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You Can Have It All -- Midyear Planet Waves All-Access Pass Special

Dear Friend and Client:

Right now, we're giving all of our clients the opportunity to upgrade to our highest level of service for half the price. The All-Access Pass is for members who want access to everything we offer in a calendar year. 

Planet Waves
The response from our All-Access subscribers has been overwhelmingly positive; my astrological services are designed to address the most personal experiences of astrology, and then guide you out to where your life intersects with your community and the larger world. 

One price gives you (or extends your membership) 6 full months of my weekly and monthly readings, plus you get all Planet Waves products through December of 2014 as we journey through the next year.

Using one password for everything, which you choose yourself, you'll have easy access to every product, including birthday reports and special audio recordings, weekly email service, the annual edition, and whatever additional projects we create. 

We trust that this idea is a fun way to meet your needs, whether you use astrology for daily spiritual inspiration, therapeutic purposes or pragmatic decision-making. And it's truly a valuable resource for students of astrology. 

Yes, we really do mean everything!

You'll have:

Planet Waves
*  Access to a full six months of weekly astrology readings by Eric Francis (or a six-month extension for current Planet Waves members)
*  Eric’s extended monthly interpretations
*  Learn about your Moon, which is your “other sign” with Moon sign readings.
*  Up-to-the-minute daily astrology updates delivered to your inbox
*  SMS service gives you real-time professional astrology updates right to your mobile device.
*  All in-depth sign birthday/ascendant readings for 2014. This is almost like getting a personal consultation for yourself and any loved ones whose astrology you track. 
*  All in-depth special readings for 2014 including annual readings, spring readings, and mid-year readings.
*  Special live online members-only conference events.

This is a custom level of service. While we tend to be close to our clients, answering the phone and responding to emails, the All-Access Pass is a way of enhancing that relationship, designed for those who benefit the most from Planet Waves, whether as a spiritual seeker or an astrology student. Once you sign up, we will set up your custom login identity and keep you posted as soon as any new stuff becomes available. 

This is over $900 worth of products and services for just $179. If you have questions, please give Chelsea a call at (877) 453-8265 within the U.S. and (206) 567-4455 from anywhere else in the world and she will be glad to help you. 

Thanks for being with us. It's great to know that together, we're building a truly unique source of astrology wisdom in a time of profound change. 


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