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Our Delicate Future

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Astrology's primary concern is the future — and never has it seemed more delicate than it is today.

I have written extended annual forecasts for 23 years. The world has been on edge all that time, facing one global disaster after the next, most of them manufactured.

Eric Francis.
Yet there has always seemed to be a sense of the possibilities that I could tap into; a sense of potential; a sense that there is actually something better possible.

Writing and recording the annuals is a different assignment this year. Tonight I feel like I did one strange day in March, when the future seemed to evaporate, when all possibilities seemed gone, and I wondered how I could ever write a horoscope again. What would I say to people?

I was slowed down for about a day. Then I realized that people need good astrology now more than ever. I pointed my heart and soul right into the feeling and wrote the April-May column.

There is a Future, and it Includes You

My study of astrology has in many ways been a study of history. One thing I've observed is that when things seem the most bleak, many of the most unusual possibilities are available.

Yet this takes some courage, and an idea of what you want. More than anything, it takes setting aside fear and agitation and focusing on your life — and where your life meets the wide world around you. My astrology has always been about creating the future rather than predicting it, and I will continue in this spirit.

What do you want your role to be in this time of global crisis and transformation?

I am probably not writing for the people who want to stay home and sweat it out. I am writing for people who want to consciously fulfill their life purpose. The people who are going to keep going no matter what. The people who are determined to figure out how to fulfill their calling.

If that is you, read on.
Brand New Territory of Aquarius: All Of Us Here

Aquarius is the sign of "we're all in this together." I take this to heart. It is the truth. We are not alone on our planet, nor can we do anything much if we think we are.

It's been a long time since there have been slow-moving planets in Aquarius. There have been a few spells, but the last one ended in 2012, and that was Neptune, which was impossible to grasp — and was mainly connected with the takeover of smart phone technology.

Now we have Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, the two most massive planets: solar systems of their own. This is a transitional period that lasts through 2023. Within a few weeks of Saturn leaving Aquarius that year, Pluto enters Aquarius, where it will stay through 2044.

I am handling this in two separate readings. The immediate one, in audio format, is about 2021 specifically. That is called ALL OF US HERE. It's an audio reading for the 12 signs and rising signs, that focuses specifically on Saturn in Aquarius, and Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces.

I continue to develop Chiron and Eris in Aries, as well as Neptune in Pisces. Thankfully we have no Venus or Mars retrogrades in 2021 except for Venus stationing retrograde in late December.

Yet Saturn in Aquarius is enough to write about, all by itself. In one of my catch-up sessions with Rob Hand last year, we agreed that is one of the most powerful planet-sign combinations in all of astrology. Its effects can be brilliant or disastrous, with many shades between. I will do my best to walk you through the territory.
Written Reading: An Aquarian Era, 2021-plus

In the second reading, an extended written one, I am taking us past 2023 and into the Pluto in Aquarius era. This is called AN AQUARIAN ERA. In essence, this reading is preparation for Pluto in Aquarius, using Jupiter and Saturn as the approach to doing so.

This reading looks at the deepest issues facing humanity and how you, as an individual, might relate to them; how you might handle yourself. They involve what robotic technology is doing to us. The bottom-line theme is how to preserve and develop your humanity as the world gets taken over by machines that we think can think.

With Pluto, the planet of raw power, in Aquarius, the sign of technology, for two decades, we face the reality that artificial intelligence could take over — just as Sci-Fi authors have predicting since before the days of I, Robot by Isaac Asimov in 1950.

This includes nanotech version of the Internet of Things, such as genetically modifying medications, biometrics, and computers that lodge themselves inside of your organs. None of this is Sci-Fi any more. Every day, I read or see something new about this being imminent. We face a profound challenge in making certain our way into the future — if we want to remain flesh and blood human beings.

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Thank you for your business, and your trust.

With love,

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