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Taurus Birthday Reading Available for Pre-Order Gift-Giving

Dear Friend and Reader:
If you have a Taurus friend, family member or partner, you know how much they love beautiful, carefully crafted yet practical gifts. Eric's 2014 Taurus Birthday Reading fits the bill perfectly, and you still have a chance to save $10 off the published price by pre-ordering now. Eric has recorded a brief audio preview for you here.

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As an added bonus, Eric will be offering a live Q&A session for anyone who purchases the Taurus birthday reading. We'll send you details on how to call in as soon as we schedule the teleconference.
One pleased recipient of Eric's readings for Taurus recently remarked, "It is like you are sitting in front of me and speaking about my experience of the last three years. Amazing!"

When you're in the midst of some very challenging astrology, including the recent solar eclipse in Taurus, you know what a lifeline it is to be able to tap into truly grounded insights. In particular, Eric has focused this reading on the persistent mystery of relationships for anyone with Taurus rising or a Taurus Sun --- as well as how not to go adrift along one's career path.
The full audio product comprises two sections of astrology, each approximately 20 minutes in length, plus a tarot reading ("absolutely mind blowing and beautiful," according to one past listener). Eric also includes photos of the tarot spread, an extended sign description for Taurus and access to last year's reading.
Think of it like a gardening tool for soul growth. Yet another listener wrote to tell Eric, "Your ability to apply what is happening in the heavens to understand various ways in which we may be affected, and provide objective guidance of how one may use it to wake up, grow, develop and recognize opportunities, is truly unsurpassed."

The 2014 Taurus Birthday Reading is downloadable to portable devices for repeated listening, but your opportunity to pre-order it for the deeply discounted price ends tomorrow. Don't miss this chance to give your favorite Taurus (or yourself) the most precious gift of all: a meditative space in which to gather their thoughts, and a clearer sense of the true strength they already possess.
Yours & truly,

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