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Reader Comments on Kingston Times article, by Trish

Trish August 1, 2018 at 4:26 pm

I’ve been reading Eric’s Planet Waves astrology column for many years. Over the duration, his readership has come to know that he is a sexual man who takes inspiration from his sensual encounters and elevates them to an art form. His approach to erotica is refreshing, unique and expressive of his highly creative personality. I’ve always appreciated his open mindedness, his personal candor.

As a female, I rather liked having a reference point for being allowed to understand the male sexual experience from someone who is sensitive to both genders in equal measure. As much as the climate of the #metoo movement is to corral the sexual experience into sterile airtight packages approved by the committee, Eric presents very much as a maverick to be sure.

Eric was not hyper-critical of the #me-too movement in questioning its aggressive stance on demonizing men who may be merely flirting. Pandering to the #metoo movement at the expense of logical deduction is not something Eric did either. I believe he approached the subject matter in a balanced and sober way.

Let’s be fair but let’s also be honest. Women are not children. Beyond the age of consent, openness to the possibility of sex is implied in agreeing to a date -- even if the net result is not mutually enjoyed. It is unrealistic and unfair to expect personal sexual gratification to be subject to one set of constraints initiated by females exclusively. I don’t believe Eric coerced anybody into doing anything.

Sexual approaches initiated by either Eric or his potential partners are simply just that. Coloring these approaches with a predatory wash on Eric’s part is frankly unfair. Women who consent to dates with men are to expect some degree of sexual flirting and innuendo if attraction is to be reflexively built.

It’s a basic premise of the sexual encounter in which responsiveness is measured. There are no guarantees that each sexual encounter will produce enrichment or pleasure for both parties but crying #metoo doesn’t change the equation, nor should it. Eric is a gifted writer and astrologer. It is truly surprising and a bit alarming that he is being gratuitously herded into a category of the most unsavory sort. He doesn’t deserve it. Spend some time with the body of his writings and you’ll reach the same conclusion.

('Truth' is a comment that Trish is replying to)

Trish August 2, 2018 at 11:25 am

Truth, Eric wasn’t charged with anything. If these accusers really believed he had harmed them criminally then why didn’t they go to law enforcement with their accusations and initiate due process?

Flirting is not illegal. Sex between consenting adults is not illegal. Fictional erotica is not illegal. Mentoring is not illegal. Personality is not illegal. You cannot defame someone’s character based on what you personally find inappropriate.

Some people find sex outside of marriage inappropriate. Some would argue taking nude photographs is inappropriate. Some people consider going to the express check out with more than 12 items inappropriate.

You cannot start a slander campaign based what you dislike about Eric. You can go to the law and report it or handle it like an adult and talk to him personally. I understand where you’re coming from but I’m also not seeing harmful intent in Eric’s behavior. There has to be a distinction or lives, careers and reputations are ruined for unsubstantiated reasons.

Put yourself in Eric’s shoes. He is the proprietor of his business and worked hard to build his brand and success. That an employee or contractor charges him with lewd behavior and screams it from the treetops does not make it so just because she says so. Remember, those that worked with him were versed on his content and methods.

The Book of Blue editor was to expect some creative license while editing a proprietary erotic work that is deeply personal in its presentation. I’m familiar with the content of Book of Blue and the pictures he sent the editor were consistent with the theme of his work. How SHE chooses to construe his work suddenly gives her license to appropriate it under her specific sensibility?

Under what authority and with what permission? See? Suddenly Eric is a giant pervert in the eyes of the world because a nameless, faceless person says so who he trusted to edit HIS work. You can’t suck and blow at the same time. If she didn’t want to see pictures of Eric masturbating, then she should have said so before committing to the job and can’t suddenly turn the situation into something it wasn’t in the eyes of the public just because she decides to be offended or disgruntled.

Eric is not running a corporate glass tower machine. Anyone that is familiar with his work knows that he attracts and values empathic, polyamorous relationships.

He’s a writer and an artist trying to make a living in a familial and friendly environment and has the right to consider himself integral to a community ethos he built. #Metoo is trying to force him to define himself by their rules and tomes and has assumed authority over his public image without a legitimate cause or right to do so. Time and ago workplace relationships were not taboo or subject to #metoo parameters.

If anyone was disgruntled in a situation, be it workplace or connected to the workplace, they just worked it out by communicating with each other. Under this modern and dangerous climate of potential accusation, women hold the kind of power to define and assume excessive authority over men that supercedes even the law. This is just plain wrong and frankly indecent.

Trish August 2, 2018 at 1:29 pm

No, shame on you for using the #metoo platform to endorse what to me amounts to epically childish behavior. #Metoo will discredit itself for becoming a platform for public tantrums and defamation. And I repeat, women are not children. They need to take responsibility for their part in the equation. You cannot agree to be mentored by a world famous astrologer and then scream #metoo when he makes business decisions that are not aligned with your expectations of him.

You cannot agree to work for an openly polyamorous erotic artist and photographer and then judge and defame him when he lives his principle respectfully. You cannot agree to go on a date with this man hiking in the woods, admit the sex was consensual and then cry #metoo when you for your own personal reasons regret doing it.

By your obtuse logic Eric should become a monk who doesn’t pursue any relationships, polyamorous or otherwise, doesn’t mentor astrology students or demonstrate his formidable talent, doesn’t produce erotic literature and photography and doesn’t have a voice because of your insistence that all these things somehow make him a patriarchal pariah.

Your position on this sounds utterly ridiculous to me. Are you even familiar with his work at all??? And I repeat, he isn’t charged with anything. The inquiry found nothing of note to remark on. I don’t think the fact that I’m able to see the truth is something that I should be ashamed of. Think before you speak and know of whom you speak for.

Trish August 2, 2018 at 4:27 pm

@ MeToo: if I rounded up all your past lovers, exes, flirts, co-workers, neighbors, etc. and asked them to do their worst in a smear campaign about you and wrapped it all up with a sloppy bow called #ustoo and threw it out there without due process, proof or fair would just be okay with that and say “Multiple accusations going back many years speaks for itself.” ??? What if they all publicly and loudly labeled you ignorant, self-righteous, judgmental, hypocritical, presumptive and generally a very bad person. Despite whatever you believe #metoo to be, it isn’t a free pass to subject people to the court of public opinion. I want you to think about that a minute.

Trish August 3, 2018 at 10:22 pm

@Power Games: I know it is convenient to flip the omelet and make it seem like an abuse of trust occurred here. Despite the nameless, faceless accusations, hearsay and unsubstantiated stories aimed at humiliating his sexuality, the fact remains that his sexual encounters are his business and not for you or I to judge. He didn't rape anybody, he offered to barter chart readings for consensual sex and was met with consent by his partners. If those who say he was sex obsessed were offended by this -- they could have just told him. He is openly polyamorous, has never hid this and maintains his readership and following just the same for many years now. Ladies, own your part in it -- HE DOESN'T HAVE TO CONFORM TO YOUR STANDARD OR CARE THAT YOU'RE OFFENDED BY HIM! YOU CAN CHOOSE TO SAY NO THANK YOU IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHO HE REALLY IS. It is very hard to get the #metoo mob to understand this point: Why is it Eric's responsibility or onus to answer to how he's construed after the fact? If you really believe it is your birthright to condemn him for seeking sex within a community of presumed kindred spirits, then I can assume your individual sex lives and intimate connections should be plied through the same heavy scrutiny. Are you always up front about your motives with sexual partners? Do you game the opposite sex when it suits your purpose? Are you sure you're always on the same page as your love interest? Should one night stands be plied through an application process from now on and forever? People disappoint all the time...but that shouldn't negate basic rights and autonomy over your own sexual practices. If Eric wants to barter consensual sex for a spiritual reading -- that's his business. You can always so No Thanks if you're really not feeling it. When you cry #metoo that you were made uncomfortable by the proposition and after you consented, you're deferring to your inner 12 year old. So if you want to be treated and seen like an independent, autonomous woman, then ACT LIKE IT!

ERIC'S NOTE: At no time in my career have I bartered readings for sex, or for photographic services. I do not barter my readings for anything; I accept payment from those who can pay, and sometimes do pro-bono work. My models are paid by check, and also sign a professional / commercial model release and permission to photograph document. While bartering might be considered "within my rights," and those of a potential client, it's not something I choose to do, and have never done, or advertised, and no such advertisements exist. I also do not do individual tarot card readings as a professional service, and have not since the mid-1990s, prior to being an astrologer.

Trish August 6, 2018 at 11:23 am

Not Trish: The difference between your interpretation of my comments and my slant is that I simply either don't believe or give credibility weight to the accuser's stories as they are presented. It doesn't stand to reason that Eric would use his astrology community clout (of which he labored to build) to lord it over women by making overtly aggressive sexual advances that cross over into harassment. That pattern of sexually aggressive and deviant license is usually demonstrated by an elitist person who is so sheltered by wealth and position that they believe they can get away with it (like Weinstein) or a common criminal that doesn't know better or even care about social norms. Eric is not living on a cloud. He is aware of the law. He has faced censure over his polyamory. He has written on sexuality (including his own) and understands these nuances of social norms and what it means to live outside of them. All of this mess seems to me to be the product of Eric's past women questioning themselves and if they're really aligned with his personal philosophy on sexuality. #Metoo has allowed these women to collectively subject the rest of us to their internal struggle with it. The #metoo "re-education" is bound to flag sexually explorative men gratuitously. In my opinion, that's what's going on here. So all we really have in this story is the word of the law -- of which Eric is on the right side of. Everything else is hearsay and fish tales ((sorry Eric!...I know you're a Pisces!))

Trish August 6, 2018 at 2:47 pm

Not said:
"When a person's defense depends on invalidating feelings, it's mighty problematic. It's mighty hard to prove, it's emotionally and spiritually clueless, and it's nasty and mean-spirited."
Have you considered the possibility that maybe from Eric's perspective it wasn't like this? Have you considered that perhaps these women gave enthusiastic consent which he accepted as validation and kindred alignment? Why are you carting out Trump and his accusers as a support for your point? Did it not occur to you that these Trump women are conveniently propped as political agitators and he might be too busy and too focused on being President of a nation to be baited by silly media games? "Fear and loathing"?? Eric's an astrologer. Use some common sense. Would he really want to scare and make the women who follow his work want to fear and loathe him? I'll tell you what's nasty and mean-spirited. I'll tell you what's clueless: Eric's being excoriated over the fact that he took a position on #metoo that recognizes how punitive the movement can be to men's sexuality. In the stampede of women joining in the #metoo fray who have no idea who Eric is and what's he's all about can now collectively launch a dedicated attack on him for just remarking on the problems with #metoo in practice. He is not invalidating anyone's feelings. If anything, he's invalidating his own feelings because of being forced to try to defend himself in the court of public opinion for just questioning something. And I repeat, this is what the law is for and let's call a spade a spade. There is no real case against him. So I've taken a position to defend Eric because I don't believe that he is this horrible man that harasses and intimidates women. From my vantage point, it's #metoo who is being "emotionally and spiritually clueless, nasty and mean-spirited" to Eric.

Trish August 6, 2018 at 6:54 pm

Speed Racer: It's about context. Eric has written extensively about polyamory and sexual themes and is versed and self aware. I think he would know if his behavior was upsetting people or if he was crossing lines. He runs a subscriber based service that isn't Fort Knox. I'm sure his team at Planetwaves would have fielded and responded to complaints long before #metoo were these allegations to be in any way legitimate. The whole tone of Eric's thought pieces on sexuality emphasize the opposite of the behavior of which he's being characterized: mutual respect, affinity and a thoughtful approach.

Trish August 7, 2018 at 11:53 am

No, I don't know Eric personally and have never met him. I really do find it hard to believe that he would be emboldened and out of control to this extent, which suggests harassment. It certainly does not sync up with the tone and character of his writing or the general philosophical platform of Planetwaves. Did he really say that to you and then laugh? There's a difference between illegal and immoral behavior that hurts people and embarrassing or inappropriate behavior. In many parts of the world the very fact that you admitted as a woman that you are a sexual person would be seen as too forward and possibly offensive to some. The notion of inappropriateness is relative to society, gender, station in life and even down to the individual's sensibilities. What one person finds inappropriate, another person can find appealing or provocative. This is especially true in Western society. That's why it's really important that you talked with Eric directly about it (assuming you didn't). That you instead found a group of women that deem sexual comments inappropriate does not make it so universally or criminalize it. Are you able to accept this distinction or do you really believe there is a universal norm with regard to sexual expression?

Trish August 8, 2018 at 12:43 pm (replying to a person who accused her of being Eric)

LoL... The last time I checked, Eric is NOT a 52 year old married mother from Toronto. And yes, 20+ years of reading an astrologer-author does give you assimilation and osmosis with the spirit of his work. I'd love to spend some time with Eric actually. Maybe I'll finally get the chance to do that. Just to clarify, "think before you speak" refers to all those who jump to the conclusion that Eric is a weirdo creep because #metoo is a blank canvas for this kind of amorphous construct...."know of whom you speak for" refers to the women who are so wound up in some kind of man-bashing fever rage that they know not of whom they speak. Read this and you'll vibe his take on this whole mess and maybe even understand where I'm coming from in pitching an enlightened defense for him:

Trish August 17, 2018 at 12:35 pm

Thank you Planetwaves team for acknowledging truth and substance in highlighting my post stream. I believe HV1 should remove this entire "Bad Moon Rising" article series because when taken from the broad perspective, it seriously reads like the brainchild of a bored junior high school busybody from the late 1950's. At this current juncture in the time-space continuum, we need to open the dialogue from a new vantage point that recognizes the serious fissure happening between the sexes. Myths of the sexual revolution need to be looked at squarely. Both male and female sexuality in the social context needs to be examined from a more progressive understanding. There are serious problems in society that will have future implications if dialogues are not opened with the right spirit of intention. The #metoo movement does not have a stable foundation when it is built on the shifting sands of personal feelings and hurt pride -- this is a solid step backwards for the female kind if the movement paints itself into that corner. #Metoo should also not be trying to transform itself into an excuse to weaponize feminism. Some of us can see this alarming direction in simple examples like this one involving Eric Francis. If some humans choose to tragically devolve in packs, others will intelligently choose to evolve as a counter measure. Humanity itself is built on this track. I thank Eric Francis Coppolino for having the courage, journalistic skill and intelligence to demonstrate synthesis on this #metoo topic.

I'm with Trish August 18, 2018 at 3:35 am
Another reader responds to the comments by Trish.

@ Trish. YES! THIS ^ The whole saga has become juvenile and retrograde and that has become very clear. I too agree that there are some major problems here that should be unpacked at some point.

This trajectory is REALLY alarming/dangerous, and I've followed the comments since the very first Facebook post: The weaponizing of feminism, obviously, but also the 'mean girl' undercurrents (well, you must not be attractive enough and that's why you haven't had problems him), the inability to go off script (e.g. the whole 'believe the women' guilt trip, the loose use of terms like gaslighting, rape culture, rape apologists... seriously, ladies and allies?!), and on and on and on...

These articles are talking about women, not children. I think everyone forgot that important aspect.

So, I'm being cowed to rally in the name of feminism for silly little 18-year-old Dana (a woman in college)? Why?

Really though, what's the problem with a woman going on a drive (or god forbid, a date) with a 30-something year old if that's what she wanted to do? Absolutely nothing. She made that decision. She could have done anything she wanted. Literally, anything. And now, DECADES later, she regrets it? That's perfectly fine.

But now, here's the thing, as a feminist, I'm now supposed to be pissed at this man because this woman made a decision? Because a woman just can't make her own decisions? Or she can, but she just can't be held accountable for them? Since she's too fragile and too impressionable and too dumb and too weak and can't be trusted and doesn't have agency?

See the problem here, people? Is anyone actually THINKING and noticing this SLIPPERY SLOPE?

And now here we are. A little Me Too off shoot was sprung. But really, as a woman (also with my own regrets, of course, duh), I'm EMBARRASED. I'm embarrassed as a feminist. I'm embarrassed that this has been published as a 'gotcha' story in my local paper. But I'm especially embarrassed for the survivors. All of them, every brave woman who survived and spoke out against Weinstein, Cosby, et al. These women were raped. They were drugged. Nasser fingered children.

Meanwhile, the Hudson Valley Feminists are still hard at work. 'Egg Slut' will not be offered on a local cafe's breakfast menu. This is all because EFC sports a sweatshirt with a 'Yogi Slut' decal. That's some important work *clears throat*.

We have got to get a grip.

Trish August 27, 2018 at 10:43 pm

Hi Eric...I'm of the opinion that this publication owes you a huge public apology with a full retraction of the "Bad Moon Rising" articles. I'm also of the opinion that although Holly's intention is good with this piece, it misses the mark entirely on recognizing the soul-crushing effect of a #metoo hazing on an innocent target. I resent the damaging wash words like "inappropriate" and "creepy" have towards a person's public image. The author should at least acknowledge this before somewhat audaciously taking the liberty of positioning her argument on your shoulders while insinuating same. Let none of this be a question or a remark on the integrity, validity and progressive intelligence of your work. Your core readership knows you and knows that your visionary spirit is a gift to your community at large and the world. I deeply admire your reserve of calm and patience with all this. I think I remember you saying a while back something to the effect of feeling like you are living out ideas and ideals that are 200 years ahead of your corporeal time. You know, I think you're right on that assertion on so many levels and the absurdity of this situation is disconcerting in its context. I've been reading your work since before I even owned a computer. I used to spend blocks of time reading horoscopes at the public library in the late 90's when I first discovered Planetwaves and can still remember thinking from the outset how potent a force you are in helping humans understand each other, and themselves.

Trish August 28, 2018 at 12:51 pm (replying to another comment)

I'm glad I caught this comment while reading comments on the newest post where Eric himself responded and I'm glad he did. Firstly, I'm not Eric's or anyone else's "echo chamber" and aren't you the astute genius that first thought I was Eric himself. It doesn't take much book smarts to notice my writing style is completely different than his, as is my thought train. Eric might not like some of my opinions because he is much more open-minded than I am. I have however over the duration of 20 years of reading his work grown to become a more empathic person from the sad, broken misanthrope I was when I first starting following Planetwaves. I found myself being drawn to Eric's worldview and perspectives about society even though my life was radically different than his. As an astrologer, he is by profession very social. My profession led me to an isolated and often lonely existence where my tether to the outside world was often virtual. His was a soothing, engaging voice in my anxious world that helped. He understands social anxiety well, among many other things. To call me delusional does not negate the reality that he presented as a helpful presence in my world, even if I don't know him personally. So it stands to reason that if he helped me he helped others as well. It also stands to reason that it is important for him to be that person who helps people. It doesn't take an exceptional IQ to know how hard he works at what he does and produces on an ongoing basis or how busy he must be in keeping the material flowing. And guess what, I work hard too. I don't live in the Hudson Valley or NY state. I'm not so self-important and intrusive that I would insert myself into his daily world assuming he'd need or want that for any reason. I'm a core reader and I tap into his world lightly as he gives more than he receives. In reading the linked piece....did you not notice how he turned the mirror inward not for his own benefit but for yours? It absolutely strains the limits of credulity that you could read that article and not realize the point: Women are capable of the same degree of cruelty and collective cruelty as men (even if it is subtle) . By your stupid logic, we should just go back to the middle ages where thousands of people claimed witches were causing destruction in society and should be rooted out by mob justice because a bunch of angry religious battle axes believed it to be so. So the "mea culpa" you're looking for is nothing more and nothing less than your own justification for gratuitous cruelty toward another human being to validate your own misguided anger and lack of understanding. Leave him alone. He doesn't owe you anything and you have absolutely no right to ask that of him. It's tantamount to me demanding you admit the fact that you're actually an evil witch...and I guess I have just as much reason to believe so.

Trish August 30, 2018 at 3:44 pm

Troubled Dad, I see your concerns but the issues run deeper. I'm a parent too (of a now 23 year old young man). I can tell you that there is serious polarization of the sexes happening out there, especially among youth culture. There is a general state of "guilty before proven innocent" among younger females toward all males. Meanwhile, heads are buried in social media platforms like Tinder....swiping right and left based on the superficiality of a random picture and some inane blurb. In University, my son saw example after example of how casually young men were arbitrarily labelled "creepy" and became social pariahs among the female contingent. He saw examples where these behaviors escalated to destructive for no apparent reason...females unwilling to work in group projects with guys they deemed "creepy" and actually having the assertiveness to approach profs with this. For young men that are developing their sexuality, this collective form of prejudice is nothing but destructive and deeply confusing and harmful to young men. Upping the ante for social proofs (popularity online, approval of other women, etc.) is affecting young men like never before while male-bashing is quickly becoming a new norm. Are we teaching our young women that men are the enemy because of a few modern rotten apples in the bunch and a skewed view of history? Are we teaching our young women that they should favor the reality of option paralysis caused by too much choice rather than nurturing tangible, discerned relationships with proximity young men that are based on humanistic values rather than opportunistic ones? Are we slanting history to fit a political argument? Just imagine if you will young men in World Wars I & II having the choice to go on Tinder endlessly instead of the facing the battle theater. Men were not historically collectively all bad but are we actually taking the time to reinforce that opinion through positive example to our female youth? I'm not sure anymore. Either way, I held up Eric as exemplary to my son over the years as the right kind of compass to help guide him on his own journey through our modern age. His interest was stoked in Eric's perspective and ideas on sexual and interpersonal relationships and the fact that I exposed my son to Eric's work was one of the more confident decisions I made in my parenting. So to the #Metoo-ers that are reading this, responsible sexual confidence and personal integrity for a man or a woman is a good thing -- and that is exactly what Eric is promoting and educating for.

I know in my heart that Eric has had the misfortune of having crossed paths with females that wield destructive power. #Metoo has created a climate to all but criminalize cold approach. Way back in the day...before the digital revolution, men and women used to just chat with each other in person at bus-stops and local coffee houses without serious social repercussions. When I was in my teens and 20's back in the 80's, I used to walk into the local 7-11 to buy smokes and would talk with whoever was hanging out there just to shoot the shit. I didn't really even care what came out of their mouths and sometimes I didn't like how I was approached or spoken to. But I had a sense of humor about it, allowing people their expressive space without penalizing or maligning them throughout the neighborhood just for breaking conversational ice with me or in some cases, displaying social awkwardness. Where do you ever see this anymore? People have become so bitterly judgmental. That Eric is friendly, social, probably fun to be around and just a little refreshingly gamey should be in actuality flattering -- even to third wave feminists. After all, if you are so sexually liberated and choice-driven then you should in actuality appreciate the convenience of less remote and available choices, no? If Eric flirts, why shouldn't he??? He's single, interesting and has something to offer socially. That a couple of hostile, personally angry women took umbrage to that...I say to them, get over it, grow up and don't begrudge Eric his choices. Just because you know the "creepy" label has traction on social media, it doesn't make it a truth. Just because you know the word "inappropriate" is easily suggestible, it doesn't make everything a reason for a criminal battle cry. You'd have to be in a relationship with Eric, in bed with him so to speak, to be able to really know him or comment on him. Or, in the very least, know his work -- his writing, his opinions. #Metoo gossip about him doesn't cut it in the same way I don't listen to young girls who call a guy creepy just like that -- 9 times out of ten, the "creep" is in actuality a buttoned up, seriously very nice guy.

Trish September 5, 2018 at 2:59 pm (replying to another comment)

It really is beneath me to answer to trolls like you but I basically know you're full of it so I'm calling you out. I see you're very bold with the defamatory stance you're taking but who in fact are you? How am I not to assume based on so many clues in your post that you aren't just some bitter, post-wall woman who is going on a rant about someone who happens to find younger women more attractive.

How am I not to assume based on so many clues in your post that you (and others) didn't seek out Eric's advice about your sexuality and then take umbrage to what he said about it? Or worse, twist it to be construed as a come-on (?!).

The fact that you're asserting it's your right to see Eric's astrology birth chart tells me you think you're his mama (and only she really has the right to want access to his birth chart).

Anyone can go online and make up crap. I can sit here and say I'm an inter-dimensional alien who came to earth in a blue streak to defend Eric Francis. I can compellingly and convincingly portray that. I can stand by that by artificially spawning an army of partisan internet trolls who will validate my story even though they don't really know me or each other. I can make a grand conjecture into a federal case just because I feel like it.

This has become so ridiculous it's almost too funny. At the end of the day though, I can say with 100% confidence that I am in fact a real world student of Eric's. I've followed his extensive body of work for many years of my life. I've learned and gained from his tutelage as a loyal reader.

Eric Francis contributes meaningfully to society. What has been your contribution to society? This annoying, anonymous defamatory "metoo" rant about Eric? You've got nerve. Are you in fact ready to defend your position as a liar and proliferate of baloney? Is that in fact what you mean by "metoo" in this baseless attack on a hardworking, talented man? Are your "feelings" so empathic, soft and trembling and in desperate need of attention that you need to tear someone down with your bare claws...including me? And I repeat, who are you?! Right now, you're nobody and no "metoo" hashtag is going to change that status.

This is precisely why this trash heap of an article will most surely be taken down. It's frankly not even worth commenting on anymore.

Trish September 6, 2018 at 9:58 am (replying to another comment)

Listen you dullard, do you know what defamation is??? You can't just go around making anonymous accusations against a person without proof and hope for it to stick. Of course a petty, treacherous person like yourself believes its your birthright to do that. The internet was created for trolls like you. So yeah, "Student Of Eric" is a nobody until she's somebody. And, I'm a somebody who is calling it out. Remember genius, I'm not the one making defamatory accusations, am I? You need to up your simpleton game if you want to be able to engage me in a debate about this. Just look at her post...she brings up President Trump while she's rolling out her argument?! Like she would have even the foggiest pink clue how to lead a nation...let alone present a plausible argument that can't be torn to ribbons by a "nobody" like me.

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