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Experience the Best Astrology Has to Offer

Dear Earthling Looking for Guidance With Your Life:

Planet Waves
We're introducing an exciting new service -- it's called our Planet Waves Core Community Membership. Extremely successful professionals use astrology for timing, guidance, strategy and as a source of ideas -- and we have just what you're looking for.  

I've been providing top-level astrology services to a global clientele for twenty years. I have developed a group of services that bring the benefits of astrology to you at a fraction of the cost of private consulting.

I've served everyone from recording artists to political leaders, environmentalists to people in the corporate sphere striving to make a positive impact on the world. And I can help you in all of the same ways, bringing you the best that astrology has to offer.

When you join our diverse community of enlightened souls, you'll become an integral part of our journey to self-discovery, growth, and empowerment -- drawing strength from thousands of active core community members as they draw strength from you.

As a Planet Waves Core Community Member, you will:

LEARN about yourself, your astrology, and your relationship to the world. Discover skills that help you bring out your talent and self-mastery.

RECEIVE clear, accurate and visionary astrology readings that feed your dreams, nourish your soul, and provide strategies for living. 

ACCESS tools that promote your growth and expand your consciousness – including community discussions, the online oracle, and our library of resources.

FEEL your strength increase as you find the essence of your personal truth and remember all you have to offer. 

CONNECT with fellow travelers on the journey of growth and self-discovery, and support them using the healing skills you develop. 

CREATE the world you want to pass on to your children and future generations.

Core Community Membership includes Eric's dependable Tuesday and Friday mailings, with his weekly and monthly 12-sign astrology readings just like the edition you received today. You also get:

◊ Teleconferences for core community members on current astrology and special focus topics

◊ Daily Astrology
 emailed directly to you (valued at $19 a month separately)

◊ Daily text message updates from Eric ($19 a month if sold separately)

◊ Intelligent Archive unlimited access (the Oracle)

◊ Substantial discounts on astrology classes

◊ And much more

Choose from three exceptional options and join our Core Community now:
Planet WavesPlanet WavesPlanet Waves
Call (877) 453-8265 or (206) 567-4455 to become a Planet Waves Core Community Member by phone. 

Remember, once you join our Core Community, you'll also be eligible for even deeper discounts on my upcoming classes and readings. I look forward to talking with you again soon.


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