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Planet Waves
The Laniakea Supercluster, centered in Sagittarius. The Milky Way, our home galaxy, is at the red dot on the right.
Sagittarius Secrets Revealed: A Vast Migration of Souls

Dear Friend and Reader:

I'm enclosing some writing that's focused on Sagittarius but intended for everyone. This week I recorded and distributed the Sagittarius, Sagg Moon and Sagg rising reading astrology segments. In this reading, I look at how Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are working together to help you create balance in your life, and to work with both the energies of expansion and structure.

This is top-quality professional consulting, in the form of an audio presentation. I describe the astrology and what it implies carefully, patiently and in language you can understand. Part one is about 50 minutes. You may listen to a sample here. Both parts are now available for instant access.

Planet Waves
Eric Francis.
Till midnight EST tonight it will be available for the pre-order price of $33, then it will go up to $44, before arriving at the final price point of $55.

A Vast Migration of Souls, from The Book of Your Life

The astronomical details of Sagittarius are breathtaking, and you deserve to know them. They will shed light on who you are, and what you're doing on Earth. Typically, astrology ignores the features of deep space (dwelling on the Sun, the Moon and the larger planets). Features of the signs are based on some mythical sketch that appears in patterns of stars, spun into myths that have no actual reference to anything in reality.

There's not actually a bull in Taurus. There are no fish in Pisces. However, Sagittarius is different from all other signs in this regard. There is something there, and that something has everything to do with both the classical and modern delineations of your sign. Ancient astrologers -- the people who came up with the system, starting around 400 BC -- described Sagittarius as the sign of things foreign and exotic; of religion, and later, spiritual matters; of the higher courts of justice; and as the sign of long-distance travel.

We got some confirmation of the long-distance bit when the Wright Brothers flew their airplane for the first time with the Sun and Moon making a stunning conjunction to Uranus in Sagittarius.

As for those physical features: Sagittarius contains two centers of our vast region of the universe. The first tangible hint of this didn't come along till about 1930, when the Galactic Core (GC) was discovered by engineers laying transatlantic communications cable (Sagittarian all by itself -- the communications bit, and the transatlantic bit). Their instruments picked up interference along the lines, but only at certain times of day.

This, the engineers working on the project determined to be "cosmic rays" emanating from the as-yet-unknown Galactic Core (that's how it was reported on page one of The New York Times). Prior to that point, neither the galaxy nor the Core was a serious consideration by scientists, and certainly not by astrologers (and for astrologers, they barely are today).

Planet Waves
The first flight of the airplane in December 1903 has the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of long-distance travel.
The GC is the center of our spiral island in space that contains an estimated 300,000,000,000 stars. At the very core of this spiral is a supermassive black hole and a number of other radio sources. While the galaxy itself spreads across the sky in true Sagittarian fashion, the core is located in your sign, and is the most prominent feature of your astrology this year.

The second feature of Sagittarius was not discovered until 1986, called the Great Attractor. This was observed as a point hundreds of millions of light years beyond the Galactic Core, a kind of gravity anomaly that is drawing thousands of galaxies toward it, including the entire local group. But the Great Attractor, its composition and its structure, remained a mystery.

The most recent discovery came in 2014. The Great Attractor was discovered to be the focal point of a supercluster of about 100,000 galaxies stretched out over 520 million light years. These galaxies are joined together in smaller clusters, strands and voids. This was called Laniakea, or "immense heaven." Numerous superclusters previously thought of as separate entities were discovered to be part of Laniakea, whose central gravitational point, the Great Attractor, is right in the center of Sagittarius.

Imagine that emanating from this center-point are strands of galaxies all being drawn toward a kind of deep-space basin. We are on the far trailing edge of Laniakea. We live in the rural cosmos, if such a thing is possible.

What is interesting about Laniakea is that in our region of the universe, everything is contracting toward the Great Attractor. It's a kind of watershed draining toward this central point. Everywhere else, the universe is expanding. If contraction feels like the primary quality of energy on Earth, that's a clue as to why.

Planet Waves
Image of the Galactic Center by 2MASS/G. Kopan/R. Hurt as part of the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) project.
A few seasons ago, when I was researching Laniakea -- which included an interview with its co-discoverer, Brent Tully -- I experienced a kind of vision.

I was dozing in my car along the side of a remote road in upstate New York, waiting for an appointment. It was early summer; a beautiful, warm, late afternoon, and my car windows were open. I dozed into half-sleep, the kind where lucid dreaming or astral projection sometimes happen. The vision was prompted by the sounds of birds' wings fluttering in the woods nearby.

I was transported to a perspective where I could see, hear and feel a vast migration of souls traveling for eons along Laniakea. Fluttering through the cosmos, these souls were being drawn toward the center-point. Souls would land on a planet like birds in a park, activating that planet to sentient life.

Each star system and planet they land on produces a distinct and unique vibration, and thus a distinct experience of life. None is like any other.

What we are doing here is something we can only do here, in our world, at this time. Then we rejoin the vast migration, making our way from galaxy to galaxy, planet to planet, having distinct experiences on each one. In our region of the universe, all of us are moving over time toward a vast pool of subatomic particles that contemporary scientists believe make up the Great Attractor. One might describe this as Shamballa.

I was shown no wider context for this migration. I was not told a purpose. I was only shown that it's happening, and that we are part of it. Also it was clear that the notion of mastery involves learning what's necessary on any given planet at any given time, and that this is our opportunity to learn what we can only discover here, in our particular place. Every place offers a different vibration and set of teachings, a different quality to which we must adapt.

You are indeed a traveler, and you have landed here, where you came to do what you can only do here. In the system of Esoteric Astrology, it's interesting to note the planet that rules Sagittarius is the Earth. Therefore, everything about your existence, and your experience here on Earth, is spiritual. Saturn is in your life to help you ground your experience on Earth in a way that you can only do here and now. Saturn, which will be holding a long conjunction to the Galactic Core, will hold you to that commitment and that necessity.

With love,

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