You're Human. You know it. We know it.

Dear Friend, Reader, Listener:

We, the people of the world, are in a challenging situation: the robot is taking over. There are people concerned about what will happen, at some distant point in the future, when artificial intelligence is competing with human intelligence.

Planet Waves

I have a different concern: we are all immersed in the robot, nearly around the clock, and are becoming like it.

Though we still have the "Lost in Space" or "West World" idea of what a robot is. Yet the entire Internet is one, and we live inside it.

It's our primary environment: for personal exchanges, for commercial transactions, for our creative work. And while it is, on some days, oh-so-convenient, we rarely stop and consider the potential damage to our humanity.

Humans become like their tools faster than their tools become like them, and this is especially true when the tools flood and seize the mental and emotional levels around the clock. (Even when we're "offline," we're surrounded by wifi signals; and many people sleep with, and wake up to, their devices).

We are being conditioned to be robots. It's easy to pick up that conditioning and, with the power of the human mind, continue the "assimilation," borrowing an idea from Star Trek.

When you see and feel people acting like automatons, acting without feeling, denying love and denying life, that is the robot at work. Yet we also know that we actually have a choice, which is to use our tools consciously; to be in our environment consciously.

We at Planet Waves are on to this problem. We consciously grapple with the issues of humanity every day. As I've learned recently, there are risks involved in being real.

Yet consciously directing your life force into loving, creative awareness is the only appropriate response to this conditioning.

One potential problem with astrology is that it's often treated as a machine or mechanism. After all, those little parts go around and around. It can seem that this thing in this sign and this house delivers this meaning.

The bits can be tracked by computer and make shapes, which are related to mathematics; and the math can trigger certain scripts and data points, which then call up prewritten paragraphs from a database.

Planet Waves

Astrology is a human art. It's the act of perceiving, of considering existence, of communicating with love. Astrology is about people, not planets. It's about the life we are living now, not the future.

Astrology is blood, sweat and tears, not some coded language. This is what we offer you at Planet Waves: not just real astrology, but real life.

Like you, we are troubled by the state of the world. As a journalist, it's been my responsibility to track, for many years, issues we are seeing come to a crisis today.

Where I go beyond conventional journalism is that my role, as I see it, is to address the individual human experience: not the generalization. Not the partisan political presumption.

Rather, the person you are, trying to get through the day, and make sense of it all.

We reject the entire notion of advertising, which is designed to manipulate and take. Instead, we have a direct spiritual and financial relationship with you: an honest, one-to-one exchange.

We know you're human. We know we're human. That is what you get by participating in Planet Waves. Please become a member today. Here are your options.

With love,


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