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Reminder: Spring Reading, Last Chance Half-Price

Dear Friend and Reader:

Friday evening we sent out a letter introducing the Spring Reading. We are offering this to our valued clients and subscribers at half-price through midnight tonight PDT.

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Entrance to the East Woods, the Grandmother Land, High Falls, New York. Photo by Eric Francis.
In case you missed that, here is a reminder. It's $29.95 through tonight, increases to $39.95 tomorrow and the final price is $59.95.

This is a 12-sign audio reading [audio preview here]. You get all 12 signs so you can listen to your rising sign and the readings for significant others.

Each reading is about 35 minutes and includes supporting materials such as charts and background articles. The readings will be available later this week.

I prepared a similar 12-sign audio report n spring 2012, prepping the Venus transit of the Sun, that you may be interested in -- we've removed the password, so you can give it a listen.

Once again -- here is Your half-price offer. Thanks for doing your metaphysical shopping at Planet Waves.


PS: I'll be talking more about the momentous astrology of spring 2014 of in Tuesday's edition of Planet Waves FM. Also, don't miss tonight's edition of the Music Appreciation Hour, which will post at about 8:30 pm EDT, also on Planet Waves FM.

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