. “At the time of my injury,” said Forbes, “I was 175 lbs., lean, 5’11” and in the best shape of my entire life. I was able to be a dad and an independent business owner who got a lot of hockey and mountain biking in while not working.”

Study reveals wearing a mask negatively effects cognitive function of chess players | added December 13

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A study of an international chess tournament has revealed that wearing a face mask significantly reduced the average quality of player decisions, impacting the cognitive performance of competitive chess players. Australian chess Grandmaster and University of Queensland Prof. David Smerdon analysed almost three million chess moves played by 8,531 people in 18 countries before and during the covid-19 pandemic.

“The decrease in performance was due to the annoyance caused by the masks rather than a physiological mechanism,” Smerdon said. “The data showed masks were more likely to decrease performance in situations where there was a demanding mental task with a high working memory load.” He said this is something to keep in mind for occupations that demand a high level of working memory, such as those in the STEM fields, language interpreters, performers, waiters, and teachers.

While mask mandates have been used to stop the spread of covid-19, their impact on cognitive performance has yet to be adequately assessed. “At the moment, there are no large studies on the impact of mask-wearing on the general population,” Smerdon said. With more understanding of the impact of mask-wearing on decision-making, individuals and organisations can better evaluate when and how to use them.

James Corbett joins The Freedom Convoy Commission with the JCCF | added December 13

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James Corbett is joined by Rob Kittredge and Hatim Kheir of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms to talk about their participation in the Public Order Emergency Commission in Canada (aka the Trucker Commission).

They discuss the commission itself and how it was run, the evidence that was (and was not presented), why Mr. Kittredge is now known as a “tow truck aficionado,” what Trudeau and others testified to during the hearings, and what Kittredge and Kheir expect to come from this process.

German skier collapses, woman suffers cardiac arrest in the street | added December 13

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FRANCE — Béthune: a 36-year-old woman in cardiac arrest in the street following a fall. November 29, 2022

Called to rescue a victim on the public highway, in rue Dellisse-Engrand, Monday at 6:50 p.m. the Béthunois firefighters found a woman bleeding. She would have, according to our information, tripped and violently slammed her head on the ground. In cardio-respiratory arrest, this 36-year-old woman was resuscitated thanks to the efforts of firefighters who were able to recover a heartbeat. Once medicalized by the emergency doctors of the SMUR of Béthune, the victim was transported to the CHRU of Lille.

GERMANY — Cross-country star Victoria Carl explains goal collapse. November 30, 2022.

Completely exhausted at the finish: Victoria Carl. Victoria Carl put in a strong performance at the start of the World Cup for cross-country skiers in Ruka, Finland, but overreached herself at the last entry and collapsed at the finish. She is now doing well again and the 27-year-old explains what exactly happened to her. The start of the new World Cup season was excellent for the German cross-country skiers in Ruka, Finland, but it was also overshadowed by Victoria Carl’s collapse.

A return of mask mandates in Los Angeles remains unlikely despite high ‘covid’ cases | added December 13

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Los Angeles County has again entered the high covid-19 community level, further indication that the continuing spike in cases is starting to exert pressure on the region’s hospitals. Should hospitalization rates continue to rise this month, the county could be on track for a renewed universal mask order in indoor public settings.

But it’s uncertain when such a rule might be handed down — or whether one will materialize at all. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer expressed some optimism Thursday that such a measure may be avoided. “I think it’s fair to say that I’m feeling more hopeful that our metrics might improve before they tank,” she said.

However, given recent increases in coronavirus transmission and hospital admission rates, Ferrer urged residents to voluntarily mask up in indoor public settings. “We know everyone is super focused on when might this be a universal masking, indoor masking requirement, but what we really want to focus on today is: We all need to wear our mask now,” she said

Slidell Mayor Greg Cromer speaks at a dedication of a ‘covid’ time capsule sealed on Dec. 7, 2022.

‘Covid’ time capsule sealed for 100 years with toilet paper, tests, masks and hand sanitizer | added December 12

Editor’s Note: The capsule is missing a few items such as VAERS data reports that can be viewed here. —mmd

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A personal letter to the future leaders of St. Tammany Parish from Parish President Mike Cooper. Blue masks. A covid-19 testing kit. Bergeron said that while history books may document the physical impact of the virus, including its rapid spread, the horrific death toll, quarantines, and the race for a vaccine, people’s stories belong to them.

The watertight time capsule, which weighs 25 lbs., includes an inventory of news clips covering the pandemic, letters from students, community members, and elected officials — and, of course, hand sanitizer. It will sit on a shelf in the museum, the letters protected with archival material. The collection also gives a special nod to video communications software, such as Zoom.

“If there’s one thing I regret, it’s not buying stock in Zoom at the start of the pandemic,” Bergeron said. “It was used to teach classes, for work meetings, and so that isolated family and friends could connect.” Addressing his letter, Slidell Mayor Greg Cromer touched on key moments throughout the pandemic, including how the recommendations by researchers and medical staff to wear masks and to have people remain home sometimes conflicted with what business owners and parents wanted.

Infectious pediatric illnesses make a comeback after ‘covid’ lockdowns, according to BBC article | added December 12

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As child after child gasping for air was admitted to the hospital, Rabia Agha gritted her teeth. In her role as director of the paediatric infectious diseases division at Maimonides Children’s Hospital in New York, she had seen this before. An outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) – a winter virus that can feel like a common cold in adults, but which can be dangerous for some young children.

There was a wave last autumn – and an unexpected one in spring this year. Now, in the early autumn months of 2022, it was back again.”We’ve had to double the capacity of our ICU,” she says, referring to the intensive care unit, reserved for the sickest patients. Some of the children there have been put on mechanical ventilators to help them breathe.

RSV typically hits the youngest children hardest but the patients Agha and her colleagues have treated lately tend to be approaching school age, around three or four years old. In this age group, RSV would usually appear as a cold-like illness, with a runny nose and cough. But now, some of them were struggling. “Everyone is concerned, obviously, because older children tolerate this virus quite well – why were they not?” she says.

Rise in senior hospitalizations linked to lack of up-to-date ‘covid’ booster jabs | added December 12

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Coronavirus-related hospital admissions are climbing again in the United States, with older adults a growing share of U.S. deaths and less than half of nursing home residents up to date on covid-19 vaccinations.

These alarming signs portend a difficult winter for seniors, which worries 81-year-old nursing home resident Bartley O’Hara, who said he is “vaccinated up to the eyeballs” and tracks coronavirus hospital trends as they “zoom up” for older adults, but remain flat for younger folks.

“The sense of urgency is not universal,” said O’Hara of Washington, D.C. But “if you’re 21, you probably should worry about your granny. We’re all in this together.” One troubling indicator for seniors: Hospitalizations for people with covid-19 rose by more than 30% in two weeks. Much of the increase is driven by older people and those with existing health problems, said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The numbers include everyone testing positive, no matter why they are admitted.

China deactivates the “mobile itinerary card” health tracking function in a dismantling of zero-covid policy | added Dec. 12

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China is bracing for an unprecedented wave of covid-19 cases as it dismantles large parts of its repressive zero-covid policy, with a leading expert warning omicron variants were “spreading rapidly” and signs of an outbreak rattling the country’s capital.

Changes continued Monday as authorities announced a deactivation of the “mobile itinerary card” health tracking function planned for the following day. The system, which is separate from the health code scanning system still required in a reduced number of places in China, had used people’s cell phone data to track their travel history in the past 14 days in an attempt to identify those who have been to a city with zones designated “high-risk” by authorities.

It had been a point of contention for many Chinese people, including due to concerns around data collection and its use by local governments to ban entry to those who have visited a city with a “high-risk zone,” even if they did not go to those areas within that city. But as the scrapping of parts of the zero-covid infrastructure come apace, there are questions about how the country’s health system will handle a mass outbreak.

Nassau Community College reverses indoor mask mandate to  ‘recommendation’ of masking within hours | added December 12

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A Long Island college worried about rising covid-19 cases reinstalled an indoor campus mask mandate then reversed the policy hours later following intervention from county officials. Nassau Community College leaders on Friday announced the return to indoor masking for all, regardless of vaccination status, citing an uptick in cases. But in a matter of hours, officials flipped that order and instead opted for a recommendation.

“The College recommends that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask while indoors on campus. CDC states that wearing a mask can help prevent severe illnesses and reduce the spread of respiratory viruses including, the flu, RSV and covid,” the NCC website read. The sudden about-face followed meetings between the college president and Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, the latter explained in a statement.

“At this time we are monitoring the spike in covid diagnoses and have importantly not seen a spike in hospitalizations,” Blakeman said. “As we have seen in the past, there is very little value in mandating masks to prevent the spread of covid.” State health department data shows Long Island has the highest numbers of new covid infections over the past week, beating out all other regions including New York City. Nassau is one of nine counties in New York where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending indoor masking.

Global Walkout initiative strives to reignite freedom and empower the people | added December 12

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Ten minutes of Bill Burr truth bombs | added December 12

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Sometimes you just gotta tell it how it is…. Happy Monday.

BMJ study finds ‘covid’ booster shot mandates cause more ‘net harm’ for young adults ages 18-29 years-old | added Dec. 12

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Any potential benefits of the covid-19 booster fail to outweigh the harms for young people ages 18-29, according to a peer-reviewed study published Monday in The BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics. Researchers performed a risk-benefit assessment and ethical analysis using data from Pfizer, Moderna and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They concluded that “booster mandates in young adults are expected to cause a net harm.”

More than 1,000 U.S. universities and colleges mandate the covid-19 vaccine for residential students and more than 300 mandate the booster. Students who do not comply risk disenrollment. The authors of the BMJ study concluded universities should not enforce booster vaccine mandates. The researchers estimated that over a six-month period, 31,207 to 42,836 young adults ages 18-29, previously uninfected with covid-19, would have to receive a third mRNA vaccine — a booster — in order to prevent a single hospitalization.

They also anticipated there would be at least 18.5 serious adverse events among the boosted group during that time, including in males, 1.5-4.6 booster-associated cases of myopericarditis, typically requiring hospitalization. For 32 hospitalizations prevented, there would be 593.5 serious adverse events. The researchers also anticipated that for every hospitalization averted there would be 1,430 to 4,626 cases of adverse events serious enough to stop people from carrying out regular daily activities.

Adopted and unvaxed Ukrainian girl denied life-saving kidney transplant over inoculation status | added December 12

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A teenager living in North Carolina has been denied life-saving surgery by Duke University Hospital officials because she is unvaccinated against covid-19, leaving her adoptive family frantically searching for alternative treatment options. Yulia Hicks, who suffers from a rare genetic kidney condition called Senior Loken syndrome, was adopted from Ukraine nearly two years ago by her parents Chrissy and Lee Hicks of North Carolina.

Senior Loken syndrome (SLS) is rare and mainly affects the kidneys and eyes and causes nephronophthisis, a disease that slowly impairs the function of the kidneys, according to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center. Just 1,000 individuals in the United States are estimated to have SLS. Symptoms include chronic kidney disease, delays in motor or mental development, hypertension, and visual impairments, among others.

The teenager requires a transplant, according to her family. However, they claim that she was told on Nov. 11 that she is not eligible to be placed on Duke’s waiting list because she is not vaccinated against covid-19. Speaking to Fox News on Friday, Chrissy Hicks said that hospital staff have shown “no sympathy whatsoever,” regarding her adoptive daughter’s urgent situation and have instead stated that she needs to have the shot if she wants to receive life-saving surgery.

“My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” Musk calls for prosecution of Fauci over ‘covid’ response | added December 12

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Sunday called to prosecute Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser to President Biden who has led the U.S. response to the covid-19 pandemic since it started during the Trump administration, and drew swift backlash for his comment. “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” Musk said on Twitter. He later shared a meme edited to show Fauci telling Biden, “Just one more lockdown, my king.”

Lawmakers and other officials jumped to Fauci’s defense online. “I’m a big fan of Dr. Fauci and how he’s calmly guided our country through crisis. Re Musk tweet? Courting vaccine-deniers doesn’t seem like a smart business strategy, but the issue is this: could you just leave a good man alone in your seemingly endless quest for attention?” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said on Twitter.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) wrote on Twitter, “It’s America. You can select any pronouns you damn well please. But Anthony Fauci has likely saved more human lives than any living person in the world. Shame on you.” Former CIA Director John Brennan called Fauci a “national hero” and accused Musk of stoking hatred. “Dr. Fauci is a national hero who will be remembered for generations to come for his innate goodness & many contributions to public health Despite your business success, you will be remembered most for fueling public hate & divisions. You may have money, but you have no class,” Brennan said in a reply to Musk.

Left to right: Rob Fraboni, the neighborhood astrologer/journalist, recording engineer Joe Blaney (who told me to get rid of the Cloudlifter from my microphone chain) and Joe Pischetola, who represents recording studios. Photo in early 2020 at the Little Bear Cafe in Woodstock, New York.

The weight: a new conversation with Rob Fraboni

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Catch a cannon ball now, t’take me down the line
My bag is sinkin’ low and I do believe it’s time.
To get back to Miss Fanny, you know she’s the only one.
Who sent me here with her regards for everyone.

Well, I must have discussed “The Weight” with Rob Fraboni in some lost and forgotten interview, or another lifetime — but we have a new one for you, from a few minutes ago. Thank you to Jeff Strahl, a diligent member of the Chiron investigative team, for noticing and prompting another exciting conversation.

Here is the original, from 2012 and tonight’s Planet Waves FM.

(Jeff is also our resident music theory specialist. If you ever want to discuss the modes, I will introduce you.)

Here are the lyrics to this most elliptical and mysterious of rock songs, from Bob Dylan’s website. And I’ve put the video from The Last Waltz below, featuring the Staples Singers. It was Rob who prepared the soundtrack from the live concert to be up to the necessary quality for Martin Scorsese’s 1978 film.

Good night!

Sen. Ron Johnson holds panel presentations on government’s mismanaged ‘covid’ response on Dec. 7, 2022

‘Crimes against science’: Round table discussion covers vaccine dangers and mismanagement of ‘covid’ pandemic response by government | added December 10

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U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) Wednesday led a roundtable discussion — “Covid-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work and Possible Causes of Injuries” — to shed light on the current state of knowledge surrounding the vaccine and the path forward. Distinguished doctors and scientists who specialize in covid-19 vaccine research and treatment joined Johnson. The story they told of corruption and mismanagement of the covid-19 pandemic is a turning point for humanity.

Most of the people on the panel suffered loss of income, loss of status or loss of their jobs because they publicized truths about covid-19 and covid-19 policies that were anathema to the medical establishment and detrimental to pharmaceutical profits. Covid-19 policy has been a crime against humanity, and underlying that crime has been a crime against science. Science is held in high public regard, even as the reputations of most other institutions have declined in recent decades.

The reputation of science is based on open debate and logical evaluation of evidence. Debate has been stifled by people with money and power, and those same people then claim to speak for “science.” The public is gradually recognizing the enormity of this fraud. I fear that public support for science will crumble.

Despite FDA authorizing new bivalent ‘covid’ bivalent booster jabs for children as young as 6 months-old, only a few will be eligible for inoculation | added December 10

Editor’s Note: These shots are sounding more and more like a software program in order to operate. Even Moderna admitted to using mRNA like a software.  — mmd

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Nearly all Americans will be eligible to get a dose of the updated covid-19 vaccines, following a decision to expand emergency use authorization for the shots from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech to most children as young as 6 months old. The Food and Drug Administration announced the expanded authorization on Thursday, clearing all recipients of Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine to get a booster dose from the company’s newest “bivalent” vaccines — which are tailored to recent omicron variants — at least two months after their last “monovalent” shot.

But only a portion of the youngest kids who got Pfizer-BioNTech’s shots will be eligible to get a shot of their updated covid vaccine this year. The FDA had previously greenlighted Pfizer’s shots in this age group as a three dose “primary series,” after data suggested kids from 6 months old to 4 years old needed a third kid-sized dose to get protection on par with adults after two doses.

Now the FDA says only kids who have yet to complete their third dose can swap out the last shot for an updated vaccine. Early adopters who already completed their third shot some several months ago must wait until the FDA receives more data next year. “The data to support giving an updated bivalent booster dose for these children are expected in January. The agency is committed to evaluating those data as quickly as possible,” the FDA said in a statement.

French researcher reveals possibility of vaccinated shedding spike proteins to unvaxed | added December 10

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The massive covid-19 vaccination campaign is the first time that mRNA vaccines have been used on a global scale. The mRNA vaccines correspond exactly to the definition of gene therapy of the American and European regulatory agencies. The regulations require excretion studies of these drugs and their products (the translated proteins).

These studies have not been done for mRNA vaccines (nor for adenovirus vaccines). There are numerous reports of symptoms and pathologies identical to the adverse effects of mRNA vaccines in unvaccinated persons in contact with freshly vaccinated persons. It is therefore important to review the state of knowledge on the possible excretion of vaccine nanoparticles as well as mRNA and its product, the spike protein.

Vaccine mRNA-carrying lipid nanoparticles spread after injection throughout the body according to available animal studies and vaccine mRNA (naked or in nanoparticles or in natural exosomes) is found in the bloodstream as well as vaccine spike in free form or encapsulated in exosomes (shown in human studies). Lipid nanoparticles (or their natural equivalent, exosomes or extracellular vesicles (EVs)) have been shown to be able to be excreted through body fluids (sweat, sputum, breast milk) and to pass the transplacental barrier.

NYC issues health advisory recommending indoor masking to prevent hospitalizations | added December 10

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New York City is experiencing a triple wave of respiratory viruses, and on Friday, city health officials warned residents to take extra precautions. Covid-19 and influenza cases are all spiking simultaneously, while respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections are showing signs of improvement but remain high. The city said the resulting hospitalizations could overburden the local health care system.

Friday’s health advisory urged New Yorkers to mask up indoors and in crowded spaces, particularly if they’re at risk for severe illness (or know someone who is). But the health department didn’t call for the reinstatement of any mask mandates, and city Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan said that with proper precautions, there’s no need to skip holiday gatherings.

“Vaccination and boosters are critical but so are common sense precautions like masking when indoors or among crowds and staying home if you don’t feel well,” Vasan said in a written statement. “Also, get tested before getting together, and get treated quickly if you test positive. We want everyone to have a happy and – most of all – healthy holiday.”

Fauci admits ‘covid’ jabs unfortunately do not offer lasting protection, best choice is to keep getting more booster jabs | added December 10

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Covid-19 is back on the rise as average cases and deaths this week are 1.5x higher compared to the previous week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Covid hospitalizations have continued to trend upwards in recent weeks and overall hospital bed occupancy is at about 80% – a figure not seen since the omicron surge last winter.

Many experts had warned there would be an uptick in respiratory illnesses following the Thanksgiving holiday where many met without masks or social distancing. “In the past week, we’ve started to see the unfortunate and expected rise of covid-19 cases and hospitalizations nationally after the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, director of the CDC, during a telebriefing Monday.

“This rise in cases and hospitalizations is especially worrisome as we move into the winter months when more people are assembling indoors with less ventilation and as we approach the holiday season where many are gathering with loved ones across multiple generations,” she added. In a press conference Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Dr. Ashish Jha, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, urged Americans to get vaccinated and boosted with a bivalent shot.

Danish scientists find unvaxed face discriminatory attitudes over denying the ‘covid’ jabs | added December 10

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People who have received covid-19 vaccines express discriminatory attitudes toward unvaccinated people, a new study of over 15,000 citizens of 21 countries across the world suggests “Individuals who comply with the advice of health authorities morally condemn the unvaccinated for violating a social contract in the midst of a crisis,” two Denmark-based scientists wrote in their paper, published Thursday in Nature.

“Those who refuse vaccines report that they feel discriminated and pressured against their will.” To measure covid-19 vaccination status-based prejudice, researchers asked some 15,233 people how they feel if a close relatives of theirs are going to marry a vaccinated or unvaccinated person—a question that has long been used in surveys on discrimination along racial, ethnic, or partisan lines.

Specifically, participants were presented with brief descriptions of a series of fictitious individuals and asked to imagine that these are people whom one of their close relatives intends to marry. They were shown two profiles at a time, side by side, and asked to rate each profile by saying whether they agree or disagree with statements such as, “I would be unhappy if this person married one of my close relatives,” and “I think this person is untrustworthy.”

Holding ‘covid’ crimes against humanity accountable under law | added December 10

Read more at The Brownstone Institute

An I&I/TIPP Poll conducted on November 2–4 found 39-35 majority opposition to amnesty (Figure 1), and the stronger sentiment was negative by a lopsided 21-12 margin. While Democrats supported amnesty 48-30 percent, Republicans and Independents opposed it 49-27 percent. Support for amnesty dropped dramatically by age, from 52 percent among 25-44 year olds to just 17 percent among 65 and older (my demographic). It’s interesting, the age split.

The victims of casual cruelty, capricious public health diktats and enforcement brutality are owed justice. But what type of justice? It might be helpful to look at examples from the theory and practice of international criminal justice. The sense of justice, fairness and equity is deeply ingrained in human beings. Correct that. It’s also deeply ingrained in some animal species.

In the famous fairness experiments by primatologist Frans de Waal, capuchin monkeys were trained to trade pebbles for cucumber slices. When the monkey in the adjacent cage was given the more valued prize of a grape, the first threw its cucumber ‘reward’ out of the cage in anger. Subsequently, even the second monkey refused to accept a grape until its companion was also given the same reward. This segment of the full TED talk by de Waal in 2011 has been viewed 22 million times, has been liked by 243,000 and commented on by more than 15,000. The full talk has nearly 5.5 million views.

NY Jets player Max Mitchell sidelined for season due to blood clots in calf and lung | added December 10

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New York Jets offensive tackle Max Mitchell will miss the rest of the season after he was placed on the non-football injury list. Mitchell has blood clots in his right calf and lung, his father revealed to ESPN.

John Mitchell, Max’s father, said the first-year offensive lineman has a hereditary blood-clotting condition called factor V Leiden. Mitchell is taking a blood-thinning medication and should make a full recovery, his father noted. The condition is not expected to end Mitchell’s NFL career. “It should not affect his career long-term,” John Mitchell said. “Of course, we’re taking a big, great deep breath with all of this, but his future is promising.”

The Jets announced the non-football injury designation on Wednesday, but head coach Robert Saleh did not provide any details on the reason. Mitchell was pulled from the Jets’ Week 13 game against the Minnesota Vikings. Saleh said the decision to take Mitchell out of the contest was because the lineman was “struggling.” But John Mitchell said his son was having issues breathing.

The hypocrisies are a crisis and this pot is a crock. Happy weekend.

House passes annual defense authorization bill that rescinds military ‘covid’ vax mandate | added December 9

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The House on Thursday passed the annual defense authorization bill, sending the mammoth, $847 billion measure to the Senate for consideration ahead of the year-end deadline. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed in a bipartisan 350-80 vote.

It was approved under suspension of the rules, an expedited process to pass legislation in the House that requires a two-thirds majority. “I can’t go through every single item that is in this bill, but I can tell you that just about every member of this House has something in this bill that is important for policy, important in their district,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) said ahead of the vote. “This is important policy that makes a huge difference for the people in this body and the people in this country, and I’ve urged us to support it.”

The NDAA, legislation seen as a must-pass for Congress annually, includes an $817 billion top line for the Defense Department and about $30 billion to fund nuclear activities in the Department of Energy. The bill lays out the blueprint for how the billions of dollars will be allocated at the Pentagon, including a 4.6 percent pay raise for both service members and the agency’s civilian workforce, new weapons programs and equipment upgrades, and new programs and personnel policies.

Poughkeepsie, NY judge sues court system over denial of religious exemption from ‘covid’ shot | added December 9

Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, another NY unvaxed judge, Jenny Rivera in October 2021 refused the jab and applying for a medical or religious exemption. She was allowed to sign onto zoom meetings from home and the court staff said, “We do not discuss the personal health information of anyone.” We see major hypocrisies with these mandates. — mmd

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Poughkeepsie City Court Judge Frank Mora sued New York’s court system on Wednesday over its decision to deny him a religious exemption from the system’s covid-19 vaccination mandate. Because of Mora’s refusal to vaccinate himself against covid-19, which he described as being rooted in his Catholicism, he “remains in exile” from the courthouse and is “barred from his courtroom,” according to the lawsuit.

Mora explains that he has “sincerely held religious beliefs which prohibit him from subjecting a healthy body to vaccinations and views such a practice as contrary to God’s commandments as reflect in scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

Because of his refusal to get vaccinated, contravening the court system’s mandate that was rolled out in August 2021, Mora was prohibited from entering any New York state courthouse, including his own. His duties were also sharply curtailed, limited to overseeing civil cases remotely and issuing opinions in certain criminal matters. Though the mandate, which applies to all judges and non-judicial staff, allows individuals to request a legitimate medical or religious exemption, Mora says his request was denied without explanation.

Glyphosate linked to breast cancer and sudden death with Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D and John Beaudon | added December 9

Watch the video n CHTV

[Dec. 2,2022] In this episode on Friday’s Roundtable, Meryl Nass, MD joins Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Polly Tomney to discuss and present the link between Glyphosate and breast cancer.

Rise in ‘covid’ cases reported on social media after China eases restrictions | added December 9

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BEIJING (AP) — A rash of covid-19 cases in schools and businesses were reported by social media users Friday in areas across China after the ruling Communist Party loosened anti-virus rules as it tries to reverse a deepening economic slump.

Official data showed a fall in new cases, but those no longer cover big parts of the population after the government on Wednesday ended mandatory testing for many people. That was part of dramatic changes aimed at gradually emerging from “zero-covid” restrictions that have confined millions of people to their homes and sparked protests and demands for President Xi Jinping to resign.

Social media users in Beijing and other cities said coworkers or classmates were ill and some businesses closed due to lack of staff. It wasn’t clear from those accounts, many of which couldn’t be independently confirmed, how far above the official figure the total case numbers might be. “I’m really speechless. Half of the company’s people are out sick, but they still won’t let us all stay home,” said a post signed Tunnel Mouth on the popular Sina Weibo platform. The user gave no name and didn’t respond to questions sent through the account, which said the user was in Beijing.

Despite ‘covid’ cases allegedly rising at triple rate in LA, people are no longer masking up and fearful | added December 9

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LOS ANGELES — As has happened each December, covid-19 cases are ratcheting up in Los Angeles County, with hospitalizations nearly tripling in the past month — a signal that another mask mandate could be on the horizon.

The region is no stranger to pandemic orders, having experienced stringent lockdowns and a state-imposed curfew in late 2020. But this time around, even as the numbers in Los Angeles become the highest in California, many have grown weary of warnings and talk of precautions.

Covid updates do not elicit the unease they once did — in part because cases and hospitalizations during the current outbreak are nowhere near where they were during the worst stretches. But also because the subject has grown tiresome, residents said. “I think it’s just kind of run its course with me,” said Kirk Carter, 60, a retired television writer who lives in Los Angeles. “It’s become normalized.”

U.S. FDA authorizes bivalent ‘covid’ booster shots for children 6 months to 4 years-old | added December 9

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized bivalent covid-19 boosters for children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years old Thursday. The booster, available from both Pfizer and Moderna, was previously authorized for everyone 5 years and older in October.

“More children now have the opportunity to update their protection against covid-19 with a bivalent covid-19 vaccine, and we encourage parents and caregivers of those eligible to consider doing so — especially as we head into the holidays and winter months where more time will be spent indoors,” FDA Commissioner Robert Califf said in a statement. “As this virus has changed, and immunity from previous covid-19 vaccination wanes, the more people who keep up to date on covid-19 vaccinations, the more benefit there will be for individuals, families and public health by helping prevent severe illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths.”

The updated booster targets BA.4 and BA.5, which are subvariants of the omicron variant. Children are eligible to receive the booster at least two months from the completion of their primary series or after receiving a separate booster dose. The authorization means there are now more than 267 million people eligible for the booster in the U.S., according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, as of Nov. 30, only about 13% of those eligible have received an updated booster dose.

U.S. hospitals are fuller now than throughout the ‘covid’ pandemic due to flu and other respiratory illnesses, according to CNN analysis | added December 9

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Hospitals are more full than they’ve been throughout the covid-19 pandemic, according to a CNN analysis of data from the US Department of Health and Human Services. But as respiratory virus season surges across the US, it’s much more than covid that’s filling beds this year.

More than 80% of hospital beds are in use nationwide, jumping 8 percentage points in the past two weeks. Hospitals have been required to report capacity information since mid-2020 as part of a federal effort to track the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Hospitals have been more than 70% full for the vast majority of that time. But they’ve been 80% full at only one other point: in January, during the height of the omicron surge in the US. Back in January, about a quarter of hospital beds were in use for covid-19 patients. But now, only about 6% of beds are in use for covid-19 patients, according to the HHS data.

The broader respiratory virus season is in full swing across the US. All but six states are experiencing “high” or “very high” respiratory virus as seasonal flu activity remains “high and continues to increase,” according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The number of people admitted to the hospital for flu during the week of Thanksgiving was nearly double the number of admissions during the week before.

Autopsy report reveals three people who died suddenly were likely killed from ‘covid’ shots | added December 9

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News Analysis

A major new autopsy report has found that three people who died unexpectedly at home with no pre-existing disease shortly after covid vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine. A further two deaths were found to be possibly due to the vaccine.

The report, published in Clinical Research in Cardiology, the official journal of the German Cardiac Society, detailed autopsies carried out at Heidelberg University Hospital in 2021. Led by Thomas Longerich and Peter Schirmacher, it found that in five deaths that occurred within a week of the first or second dose of vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna, inflammation of the heart tissue due to an autoimmune response triggered by the vaccine had likely or possibly caused the death.

In total the report looked at 35 autopsies carried out at the University of Heidelberg in people who died within 20 days of covid vaccination, of which 10 were deemed on examination to be due to a pre-existing illness and not the vaccine. For the remaining 20, the report did not rule out the vaccine as a cause of death, which Dr. Schirmacher has confirmed to me is intentional as the autopsy results were inconclusive.

Sports announcer Bob Rathbun convulses on TV while videos of sudden deaths and collapses surface around the world | added December 9

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Atlanta Hawks Announcer Bob Rathbun Suffers Scary Medical Emergency On-Air, Is Now ‘Stable’

December 6, 2022

Bally Sports announcer Bob Rathbun was on-air when he suffered a scary medical emergency on Monday night. Rathbun, 68, and co-host Dominique Wilkins were previewing the matchup between Oklahoma City Thunder and the Atlanta Hawks when Rathbun began to convulse. Wilkins noticed shortly after the convulsions began and medical personnel came to Rathbun’s aid when cameras cut away. Bally Sports Southeast said in a statement that the announcer was taken to a local medical facility where he received treatment for dehydration. Fortunately, Rathbun is reportedly in “stable” condition and doing better.

Puerto Rico

TV Anchor Jeremy Ortiz collapses on camera:

Jeremy Ortiz in recent months participated in the television campaign to promote the covid vaccine and posted on social media a selfie while receiving the vaccine on April 21, 2021 with this message: “Praying that with the end of the pandemic and also the end of indifference and selfishness, which have played a leading role in the spread of covid-19.”

Follow the money…

‘Covid’ is no longer a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, according to recent analysis | added December 8

Editor’s Note: Joe Biden further divided this country when he stated this was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” How about thirteen year-old Maddie de Garay who became paralyzed after inoculation or Utah scientist Brianne Dressen who suffered neurological side effects and had to drop out of clinical trials? Candace Hayden? Ernest Ramirez Jr.? Kristi Dobbs? Their stories don’t count? It’s called informed consent and a law that must be abided by. For liberty and justice for all. — mmd

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Americans received their first covid-19 vaccine doses in December 2020, which means we are now approaching the beginning of the third year of the pandemic’s vaccine phase. And yet hundreds of Americans are still dying each day. Who are they? The data offers a straightforward answer: older adults. Though it’s sometimes uncomfortable to say it, mortality risk has been dramatically skewed by age throughout the pandemic. The earliest reports of covid deaths from China sketched a pattern quickly confirmed everywhere in the world: In an immunologically naïve population, the oldest were several thousand times more at risk of dying from infection than the youngest.

But the skew is actually more dramatic now — even amid mass vaccinations and reinfections — than it was at any previous point over the last three years. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people 65 and older accounted for 75 percent of all American covid deaths. That dropped below 60 percent as recently as September 2021. But today Americans 65 and over account for 90 percent of new covid deaths, an especially large share given that 94 percent of American seniors are vaccinated.

Yet these facts seem to contradict stories we’ve told about what drives vulnerability to covid-19. In January, Joe Biden warned that the illness and death threatened by the omicron variant represented “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” But that month, in which nearly 85,000 Americans died, the unvaccinated accounted for 59 percent of those deaths, down from 77 percent the previous September, according to analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

WHO claims ‘covid’ pandemic disrupted malaria control efforts, resulting in 63,000 deaths | added December 8

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The coronavirus pandemic interrupted efforts to control malaria, resulting in 63,000 additional deaths and 13 million more infections globally over two years, according to a report from the World Health Organization published Thursday.

Cases of the parasitic disease went up in 2020 and continued to climb in 2021, though at a slower pace, the U.N. health agency said Thursday. About 95% of the world’s 247 million malaria infections and 619,000 deaths last year were in Africa. “We were off track before the pandemic and the pandemic has now made things worse,” said Abdisalan Noor, a senior official in WHO’s malaria department. Alister Craig, dean of biological sciences at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, noted that progress in reducing malaria deaths had stalled even before covid-19.

“It is almost as if we have reached a limit of effectiveness for the tools we have now,” said Lister, who was not linked to the WHO report. Noor said he expected the wider rollout of the world’s first authorized malaria vaccine next year to have a “considerable impact” on reducing the number of severe illnesses and deaths if enough children get immunized, adding that more than 20 countries have applied to vaccines alliance Gavi for help in securing the shot. Still, the vaccine is only about 30% effective and requires four doses.

WHO member states agree to develop a legally binding ‘zero draft’ that would dictate world responses to future pandemics | added December 8

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Countries meet for three days to agree next steps toward historic legal instrument, rooted in the WHO Constitution, designed to protect world from future pandemics. During discussions, Member States call for global agreement that takes into account equity, promotes preparedness, ensures solidarity and respects sovereignty. Zero draft of the pandemic accord to be ready for negotiations by Member States starting February 2023.

Member States of the World Health Organization today agreed to develop the first draft of a legally binding agreement designed to protect the world from future pandemics. This “zero draft” of the pandemic accord, rooted in the WHO Constitution, will be discussed by Member States in February 2023. Today’s agreement by the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB), comprised of WHO’s 194 Member States, was a milestone in the global process to learn from the covid-19 pandemic and prevent a repeat of the devastating impacts it has had on individuals and communities worldwide.

The INB gathered at WHO headquarters in Geneva from 5-7 December for its third meeting since its establishment in December 2021, following a special session of the World Health Assembly. The Body today agreed that the INB’s Bureau will develop the zero draft of the pandemic accord in order to start negotiations at the fourth INB meeting, scheduled to start on 27 February 2023. This draft will be based on the conceptual zero draft and the discussions during this week’s INB meeting.

Senate Democrats issue report stating the ‘covid’ pandemic is “one of the worse public health responses in U.S. history” | added December 8

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From the earliest days of the covid-19 outbreak in China to the first surge of infections around the U.S. in 2020, a new report penned by Senate Democrats, released Thursday, blasted the initial efforts to curb the virus as “one of the worst public health responses in U.S. history.”

Gleaned from interviews and documents from key former officials across the administration, the 242-page report from Democrats on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is just the latest to try and shed new light on territory already well-trodden by a cascade of retrospectives. Along with some federal agencies’ own internal reckonings, the committee joins a crowded field including the National Academies, the Government Accountability Office, and fellow Democrats in the House that have sought to retrace pandemic missteps.

While some of the details are new, the report’s authors acknowledge several of their ultimate findings stem from systemic problems known long before President Donald Trump took office. “Many of the problems identified as part of the initial federal response are longstanding and remain unaddressed. For decades, insufficient funding across multiple administrations has impaired federal agencies’ readiness and response capabilities, reducing sustainable investments in public health preparedness,” write the report’s authors.

Maryland officials report flu, RSV and ‘covid’ combined infections are boosting emergency room visits and hospitalizations | added December 8

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While the community spread of covid-19 is still low in Montgomery County, Maryland, health officials said the combination of RSV, the flu and the coronavirus is boosting emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Dr. Louis Damiano, president of Holy Cross Health Acute Care for Maryland, said its hospitals in Silver Spring and Germantown have seen some 500 hospitalizations a month for upper respiratory tract infections. In July and August, Damiano said, most of those were related to covid-19. “In the last couple of months, that has changed. So now about 50% of the visits that we see in both Silver Spring and Germantown for upper respiratory tract infections are either RSV or they’re flu.”

During Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich’s weekly briefing with reporters, Damiano said despite the surge in people heading to the hospital with upper respiratory tract issues, “We’re not at the point right now in the ‘tripledemic,’ where we have to go into full-blown surge plan like we did during the earlier portion of the covid pandemic and during the omicron pandemic, but we’re ready” to do that as they monitor the patients being seen.

United States Marine gets ‘covid’ shot April 2021. Photo by Carl Court

Congress expected to vote on repealing military ‘covid’ vax mandate | added December 8

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The House of Representatives is expected to vote this week on a sweeping defense bill that would repeal the Pentagon’s covid-19 vaccine mandate for U.S. troops. The amendment to eliminate the vaccine mandate is included in the National Defense Authorization Act, a massive $858 billion bill that funds the Pentagon and sets defense policy priorities.

The legislation requires the Pentagon to end the vaccine mandate for services members within 30 days of the bill’s enactment. Republicans insisted on including the repeal in the 4,000 page bill, backing Democrats into a corner because they need to pass the legislation this month to make sure troops receive their pay and benefits on time after the new year.

The bill will head to the Senate for a vote before landing on President Joe Biden’s desk. Though Congress is expected to pass the legislation, the White House has not signaled publicly whether Biden will sign the bill into law. White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday that Biden believes repealing the vaccine mandate is a mistake, but the president would look at the bill holistically.

New Zealand scientist calls on officials to investigate failures and toxicity of ‘covid’ shots | added December 8

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In my past professional life — probably a decade ago, I had a client named Dr. Carlton Brown. Brown, at the time, was CEO and co-innovator at Immune Targeting Systems Ltd. I always enjoyed working with Carlton, as we share a certain curiosity for science/knowledge and a dry wit. It turns out, that Carlton has been part of the medical freedom resistance and has been working to get the word out about the risks of mRNA vaccines.

Up until his email to me earlier this week, I had no idea. This isn’t the first time that people from my “former” professional life have emailed me to let me know that they are supportive of what I have been doing. In fact, I had a former colleague from my time at the Salk Institute in the 1980s write to me to express their support for me this week. These emails always lift my spirits as sometimes this seems like a very lonely fight, although the people writing in the comments section of this Substack also let me know that Jill and I are not alone — and this community often saves me from my own dark musings about the state of the world.

I have no idea how many scientists and physicians are quietly, sometimes secretly questioning the public health policies in this country and globally. But I do know that dissidents of the new normal are slowly finding their voice and are speaking out. Anyway, Brown emailed me ask if I could share this document with people who might find it useful. As a trained scientist, Brown has conducted a deep analysis of the mRNA vaccines and origins of the virus and has created an “evidentiary document” (analysis) that is incredibly powerful.

Strep A bacterial infections have killed more children than ‘covid’ during first year of pandemic, according to figures | added December 8

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Strep A bacterial infections blamed on lockdown immunity debt have now killed more children than covid did during the first year of the pandemic, figures have shown. The Telegraph has the story. At least nine children in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have died of iGas, a severe form of Strep A infection caused when the bacterium gets into the bloodstream.

In comparison, only eight youngsters died following a coronavirus infection in those countries in the whole of 2020 – leading to fears that the immunity debt from pandemic restrictions will end up killing more youngsters than covid itself. As early as 2020, experts warned that limiting contact, shutting schools and insisting on masks would prevent children from encountering bugs that would prime their immune systems, leaving them more vulnerable to infections.

Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, said: “At some point the immune deficit brought about by lockdowns has to be repaid. “In terms of the high levels of Group A Strep infections there have been notable increases in cases in the past, however what is different this time is the high levels of viral co-circulation in the community, and the high number of deaths in children.”

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul sounds another ‘covid alarm, “we’re not out of the woods yet” | added December 8

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — After two years of a covid-19 lockdown, people have shed their masks and are out and about again enjoying the spirit of the holiday. But that’s raising concern in the medical community as they’re seeing an unsettling surge in covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses. That has prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to urge us to cover up once again this winter.

As Gov. Kathy Hochul noted during a press briefing, “We’re not out of the woods yet. The threat is real. We have cases we’re watching intensely.” The governor sounded the alarm as the number of respiratory illnesses are rising throughout the state. Covid-19 cases alone in four of New York City’s five boroughs have jumped to levels that have prompted the CDC to recommend that people wear masks indoors and on public transportation.

The latest data shows that Queens has seen a 16% increase in positive cases. The Bronx and Brooklyn are close to 14%, and Staten Island is about 12%. On Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties have registered a 13% spike in positive covid-19 cases. Dr. Anthony Santella, an infectious disease specialist and professor of public health at Fairfield University, said masks remain an important tool in presenting the spread of covid-19.

Zia Lucia wants implants for Christmas | added December 8

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You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find… you get what you need.

Unveiled plans for a compromise defense authorization bill would drop military ‘covid’ vax mandate | added December 7

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House and Senate lawmakers on Tuesday night unveiled plans for a compromise defense authorization bill which would boost the military budget by 8% over fiscal 2022 levels and rescind the military’s covid-19 vaccine mandate for service members.

The $858 billion plan (which includes roughly $817 billion in Department of Defense spending) also includes plans for a 4.6% pay raise for troops starting next month and nearly $19 billion in extra funding to deal with extra inflation costs on construction, fuel prices and other military purchases. House lawmakers are expected to pass the measure by the end of the week, setting up a Senate vote next week. If it passes both chambers, it could be signed into law by the president before the end of the month, continuing a six-decade streak of advancing the legislation into law.

Although the authorization bill is considered must-pass legislation annually, this year’s deliberations have dragged on for months. For the second consecutive year, the Senate did not pass its own version of the bill, opting instead to make adjustments to the House-passed version from this summer rather than taking amendment votes on their own military policy priorities.

China eases ‘zero-covid policy’ restrictions that mandated testing and confined millions of people after rare protests | added December 7

Editor’s Note: People coming together to take a stand for what they know is right is powerful and does shift the paradigm. — mmd

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China rolled back rules on isolating people with covid-19 and dropped virus test requirements for some public places Wednesday in a dramatic change to a strategy that confined millions of people to their homes and sparked protests and demands for President Xi Jinping to resign.

The move adds to earlier easing that fueled hopes Beijing was scrapping its “zero covid” strategy, which is disrupting manufacturing and global trade. Experts warn, however, that restrictions can’t be lifted completely until at least mid-2023 because millions of elderly people still must be vaccinated and the health care system strengthened. China is the last major country still trying to stamp out transmission of the virus while many nations switch to trying to live with it.

As they lift restrictions, Chinese officials have also shifted to talking about the virus as less threatening — a possible effort to prepare people for a similar switch. People with mild cases will be allowed for the first time to isolate at home, the National Health Commission announced, instead of going to sometimes overcrowded or unsanitary quarantine centers. That addresses a major irritation that helped to drive protests that erupted Nov. 25 in Shanghai and other cities.

Uninsured and seniors may soon have to pay for Paxlovid anti-viral pills | added December 7

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Nearly 6 million Americans have taken Paxlovid for free, courtesy of the federal government. The Pfizer pill has helped prevent many people infected with covid-19 from being hospitalized or dying, and it may even reduce the risk of developing long covid. But the government plans to stop footing the bill within months, and millions of people who are at the highest risk of severe illness and are least able to afford the drug — the uninsured and seniors — may have to pay the full price.

And that means fewer people will get the potentially lifesaving treatments, experts said. “I think the numbers will go way down,” said Jill Rosenthal, director of public health policy at the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank. A bill for several hundred dollars or more would lead many people to decide the medication isn’t worth the price, she said.

In response to the unprecedented public health crisis caused by covid, the federal government spent billions of dollars on developing new vaccines and treatments, to swift success: Less than a year after the pandemic was declared, medical workers got their first vaccines. But as many people have refused the shots and stopped wearing masks, the virus still rages and mutates. In 2022 alone, 250,000 Americans have died from covid, more than from strokes or diabetes.

Pittsburgh Regional Transit employees and former employees sue over authority’s ‘covid’ vax mandates | added December 7

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A group of Pittsburgh Regional Transit employees and former employees filed a discrimination lawsuit in federal court Tuesday challenging the authority’s covid-19 vaccine mandate. The lawsuit, filed as a class action, seeks to represent not only employees who were terminated by PRT for failing to get vaccinated but also employees who claim they were forced to get vaccinated to keep their jobs.

The lawsuit includes claims for religious discrimination, violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and wrongful termination. It alleges that 75 employees were terminated for failing to be vaccinated and that their requests for religious or medical exemptions were summarily denied. PRT spokesman Adam Brandolph said 43 operators and 44 other employees lost their jobs for failing to get vaccinated.

Seven employees died from covid-19 before the vaccine mandate was implemented. None have died since, Brandolph said. He said he could not comment on pending litigation. In January, PRT announced the vaccine mandate and said that all employees were required to be vaccinated by March 15. The authority offered a process for employees to seek an exemption, but the lawsuit called that process an “exercise in futility.”

Vaxxas raises $23 million dollars to develop needle-free ‘covid’ vaccine using dry-coating technology | added December 7

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Vaxxas has secured funding to support clinical development of its needle-free covid-19 vaccine, stuffing its coffers with $23 million from investors including OneVentures and UniQuest. The biotech is built around a patch-based delivery technology, HD-MAP, that uses an array of thousands of projections to get vaccines to immune cells below the surface of the skin.

Using dry-coating technology, Vaxxas applies vaccines onto the projections under sterile conditions, resulting in a delivery system that could improve immune responses, lower doses, eliminate the cold chain and enable self-administration. Investors are bankrolling Vaxxas’ attempts to show its technology can live up to that billing. Existing investors OneVentures and UniQuest led the financing with assists from members of Vaxxas’ board, management team and a number of individual backers.

Paul Kelly, M.D., founding partner and head of healthcare at OneVentures, outlined why his Australian venture fund stepped up to provide fresh funding to support Vaxxas’ evolution into a clinical-phase biotech. “Our confidence has only been reinforced by Vaxxas’ tremendous progress in building a promising clinical pipeline based on its novel HD-MAP vaccination platform. We believe Vaxxas’ needle-free vaccination technology will dramatically improve the availability, efficacy, and safety of vaccines for a range of serious and prevalent diseases, including covid-19 and influenza,” Kelly said in a statement.

Critics call out Pfizer and BioNTech’s plan to seek emergency use authorization for an updated ‘covid’ bivalent booster for children ages 6 months to 4 years old | added December 7

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Pfizer and BioNTech are seeking Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for an updated covid-19 bivalent “booster” vaccine for children ages 6 months to 4 years old. Pfizer on Monday said if the bivalent booster receives EUA, children in this age group will receive two doses of the original covid-19 vaccine, followed by a dose of the “updated” vaccine targeting omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5.

Previously, children under age 5 could receive a three-dose series of the original covid-19 vaccine. However, since the shots received EUA in June, only 2% of children under 2 and about 4% of 2- to 4-year-olds have received their primary doses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The bivalent vaccine is currently authorized as a “booster” dose in the U.S. and the EU, for children 5 and older. Bivalent boosters are ‘obsolete,’ come with ‘very concerning side effects’.

Drs. Peter McCullough, Meryl Nass and Michelle Perro were critical of Pfizer and BioNTech’s bid to receive EUA for the bivalent booster for young children. Nass told The Defender: “There was never anything to recommend the bivalent boosters before they were given an EUA for adults on August 31. It is unconscionable, given what we know about the poor performance of the existing vaccines and their very concerning side effects, that FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] and CDC went along with the new ‘boosters’ without a single human trial — and now the manufacturers want to give these untested vaccines to children as young as 6 months of age.”

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin announces plan to reimburse individuals and businesses who paid fines for violating state ‘covid’ restrictions | added December 7

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Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) announced on Tuesday that he plans to reimburse individuals and businesses who paid fines for violating most state covid-19 restrictions put in place by his Democratic predecessor. Youngkin signed an executive order directing all state agencies to report all covid-19 fines and disciplinary actions they imposed, and the governor said he plans to develop a reimbursement process in his upcoming budget proposal for the restrictions imposed by former Gov. Ralph Northam (D).

“The fact that businesses are still dealing with covid-19 related penalties and fines is infuriating,” Youngkin said in a statement. “Livelihoods are on the line,” he added. “In the previous administration, we saw our government shut down businesses, close our schools and separate us from each other. While we can’t undo the damage done during the Northam administration, we are taking action going forward to end covid-era draconian overreach.”

Youngkin added that the review and reimbursements will not apply to violations in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals. But the Virginia Republican said he will direct agencies to halt collection and enforcement of the other pandemic restriction fines in the upcoming budget request. “I look forward to working with the General Assembly to address this, forgive covid fines and fees and restore licenses that were unjustly suspended,” Youngkin said.

UK medicines regulator gives green light approval for Pfizer/BioNTech ‘covid’ shot Comirnaty to be used on children between 6 months and 4 years old | added December 7

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The UK’s medicines regulator on Tuesday gave the greenlight for the Pfizer/BioNTech covid-19 vaccine, also known as Comirnaty, to be used on children in Britain aged between 6 months and 4 years old. The vaccine has previously been approved in Northern Ireland for the same age group.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) authorisation doesn’t mean the low-dose vaccine will be automatically included in the the government’s covid-19 vaccination programme, because the responsibility of making recommendations falls on a different body—the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). It appears unlikely the JCVI will recommend the product to be used on healthy babies and toddlers as the committee has not extended a one-off recommendation to jab children aged between 5 and 11.

Paul Hunter, professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia, told The Epoch Times he would wait and see what the JCVI will decide on vaccinating the infants and toddlers. He said he’s “not sure” whether it’s appropriate to give the vaccine to this age group given the low risk Ccovid-19 poses to young children and the vaccine’s short-lived efficacy against infections.

Hackers linked to Chinese government stole at least $20 million dollars in U.S. ‘covid’ relief benefits | added December 7

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Hackers linked to the Chinese government stole at least $20 million in U.S. covid relief benefits, including Small Business Administration loans and unemployment insurance funds in over a dozen states, according to the Secret Service.

The theft of taxpayer funds by the Chengdu-based hacking group known as APT41 is the first instance of pandemic fraud tied to foreign, state-sponsored cybercriminals that the U.S. government has acknowledged publicly, but may just be the tip of the iceberg, according to U.S. law enforcement officials and cybersecurity experts.

The officials and experts, most speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject matter, say other federal investigations of pandemic fraud also seem to point back to foreign state-affiliated hackers. “It would be crazy to think this group didn’t target all 50 states,” said Roy Dotson, national pandemic fraud recovery coordinator for the Secret Service, who also acts as a liaison to other federal agencies probing covid fraud.

Journalist Jeremy Hammond’s hypocrisy | added December 7

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: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not

: behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel

His hypocrisy was finally revealed with the publication of his private letters.

especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion

I finally did something that I had told myself that I wasn’t going to do. I engaged in a “debate” with Jeremy Hammond. For those who may be unfamiliar with Mr. Hammond, he considers himself an independent journalist who exposes “dangerous state propaganda serving to manufacture consent for criminal government policies.” He has become a prominent voice in the “anti-vaccine” crowd and has produced many articles about the dangers involved in this practice.

This may leave you wondering why I approached Mr. Hammond to critique information he had provided in a recent article of his. Contrary to Mr. Hammond’s claims of exposing dangerous propaganda, Jeremy also does his fair share of pushing dangerous propaganda. This includes his insistence in promoting the fear-based propaganda that pathogenic “viruses” exist and that “SARS-COV-2” is a bioweapon secretly created in a lab that was suspiciously unleashed upon the world.

‘Covid’ click bait. No, thank you.

New Zealand authorities launch custody battle for infant whose parents refuse blood from ‘covid’ vaccinated patients, sparking major controversy | added December 6

Read more at CBS News

Wellington, New Zealand — New Zealand authorities on Tuesday launched a battle for custody of an infant whose parents are blocking life-saving surgery because blood donors may have been vaccinated against covid-19. The New Zealand health authority took the bid for emergency custody to the High Court in Auckland in a case that has sparked local protest and underscored the potency of vaccine misinformation.

The four-month-old, whose name has been suppressed by court order, needs an “urgent operation” to correct a heart disorder known as pulmonary valve stenosis, the child’s mother has said. The surgical procedure has been delayed because the baby’s parents do not want any blood transfused that could have come from a donor vaccinated using mRNA vaccines. Health authorities rejected the parents’ request for unvaccinated blood.

New Zealand’s blood service does not make a distinction between donations from those vaccinated or unvaccinated against covid, as there is no extra risk from using vaccinated blood. The authorities want to take partial custody of the child, leaving the parents in charge of non-medical care, but allowing the procedure to go ahead. Health New Zealand has said it applied to the court “with the best interests of the child in mind” following “extensive conversations” with the family.

CDC announces people should wear masks to prevent spread of respiratory illnesses, ‘covid’, flu and RSV | added December 6

Read more at CNBC

The Centers for Disease Control Prevention on Monday encouraged people to wear masks to help reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses this season as covid, flu and RSV circulate at the same time. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, in a call with reporters, said wearing a mask is one of several everyday precautions that people can take to reduce their chances of catching or spreading a respiratory virus during the busy holiday season.

“We also encourage you to wear a high-quality, well-fitting mask to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses,” said Walensky, adding that people living in areas with high levels of covid transmission should especially consider masking.

The CDC director said the agency is considering expanding its system of covid community levels to take into account other respiratory viruses such as the flu. The system is the basis for when CDC advises the public to wear masks. But Walensky encouraged people to take proactive action. “One need not wait on CDC action in order to put a mask on,” Walensky said. “We would encourage all of those preventive measures — hand washing, staying home when you’re sick, masking, increased ventilation — during respiratory virus season, but especially in areas of high covid-19 community levels.”

FDA approves emergency use authorization of Virax Biolab’s over-the-counter ‘covid’ rapid antigen test | added December 6

Read more at Cision PR Newswire

Virax Biolabs Group Limited (“Virax” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: VRAX), an innovative biotechnology company focused on the prevention, detection, and diagnosis of viral diseases, announced today that their supplier has received an Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) from the U.S. FDA for their Over-the-Counter Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test (the “Test”). The Tests are ready for sale in the US by Virax.

Additionally, another Point of Care Rapid Antigen test to be distributed by Virax is seeking an approval with Health Canada for Canadian distribution. The Tests have been eligible for sale in markets accepting the CE Mark since 2020. Virax’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, James Foster commented “This is an important milestone for Virax as we now have the ability to enter into the key US market.

Covid-19 remains a major viral threat and has become endemic. We have significant manufacturing capacity (through our partner) of up 2 million tests per day which will allow us to serve a large portion of the US market, if necessary. We look forward to updating you on distribution contracts as they are signed.” Covid-19 remains a significant healthcare burden in the United States. According to the CDC, as of November 23, 2022, there have been approximately 45 million cases with around 250,000 deaths attributable to covid-19 so far in 2022. Total test volume has been over 266 million in the US in 2022.

Boston to spend $3.9 million dollars in opening 11 wastewater ‘covid’ testing sites | added December 6

Read more at FOX News

Boston is planning to establish 11 wastewater testing sites across the city to help monitor for spikes in the covid-19 virus. The head of the Boston Public Health Commission said the city is partnering with vendors to create the sites as covid-19 levels in wastewater across the region have begun rising.

Dr. Bisola Ojikutu, Boston’s public health commissioner, said the city will be sampling water from the sites on a weekly basis. Ojikutu said the testing will also help the city monitor for the appearance of new variants of the disease. Ojikutu made the comments during a Boston City Council meeting Monday according to The Boston Globe.

The city is currently receiving information pulled together from Boston and 22 other nearby locations. City health officials hope the Boston testing sites will help them understand what’s happening at a neighborhood level. The city is tapping $3.9 million in federal funding to pay for the project. Coronavirus levels in Eastern Massachusetts wastewater have been on the uptick in recent weeks.

Pfizer partners with Clear Creek Bio to develop billion dollar oral ‘covid’ drug | added December 6

Read more at Business Wire

NEW YORK & CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) and Clear Creek Bio, Inc. today announced a research collaboration and exclusive license agreement to advance the discovery and development of potential inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease (PLpro) for the oral treatment of covid-19. PLpro is an essential enzyme, which, along with the main protease (Mpro), plays an important role in viral replication.

This program will expand Pfizer’s innovative anti-infective pipeline and, if successful, will complement Pfizer’s existing portfolio of Ccovid-19 products with direct-acting antiviral agents against different SARS-CoV-2 targets. “Covid-19 has proven to be a devastating and highly unpredictable disease, one with the potential to remain a global health concern for years to come,” said Charlotte Allerton, Chief Scientific Officer, Anti-Infectives and Head of Medicine Design, of Pfizer.

“It is critical that we try to stay ahead of the virus, continuing to advance clinical development opportunities for our current oral therapy as well as innovating through our internal programs and strategic partnerships to bring forward additional monotherapy and/or combination treatment candidates that we believe may play a role in the ongoing fight against covid-19.” “As covid-19 continues to evolve, there is a significant need for oral antivirals with novel mechanisms of action,” said Vikram Sheel Kumar, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Clear Creek Bio.

Researchers find autopsies reveal ‘covid’ shots induced fatal cardiac conditions in some people | added December 6

Read more at The Defender

A serious side effect linked to covid-19 vaccines can lead to death, according to a new study. Post-vaccination myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, was identified in a subset of people who died “unexpectedly” at home within 20 days of receiving a covid-19 vaccine.

Researchers analyzed autopsies that had been performed on the people and conducted additional research, including studying tissue samples. Researchers started with a group of 35, but excluded 10 from further analysis because other causes of death were identified. Of the remaining 25, researchers identified evidence of myocarditis in five. All of the five people received a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine within seven days of their death, with a mean of 2.5 days.

The median age was 58 years. None of the people had covid-19 infection prior to being vaccinated and nasal swabs returned negative. Autopsy findings combined with the lack of evidence of other causes of death and how the vaccination happened shortly before the deaths enabled researchers to say that for three of the cases, vaccination was the “likely cause” of the myocarditis and that the cardiac condition “was the cause of sudden death.”

Canadian Red Cross to help Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario deal with surge of pediatric respiratory illnesses | added December 6

Read more at The Epoch Times

A prominent children’s hospital in Ottawa will soon be receiving help from the Canadian Red Cross as it grapples with a massive wave of pediatric respiratory illnesses that have stretched resources to the breaking point, the organization announced Sunday.

CHEO, previously known as the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, requested the additional support amid a surge of admissions from children and youth. Red Cross spokesperson Leianne Musselman said the organization will provide “small teams” to support hospital staff and allow them to focus on clinical tasks.

Musselman did not indicate a firm start date for the agreement, but CHEO Chief Nursing Executive Tammy DiGiovanni said a small contingent of Red Cross personnel would arrive as of next week to support clinical teams. “This will allow some of our redeployed staff to go back to their regular roles and ensure Team CHEO can provide the safe, world-class care that our patients deserve,” DiGiovanni said in a statement, noting the hospital has received help from other local health-care providers and community care organizations during a time she said required “all hands on deck.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces intention to hold ‘covid’ vax manufacturers responsible for false claims about shots | added December 6

Read more at The Jewish Voice

At a private event over the weekend, Governor Ron DeSantis said that his administration intends to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable for making false claims about covid products that have caused injuries and death. The governor said he would be working with Florida Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo “to hold these manufacturers accountable for this mRNA [shot] because they said there were no side effects and we know that there have been a lot.”

DeSantis made the comments at a Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) event on Saturday at the Florida Governors Mansion. American Greatness reached out to both the RPOF, and the governor’s communications team for comment but did not receive an immediate reply. “We did a study in Florida and we saw an 86 percent increase in cardiac related activity in people ages 18 to 39 from mRNA shots and so we’re going to be doing some stuff to bring accountability there,” DeSantis told the RPOF Executive Committee members at the event. In the United States, the mRNA products are produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

For the past year, Equity Investment Executive and former Black Rock manager Ed Dowd has been compiling evidence from the insurance industry, funeral home industry, and government databases showing that excessive deaths among working-age Americans substantially increased in 2021 over 2020. In his new book, “Cause unknown,” Dowd demonstrates that non-covid deaths among people aged 18 to 64 have exploded.

Vermont: The most vaccinated state in U.S. plans to get everyone boosted before holidays | added December 6

Editor’s Note: Try convincing the families who testified about experiencing serious adverse reactions to these shots they are “safe and effective” for everyone. Some people, like 13 year-old Maddie de Garay became paralyzed for life. Listen here.mmd

Read more at Mark Crispin Miller Substack

It seems that the Good People at the “Vermont Health Equity Initiative” are a little out of it (which might mean that nearly all Vermont is out of it), what with the drawing here of that nice (masked) Healthcare Professional (surely Latinx) elbow-bumping that nice (masked) African-American cis-girl—a Tender Moment (though it’s impossible to tell if either one of them is smiling) that recalls the Covid Terror of 2020/2021, when people were too panicked to shake hands.

That panic is as fresh as ever, in the Bizarro world of this psychotic ad, since those two cis-females (I hope I’m not offending anyone!) are bumping elbows even though the older one is wearing gloves—suggesting that the gloves (just like the shots) don’t work (and neither do the masks, or there would be no need for the further shots pushed in this ad). But that’s the least of it, of course.

What really tells us that the people at the “Vermont Health Equity Initiative”—and maybe nearly all the people in Vermont—are out of it is that they’re still pushing universal “vaccination,” and of children in particular (and, still more particularly, children of color, though no doubt they want to jab the white ones, too). This despite (a) the ever-spiking toll of “vaccination,” in both “sudden deaths” and crippling injuries, and (b) the (consequent) widespread decline in booster uptake, which, we hear, has slipped down to around 4%.

“Amnesty” by Joseph Arthur | added December 6

Listen on Mark Crispin Miller Substack

“Don’t you ever forget your way back home…”

Daykeeper Notes :: New edition of chronology available now | added December 5

Read more at Planet Waves FM from Chiron Return

Dear Friend and Reader:

A week ago, we reached Day 1000 of our daily (even hour-to-hour) tracking of, you know, the situation that emerged three years ago. On March 3, 2020, we started faithfully logging news reports, mainstream and alt, every day.

And we began digging up and documenting events going back in time to see where it all began. Daily updates continue here.

Tracking events day-by-day is an appropriate job for a reserach team well-trained in both astrology and classical news reporting. I also have detailed coverage of the astrology, for those interested.

A New Edition of the Chronology is Avaialble

And at long last, I have a new edition of the chronology for you. This document is a journalistic achievement in a time of journalistic decadence. I am amazed it even exists, but it does, logging every detail we could find between 2006 and the end of 2020. We are close to a beta release of the compiled events of 2021. (This link contains a video interview with me by Dr. Sam Bailey describing the project, and the process of editing it — scroll down.)

Biden administration considers an end to military ‘covid’ vax mandates | added December 5

Editor’s Note: This would be a big win for the medical freedman movement and, if dropped, would be hypocritical of the administration should it not end mandates across sectors. Rutgers University mandates all students and staff be boosted with yet another ‘covid’ shot.  — mmd

Read more at Politico

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Final defense legislation set to be unveiled next week could undo the Pentagon’s policy of kicking out troops for not taking the covid vaccine, the Democratic chair of the House Armed Services Committee said Saturday.

Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) said a rollback of the policy is on the table for a compromise version of the National Defense Authorization Act, but hasn’t been decided yet. “We haven’t resolved it, but it is very fair to say that it’s in discussion,” Smith told POLITICO on the sidelines of the Reagan National Defense Forum. He noted that the mandate may not be logical anymore.“I was a very strong supporter of the vaccine mandate when we did it, a very strong supporter of the covid restrictions put in place by DoD and others,” he added.

“But at this point in time, does it make sense to have that policy from August 2021? That is a discussion that I am open to and that we’re having.” The defense bill is set to be unveiled Monday and House leaders plan to hold a vote on the $847 billion policy measure sometime next week. Negotiators had hoped to file the legislation on Friday, but congressional leaders were still ironing out several outstanding issues, apparently including the vaccine policy

CDC announces ‘high covid’ cases in 16 Colorado counties | added December 5

Read more at 9 News

COLORADO, USA — There’s one fewer tool available to treat covid-19 as the CDC reports “high” community levels of the virus in more than a dozen Colorado counties, including Boulder County.
The FDA pulled authorization for the last monoclonal antibody available in the United States on Wednesday, ending — for now — what was previously one of the most effective treatments available for the coronavirus.

It had been recently stymied by new variants. “We’ve known for some time that the coronavirus has been rapidly changing,” 9NEWS Health Expert Dr. Payal Kohli said. “These new variants are called escape variants because they escape our immunity and they sort of escape these antibody treatments that used to be previously effective.”

Kohli said the old treatments just don’t work anymore. The lab-made antibodies used to bind to the virus and prevent it from entering cells, but the antibodies don’t fit right on the new variants spreading today. “The antibodies are really no longer effective,” she said. “They’re no longer neutralizing or squelching the virus from making copies of itself.”

Discussion: ‘Long covid symptoms’, nutrition and innate healing | added December 5

Editor’s Note: While this video suggests ‘covid’ has been identified (not isolated) as to what is making people sick, a lack of nutrition is often overlooked for health. It’s important to note the smoke and mirrors effect of ‘long term covid’ symptoms and adverse reactions as a cover for covid drug jabs and environmental toxins. This discussion is a dance around the root causes of what is making people sick as it all goes back to ‘covid’.  — mmd

Watch the video on CHDTV

Chris Masterjohn, Ph.D. and Dr. Syed Haider dive deep into the questions surrounding long covid, vaccine injury and supplementation in this episode of ‘Good Morning CHD.’ Today, Dr. Masterjohn shares his insight into mineral deficiencies and their connection to the health issues in society today. He also discusses reform to modern medicine in the way that patients are diagnosed, treated and studied for particular symptoms related to deficiencies and absorption of vital nutrients.

*The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained in this episode are for informational purposes only. No material is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Chinese women stand together to protest against China’s dictatorial control with ‘zero-covid policy’ | added December 5

Read more at South Morning China Post

Amid a groundswell of public outrage in multiple Chinese cities over the government’s continued zero-covid policy, young women have stepped up and become a leading voice of dissent. Armed with blank sheets of paper from Beijing to Shanghai, they took the lead in protesting against the mishandling of covid-19 restrictions in Urumqi, where a fire killed 10 residents during lockdown, as well as against the local media for its silence on the incident.

“Chinese women are generally more action-oriented and more outspoken than men,” said a female protester in Shanghai, adding that she “just wanted to be there”. A thousand kilometres away, female students at Beijing’s Tsinghua University also started a protest. A few of them stood quietly with white paper in hand, in spite of interference from teachers or security guards.

It is promising to see women making up a significant part of an extremely rare social movement, especially considering how women’s rights movements have been suppressed by the Chinese government. Perhaps the best-known example is of a group known as the Feminist Five, who were arrested in 2015 for organising a protest against sexual harassment on public transport, ahead of International Women’s Day and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s UN speech on women’s rights.

American scientist who worked for Wuhan Lab claims ‘covid’ was a man-made virus | added December 5

Read more at The Epoch Times

An American scientist who worked at a research laboratory in Wuhan, China, has claimed that the novel coronavirus was a “genetically engineered agent” that leaked from the U.S.-funded facility. It was reportedly exposed by Dr. Andrew Huff, an epidemiologist and former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, in “The Truth About Wuhan” book, in which he referred to the pandemic as “the biggest U.S. intelligence failure since 9/11.”

In his book, Huff says the covid-19 virus was genetically engineered through China’s gain-of-function experiments—which modify the way an organism functions—funded by the United States government, The Sun reported. He said that EcoHealth spent years teaching the Wuhan Institute of Virology the “best existing methods to engineer bat coronaviruses to attack other species,” and that China was aware “that this was a genetically engineered agent.”

“The U.S. government is to blame for the transfer of dangerous biotechnology to the Chinese,” he told The Sun. “I was terrified by what I saw. We were just handing them bioweapon technology. Huff claimed that China’s gain-of-function experiments were carried out with poor control measures, which led to the lab leak at the Wuhan lab. “EcoHealth Alliance and foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management, ultimately resulting in the lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” he wrote in the book.

‘Covid’ is linked to higher levels of strep A in UK, according to health officials | added December 5

Editor’s Note: As we work on the covid chronology especially we see how ‘covid’ is being blamed for so many symptoms, i.e. diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer’s and now strep. How is it that ‘covid’ is now responsible for all these previously known illnesses? — mmd

Read more at The Guardian

An early start to the strep A infections season in the UK could be a knock-on effect of the covid-19 pandemic, a senior heath official has said. At least six children have died with strep A infection since September, leading the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) to issue a rare alert on Friday evening. On Monday, its chief medical adviser warned that infection rates were significantly higher than previously seen at this time of year.

“Firstly, I think that we’re seeing a lot of viral infections circulate at the moment and these bacterial infections can come as an addition on top. Secondly, we’re back to normal social mixing and the patterns of diseases that we’re seeing in the last number of months are out of sync with the normal seasons as people mix back to normal and move around and pass infections on,” Dr Susan Hopkins told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday.

“We also need to recognise that the measures that we’ve taken for the last couple of years to reduce covid circulating will also reduce other infections circulating. And so that means that, as things get back to normal, these traditional infections that we’ve seen for many years are circulating at great levels.” Asked if this was due to lower-than-normal immunity levels caused by covid measures, she said: “That’s one of the potential areas that we’re exploring.”

Old school monoclonal antibody ‘covid’ treatments rendered useless in the U.S. against new variants | added December 5

Read more at NBC News

No more monoclonal antibody treatments for covid are available in the U.S.: The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday rescinded its authorization of bebtelovimab, a drug previously given to patients who faced a high risk of severe disease.

Over the last two years, the FDA authorized six monoclonal antibody treatments for covid, but omicron’s many subvariants rendered the drugs less effective so the FDA gradually revoked each of those authorizations. Bebtelovimab, made by Eli Lilly, was the last one standing. According to the FDA’s announcement, the drug was “not expected to neutralize omicron subvariants BQ.1 and BQ.1.1.,” which together now account for the majority of new infections recorded in the U.S. — around 62%, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show.

“The big problem is that monoclonal antibodies bind to a very small piece of the virus. As the virus changes, we are now in a position in which we lost them all because they don’t bind to the virus anymore,” said Dr. Arturo Casadevall, a professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Paxlovid has become the go-to treatment for most people at high risk of severe covid, given that it continues to be effective in the face of new variants and is easy to administer (it’s a series of three pills taken twice daily for five days).

Top military general claims ‘covid’ vax misinformation responsible for recruitment problems as members remain reluctant to undergo inoculation | added December 5

Read more at Military

The covid-19 vaccine mandate is contributing to the military’s recruitment troubles, the top general in the Marine Corps said on Saturday. Speaking during a panel at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, California, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger defended the vaccine mandate as a necessity for keeping the force healthy. But he indicated the mandate has posed problems for recruiting in pockets of the United States where vaccine misinformation is prevalent.

Where it is having an impact for sure is on recruiting, where in parts of the country there’s still myths and misbeliefs about the back story behind it,” Berger said. Speaking to reporters at the conference later Saturday afternoon, Berger added that the mandate has posed an issue for recruiting in the South in particular. “There was not accurate information out early on and it was very politicized and people make decisions and they still have those same beliefs. That’s hard to work your way past really hard to work,” he said in response to a question from

“Small areas, big factor,” he added when pressed about how much the mandate has contributed to recruiting issues. “You talk to me in the cafeteria, and one of my first questions is, ‘Do I have to get that vaccine?’ And you go, ‘Yeah, you do.’ Ok, I’ll talk to you later. It’s that fast.” The military has faced a recruiting crisis over the last year as it tackles the twin difficulties of increasing numbers of Americans unqualified to serve and decreasing numbers of those who are qualified being interested in serving.

“If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” — Albert Einstein

Planet Waves FM: The biotech spiral | added December 3

Read more on Planet Waves FM from Chiron Return

Tonight’s new edition of Planet Waves FM goes deep into the PCR “testing” scam and biotechnology generally. If you have followed my coverage of this issue and have any curiosity left, you will love this program. I look at the current astrology as well.

I am joined by Dr. Kevin Corbett, a renowned expert on diagnostic testing issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. We dissect the testimony of the owner of a PCR testing lab, Kevin McKernan, a kind of biotech evangelist who has previously been critical of the use of the PCR for detecting viruses.

Here is the new edition of the chronology.

Note, I am not planning a program for next week, in service of completing the Inner Space readings. Thank you for purchasing those — I promise a helpful, uplifting astrological journey. More information and a nice video here.

The video below is my interview with Kevin McKernan and Bobby Malhotra from February 2021.

Los Angeles may impose mask mandates amid rising ‘covid’ cases and hospitalizations | added December 3

Read more at ABC News

Los Angeles County may soon reimpose indoor mask mandates as covid-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise in the area. During a press conference Thursday, LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said the largest county in the United States had reached “medium” covid-19 transmission levels and will require face coverings if it reaches the “high” category.

As of Dec. 1, Los Angeles County is averaging 2,490 new covid-19 infections every day, the highest number recorded since Aug. 26, according to health department data. Ferrer said the real count is likely much higher due to several people testing positive with at-home rapid tests and not reporting the results to health officials or due to people not testing at all.

Daily deaths are still relatively low at 14, but the figure could rise because covid-related fatalities tend to lag a few weeks behind case and hospitalization increases, Ferrer noted. “There is this common line of thinking that the pandemic is over and covid is no longer of concern, but these numbers clearly demonstrate that covid is still with us,” she said. Two weeks ago, county officials said they were “strongly recommending” that residents wear masks in indoor public settings but stopped short of requiring them after the covid-19 case rate hit 100 per 100,000 residents.

Beijing residents celebrate an end to mandatory ‘covid’ testing as China eases restrictions  | added December 3

Read more at CNBC News

Beijing residents cheered the removal of covid-19 testing booths while Shenzhen followed other cities in announcing it would no longer require commuters to present their test results to travel, as an easing of China’s virus curbs gathered pace.

Although daily cases hover near all-time highs, some cities are taking steps to loosen covid-19 testing requirements and quarantine rules as China looks to make its zero-covid policy more targeted amid an economic slowdown and public frustration that has boiled over into unrest.

Three years into the pandemic, China has been a global outlier with its zero-tolerance approach towards covid that has seen it enforce lockdowns and frequent virus testing. It says the measures are needed to save lives and avoid overwhelming its healthcare system. China began tweaking its approach last month, urging localities to become more targeted. Initial reactions, however, were marked with confusion and even tighter lockdowns as cities scrambled to keep a lid on rising cases.

Nonprofit blood donation services begins matching unvaxed blood patients with donors | added December 3

Read more at The Epoch Times

Swiss naturopathic physician George Della Pietra believes people worldwide should be free to choose whether to get a covid-19 vaccine injection or not. He believes the same should hold for those receiving transfusions with “vaccinated” blood. “The problem is right now we have no choice,” said Della Pietra, founder of the nonprofit Safe Blood Donation service in 2021, matching unvaccinated blood recipients with donors in 65 countries. “It was very clear from the beginning that the covid hype was way out of control,” Della Pietra said. “It was not as dangerous as they say it was.

“As a naturopath, I can make no sense of this pandemic, which was never really a pandemic. It leaves space for so many explanations.” Della Pietra believes that an mRNA injection is more dangerous than the pharmaceutical companies are willing to admit. He said the growing numbers of adverse reactions are reason to question their safety and effectiveness. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that vaccinated and boosted people made up 58.6 percent (6,512) of the covid-19 deaths in August—up from 41 percent in January.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Cynthia Cox, the Vice President of the Kaiser Family Foundation told The Washington Post in an article on Nov. 23. Nearly 70 percent of the world’s 8 billion people have received at least one mRNA injection for covid-19 since the vaccines began rolling out in 2021 at the height of the virus’s spread. Each of the three primary mRNA covid-19 vaccines contains covid-19 “spike protein” fragments, which bind at the cellular level to stimulate an immune response to the virus.

Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” and humanity’s demise as self-annihilation becomes commonplace | added December 3

Read more at Natural News

In the 1960’s, a scientist named John Calhoun created a “mouse utopia” where populations of mice would enjoy everything they needed, essentially without effort: Unlimited food, water, living space, population growth without predators and so on. It started with eight mice, who began to reproduce quickly, enjoying their newfound “utopia” with unlimited resources.

Within 4 years, however, the population had become extinct through self-annihilation even though all the resources it needed for survival were readily available, including ample space to live. What happened to Calhoun’s mice? He repeated the experiment multiple times using mice and rats. Each time the outcome was the same: Extinction within 1588 days. (Populations began to collapse at around 560 days, for reasons discussed below.)

What we are witnessing in the world today, right now, with the self-inflicted annihilation of humankind, almost perfectly reflects observations from Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” experiments. Except now, it’s happening in the world of humans. Filmmaker Mike Freeman has even made a film about these experiments. It’s called Critical Mass, and you can learn about it at

Breaking balls | added December 3

Watch the video on YouTube

Sense of humor is key. Enjoy the weekend.

McCullough: The ‘covid’ pandemic won’t end until mass inoculation campaigns stop | added December 3

Read more at The Defender

A principle of infectious diseases is “antimicrobial stewardship” which involves choosing the right antibiotic for the right patient and never over-prescribing or blanket-covering patients who don’t need treatment. Another principle is “narrowing the spectrum” of a drug once the organism is identified by culture or other methods.

These fundamental approaches to the use of antibiotics work to limit the problem of bacterial resistance and the development of “superbugs.” Every year hospitals each produce their antibiogram or report of their common infections encountered and what antibiotics either are effective (organism is sensitive) or ineffective (organism is resistant).

In the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, these principles have been applied to the use of monoclonal antibodies and the process explains why various EUA products (e.g., bamlanivimab) were pulled from the market when they were understood to be no longer effective at neutralizing SARS-CoV-2. This entire thought process has been thrown out the window for covid-19 vaccines. For 18 months the ancestral strain Wuhan Institute of Virology spike protein was the featured antigen for Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca and Novavax vaccines.

Biden administration spends $1 million to research affects of “vaccine misinformation” | added December 3

Read more at FOX News

The Biden administration is handing out $1 million in grant funding for research into how “vaccine misinformation” found on social media can affect people’s confidence in vaccines. The Department of Health and Human Services announced the grant opportunity, “Developing a Public Health Tool to Predict the Virality of Vaccine Misinformation Narratives,” on Thursday and will send the funds to a single applicant next year.

The awardee will use the funds to develop a forecasting model that aims to identify potential misinformation on vaccines and how it will affect people as it spreads on social media. “The purpose of this Notice of Funding Opportunity is to support research to develop a predictive forecasting model that identifies new or reemerging misinformation narratives that are likely to disseminate widely and have a high potential for impact on vaccine confidence,” the grant description said.

“The information from this model will then be used to develop a tool that public health agencies could use to predict misinformation trends in the populations served.” “Finally, the researchers will evaluate the tool’s predictive capabilities on both future social media misinformation narratives and real-world events,” it said. Eligible applicants include both government and private groups. The grant runs through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has a history of efforts to combat misinformation.

WHO “pleased” that communist China eases ‘zero-covid policy’ mandates and restrictions | added December 3

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The World Health Organization on Friday said it was “pleased” that China is relaxing some of the strict covid-19 measures that spurred protests over the weekend and into the week. “We’re pleased to learn that the Chinese authorities are adjusting their current strategies and really tried to calibrate now the control measures that they need for this virus with the lives, the livelihoods and the human rights of people in communities,” WHO’s Mike Ryan said at a press conference on Friday.

Ryan said that the omicron variant’s transmissibility makes it particularly difficult to contain, which is the goal of China’s “zero covid” approach. “When you can’t stop a fire, you get the people in danger out of the way,” Ryan said. “And the way to get people out of the way of the fire in this case is to vaccinate people.”

Ryan’s comments come after several major cities in China eased their local coronavirus mitigation measures after they spurred one of the biggest displays of defiance against the Chinese Communist Party in decades. Following the protests, officials this week gave the most concrete signs yet that they could relax the country’s overall “zero covid” strategy, which aims to isolate every coronavirus case to prevent transmission and has forced residents into months-long lockdowns.

Former President Bill Clinton tests ‘covid’ positive, experiencing mild symptoms and “grateful to be vaxed and boosted” | added December 3

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Former President Bill Clinton announced Wednesday that he has tested positive for covid-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms.“I’m grateful to be vaccinated and boosted, which has kept my case mild, and I urge everyone to do the same, especially as we move into the winter months,” Clinton said in a tweet.

The former president, 76, added that he is “doing fine overall and keeping myself busy at home.” Clinton was hospitalized last year for a urinary tract infection that spread to his bloodstream. He also had quadruple bypass heart surgery in 2004 and had two stents inserted to open one artery in 2010. The 42nd President is the latest of the Presidents’ Club to test positive for the virus. President Joe Biden contracted covid-19 this summer, and then-President Donald Trump tested positive in October 2020. Former President Barack Obama also experienced a mild case earlier this year.

Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths have remained flat in the US in recent weeks, though the virus’ impact is not gone: on average, more than 300 Americans die and 3,400 people are hospitalized each day with covid-19, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just 12% of eligible people in the US have gotten their updated covid-19 booster, according to the CDC, and about 1 in 5 people nationwide remain completely unvaccinated.

Chinese authorities use cell phone data to track down protestors against ‘covid’ mandates | added December 2

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Chinese authorities are using cellphone data to track down protesters who demonstrated against the government’s stringent covid restrictions in Beijing, according to a recording of a phone call between a protester and police heard by CNN.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered along Beijing’s Liangma River on Sunday night, calling for an end to the incessant covid tests and lockdowns. Some also decried censorship and called for greater political freedoms. The extraordinary show of dissent in the heart of the Chinese capital ended largely peacefully in the early hours of Monday.

But some protesters have since received phone calls from the police inquiring about their participation. A protester told CNN they received a phone call Wednesday from a police officer, who revealed they were tracked because their cellphone signal was recorded in the vicinity of the protest site. CNN is not naming any of the protesters in this story to protect them from reprisals.

Teenagers’ brains aged faster during pandemic due to stress and anxiety, according to researchers | added December 2

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In addition to heavily increased rates of anxiety and depression, researchers at Stanford University discovered the covid-19 pandemic aged teenagers’ brains by almost three years, according to a study published Thursday.

In “Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Mental Health and Brain Maturation in Adolescents,” the group of seven researchers compared MRI scans taken of teenagers ages 15 to 18 before the pandemic to scans of the same age group taken during the pandemic.

The images showed teenagers’ brains looked almost three years older during the pandemic than they did before covid. The scans also reportedly showed structural changes in the brain and changes to the parts of the brain responsible for memory, concentration, learning, emotion, reactivity and judgment.

Fauci criticizes Chinese ‘covid’ jabs stating they are ‘not at the level’ of western-made ones | added December 2

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House’s chief medical advisor and one of the top officials responsible for the U.S. pandemic response, criticized another major economy’s approach to the pandemic on Thursday.

In an interview with the Washington Post, the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that China’s response was “draconian.” China is currently facing protests from Chinese residents frustrated with the country’s use of snap lockdowns and mass testing to suppress outbreaks.

Fauci said that lockdowns like China’s should “give you time to respond so that you can open up.” Yet Fauci suggested that less effective Chinese vaccines were hindering Beijing’s ability to end covid-zero. “The efficacy of the China made vaccines are not at the level of the vaccines that have been used in the United States,” he said. China’s covid vaccines primarily come from Sinovac, a private company, and Sinopharm, a state-owned pharmaceutical company.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy advises of “triple threat” of flu, RSV and ‘covid’ across country | added December 2

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Health officials are warning of a “triple threat” of flu, RSV and covid-19 across the country and hospitals are continuing to see a surge in pediatric RSV cases. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy joined “GMA3” to discuss how people can best prepare themselves for the winter months, what this flu season will look like, and how the federal government is working with hospitals and health care workers across the country.

MURTHY: Well, it’s so good to be with all of you again. Look, I think we have to be cognizant that all three; covid, RSV, and the flu are threats… The good news is that we are not powerless in the face of these viruses. There is something we can do to help prevent our kids and adults from getting these.

And this is very personal for me too, my two small kids who are 4 and 6. They’ve both been sick this winter with various viruses. I was in the emergency room myself with my daughter, who was ill a couple of weeks ago. So I know how this feels for parents who are scared and worried out there. Well, with covid and the flu, the good news is we have vaccines available and the most important job of these vaccines is to save your life and keep you out of the hospital. And by that measure, they are working well.

Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D on how ‘covid’ jabs suppress immune system | added December 2

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In this interview, return guest Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at MIT for over five decades, discusses her paper, “Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The Role of G-quadruplexes, Exosomes and MicroRNAs,” published in the June issue of Food and Chemical Toxicology.

The paper was co-written with Drs. Peter McCullough, Greg Nigh and Anthony Kyriakopoulos. In May 2021, Nigh and Seneff published a paper detailing the differences between the spike protein and the covid-19 jab spike protein. In the “Innate Immune Suppression” paper, they and their other co-authors delve deep into the mechanisms of the covid-19 shots, showing how they suppress your innate immune system.

The paper caused quite a stir when it was first posted, prior to publication. A campaign was launched to have it retracted on the premise that it would discourage people from getting these life-saving shots — regardless of whether the mechanisms described were true or not. Ultimately, the controversy led to the resignation of the editor of the journal. Many have also tried to discredit Seneff, and McCullough has since been stripped of his medical credentials.

New Zealand health services seek to obtain temporary guardianship of baby after parents refused ‘covid’ vaxed blood | added December 2

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New Zealand’s health service is seeking to obtain temporary guardianship of a baby after the boy’s parents refused to allow blood from vaccinated people to be used in his heart surgery. In an interview uploaded on Monday by Kiwi broadcaster Liz Gunn, the parents said their four-month-old son was diagnosed with severe pulmonary valve stenosis and needs open-heart surgery to allow blood to flow properly around his body.

Pulmonary valve stenosis occurs when the pulmonary valve is too narrow, which causes the right ventricle to pump harder to send blood out to the lungs. In the long term, this can lead to the thickening of the right ventricle and strain the heart. The father reportedly said they were “extremely concerned” with the blood used by the doctors and added that they “don’t want blood that is tainted by vaccination.”

“That’s the end of the deal—we are fine with anything else these doctors want to do,” he said in the interview. More than 20 unvaccinated donors were willing to help, but this had not been approved by the New Zealand Blood Service, the parents said in the video.They had discussed the issue with a doctor and a surgeon, both of whom disregarded their concerns.

Delaware lawsuit challenging future denial of religious exemptions dismissed | added December 2

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Attorneys for two pastors who filed a lawsuit asking Chancery Court to prevent Delaware’s governor from imposing future restrictions on religious worship are meeting to see what their next step will be after a judge dismissed the case last week.

The Rev. Alan Hines, of Townsend Free Will Baptist Church in Townsend, and the Rev. David Landow, of Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, filed lawsuits late last year seeking an injunction against future emergency orders that place restrictions on houses of worship such as those imposed by Gov. John Carney in 2020 as the covid-19 pandemic spread.

The pastors’ lawsuits claimed Carney’s emergency orders early in the pandemic denied them their “absolute religious freedoms.” Through their lawsuits, they are asking Carney and future Delaware governors to keep their “hands off” the church in any future emergencies, regardless of any pretense they may offer. But Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster dismissed the lawsuit because he said it lacked subject matter jurisdiction — the requirement needed for a court to hear a specific kind of claim.

Life is worth losing | added December 2

Watch the video on YouTube

Carlin presents some evidence to back his claim that Americans can be dumb. Happy weekend.

Vaccine Injury Compensation overwhelmed with injury claims from vaccines and pandemic treatments, unable to compensate accordingly | added December 2

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[June 1, 2022] A pair of federal programs compensating people who suffer injuries from vaccines and pandemic treatments are now facing so many claims that thousands of people may not receive payment for their injuries any time soon.

The first program, meant for standard vaccines, such as measles and polio, has too little staff to handle the number of reported injuries, and thousands of patients are waiting years for their cases to be heard. A second program designed for vaccines and other treatments created or used during pandemics has seen unsustainable growth. Between 2010 and 2020, the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program received 500 complaints. In the two years since covid-19 appeared, it has received over 8,000 complaints.

More than 5,000 of those are directly related to the covid-19 vaccines, with injuries ranging from a sore shoulder to death, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration. An additional 3,000 complaints related to everything from drugs and devices to the failure of hospital staff to limit infection spread have also been filed.

Top UK ‘covid’ advisor says Britain ‘didn’t need boosters’ as they only provide limited protection and natural immunity is best | added December 2

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Sir John Bell, who served as Boris Johnson’s testing tsar and an early member of the vaccines taskforce, said he’s “not entirely sure” the nation needed top-up doses, which health chiefs said were vital for all adults to boost protection amid the omicron wave last winter.

Third jabs have been offered to all over-16s and some at-risk 12 to 15-year-olds. And three rounds of seasonal booster jabs have been dished out to certain groups, including the over-50s, frontline NHS staff and carers. But the Oxford University scientist said severe illness due to the virus has “essentially disappeared” and the jabs only provide short-term protection against catching covid.

He called for the Government to “think quite hard” about its vaccination strategy – as letting the virus circulate among healthy people is “probably the best way to protect the population”. The approach to boosters so far, which sees top-up doses given every three to six months, is estimated to cost between £4-5 billion annually. Sir John was speaking to MPs on the Science and Technology Committee and Health and Social Care Committee as part of the inquiry into lessons learnt from the covid pandemic.

San Francisco votes to allow police force to use killer robots | added December 1

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Supervisors in San Francisco voted Tuesday to give city police the ability to use potentially lethal, remote-controlled robots in emergency situations — following an emotionally charged debate that reflected divisions on the politically liberal board over support for law enforcement.

The vote was 8-3, with the majority agreeing to grant police the option despite strong objections from civil liberties and other police oversight groups. Opponents said the authority would lead to the further militarization of a police force already too aggressive with poor and minority communities.

Supervisor Connie Chan, a member of the committee that forwarded the proposal to the full board, said she understood concerns over use of force but that “according to state law, we are required to approve the use of these equipments. So here we are, and it’s definitely not a easy discussion.”

GOP to block annual defense authorization bill unless Congress drops military’s ‘covid’ vax mandates | added December 1

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Nearly half of the Senate Republican caucus is threatening to block the annual defense authorization bill unless Congress agrees to abolish the military’s coronavirus vaccine mandate for troops and reinstate all those dismissed under the policy.

“The vaccination mandate has forced our nation’s young patriotic men and women to choose between their faith, their medical autonomy and their careers,” said Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., at a press conference Wednesday afternoon. “At a time when the military is struggling to meet targets for recruitment, the administration is firing soldiers we invested in and trained.” Whether the senators opposing the vaccine mandates have enough numbers to block the authorization bill in the Senate remains unclear.

So far, no senior Senate Republican leaders have signed onto the plan. If no Democrats back the effort, the group will need 41 GOP votes to halt consideration of the NDAA. Officials from each of the military services have required all troops to receive a covid-19 vaccination or risk dismissal from the armed forces, but the courts intervened when religious objectors to the vaccine argued their requests for waivers have not been dealt with fairly.

Napa doctor sentenced to prison for selling fake ‘covid’ vax cards | added December 1

Watch the video on CBS

NAPA — A doctor who sold fake covid-19 vaccine cards during the height of the pandemic has been sentenced to prison. Julie Mazi of Napa pleaded guilty last April to wire fraud and false statements related to health care, and during Tuesday’s hearing, she was sentenced to almost three years in prison. The Department of Justice says this is the first prosecution related to fake vaccine cards.

‘Covid’ is allegedly killing more vaccinated people than unvaxed due to lack of booster jab uptake and underlying health conditions | added December 1

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The share of covid-19 deaths among those who are vaccinated has risen. In fall 2021, about 3 in 10 adults dying of covid-19 were vaccinated or boosted. But by January 2022, as we showed in an analysis posted on the Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker, about 4 in 10 deaths were vaccinated or boosted. By April 2022, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data show that about 6 in 10 adults dying of covid-19 were vaccinated or boosted, and that’s remained true through at least August 2022 (the most recent month of data).

The data from this chart come from the CDC, which collects data on the number of deaths by vaccination status from 30 health departments (including states and cities) across the country. In order to be counted as vaccinated, a person must be at least two weeks out from completing their primary series before testing positive (for example, at least 14 days after completing two doses of the mRNA vaccine).

Similarly, to be counted as having a booster, a person must be at least two weeks out from their booster or additional dose before testing positive. People who were partially vaccinated are not included in this data. In all jurisdictions, local health authorities review data to determine whether the death was associated with covid-19 (through a review of vital records, cause of death, and/or other public health investigations or data sources), though methods vary by state or jurisdiction.

First ‘real-world’ ‘covid’ bivalent booster falls flat on efficacy, CDC report shows | added December 1

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In September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — over the objections of the agency’s own advisors — authorized Pfizer’s covid-19 bivalent booster on an emergency basis, without any testing or demonstration that the products had any benefit in human beings. The only “emergency” was that collapsing demand for Pfizer’s original shots had caused a lapse in the drugmaker’s windfall profits.

Responding to this embarrassment, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last week published the first data on efficacy of the bivalent boosters. Using the agency’s own data and methodology, we calculate an effectiveness of 9% compared to no vaccine at all. However, inexplicably, the CDC reported an effectiveness in the range of 19% to 50%, depending on previous vaccination history.

Even accepting the CDC’s computation, the FDA’s authorization was illegal because their rules demand a minimal efficacy of 50% for emergency use authorization. It gets more interesting when we look at subjects in the study who were fully vaccinated but did not get the new booster. They did much worse than the unvaccinated. This is more evidence of something we reported in the past: Modest efficacy of the covid-19 “vaccines” lasts a short while, then falls to zero and continues falling well below zero.

‘Covid’ causes personality changes? | added December 1

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Published in 2022, a PLOS ONE research study performed longitudinal assessments of personality changes in 7,109 Americans, aged 18 to 109, during the covid-19 pandemic. It is reported that, compared to the pre-pandemic period, people became less extroverted, open, agreeable, or conscientious. What is more astonishing is that these changes were equivalent to about one decade of normative personality change if occurring during a non-covid period.

Personality is the solidified reaction mode of one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. As people mature, their personality is relatively stable regardless of the environmental simulations. There are many classification systems for personalities. The five-trait personality system was defined by five factors: namely, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN).

Openness is the likelihood of being creative and unconventional. Conscientiousness describes a person’s qualities of organization, discipline, and responsibility. Extraversion is not only the level of a person’s likelihood to interact with others but also indicates the main source of one’s energy. Agreeableness refers to whether a person is empathetic, helpful, and friendly. Neuroticism measures if someone is inclined to experience negative emotions and is vulnerable to stress.

China unveils new mass ‘covid’ vax drive without mandates | added December 1

Read more at South Morning China Post

China has unveiled a plan to boost vaccination rates among the elderly and tackle what is seen as a key barrier to reopening borders and reviving an economy hit by nearly three years of strict covid-19 controls. It aims to boost the vaccination rate for people aged 60 and above – particularly those over 80 – and reduce severe outcomes including death, amid a wave of new cases that shows no sign of slowing.

In a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday, top health officials also took aim at local governments for using blunt instruments to curb infections and being opaque with lockdown measures, without explicitly mentioning protests that have taken place across China against the zero-covid policy. But state media sent an emphatic message on Tuesday, that while rules should be refined in line with the State Council’s “20 measures” announced earlier this month, it should not be seen as a relaxation or opening up – and that the zero-covid policy is here to stay.

Days after the protests broke out, some local governments – such as those in Guangdong province – have relaxed their quarantine and lockdown policies in a move aiming to minimise impact on everyday life, apparently with Beijing’s blessing. Mainland China is one of the last places still pursuing a zero-tolerance policy on covid-19, which first emerged nearly three years ago in the city of Wuhan.

And killer robots join the police force… let’s stop the madness.

New study in the Journal of BioMedicine blames unvaxed for vaxed deaths | added December 1

Read more at Off Guardian

I mean, the headline says it all really. A study published in August in the Journal of BioMedicine actually claims in its abstract: Fear mongering and misinformation being peddled by people with no scientific training to terrorise people into staying unvaccinated is not just causing people to remain susceptible to viral outbreaks, but could also be causing more side effects seen in the vaccination process.

This brief review will offer data that may demonstrate that misinformation perpetuated by the anti-vaccination movement may be causing more deaths and side effects from any vaccine. Yes, apparently all those people suddenly dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes are being stressed into it by us anti-vaxxers warning them about heart attacks and strokes.

Now, if you’re thinking that’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard…well, you’re wrong. He’s done the research: A mini review of published literature has been conducted and found that mental stress clearly causes vasoconstriction and arterial constriction of the blood vessels. Therefore, if subjects are panicked, concerned, stressed or scared of the vaccination, their arteries will constrict and become smaller in and around the time of receiving the vaccine.

China says its ‘covid’ response is moving into a “new stage and mission” as ‘omicron’ variant subsides | added December 1

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China’s most senior official in charge of its covid response told health officials Wednesday that the country faced a “new stage and mission” in pandemic controls, state media Xinhua reported – potentially indicating an adjustment to Beijing’s “zero-covid” strategy which has sparked days of nationwide protests.

“With the decreasing toxicity of the Omicron variant, the increasing vaccination rate and the accumulating experience of outbreak control and prevention, China’s pandemic containment faces new stage and mission,” Sun Chunlan, China’s vice premier, said Wednesday, according to Xinhua.

Making no mention of “zero-covid,” her remarks, as reported by Xinhua, came a day after China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said the rectification of current pandemic measures is underway and local governments should “respond to and resolve the reasonable demands of the masses” in a timely manner.

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