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Announcing Price Drop on Core Community Membership --
Including my Special Bonus Class on Overcoming Anxiety

Dear Planet Waves Listener:

I want to thank you personally for participating in the incredible success of last night's first-ever Planet Waves Open Forum.

As a gesture of gratitude, I've lowered the first-year fee for our Core Community, which includes all of the features we outlined in our letter yesterday. That includes my weekly and monthly readings and my weekly articles, which I think of as chapters in the book of life.

We've also added emailing of my daily astrology report and an opt-in for my text message service, each of which is valued at $19.95 a month, together worth $478.80 per year on their own. This includes the Intelligent Archive, bonus teleconferences and discounts on my readings. 

But ignore the product in that offer -- use this special product code I've set up for you to access these services for just $97 for the first year, or this one for $27 quarterly.

This is a time-limited offer that ends Friday. (If you need an extension on that, call us directly and we'll take care of you.)

I have one other gift to include in this package: a program called Using Astrology to Overcome Anxiety. If you struggle with worry and fear, you're not alone. 

Nearly one in five Americans, that is, 40 million adults, have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder of some kind. And 43% are on mood-altering medications. I know these meds are helpful for many people, though I have another proposal -- astrology can help you address your anxiety.

You will get a new look at social anxiety, staying up at night worrying, struggling with the anticipation of change, fear of abandonment, financial worries, fear of asserting your desires and even fear of death. Nearly everyone struggles with this -- yet how many people have tried understanding what is happening from an astrological point of view -- the viewpoint of the cosmos?

In this soothing, emotionally grounding presentation, I walk you through the basic elements of what astrology has to say about the nature of fear in whatever form it takes. You will get the benefit of my 20 years of working with people through all kinds of struggles, from the loss of children to life-threatening situations.

The ideas I present are simple enough that you'll get it the first time through, though you can place the presentation on your computer or mobile device and listen again whenever you want. You will discover something new every time. This presentation is so valuable I'll be offering it to the public for $110, but today and through Friday of this week, I'm including it with your Planet Waves membership purchase.

We care about you, and I founded the Planet Waves organization to help you get access to the healing tools you need to feel better about yourself and about life, and I trust that this will serve you.

Thanks for making last night such a great success. I'm looking forward to working with you again.


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