Chart Kits

Sonal Shanker Core Community $33, ordered Nov. 10

Born: Jan. 3, 1973 / 5:30PM IST (I think!) /Lucknow, India

Address: Sonal Shanker
11684 Acosta Avenue
Orlando, FL 32836

**MAILED OUT ON 11/12 md

Marianne Rannenberg CC renewal Nov. 12

Born: December 16, 1953; Hartford, CT; 6:28 a.m.

Mailing address: M. Rannenberg; PO Box 139; Philmont, NY 12565

Layla Remmert,,

Born: 9/2/75, 1:30 PM, Highland, IL,

Address: 1125 Mascoutah Avenue, Bellevile, IL 62220

Debra Kelly, Core Community (purchased over the Summer but just got her data) Basic Astrology Set

Born: March 10, 1961 20:14 Bowling Green, Ohio

Address: Debra Kelly
Kent Island Yoga and Wellness
304 Prospect Bay Drive Ea

Jennifer Dell  BASIC ASTRO SET  Core Community Purchased Nov. 13

Born: 2 / 22 / 1951 8:37 a.m.

Address: Jennifer Dell
2439 Travis Court
McKinleyville, CA 95519  NOTE: I’m waiting to hear back to confirm this address, assume it’s fine unless you hear otherwise




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