Chart Key Readings

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Chart Keys Data

Azita Mashayekhi,, CK $222, 11/4/21,

Born: March 4, 1964
Tehran, Iran
The time is uncertain. 230 (which I think may be it) is Leo ascendant. If it was @2 or 215, would be Cancer



Claire Johnson (AKA Claire Donner), CK $222 ordered on Nov. 9

Born: 4/20/81 11:45 pm Troy, NY

Address: Claire Johnson
205 Centre Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

***MAILED OUT ON 11/11 md


Jason Fleming 222 CK purchased Nov. 5

Born: 12/20/1972
8:14 AM
South Bend, Indiana

Address: 1600 Golden Horseshoe Circle
Apt K
Morrisville, NC 28560

Susanne Graner,, CK $222 — *PAID INTL. SHIPPING

Born: 9.MAY.1970 at 2.20 a.m. in Wittmund, Germany

Address: Münnichstraße
Oldenburg, 26133


Date Ordered: 11/5/21

Name:Diane Denise Kirkland (Lynch-old name before divorce), CK $222
Born: March 1, 1953 6:34 a.m., Detroit, MI
Address: requested 11/19/21 cm


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